Murphy Law

Murphy law, If it can go wrong it will go wrong, If you need it to work out right, it will not be right. With Murphy Law nothing will ever turn out quiet right there will always be something wrong.  That how it been with one of my projects at work. The harder I try to get it all right and prefect the worst it is! I had everything in order, and ready to be folded and stapled into their folders. Well by the time they got made up, we ended up having 1 of the pages being reverse from the right way. I know I had everything right I even looked and made sure the order was being followed but everyone was wrong. HMMM cute.

I work at a church, tess the season for them to have meetings, that need prefect reports and in the right order. I apologized, and said I don’t know what happened.. I had it all in the correct order, so not sure how that happened. The pastor said Murphy is a live and well. I guess he is right.

I do have to admit, I wish I would have started this job before the report needed to be worked on so I could get used to the job first, or after the yearly report. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed my job and working their and hope to be hired on full-time, but I think the projects they started me with was not pleasant. Well I can say one thing I do not think anything worst then that report can happen! That is the biggest and hardest file I have had to work with and being that it was in a program I am not used to. I can know say I know Publisher rather well.. Because I have had to learn how to fix things. I also found out I can undo mistakes from that file.

In Publisher it not like WORD where if you make a mistake you have the little undo button on the top, instead you have to go to like Edit and then Undo. To add a new text box I figure out how to do that the long way I knew how to move a text box that was no longer needed from one place to another but today I needed all them text boxes and I had to come up with a new Text BOX my News Letter took about 40 minutes to complete, because I couldn’t pick what color I wanted. I think a few more days of Publisher I will have probably figured it out, I do not like Publisher, I prefer Word, or Works. I know those two programs well. Well I hope that they like what I came up with this week, I guess I will find out tomorrow.

I am so blessed to be working there. I have noticed such a big different coming home I do not feel as stressed. I feel like I have accomplished something almost everyday. Grant it last night I had night mares about their report, but I think tonight I will sleep. It is so different working somewhere where people are less likely to yell at you. Now I need to find a new way to organize my desk, so people know where to put things which need doing. I know with the report I was working on and other stuff right out of the gate, I was doing good at just finding myself on those item. Now I should have a little time to organize my brain there too..

No unwanted converstations at work

My new job is going pretty good. Publisher isn’t to bad now that I struggled with it last week. This week should go very well. This week probably my hardest assignment will be doing the church news letter, and the annual report but those will still be simple. The Pastor will make changes and give that to me to inter into the computer. Really should be simple.

You know, today, I felt like a real big idiot! I didn’t realize that the boxes on the side of my Outlook express was telling me who the mail was from and not for! I guess it should have made more sense but my last office job, that list was for different people who worked in the office. So we never opened other people email, if it was in that box we lift it alone. Well I guess I should I been reading those emails too because I didn’t. I will have to explain to the Associate Pastor what happened and apologize for telling her I real all emails when I clearly had not! Man I feel so bad, here I am got plenty of experience with outlook and can’t even navigate correctly. At least I have a good excuse, I didn’t realize this was emails from you, I thought they was email to you. I am not sure they covered that but that okay.
I guess when being trained the trainer may forget some things. Training is similar to setting up a sound system there are many cables on it and sometimes it easy to over look a few of them, just like training someone it easy to forget important things which needed to be trained.
I do have to say it is so much nicer working for this church then my last company. I never have to hear about others sex life or how having a affair is right. When something is needed they actually ask me and take the time to explain and show me what they want if it a little more complexed. I hope them sending in the trainer to train me means I will be their longer then short term.

Rough conversation needed

This weekend at church we talked to one of our friends who has just completed law school. He is getting ready to take the bar exam and pass. He very bright. My husband shared with him what been going on with mom and dad. We are concerned because of everything that is happening with mom and dad.

Mom and dad cross the way neighbor were checking their mail, and it appears mom and dad hasn’t been getting all their mail. Somehow the man got cell phone in dad name. Dad is saying he don’t remember even going to the store, and is saying he was at home or in the car. They have ran up the cellphone charges to close to 1300 this does not even count the fees for canceling a contract with the cell phone company each phone is going to be a additional 200. Lovely! There are 3 cellphones so we have now 600 on those charges so that brings us up to a nice total of 1900. Mom and dad are on a fix income there is no way they can pay this. The cross the way neighbor said they pay this, how can they when they only work at a fast food joint for 20 hours a week it not like they work at Las Vegas hotel were they would get great tips. They are working for a flat rate of maybe 8 a hr. So lets see I don’t need to do the math here. I can figure this one out they will NEVER PAY Mom and Dad! Since they have been known they haven’t kept stable jobs.

Then we have the RV they wanted to buy from mom and dad. Well mom and dad got the RV back because they weren’t paying on that neither. They tore up the RV, there was Fesses and Urine everywhere including on the driver and passenger seats in the front. So fixing this up will be a whole other expense which I don’t have a clue of the cost. I just know, we need to do something to protect mom and dad from people like this.

We have a next door neighbor who is like family, they tired to warn mom and dad and it fall on death ears. My husband and I tried to warn them. I spoke with my grandma when this first started happening and she told us to get Power of Attorney with mom and dad. My husband didn’t want to do this but this is something that is probably going to be needed eventually. Financially mom and dad are unprotected. I am thinking if my husband or myself were on their account and needed contacting if any changes are made that would affect mom and dad negatively or add a other person to the account. This way my husband and I could maybe put a stop to it.

Now how do we have this conversation with mom and dad. My husband is thinking maybe having the family next door do this but I am not so sure it is a good idea. Mom and dad haven’t been listening to them very well. Our friend is saying the same thing that Grandma is and others who I have spoke to. I know we need to talk to mom and dad but how do we do bring this up. I want them to be safe and happy. I want them to not have to worry about their money or being victims of scummy jerks who think they have a right to steal from the old, and steal from someone who served our Country in WW2.

Dad served this country and it really bugs me that someone would do this to him. Why does this family think they have a right to do this to mom and dad. Mom ill, dad well he dad! Why come to people who are already hurting and hurt them in a other way. My husband Parents are the most loving and compassionate peoples I have ever known. They accept me for who I am and still love me. Not many wives can say their husband parents love them and sees them as their own daughter. Many wives struggle with being like by the parents.
I may be the one who talks to mom and dad about power of attorney and who they would like it to be. I want them to get what they want but at the same time them being safe, and sometimes safety don’t equal having what we want.

I just hope

I just hope I will not have to have my mini van in a gain. It seems that one of the exhaust pipes is leaking exhaust which I will need to fix. If this is going to be another take it in every month for repairs I will not be happy. Lately in the morning very cold weather here it seems to have troubles getting up to speed to I wonder if it is because of not giving the Transmission enough time to warm up because the van is okay if it parked in the garage. Today on my way home i had a little trouble with it getting up to speed it a little annoying but I probably just needed to give it more warm up time.

I recently brought it in because the gas line broke, and that was a couple of months after I got it after the stupid Warranty went out.  All I know is right now I can not pay to fix the van. I just started a new job and we do not know how long that will last. I hope that I can improve on the Publisher Software quickly today was not very fun. I know I won’t get the job if I can’t get that to work. The computer is a bigger issue then anything because it is so old and slow.  Otherwise my job going well I finally got the email figure out, and I am learning the other stuff. I just hope I retain it I gave my Resume to the hiring person, but I know their are other applicants who well are more qualified, maybe they will choose me because I am already trained in, and I doing a pretty good job. I know know how to use Publisher better. PTL for the Children Ministry person because she showed me some shortcuts which is what I needed.

Wow! What a difference

I had my first day at work. It went great, we had a few problems in the beginning because I had the wrong user name for one of the emails I was to check. That went good. My second mistake of the day was I printed twice as many inserts then I needed ops. I told the lady who was trying me in so we cancel the lift over but it was still close to half. My first phone call I answered as my last company I worked for, it was funny, and the caller laughed. I joked that I just forgot where I was! They said wow that was a mouth full it really was a mouthful. Even though with the few things that went wrong, it still was a great day. When your new at a company something always goes wrong the first day.

This is the first time in a long time, I have worked some where and not hear about someone else sex life or other information that is none  of my business.  I was so impressed with everyone who came in and worked at the church. I have never worked with a nice bunch of people.  One of the Pastoral staff did not even blink when I told them I was Messianic, and went to a Messianic Jewish/Gentile Church. I was told they would like to talk to me more about that, but I do have to be honest I was shocked that they handled that so well. It came up because I was asked if I could work Overtime on Friday, I said Yes. But I can only stay until about 4:30 to much longer then that it makes it hard for me to get to my church. They understood. I was very happy and relieved that they responded well..  I have dealt with other “Christians” who do not deal well with it, and their questions come across more attacking then sounding interested.

I doubt as long as I am working there I will have much need to vent on my blog because my coworkers are driving me nuts. I guess a work place can be almost stress-free.

Finally working

I finally got a job today. It is about time. I have been looking for a couple of weeks now. I was called this morning, at first I thought it might be my normal temp company. It wasn’t  I had submitted my resume on line yesterday to a few other places, and I got a interview today.

Thank goodness I got good computer skills, and that they felt I would be good for the job… I will be working at a church for a few weeks, unless I and they decide it might be a good fit. I am not sure yet, but it is a blessing to be able to work. We are not to far behind on our bills yet but we where starting to get worried about bills, and rent. No money means no rent. My husband got a job this week to he started yesterday, and I will start tomorrow. The funny thing is we are both working for churches, He has the blessing of working for our church, I will be working for another church. I am a little nervous about that but I am sure it will be fine.

I got my office mostly done and most of the kitchen, but still have some stuff lift today but I can do the rest when I get home since it clear I am the only one around here to do it. Taking out the garbage is basically what my hubby does but oh well at least it something. I was starting to feel like claiming the walls there not a whole lot to do around the house, other then be on line chat, or blog or play video games.

My husband  is starting to drive me nuts, I say something and he might hear 1/8 of what I said. Then he wants to nitpick on me when I say something wrong or don’t get it out correctly…. I am so sick of being around him right now, I think we have been around each other to much over the last couple of weeks.

How does he do it

You know there is one thing I can’t seem to figure out. I have plenty of clothes down on the closet floor for Otis to lay on top, I even have some on the shelves. Otis has found away to lay on my clothes on hanger in the closet. I would like to know how he manages to lay on top of the hangers. You’d think that he would lose his balance on top of the hangers, he a 20 pound cat. He most have some very good balancing strategies, to seat on top of my hangers. Maybe my clothes give him something to hang onto.

I am going to have to find a good way to get Otis hair off of all my clothes, some of them don’t collect his hair and other collect a bunch of hair. I wonder why clothes is like that some material attracts the cat hair and some does not. It seems all my business type clothes collect hair even when I am not around Otis and already cleaned my clothes off. He never had this habit until I moved here, my old apartment he found other places to lay other then my clothes on hanger which lately I been needing for different interviews.

This morning I was spending time on line pricing out some winter business type clothes because mine are all cold, maybe I should Ogio they have some very nice casual stuff their.

Another long night

It took the police at least 10 minutes to get her after I called in a domestic or what appeared to be. It was close to 2 am in the morning and I heard a girl screaming and a high pitch guy screaming. At first I thought it was the kids next door fighting, I was just pulled out of sleep, I let it go on for a while thinking hey they just kids mom and dad will get to them in a couple of minutes. Never happened and it just got worst finally I heard a bang on the wall that shock the building, thinking they where kids I stuck my head out the door and said That is enough this is when I realized it was two older teen to young adult.
I told them if you do not stop this I will call the cops, I probably should have done so immediately, because the guy was able to probably over power her, Jerk! They started fighting with in a couple of minutes and at this time the Girl screamed for someone to call the cops. I called I figured if she asked she needs it. I thought the 2 of them where black no offense to anyone who is African American, but the guy looked like he was, and I assumed the young lady was to ops. One of our neighbor a black gentle step out of his door to see what was going on after the cops got here. I was tempted to tell him, Sir I just told you it was not him, he bigger then the other guy. The gentle man was older and more well build and his voice was deeper.. The attacker was younger and very thin. I do not always recognizes people faces, unless I repeat to myself what they look like, but I can tell a voice from any one. I do not know why but I been able to do that always. The other day we ran into someone from church I felt I might know his face but wasn’t sure until he spoke to me. If I ever get attacked by a stranger I am going to be in trouble, unless I hear them speak.
I felt bad for my one neighbor because the cop was a white cop, and we know sometimes cop will go after the wrong guy and since I didn’t give a clear description it didn’t help. I am not after someone because they are the race they are, I am after anyone who thinks they have a right to put their hands on someone to over power them.
Later we find out that the guy was a stranger to the girl, I felt bad after I heard the cop say this because I normally make good decisions and in my old apartment I would have called 911 right away and not waited for that long. I am glad my bad decision did not get this young lady raped maybe a good scare in her. I am not sure how honest she was with the cops but that not for me to determine. Her guy was very thin almost unhealthy, I wonder if maybe he weight loss pills for the high they can give a person. I have tried losing weight by those pills and they just made me hyper and caused me other problems, I felt like I was high on something, and I haven’t done drugs, but have had a second hand high, no thanks to my sister.
The cops ended up calling my apartment a couple of times to be let in, I don’t mind but I kind of minded that she was able to identify who called. What if she seeing that guy and he decides to be stupid and try to harm my husband or myself. My husband isn’t overly protective but when it comes to him feeling my safety might be in danger he going to do what he can. Now with that being said hubby more like a teddy bear his tongue can cause more trouble then his mannerisms he is not someone to get into physical confrontations. Now me on the other hand someone gets physically threating with me I wouldn’t have a problem taking them down and doing what I need to protect myself, not that I look for trouble but I am not going to become someone punching bag. I played that game once, I hope this young lady learns a lesson and doesn’t feel the need to be trusting of men who could really do her harm.

Picking movies that usually skip

My Husband and I have bee using Netflex for a while now, him longer then me. I was added to his account after we got married, but before that if he rented movies for both of us he picked things he felt I might like. So we watch many movies, to bad it takes a couple of days to get here in the mail with all these reruns. They have pretty good customer services and their service is reasonable, I wouldn’t use Block Buster because it expensive to rent a movie for 3 days to a week, and if you rent more then one movie you are looking at spending more then you would with Netflex. I am not sure about there new service charges because I haven’t used them since being with Netflex. I enjoy the fact that if I can’t get to a movie in 3 days they don’t care and movies for the most do not have a due date, they are expected back but more on my time not on their time.
One problem I have noticed and it seems to mostly be on the movies I pick is sometimes they skip a lot and often times I need to clean them before using them. NetFlex when a DVD is damaged and unwatchable they will send a replacement of that movie, this is nice. When I used other movie rental places they won’t give you that movie for free they probably try charging you unless you brought it back the same day.Netflex you call or email them and they tell you send it back, and you send it back and it seems like they might not have even waited to receive the movie. I should just start cleaning the DVD before I put it in my DVD player and that would solve the problem of getting through part of the movie and then having to figure out where we lift off.
Last night, we watched Monster House. It is rated PG, not sure why it a animated film, for children. I guess the house had the spirit of the man dead wife in it, during her life she was picked on so she dead a said and hurt woman, it really didn’t show her death until the end. The only one the house wouldn’t hurt was her husband, who was mean to kids to protect them from the house, so as all children movie he looked like a villain when he really wasn’t. He was the character you wanted to see something happen to. Bambi mother was killed and it still rated a G rating, so why that, seems like if Monster House is a PG movie because of death, then shouldn’t Bambi be also. There was no language, there was maybe one scene that you would have to be a adult to draw any real conclusions about, or a child who been through hell and back. I thought it was a cute movie, but maybe I wouldn’t let my 3 or 4 year old watch until he is a little older, because I am not sure if he understand yet that the house is not real.

We get on average about 4 to 6 movies a week, depending how often we watch our movies we order. I can’t even begin to tell you how often my hubby and I buy popcorn. I am starting to wonder if home theater popcorn machines
would benefit us and maybe in the long run save us money. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a great idea because don’t those things make plenty of popcorn to feed a family, well maybe when we have kids that would be good or we might be eating popcorn for a month.

Oh So furious

I need to vent somewhere that won’t get me into some real trouble. So I guess my blog page is a good place to do a little venting. It seems the Police department in my husband parents town are helpless, and frankly I do not see how what is happening is a civil matter. Our neighbor next to mom and dad contacted them because of another neighbor had swindled mom and dad and after talking to mom and dad I am wondering if there my be more of a identity theft going on. So what going on to make me so furious. We had warned mom and dad there was just something about that family, we didn’t trust. I can’t explain it but just a uneasy feeling that made both my husband and myself worried about mom and dad.

Well I guess we where worried with due cause! I do not cuss often and I will not here even though I got some ung-dly words crossing my mind for this family. The person they lived with a cross the way was also taken in by them and had her bills ran up nice and high to. They should have warned mom and dad to not trust these 2 I would like to have a couple of words with that neighbor. They should have looked out for mom and dad best interest, they new what those 2 had done and said nothing to mom and dad until it was to late.

Dad sold them their RV, they are no longer able to go out and about like they used to be able to. This family made what one payment, last night they brought back the RV their was dog pooh, urine and only heaven knows what, all over the the RV. There was dog pooh even in the 2 seats up in front of the RV. To best honest we not not know if they used the toilet in the RV but now in order to clean this RV, we will probably need a HAZMAT team to clean it. That aught to be more costly then it worth, might as well junk it but then again HAZMAT will probably need to clean it before we can junk it any how. If this sounds bad just wait, I am not even close to be done!

This family somehow got a cell phone in dad name, he went into the phone company and they gave him a cell phone. The phone company said that dad went in and authorized it but do not require a signature on something like this. OKAY Cell Phone Companies Start getting Signatures form your customers when they authorize you to put someone on their bill, and get that bill sent to that person house. I am very angry with AllTel right now to, but I am not to worried about them. The family in less then a month ran up a cell phone bill of close to $1300, this doesn’t even count the disconnection fees, or the breaking contract fee. That will be close to $2000 or more. Dad told us he does not remember going in or giving his permission to this person, I am starting to wonder if this family got someone else to go in act like dad. I am worried that their might be some identity theft because he gave all mom and dad information that was required.

Our good neighbors would told to take it to civil court, what so mom and dad can have yet another bill to pay. It not like they could us their term life insurance if they have that. I am wondering if I might need to place a call to the county prosecutor and talk to him or her about my concerns, and see if they can look into it. I am almost wondering if my husband and I might be able to take this family to court! I almost hope they steal that RV so that mom and dad can report it in as stolen and put them in jail for a while.

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