Fun at the DMV

Today was a busy day, but surprisingly I am not stressing yet. I needed new license tab on my mini van at the time I decided it would be a good idea to transfer the title to me. I recently bought it and haven’t had the money to do that, plus the tabs. Lets face it no one wants to be at the DMV twice in one month…. It’s not a fun place to be even if the people who work their are great. Today there was no line, probably because I went in before 9am and the earlier the better.

Well the guy, I brought the car from got it from someone else… When I was asked if the guy on the form was the same person I bought the car from I said “NO. I bought it from my mechanic” The guy told me that it was sold to me wrong. Just wonderful…. He asked me how long I had the car and I told him since the date that on there. He told me it was title jumping. My first thought was great, I am going to get into trouble now, and I am was supposed to be well on my way to the hospital. Well he had a few more questions. I answered everything honestly, but some of the question I had to take in good faith, I was giving a true answer, because I didn’t know the questions. Oh well…
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Next step was my tabs on the car. I had some questions because my husband was telling me I had until the 10 of the next month to get my tabs. I asked this questions, and was told that no it’s only till the last day of the month, you have 10 days to actually place it on your car. Well normally I put the new tabs on right away, I don’t give myself a chance to lose those things. I am figuring it could be ugly to replace it.

So if you are due for your license tabs don’t wait till last minute because a police officer can decide to give you a ticket and be well within their right to do so. If your out of state you definitely want your tabs all current because in another State the Police may not be as graceful as your police in your own State if your in a state that does that.

The Joys of City Buses

I normally do not use the city buses, unless I go to one of the Down-towns. Taking a bus Downtown saves money, and headaches trying to find parking. Parking can run from 3 dollars a day to $20 a day. Today I had to go to one of the hospitals, because my best friend was having surgery. She had asked if I could wait with her husband, and I had agreed. First I had to figure out where the parking ride was moved to, where i used to park they made that only mall parking. Okay no big deal, the parking ride lot should be near and i can walk back. I found the parking lot across the street. I arrived at the bus stop 2 minutes early, but still managed to miss the bus. The next bus was late. I was already running late because of my experience at the DMV, which I will share about later in another post.

Well I finally caught the buss and walked to the hospital, waited with my friend’s hubby. We mostly talked about a xbox360 game, and some other stuff. He lift the hospital to go home and sleep and I stayed with her for about a hour or so. The morphine kicked in and I told her it was time for me to go and let her get some sleep.
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On the way home, I walked back to the bus stop which was about 20 small city blocks. Boy it was windy today. I got onto the bus and sat toward the back, it was a full bus, normally I prefer sitting by the bus driver.

You know it seems that the seats have became smaller…. But the seats weren’t the problem. It was the lady sitting in back of me… How Rude! Just because your having a bad day doesn’t mean you can pull on my hair. At first I thought it was an accident, I turned around and her kid asked why I turned around, snickering she told him because I pulled her hair . How Rude! She pulling on my hair and thinking it funny, very mature. I didn’t say nothing, I was kind of worried she might shoot me or beat me up.

Well a couple minutes went by and I felt an other tug on my hair! I honestly didn’t know what to do. I turned around and gave her a dirty look. I felt like telling her to keep her hands off my hair, I ended up taking my hair and pulling it all to one side. Then she told her kid something like, she moved her hair because she don’t want her hair being pulled… Maybe it would have been comical if I turned around and started tugging at her hair. How rude… I think she needs some professional help… What a great example for her child, gee lets show you how to be rude. Well at least she didn’t cut my hair off, had that been the case, I think I would have lost it!

On line safety is a must

The first thing I hard this morning was on the news. I normally turn it on for background noise or to find out what the weather will be. They where talking about a young women, who lost her life because of trusting someone on the internet. This is sad, and should never happen, sadly it does happen. Now days we can not believe someone is who they are claiming to be, we don’t know if they are safe or not. What is really amazing is many parents do not have any clue what their children are doing on the internet or just how much trouble they may fine.

Parents know what your kids are doing even if they will hate you for it. Later when they get older they will be thankful for it. I wish my mom was more protective of my sister and I, she wasn’t. I have a nephew who I am very concerned about because he has a page, personally I believe it’s giving out way to much information and is putting him in danger of selfish ugly predators. His mom claims she don’t have control over what her 12 year son does. Well that is a bunch of bull.
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This world isn’t anything like it was about 10 to 15 years ago, there where more people who where trust worthy. Now days trusting someone you have never met could get you killed, you could have just signed a death sentence. I am sorry to be so strong with this, I am just so tired of seeing TV Programs, hearing the news, and reading the paper and reading about young people who have their lives destroyed or taken from them.

When on line do not give out your telephone number, your address or any information that will help a person find where you live. I know, I have given my telephone number and address to a few people and it ended up being okay. With that being said I gave it out and got to live for a few months in fear, that was one of the worst experiences I have had on line.

People can be trusted just make sure you know they are trustworthy before trusting them. Don’t let your kids unsupervised on the internet is like giving them a poisonous tamed snake, one day it will strike when they are feeding it.

Lazy complainers

My current assignment is very easy, stuffing envelops. Not a hard job, just requires you to set there and stuff envelops and then put them to the side. How hard can that be, grant it it is physically hard. My neck and shoulder hurts almost every day after work, but i still work and give my all. Maybe I expect to much from those who work with me.
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One person there does nothing but complain about how tired she is. Fine go to bed early enough, so that you don’t feel you must sleep on the job. Everyday it’s complain about this and that with that person and it just causes for a negative work environment. If your to sick or tired to work and get the job done with out complaining every few minutes, then it might be time for a new job.

Well behaved cat

Most of my friends think Otis is well behaved and trained. I guess they don’t see him when he wanting my attention. He scratches on 2 things, 1 is his scratching post and the other is what I consider his chair because I just can’t seem to keep him off of it.

Otis normally does not beg for food, because I hardly fed him table scrapes I feel it bad for his system and when I do give him table scrapes it goes in his dish. My best friend cat thinks anything is free gain as far as food, and you don’t dare leave your food down. It may begone when you get back to it. I have walked away from chicken and turkey many times.
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The other day I had chicken sticks was eating them, Otis got curious about it so I let him smell it thinking he wouldn’t like it a whole lot. He a strange cat he liked it, he also likes meunster cheese, and Turkey Pepperoni. He doesn’t take it from me, he will insist I drop it on the floor or in his dish. I have done very little to train Otis.

Too many allergies for some resturants

I am allergic to Pork products they make me ill. Some restaurants handle my allergies very well. Some of them, we don’t even risk it. It has gotten to the point when I go out to eat, I have to ask them questions like. ” Do you cook pork products in the same deep fryer? ” “Does this have pork lard in it?” We have been at restaurants which do not understand the allergies and give us miss information. Lucky when i go out to eat my husband and most of my friends now about the allergies. Some restaurants will tell me the items I can eat their and which I need to avoid.

Tonight was my birthday, and i wasn’t going to cook dinner for my husband. I also didn’t want him to cook and make my kitchen messy. So We went out. We tend to go to the same restaurants where the staff know us, and know what my needs are. I don’t like making their jobs harder, and normally I tip nicely.
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We went to Chili’s, I was impressed that they had a print out available for me. I was able to find out what each of their products I was interested in. No other restaurants have offered me. When I asked the hostess, my question she decided it was best to get a manager. Someone who would be able to answer my questions correctly. The manager came over and talked to my husband and I, he had taken the time to find out which allergies, I had and what i was interested in. After we decided I wanted, he printed off the ingredients for me

My Cat Otis

I love my cat, Otis. He is a 20 pound male, he is black and white and reminds me of cow patches. I got him almost 10 yrs ago from the Humane Society. When i first got him, Otis hide from everything, he’d only come out while I was sleeping. Before me he wasn’t treated very well by his other owners. Even though, Otis has turned out to be a loving and gentle cat. He has a motherly nature, gets alone with some the small pets I have had.
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I have asthma, and sometimes it flares up at night. Shortly after I got Otis he would bit me on the noise at night when I was starting to have troubles breathing. I really didn’t think a lot of it. At first I thought  he just woke me up for attention.  I have had several asthma flare ups at nights in the last 10 years, and almost every single one he has woke me up, before I wake up from it.

In the middle of the night last night, Otis did his bird meow to wake me up before jumping up with me. It seems the cat has now starting figuring out when I am having nightmares. I don’t know what i will do with out Otis.

When my husband is sick Otis watches over him too. I think it is amazing how cats just seem to know when their owners need them.

Gee Ya Think

Being a woman, I just simply do not understand other women. I work with mostly women, they are all nice. Today one of them dressed with a lot less clothes then I would have. Her short was showing a good portion of her chest. She came back from break saying that some of the guys where looking at here. Well Gee Ya think, you wear as little clothes as possible with out getting in trouble, it may draw some attention.
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For the most I am a modest dresser, I try to wear things a little to big. I simply do not want men staring at me. I want to be noticed for other things, and looks isn’t one of them.

Way too slow

I recently got a new Mini van it’s a ’92 Chrysler, I like it. Everything is digital, never had a car that everything was digital. I can’t help but laugh at myself. I had the Mini Van for 2 weeks, and one day I lift from work. I was going 20 and thought wow this seems really slow. I got onto the side street, which leads to the highway I got on to the highway and right away got up to 60. Boy 60 is slow, and everyone passing me by. I took the first exit which I always do onto the next highway with is 45MPH. I decided I would just go with the flow of traffic because I just wasn’t going fast enough to keep up with traffic and was worried I might be pulled over for impeding traffic. I pulled over on a side street. I decided to head home, was trying to figure it out. In my family, I am the car person. My husband calls me for help when he has car trouble.

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Well I concluded something was wrong with the Timing belt, or the thing that sends info to the numbers in the Dashboard. Well I was going about 70 to 80 in some parts to keep up with the flow of traffic. I got home and got busy doing other things, forgetting about the odd problem with the car. The next morning I lift for work, and it seems like my speed was really way to slow to be 45 MPH. The problem was no traffic, which means I can’t go with the flow. I was seriously worried about getting a speeding ticket….. Probably in this, case a ticket for going way to slow. People must have thought I was senile. I got to the Stop light and just happened to look closer beyond the numbers and realize the stupid van was set on KPH not Mile per Hour. Some how it must of changed. I laughed all the way to work feeling rather stupid. I guess I had better learn about all digital cars now.

Wish I would have known

This last week I order Harry Potters Collectors series. I decided to trade in three of my games because I was missing the first one and then get the collection. Surprise, surprise when I picked it up tonight it was the same three games I already had. When I was in the Game store ordering the Collection, I made mention the only reason I was getting the collection was so I could have “Harry Potter” One. I wish the person at the counter had told me that it was only the three games, because I would have kept the games, and worked on getting the one I need to finish my collection of already available games. I guess I need to work on getting the first one again, and I was hoping my collection would be completed tonight.

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My husband gave me the games as a “honey I love you gift”. He knows I like action based games, enjoyed the books and so far have liked all of the movies. Had I known I was still going to come up short with the first one, I would have wanted to keep my games it’s like we were charged twice. I guess I have learned my lesson next time don’t buy in advance and don’t trade in my games until I can see what I am going to be stuck with.

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