Upgrading plumbing

The other day I got a note under my door from management. They are planning on Retrofitting our plumbing to make it better. I just like to know what exactly they think they going to accomplish by replacing pipes and fixtures. I just hope I will be able to take a shower, or use the water tomorrow at night. I like my showers in the evening and not in the morning. I like showers Saturday morning usually but that because I am gone from 9am til about 10 sometimes midnight so it best to do it in the mornings.
Maybe they will put some bathroom vanities in the bathroom. I know that I been missing my sink plug for like a year now, they took it to fit it for a new one and never came back with it.
I hope they do not take away the garbage disposal because that has been helpful, I know my hubby and I sometimes like just dumping our plates and letting that deal with the lift overs. It works better and we have less garbage because of it.
I guess I might be adding more about the plumbing upgrade especially if it takes them forever.

Positive Attitude

You know I been told many times a positive Attitude will help you go far in this world. A positive attitude will make thing seem better, and will help to keep from getting depress or discouraged. Well I have really been trying to keep my positive attitude. I have been trying to say what I think people want to her, and not let people know that deep down I feel discouraged and instead of saying. “Well maybe G-d has something better for me” “Well there is a better job out there for me” “Maybe all these job changes are so I can learn new things and take it on to a new job”

I am so sick of having to say these statement because I know I can’t say. “Why can’t I be picked for Once”, “Why can’t you choose me, what wrong with me” Why can’t I do it..  I go to work everyday give my all, do my best. Grant it I have had a lot of computer issues lately, but those are not my fault. I can only work with what I am given and if they give me a Computer with not enough RAM or Hard drive space it not may fault it crashes more then stays up.  I can run defrag but that doesn’t really do good because it needs 13% free space not 3%… I have given my all.. I know they chose someone who was in their opinion a better fit. I know it really nothing I did wrong because they know I have tried my best. I have learned a lot at this assignment but you know I hope soon I get to hear. “Your the one we want”

Last week

This will be my last week at my current assignment. Man I am starting to feel like my jobs are like babies they always need to be changed into new baby clothes because they spite up everywhere. My job went very well, even considering that for the first 2 weeks I had nothing but troubles with the computers, and had to do the annual report. They picked someone who they feel will be better for them.
Maybe it a good thing I will be moving on but you know sometimes since starting as a temp worker like, why can’t I be picked for once, why can’t I be the right on for the job I like. I know a lot of companies do not want to hire temp workers because they have to pay more money to hire them, and being a church I can understand that, because they probably don’t make a bunch of money to be paying out on hiring a temp worker. Plus I am not of the same faith, similar faith but still different. I think on a belief level I really honestly do not fit in well. Last week a comment was made that made me glad I would not be continuing there, and to be honest it offended me. I understand this is part of their beliefs so I will not hold it against the person, but on one hand I felt a little singled our by a comment oh well. I am sure they meant no harm, and I will continue to work there for the last week and give my all there until it is completed. Now i am just hoping and praying I will find another good job.
I have learned some interesting things like, how to get wax off of candle holders, and how to remove permanent marker off of tables. I tried several things I was read on line. For the permanent marker the easiest one was Nail polish remover. On lighter colors it worked quickly, but on greens and blacks it needed a little time of soaking. I was able to remove all the colors from the table. A few markings I had to go through the process twice. With the candle what I found to work best is using very hot water, either letting it run over it and then washing it with soapy water, or to soak it in hot water and then pull out the wax, and then wash with soapy water. At my assignment I did learn how to use Publisher and to be honest I don’t like it. I also learned how to create Graphic files, which help me make my video blog. I think what I will need to do is enhance my ability to create files like this, and I kind of wish with my other projects at work I would have just done it in PowerPoint a program I knew better. Now I just have to take my skills and use them to my benefit.


why buy.com rocks I recently found them through another site, and people had recommended I should go there to find some of the things I needed. I have always been very leery of shopping on line, because of a few very bad experiences. Well after a enough people told me, Hey take a look at this, I am very tempted to try to purchase something on line there. I have been wanting a blue tooth for my cell phone, they have for a little less then where I normally go.. My ears aren’t very large and it seems a lot of them are made for people with big ears, I found one I like a lot but it was 90 bucks with my cell phone company and a few other stores I go to. Ouch, can’t justify spending that right now. At buy.com they have a similar one for under 60 bucks and a couple I found for well a lot less then 60.
I am excited about that and to be honest it is a temptation to spend it there.I heard they are offering 10 bucks off to new shoppers and some free shipping offers. They have such a wide range of products, I am actually excited, and I think I might be able to find my husband a birthday present this year on line and not have to worry about going into the mall, which I hate. Buy.com is a great option for people like me who just don’t want to have to deal with crowds at the mall, or traffic especially around the holidays. They even have coupons upon checking out powered by Google. They are also supported by Actors and Actress who show up to give them some advertising to help promote their products, with this I think they must be doing pretty good and must be a honest company.I was surprise to see that they sold DVDs, TVs, Computers both desk top and lap tops, cell phone and their accessories, DVD Players, Video games for most gaming system, and the list goes on. That’s why buy.com rocks

why buy.com rocks

Lots of Downloading

Last night I got my computer back, had to upload hubby’s stuff that he wanted to transfer over to his computer. That took a lot longer then I thought it would. Then I decided to register my Vista program, I figure can’t really go back and well don’t want to have to uninstall and reinstall Vista home so I will deal with Vista business. So far I don’t hate it but I am not exactly sure where everything is. I will learn soon enough.

I had a 45 MB download last night to update it, okay no big deal. I came home today and reinstalled my anti virus after deleting the old file which did not work because of the system crashing the last time. I updated that and then rain it make sure it protect and well. It did not take anymore time then usual so I guess Vista and my memory are playing well together. I can upgrade my memory to 4Gig but I think I might see what happens at 3 GIGs I do not for see any real problems.

I have decided to simply wait until my hubby gets a new office window program, so that I can just use the more updated one. I did not have any files other then my lyrics in that and I also have those in my laptop, so no trouble either way, I think it will be fairly simple to get them into the desk top.

At work, today went okay. One of the pastors told me they picked someone who was a better fit and they had 70 applicants, you know to be honest it okay. As I told her I believe maybe G-d has the right fit for me and I just haven’t found it yet or it simply not his time.  I am not so sure I really feel that way, because it just seems like the last 2 yrs have been hard for me to keep a steady job. I know I can’t look at it like everything is my fault, because every company I have worked at except for one always have told me I am good worker just not the right fit. 🙂 Well can’t I just be a good worker for once and also a right fit.  I can understand why they picked someone else, plus I fired myself over the weekend while talking to my hubby.

Boring day

Today I didn’t have to work. I did not realize that president day was a day off for churches. At least they called me and told me not to come in today before I even got up. I found out, the job ends the end of the month, oh well. There is probably something better out there.
I have changed jobs so much over the past year it is actually starting to feel like I am on diet pills for working. But I am losing to much work.
With my time off I decided it be good to go to the store and get some chicken. I made my slow cook BBQ chicken. I got a few other items, I wanted to stay within a budget, and I did stay right in that budget. I made some white rice, with the chicken. I should have got some spinach, and made a salad from it.
My husband came back home with the computer, it was saved or at least the information. I now have Vista Business. I haven’t decided what I thought of that yet, I guess I will be making a decision after I have played with it a little while. My husband has over 20 Gigs to clean out of the computer, I am starting to wonder if he should have just gave me the new computer and kept this one because he got some much crap in it. I will delete it all out of there when he done getting it all out into his computer.
I am glad our Rabbi knows about computers and knew what I had was good. We have been working on transferring files since he got home. This is what he gets for downloading so much stuff. To be honest I have had a fairly boring day. Soon I am hoping I can reload my anti virus, I will probably have to contact that company to get the stupid thing back on the computer.


When I sit in a chair normally I curl one leg under my behind. I have always sat down like this I don’t know why. Yesterday at church, I went to set down and talk to one of the ladies. I figure it is nice to sit down and talk to someone then to stand up and talk to them. I hate it when people stand up while talking to me when I am sitting. Personally I find it overwhelming and it makes me claustrophobic.

I went around to the other side of the table. I put my leg on it and I guess my knee was maybe in the middle, and the chair broke on me. Ops! How embarrassing, Our Rabbi said, The chair not for kneeling. I was like I wasn’t kneeling I was trying to sit my fat butt down. I don’t say it like that because I try to be respectful to leadership, I think I said I wasn’t kneeling I was trying to sit down. After that I just figured might as well make a joke about being to heavy for the chair. I seriously was to heavy for the chair, maybe they aught to be glad I am not bodybuilding supplements or the pews might get broken by the way I like sitting down. I guess I will have to remember not to sit like that in the chairs downstairs.

It just don’t add up

Okay how do you get 32 a month on a machine which costs 899 but was marked down to 699, and get it paid off in a year. Their add just does not add up to me. Mom and dad has someone trying to sell them a air purifier, that is 899 and they are trying to get mom and dad to make monthly payments on this. First Mom and dad have a air Purifier, so what wrong with their current one.

Today we where going to make a trip down to mom and dad but before we lift, we found out that there was a blizzard warning, so we decided it was safer to remain here and go next weekend. While talking to mom and dad we found out they decided not to get this air purifier, I am worried because the sales person seems to be very pushy and I do not want her to be pushy with mom and dad.

Mom and Dad deserve to be on vacation with at a place like Hilton Head rental and not worrying about bills and paying someone else their money for a product they probably can do with out. I was fairly disturbed this morning when the lady was telling me, mom and dad told her I have allergies and this air purifier was a cure all. When people start telling me it will heal my allergies and asthma it worries me for other people. I do not fall into this trap very easily because I know from experience not to stop meds or claim oh gee it takes away asthma. I will say my asthma has gotten better since I have been more careful with what I am eating. Food allergies are really the only thing a person to deal with because you just have to remove that irritants in your diet. Respiratory allergies due to pollen and other things like it I do not believe can be cured by a air purifier because those will always be in the air.

Next weekend we will need to go and find out where mom and dad are financially, talk to their neighbors who are preparing meals, and cleaning for them. We need to find out how they are doing and if there are any more concerns for their well being.

Otis talking

Since I have started working my new job, I been getting up a little later and staying up a lot later. Otis lately has been running around and meowing. He has about 4 types of Meows I have been able to figure out what he means. His High pitch scream meow is normally, Help I am stuck. The only time  I hear this meow is when he is upset because he is stuck somewhere or because he got himself hurt or his pride hurt. The other day I put his toy on the door to let him play with that for a little while, while I was trying to get myself organized. Somehow the Otis got his toy stuck between the door and his paw and the string wrapped around his tall and back leg, and the door. I got him freed right way, he doesn’t fight normally unless I don’t respond quick enough but once I am there Otis calms down. He knows when I am there it go faster if he just relaxes and waits for me to take care of him.

His Low meow is I have a hair ball about to come up and I just want you to know about it. This morning he was doing that meow in our spear bed room used as my little office and practice room. I went in to check on him find out what he was crying about he looked at me then puked. Geesh Cat you can do that with out me watching you do it. Then he looks at me and walks to another spots and pukes up the remains. Okay, why can’t the cat keep it all in one place, preferably his cat litter.

His Medium meow is I just need attention, or I miss you, where have you been. That is normally his meeting me at the door meow. I have to watch him because if I don’t I will trip over him. Speaking of the cat meowing here he goes again meowing at his shadow in the mirror on the hallway door. Must think it’s another cat. I call him he comes running up but doesn’t want to be petted, he must be made at me for being gone.

A better day

Everything went well today. At work my computer had a couple of issues but nothing big. The printer people came and fixed the printer, I know how not to get it jammed again. I got everything done today that was needed to be done, with time lift over. Yesterday may day wasn’t good it started with my left hand fingers being slammed in the van doors. Ouchy. I am surprised they are not bruised badly or that I didn’t break the nails. Doesn’t look like I will loose any nails so that a good thing. My ring finger is still a little swell up.

There was no gas leak and I had heat in my van today so that felt nice, and I know my gas aught to last a couple of weeks. It was nice getting to work and not smelling gas. At work my hubby texted me and I spend another 20 minutes talking to his parents and some sales person. I will need to do some home work between now and Sunday. I am not so sure it a good idea to spend the money on what they want even though their neighbors think it good.

I stayed for 20 minutes after my normal shift then came home and ate lunch and played some Mass Effect. That a great game, I got lost in time with the game. So maybe it not so great when you want to continue playing it anyways. I like it for a couple of reason it is free enough to control your character to some point, and it lets your character for the most can roam around and find things that are not on the maps.

The one hard thing about the game is the map is not very clear and sometimes your quests are not very clear and the text is harder to read with the back ground but it is still a fun game because for the most you can figure out what is needed.

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