Could have at least called

Today after my dentist appointment, I rushed to work.. It was flurring a little bit, I decided I would stop for gas across the river. Gas near here was 2.99 and over across the river it was 2.89, it is amazing how the price can be 10 cent different oh well.

I rushed to work took me less then 30 minutes to get there. I get there and was told Oh we didn’t need you today there’s nothing to do. Great wish I would have known this, what happened to calling my company who hired me there and telling them to not have me come in for the day because there is no work. It would have been simple enough I could have taken a shorter route home, and not wasted gas but I figured the longer route for the time of day would be better because I could drive over 55 MPH if I wanted to.

I called my company because I honestly do not want to lose holiday pay for tomorrow. I need all the help I can get.. I found out I only have to work 24 hrs and still get my holiday pay. I got very cranky with the lady at my company. I don’t know why, I just felt stressed about money and not making enough if I keep being sent home early. Lately I am living pay check to pay check.  I don’t feel challenged at work what so hard about stuffing envelopes, it is physically hard in a sense but their is really no challenge. Most places aren’t hiring because it the end of the year and companies are restructuring and what not. Well at least I did not have to talk to anyone at work today other then a couple of guys who work their. I hope Wednesday will be better and I get all my hours in.

Our experience at Subway

Last night my husband and I decided to stop at Subway on our way to our girl friend house. Before going out we had called her to make sure she had already eaten, which she had. We decided Subway would be easy because it right near her place, and it not expensive. I guess last night it was the cheapest we have ever at there we paid nothing.

We got their and while we where ordering their register went down. That not good because my husband and I do not carry cash on us, and I we did not stop to get money out of my account this morning for Hebrew, I gave my teacher a check because we had ran out of time in the morning and it was snowing. I offered to give them a check for our mails, no big deal i figure and the waitress told me No we don’t accept checks. I asked how do we pay, she said don’t worry about it. My husband was what does she mean don’t worry about it. I understood she meant Subway would lose money with a big percentage of  their customers because they could only take cash.

I had ordered the meal. 6 inch chicken sub, with the most of the vegies fixing, and instead of chips I order cookies, My husband did the same. They gave us each 6 cookies, I asked for 2 oatmeal raisins and 1 white chocolate mac. nut cookie. Subway is the only place I like the White Chocolate mac. nut cookies, but normally I do not want 3 of them cookies. We brought our cookies with us and I gave one to my friend. I didn’t want to give her to many because she diabetic.

Subway would have been wise to accept checks during that time, because they could have made a little bit of money. Sometimes it best to take a risk that maybe 1 or 2 checks will bounce from all their customers that don’t have cash on them. I know checks can be a pain to get cash but they shouldn’t have to many problems, doing it. I am sure they deposit their cash at a bank so why not cash the checks with the cash. At least it would not hurt the bottom line. I am figuring the Subway bottom line wasn’t hurt by that store giving out free food and to be honest I am glad it was free, it was nice but I just felt bad for the store.

Laptop just a little hot

I have had my laptop for almost 2 years. I got it for college and payed for it by our income tax money.. The computer runs very well and does what I need it to. I have a Toshiba, I love it. Toshiba is my favorite brand of laptops, the brand I will normally try to get when I need a laptop. On computers I prefer HP, and probably wouldn’t mind a MAC I hear they get less viruses but the problem with Macs are they are pretty costly.

Last night I was on line chatting in a chat site where I monitor in and my computer started feeling hot, and uncomfortable. I told my husband and he brought up it would be a good thing for me to get a Cooler for the laptop. Tonight hubby came home from work and anyways needed to stop at Best Buy, so we went to get my computer it’s cooler and what my hubby wanted. We spent 34 on the cooler not bad, I got one with dual fans figure 2 fans is better then one. Boy this thing blows out cold air. I keep my laptop in my lap,guess that why it is called a laptop. You know it makes it hard typing on a regular computer, because the keyboard is a little bigger. I wonder how my test will go tomorrow for my job if it on a keyboard, because I tend to type worst on a desktop computer because of the keyboard.

Hubby and I got home and I turned on my computer and put the cooler on it to, the computer is cold on the top, and my legs are cold, so I guess it working good.

Otis and the Bathroom

I would like to know how my cat has managed to turn on my water in the bath tub when it has two round things one for hot and one for cold. They are not easy to turn. Maybe I am just not closing them tight enough and all Otis has to do is bump it and there he go water.

Sometimes he comes out to the living room with a wet head or paws and my husband and I will try to figure out why he wet. It is funny Otis like running water but will meow loudly when he given a bath. Normally after the first few minutes he will calm down and enjoy it as much as cats do.

Every time I do anything in the bathroom I have to be careful that Otis has not found his way under my feet. I think Otis thinks that he can only get attention if I am busy. Same thing with the Laptop in my lap. Today I cam home and wanted to find out something and Otis wanted in my lap at the same time as my computer, this doesn’t work well. Last night I was reading a book, and Otis felt the need to be right on top of me with pushing the book out of my way, even though he was in my lap almost all day yesterday or was being played with and having plenty of attention. Funny thing is when you want to give a cat attention they want nothing to do with you, and *laughing* when you don’t want them because your cooking, cleaning, attempting to get dress, or trying to us the Toilet that when the Cat thinks he needs your attention. Not when it convenient for their owner. To night I tried shutting him out of the Bathroom so I could have my shower in peace and quite and not worry about him visiting me, I like my water really hot in the winter. Otis kept crying until I finally let him in. I am bad, because I usually will give in and let Otis come in if he wants to.

Watching the Food channel

My husband and I have really started to enjoy the Food Channel lately, some of our favorite shows are “Iron Chief”,”Dinner Impossible” and “Throw Down”. These shows are fun and sometimes inspire ideas to try. Dinner Impossible I like watching because it fun to watch him run around. Iron chief I enjoy because it fun to watch what the 2 competitors are doing, and trying to figure out how they not either freezing their fingers off, or burning them off. Throw down is fun because sometimes the challenges he faces, you just know there is no way he going to win.

One thing I do not like about all these shows sometimes is because it seems like everything has pork in it. One of these days I would love Iron Chief to do a all KOSHER episode, and see how good some of their great chiefs would do with this. Grant it their judges would need to have some knowledge. When I say kosher I don’t mean the Bless by Rabbi. I mean Old Testament Bible Kosher. I think this could be a fun competition.

I have noticed most Chiefs on the Cooking channel cook with mostly pork products or put them in just about everything. I have tried a couple ideas and substituted meats with other and it still worked.

Last night we were watching Throw Down and they had Sticky Sticky Buns. I hate to say this taste wise I would have preferred his because I do not like Pecans. My husband had a idea and that was to try to use Sunflower Seeds. I told him if you want me to try it I can. Personally I am thinking Sunflower seeds may not be good, but walnut would be good. I would probably like Almonds because those are a nut I like. I was thinking maybe Cashews would be good with them.  Probably anything would almost work with sticky buns, depending on a person taste.

I love cooking, but I don’t think I would ever want to compete in cooking. I know I have plenty of friends who tell me I am a good cook. My best friend normally when she invites us over for dinner says stuff like it not as good as you would do.. I think she does just fine maybe she could use a few cooking lessons. My mom and Grandma where both very good cooks, and I used to help both of them when  I lived with them. My mom lost me as a kid, but one thing I remember about my mom is she could Cook. I will never figure out why she did not become a chief because she has the talent. My Grandma cooks very good, When I lived with her during part of High School I used to help her cook for her Work Parties. I loved helping Grandma cut up all the vegis and other ingredient. Now when I have questions because I forgot a Ingredient I will call either Mom or Grandma and talk to them.

Incosiderate Semi Truck Driver

Yesterday my husband and I decided we would stop at Lunds, on our way to church. I needed to get money out for my Hebrew class after service. We ended having to park in another company parking area because Lunds was all full, or at least the one parking space was to small to fit my mini van into. My husband and I started walking toward Lunds, and we were in the parking lot trying to cross one of the lines.

This stupid Tow Truck driver decided he would like to run my husband and me down. My husband waved at him and said Loudly Hey we’re here. The Driver started speeding up, My husband had to rush to the other side and I had to rush backwards so that I wouldn’t been hurt. What ticks me off is that there was a bunch of snow and slush down on the Parking lot along with ICE. I had sled in the parking lot coming to a stop. Thankfully my husband and I where able to get out of the way in time with out falling down on the ice, and being ran over and killed.

We went right away to the Manager at Lund’s, Sorry I am not going to just leave something like this go. That semi truck driver put my husband and my life in danger. In the State of Minnesota pedestrians have the right away. I am sure he saw us before he even turned that corner getting ready to cross that driveway road, to get to Lund’s. When my husband waved and called at him he accelerated this gave my husband and I no other option but to hurry out of the way in on slippery ground. This semi truck company is lucky neither one of us fall or were injured, because frankly had I fall or my husband fall and been harmed I would go after the company. Not that I am sue happy but these Semi Truck drivers need to learn they do not OWN the road and they have to share the road with others.

While talking to the Manager he called someone in stock and found out, when the driver lift he was frustrated and upset because he could not get easily in the stocking area because of snow and cars. Basically the conditions yesterday were not easy to deal with. I understand being frustrated but please don’t try to run someone over because your angry if your unable to control your temper then maybe you should not be driving. If your worried about time trust me rushing isn’t going to get you their any sooner, and most companies in snowy icy climate will understand if your late. Being late is okay if your keeping other on the road safe along with you. It would take you a lot longer to deal with MINDOT and the Police Department then it would to run a little bit late. I told the Manager this was Innopraite behavior on the driver, the manager said he agreed with me. I was listening to him with his stock person and he told that person the Semi Truck driver doesn’t have the right to run people down because he is frustrated.

When we got to church we were talking to one of guys shoveling the sidewalks. We shared with him what happened to us, then he shared with us what happened to him. He was on his way and was trying to merge onto a highway when a Semi Truck would not move over on a fairly clear highway and he had room to be able to move over. Now considering we can’t see through the Semi truck I don’t know if the driver could have moved over, but He could have slowed down a bit and allowed him to get on to the road safely, instead of doing that being mindful, he basically ran the guy of the road and the guy went into a spin out. Okay I have spun out once and it is not fun it actually pretty scary, Thankfully my friend was not harmed and was able to get to church.

Okay Semi Truck drivers who think you own the Road NEWS Flash, you don’t own the road. Just because your bigger then most vehicle’s on the road doesn’t mean that the same roads that apply to us do not apply to you. I know you all do not like it when your followed closely or have a car just about cut you off, Personally I try to be very careful when lane changing with a Semi truck near me because I want to give you a enough room for stopping if for some unforeseen reason it needs to be done, I try not to follow to closely behind. I just don’t feel the need to be stupid with your truck because it a mess to have to clean up when accidents happen and frankly I don’t want to die before G-d says it time.

I have a friend who a Semi Truck driver, he is a good driver! I ended up following him once I kept my distance between him and I. Grant it he was in a regular truck or something, but I still allowed plenty of space. He was stuck behind me once and said I was a smart driver because I knew how to give space. Okay regular vehicle drivers this is for you. Give Semi trucks their space they need a lot more stopping time then you and I, they way a lot more and if they are cut off it can cause them a whole lot of trouble. So lets try to be mindful of what we are doing on the Road.

Look where your going

I am so sick of drivers being stupid, do they just not realize that their car can be a lethal weapon. I am so sick of people being all the way to the left side of the road and deciding they have to make a right turn. I am sick of drivers in the parking lot who feel the need to make a right turn from way over in the left with no signal and cutting in front of the car behind them almost causing my husband to run into them.

1st if your driving in the parking lot of a apartment complex do not go fast, and careless. I know in my building their are normally little kids playing outside and believe me they are not looking for cars coming their way they are more interested  in playing what ever game. It is the DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY to stop for them.

2nd, If you want a parking space, First turn your signal on, if your on the far left turning right MAKE SURE no one is behind you, that will have to slam their breaks to miss hitting you.

3rd Signal your turns. This will help drivers know what you are planning and might help them slow down so they don’t have to slam on the break. Give a fair warning.

4th, The road belongs to everyone, I say every one who pays taxes but not every one who driving is probably paying taxes so to be fair to everyone. Remember your not the only one on the road, and the center of the universe is not your car. The center of the Universe has nothing to do with you or any of us.

5th don’t drive to fast for bad conditions and don’t drive to slow when you don’t know exactly where your at.

Rusted gas line

Well today I found out what was wrong with my van. It was leaking so much gas and this was probably a problem coming on for a while. The gas line was rusted, rust takes a while to build up or eat away at the lines, so maybe know I will get better gas mileage.

The fuel pump was good so that I will not have to worry about. Had it been the fuel pump I would be looking at close to $200, but since it was the fuel line it will be a little over 45, I am assuming he is using used parts but that okay.

Today at work it was starting to look thin, my boss asked me what time I was off, I told her around 5pm because that when my hubby would be there to pick me up. I need to make up some of the hours I missed from Tuesday. She was able to find me another project which took me to almost 5pm. While talking to her before she gave me the assignment I had told her, if you don’t have enough work I will call a cab so that I can get home. While I was talking to her I said I could take the bus but it would take me just as long to walk home and I would end up being just as cold on the buss so might as well walk home if I need a buss. I really miss summer already.. She told me that if she couldn’t find something she would drive me home since I was so close. That was nice of her but I am glad she found me work to keep me because tomorrow I won’t be able to work 10 hours, I have things I need to do before my hubby and I go out.

finally the van was towed

A day missed from work yesterday, because I stayed home to try to get the van dealt with. Finally tonight at around 9pm my mechanic came to tow the van. Yesterday my mechanic told me that he had to do some repairs on his tow truck, and he would be able to tow my van this morning and to leave my keys and check in the glove compartment. I did that this morning, good thing no one tried to take it, not like they’d get to far with the amount of gas it is losing.

Today i worked 10 hours and tomorrow I will work hopefully 10 hours, but it not really promised because we are slow at work. This is kind of stressful because I don’t want to lose the whole days worth of pay. Another problem is my husband is dropping me off at work and picking me up from work, which means that unless I want to take a taxi or figure out the ugly buss system in my city that I might have a long walk, to bad it is not spring or summer or even fall would be good for walking. The town my husband and I live it it is so much easier not being on public transportation.

Unwise choices

Last night I was listening the news, before deciding I would like to read my book. I heard a story on the news that really made me displeased with some of our officers of Law from MPLS. I don’t have a problems with law enforcement, I have never had troubles with them. The story they had was of a family of 6 who had the police come and raid their house because of informants bad informations. I am sorry but what ever happened to making sure your leads are solids, that innocent people will not fall victims of mistaken identity on the part of the Police Department.

This was a family of 6 people, their race doesn’t matter a whole lot to me because no matter where they are from what they have faced is still wrong and unfair toward them. The husband felt threatened and like his house was being broken into so he shot at them. Which caused them to shoot back at him. I can understand this guy reaction, he is the family protector and he has a wife and kids and he must feel his job is to protect their family. I know my husband would feel the need to protect me in dangerous situations.

What happened to making sure your information is correct, why did no one stake out that house. Had some type of action been taken would the Police department realized this was a family home. They where there and what appears to be innocent of any crimes. I do not know if anything will be found out  but I kind of doubt that this family wasn’t innocent. The police department is here to serve and protect their community and not cause fear and terror inside of that community.

I understand being a Police Officer is dangerous and many times they are in situations  that can become life threating and dangerous for them. Being a Police Officer is a stressful job, but out of all people they should know not to trust everything that they are told. Informants can and will lie, maybe this guy or gal gave them enough accurate information to where they felt they where trust and then decide to make the Police Department look like a bunch of idiots. I am not saying they are Idiots, I am just saying that they should not have trust so much of what their informants had to say about it.

Growing up my guardian was a rail way cop, yes I refer to him as a cop because he was not a good cop. He was bad, and because of him I have a very hard time trusting Law enforcement.  I realize maybe the police department does not have time to investigate and seat at every place they suspect but I think a little bit of more investigation and more time staking out the place would have help them know what they where going to get into. What has me the maddest is that the children in this family could have been seriously hurt. This would have been something that they would have a heard time getting over. I am sure the kids and family have lost some trust in the law enforcement and it would not be surprising if they are fearful when dealing with Police officers later in life. Having guns fired at you at a young age and believe me I do not think those kids understand what was really happening and may not understand it until they are older.

You know I am curious to find out if this person will lose his hunting privileges for shooting in a residential neighborhood at cops. He says he thought they where intruders, I thought the Police Department normally knocked on doors first and then entered after no response or a refusal to cooperate with them.

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