To much information

I wish I would have remember I had my radio in my bag today. The girls and a couple of the guys I work with share just a little to much about their personal life. I don’t mind sharing about problems, or about what they want to do over the weekend. I don’t mind conversations that aren’t about the bedroom or where ever their bedroom stuff happens. I don’t need to hear what you did the night before you got into work.

It is almost funny because you would think there are certain topics which should not be spoke about at work. I feel sorry for a couple of wives of the men I work with, they married and frankly should stop flirting with the woman there. I am sorry but you gotta wife at home and wonder why you arguing with her simple, your not being exactly faithful and probably not being fair to her.

Why do I need to hear about how height has anything to do with anything other then the person height, or shoe size. This is not workplace conversations. Conversations for the work place should never be anything so personal that it makes other uncomfortable. I am almost being to wonder if they are doing this to make me uncomfortable, but yet I don’t want to talk to my supervisors. I don’t like seeing people get into trouble or loose their jobs for being stupid.

Time to get ready for the snow

Snow is supposed to be coming this weekend, I am not looking forward to it. It seems most drivers forget how to drive in the snow from the last snow we had, you’d think in Minnesota we all remember well since we get a lot of it. We need to remember sometimes the posted speed limit is probably to fast for the road conditions. It okay to drive under that speed if weather calls for it.

Many accidents are caused by drivers who are driving to fast, or not allowing enough stopping distance. Lets remember snow equals slippery. Slippery equals stopping may take longer and we aught to give it more time then we would on a dry or wet road. Rain and snow driving are kind of similar but not because in rain you might be able to drive the posted speed limit or above and not have to worry about to much, other then stopping.

Remember the Snow Plows don’t follow then to closely and when passing them be careful and mindful of where they are at make sure when passing them you leave enough space between them and you, and you do not drive to close to them. Allow some extra time to get to work or were ever because rushing in snow is not a good idea.

If you do not know how to drive in the Snow you may want to consider public transportation. I know not fun, I have taken the bus many of times, normally to save on parking if I have to go downtown I take a bus.

People who walk outside, please wear seeable clothes white probably is not a good color neither are blacks and other dark colors like that. Don’t get me wrong but the thing that drives me batty driving at night is when someone of dark skin runs in front of me, and I see them last minute almost. It drives me buggy when anyone wears dark colors at night your harder to see, grant it for the most I see everyone but sometimes it get hard like on roads which are not well lighted.

If you do not have in your trunk a emergency winter kit you may want one. A blanket which i try to keep in the back seat is good, water, road flares, and jumper cables. Fluids I keep in my car almost all year around are oil, brake fluids, and antifreeze.

Our experience at Olive Garden

My husband and myself where with my Grandma for a few days for thanksgiving. Every meal we went out to eat, I think we probably ate 3 months worth of meals out this past week. I wouldn’t doubt if I gained a bunch of weight while there. Saturday before my uncle went to work, we all had decided after he got off of work we would met him at Olive Garden by his work. He works as a dish washer at OCB, my uncle is a sweet man, I love him dearly and to be honest I am a little protective of him. My mom and he are the same age. My uncle has some mental challenges, which sometimes can be frustrating for us. Sometimes my Uncle is unable to be patient and wait for the waiter. He never is rude and never tries to get them to rush, but he will live the table and walk around outside. My Grandma and I are used to this, this is just my uncle, and he always been like that.

My uncle medications where screwed up and was making him hard to deal with, normally he will talk to me, and answer questions for me. He is close to me, I lived with Grandma as a teen. My uncle was in one of those don’t ask no question, everything fine! Well almost every subject we came to my uncle didn’t want to talk about, so that made it hard. My uncle decided he needed to test his blood sugars and lift to go to the car, the waitress came back during this time. We had already been waiting for my uncle for a few minutes and gave our drink orders. She asked if we know what we wanted yet, we said no, and I explained my uncle just ran to get something. I was polite. Well my uncle came back and tested his blood sugars at the table. No big deal even though Grandma felt the need to tell him it was wrong to do in front of other people. My husband hasn’t had a lot of dealing with people like my uncle. But He handles my uncle well. Thank G-d my husband is for the most a very patient man.

A few minutes had passed and my uncle became impatient again and went for a walk. The waitress came back, and gave my grandma a attitude. She spoke to my grandma under her breath and almost sounded snyd to me. My grandma does not deal while with rude people, she is one of those when she annoyed it not a good thing because she will take part of the tip away. My uncle came back a couple minutes later, and was ready to order the waitress didn’t come back for a while and saw him there.

We did not tell her that he has mental challenges, maybe we should have but my family is fairly private. When she came back she was still giving off a attitude, of really not wanting to do her job with my family. My uncle ordered and he is well probably the loudest one in the family. At the end of dinner she was nicer to my family. I am not sure what my grandma gave her for a tip but I hope it was not more then 10 to 12 percent. I now the normal is 15 to 20 percent for tips and I always try to tip over 15 percent but have because of bad service deducted out of their 15 percent.

I think that our waitress could have stopped and talked to my grandma when she made her comment under her breath, it may have been nothing rude but because she said it in passing it may have came out wrong. My grandma is 82 years old almost so her hearing isn’t as good as it used to be and well I know I had a hard time hearing over the background noise.

Stop complaining

I am so tired of my job and hearing the girls complain about being looked at by creepy men. Well the men may not stare at them if they where not showing half of their boobs. I am tired of hearing them complain about being to cold because they are dressing in clothes that either to small or well not very much of it their.

Today I was like what do you expect the men are going to stare at you because of what your wearing, half your boobs are showing. They didn’t like hearing that to bad. I am so tired of hearing about all the ways your can have relations with the another. I am sorry but I do not need to know what they do with their others.

I am embarrassed by the girls I work with, I understand they are all younger then me and clearly they don’t have the same morals as I do. I don’t expect them to have my morals, or level of Privacy in their life as I have, but I do expect them to not talk about their very personal lives.

Why must they complain about being stared at if they are wearing clothes that is revealing. They are asking to receive attention that may not be desirable. I am not saying a man would have a right to rape them or cause them harm. No one has that right, and they wouldn’t have asked for it neither. What I am saying is if half your boobs are showing don’t be surprised if you being stared at, your inviting it.

Don’t be surprised if your coworkers, tell you that too especially if your complaining. I wonder whatever happened to dress codes and work place behavior because this place is missing it. I know I could say something to the company I am temping with but I don’t want to get them in to trouble. We are already at a job which isn’t paying us enough to live off of and I know they need money.

I get that at work people do tend to share some of their personal life, I know I do but I never share my private personal relationship. That is between me and my husband, and should be kept between them and their boyfriends.

Driving directions please

Last night my husband and I were traveling from Grandma back to where we live in Minnesota. We decided to stop on our way home for dinner at a restaurant we have stopped at a few times. We had forgotten where they where, and my husband had me take the wrong exit. Okay that is easy to happen. It been at least 2 years since we have been there.

I was driving, he told me I needed to turn down Madison, I turned and after a while of Driving we entered a other town, so we thought to call the restaurant and get some direction, thinking they would know their town. We where on a major road, at least it looked like it to me. They couldn’t tell us what road we need to go to.. Well the road we where on crossed their road which was hastings. I parked for a few minutes in the other town. I decided while my husband was on the phone I would turn around and get back into the right city. We started naming streets off and they didn’t know. It started to get confusing.

Normally I do not stop at Gas stations to get directions, I will get a map and figure out where I am at. I asked the guy behind the counter where is hastings. He grabbed a map. I never thought I be thankful for a job I had 2 years ago where I had to read maps all day. I was able to figure out where the road was and which way I needed to turn.

It is interesting that the Restaurant was unable to help us figure out where we where when we were 3 or 4 blocks to the west of them, and about 6 blocks south of them. It was frustrating having to figure out were they where because they couldn’t tell us how to go their. If this wasn’t one of my husband favorite places to go, I would have told him lets go somewhere else. At least we did not end up in a bad neighborhood.

I do have to say once we got there we picked out what we wanted to eat. They have a fully cooked buffet and a raw section where you can watch the guy cook your food for you. Craig and I pick this option every time it shows us how they are keeping that grill and it less of a worry with my pork allergy.

I was the first one to notice that 2 of their sauces where mixed up. I am glad they where mixed up because I like the other sauce better then the one it was supposed to be. There meat where still frozen, so we know the meat hasn’t been out to long this is important. Meat not being handle right can make a person really sick. Meat only had a 2 hour shelf life when it is out in the open and cooked or unfrozen. I am not sure what it is when it it frozen but assuming it longer then 2 hours.


Ever have one of those days where someone is talking to you and you mishear what they are saying, today was one of those days.

I got to work and we finished up our assignment and moved on to the next assignment which was due today, we never completed it today. I went over to a couple of people who were stuffing envelops and the guy had asked me, ” are you still sealing this.” I gave him a strange look. I was about to ask him what the **** was he talking about. I gave him this look and he caught very quickly I didn’t hear him right. He asked me what you think I asked you. I said you don’t want to know.

I didn’t hear Sealing, I hear ” Are you still Selling over there” I was trying to figure out why in the world is he asking me if i am selling anything. *laughing* I don’t do drugs and well I aint about to sell them neither. I have a clean record, and I was trying to figure out if I was going to have to give the guy a ear full or go and tell the supervisor what he had just asked me.


How hard is it to clean the lint bin in the Drier. I live in a apartment building it a nice building I love it here. On Sunday I did a couple of loads of laundry. I need to have it all done before going to Grandma in Illinois. I had a couple of loads lift over, so I figured do it today after work.

I get my wash all done not a big deal, other then running out of soap on the last load, guess next trip to the store I will have to remember to get laundry soap. The washer takes a little over 3o minutes and then the drier takes 50 minutes. I don’t mind doing laundry, I prefer to do it. I don’t want hubby doing it. I am strange that way. I don’t want no one touching my personal garments.

I was ready to put my clothes in the Drier, and decided I had better check the drier bin or lint bin. Whoever used it before me didn’t bother to clean it out. Why can’t people just clean the lint out of there it their lint. I hate having to remove other people lint from the drier. When I am done drying my clothes I normally will clean that lint bin out for the next person.

Tomorrow will be get ready for Illinois, and have the cat sitter meet the cat. Otis don’t know her, but he will like her. I kind of wish my best friend could do the cat sitting for me, but she can’t because of her surgery, so I wouldn’t even ask her to do it for me.

My space!

No not the website, but my space my personal space. I hate it when people get into my space. If I move and bump into you, your just a little to close. Today at work I had that happen, yes I needed help but the work space was only large enough for one person. I wish I would have known that it was due today at 3 because I would have maybe turned the heat up and tried to get them done quicker, so that in the end of day I wouldn’t have had to rush through it as quickly.

I hate feeling rushed, and I hate feeling like I am being crowded, I burned my fingers a couple of times, not bad and not to the point of where I am hurting. Thank goodness! I like the person I worked with today, she don’t share about every part of her life that none of my business.  She a sweet lady I wouldn’t mind working around her more, I don’t leave work feeling like I have to clean my ears out.

After work I went to get my hair cut, it needed it badly. I went to my normal place and they where just a little to high price to justify getting a trim, so I walked over to Great Clips. Normally I go to lower cost places and it ends badly. Well I am happy to say the lad at Great clips did a great job. She listen to what I said, and before she went further she asked if it was okay. I am reasonable but when it comes to my hair I can be a little unreasonable. A long time ago I went and got my hair cut told the hair dress take off a inch, I was lucky I didn’t walk out with a inch of hair lift.

She decided talking to her coworkers was more important then watching what she had done to my hair. My hair was cut uneven, after that happened I am very particular who  I let touch my hair. I like long hair and don’t look nice in short hair. The lady at Great Clips happy to say didn’t talk to anyone but me, and she wasn’t distracted. This is a good thing, I think had she been a distracted hair dresser I would be nervous. I think I will probably go to Great Clips there again, because they actually did a good job.

Housekeeping with men and woman

I have notice men and woman probably have a very different idea of cleaning up. When my husband cleans he take out the garbage, thats Great, but he will he won’t always straighten up unless reminded to do so.

Cleaning the kitchen, when I do it I wash all the dishes, put them in the dish washer and then clean the counter tops and stove top. I clean it with hot soap in water. I clean everything with hot soap and water. Before I begin I will sweep the floor it just easier this way if any water gets spilled I don’t have to worry about stuff on the floor getting stuck or making my broom wet. After everything been cleaned with hot water and soap then I will mop the floor.

My husband will clean the kitchen he will take the trash out, and wash the dishes with lukewarm water, this is fine. It will be in the dishwasher and that is hot water. Well the pots and pans he will wash with lukewarm water and soap, this bugs me to no end because I feel the dishes aren’t very clean. Growing up my mom taught me to only use hot water for cleaning. My Grandma is the same way. Hot water for cleaning. Well normally the stove top doesn’t get cleaned, nor do the counter tops. He call it a clean kitchen. I don’t see how that is clean, but he does take the garbage out. Today I wanted my kitchen super clean. It needed it done, the floor was starting to look gross and I got sick of it.

We we got into a tiff about it. I told him to do the living room He did and he did good at that. The only thing I did was clean the living room table because I wanted to eat on that not the kitchen table for lunch. He vacuumed and moved the Coach, that good even through last time i cleaned the living room i did it. But It good because it is nice and clean.

I am tempted to make a chore list for both of us, so that this house isn’t always a mess. Growing up when I lived with my mom, mom kept the house clean. When I lived with Grandma, she kept the house clean and was very particular in how to clean the house. I am very particular in how I think the house should be cleaned.

I have a set way I like it done, I don’t expect him to do everything my way but I expect the end result to be as good as my end results. We have two 2 bathrooms, he cleans his and I clean mine.

My biggest frustrations is that sometimes when I go into the bedroom or his bathroom, which is where my cat cat litter is I will find some of his medications on the floor. It makes me mad, because if Otis eats his asprin or other his water pill or a vitamin it could hurt Otis, problem is I can’t fit Otis cat litter in my bathroom, so Otis has to stay in there. I have told him a few times, and today yet again i found an asprin which is so much more dangerous then a simple vitamin.

Watch out for deers

I guess it’s the time of year for deers and traffic to be competing for the same space. I leave a little bit before 7am, I did not think that deers would be in this area, because it too noisy. Everyone was going the speed limit this morning suddenly the cars ahead of me came to a stop. At first i felt a little annoyed didn’t see the deer, but then when the other side started coming to a stop I saw a deer.

I guess it was attracted to the lake and wildernessy area around the area.

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