Walking around apartment building

Spring seems to be finally here, I am so glad. I am really a summer, spring, and fall type of person, I enjoy the sun and being able to do things outside. My best friend came over today to hang out. She wanted to learn my chili recipe but came to late to learn it. She often does this is always late to just about everything, it’s a miracle she was on time for her wedding but that probably because she lift her keys at the church where she was getting married and stayed with me overnight.
She wanted to go for a walk and wanted to go over the the drug store, before we lift she told me she didn’t think I need my coat because it’s like 50 out, so I found my light jacket and put that on.
We walked around the apartment building and by the ponds we have. The ducks, no babies yet but that a few weeks away at least, to cold for them yet. After we where done watching the ducks, we walked around one of the buildings and I just happened to see one of the balconies.
The balcony was a mess had old MacDonalds cups and bags on the balcony and other garbage. I was kind of wondering why have I gotten a letter before winter telling me to clean my balcony which had no garbage on it and had my plants grant it most of them were dead or in hibernation but nothing bad was on my balcony. I had asked my friend why do I get a letter telling me to clean the balcony when our office building have balconies with garbage on them.
For the most our caretakers do a good job of keeping the grounds clean, which is great. I am glad they do it makes our job easier and I don’t have to worry about yard work here. I wonder if on fractional ownership you would have to do yard work.

What’s the point of internet banking

What’s the point of internet banking, when it never works for me. A week ago, I called my bank to reset my password and user name. I had not used internet banking because it was to much of a hassle. I would go and enter my user name and password correctly and then it would lock me out of my account. This gets old fast. Last week when I talked to the guy from my bank he said it should be easier now. I guess the jokes on me because it was not any easier. I still think Phone Banking is easier then Internet banking and I am good with the internet.

This morning I get up to find out how much I was paid from work, it would have saved me a headache just waiting until my pay stub arrived! i get on line check emails and a couple of other things. It time to go over to my bank site, I enter in my user name and password, and it tells me username or password is not valid. What! are you serious. So I retired it with the exact same user name, and Typed in the letters to my Password very slowly watching each letter as I hit it. I know this is the password I used for the bank because it what I wrote down for the bank account on my book for the bank. Then I get this stupid message call the bank because you’ve been locked out of your account.

This happens every time! It does not matter if my password is right or wrong, it tells me to contact the bank. Now I have just wasted time talking to them on the telephone but yet they can not tell me what I am doing wrong or why I can not get into my bank account. This is insane! It hasn’t got any better for me, I am almost positive that I am not the only one who banks there with this problem.

Thinking about Methane Gas

A couple of years ago I worked for those people, you call when your wanting to dig. Today I was thinking about a call I had received, I am not sure why I was thinking about this old job. Basically my job was to take information from people who would be digging and then send that out to their utilities, so they could mark their lines. I had received a couple of calls from contractors for methane gas detection I was sometimes surprised where they would be looking for this type of gas.
Methane gas can be found in sewers, well we all know if a sewer backing up there’s already a big problem. Sewers sometimes get clog up and need to be cleaned out, but the workers must now if the methane levels are high or potentially explosive. Methane Gas is highly explosive, it is very similar to natural gas because there is no smell to the gas. This is a orderless gas so things can happen suddenly. Gas Companies put a smell into natural gas to make it smell like rotten eggs, this helps people tell if there is a leak or maybe their pilot light is out.
A Methane gas leak can cause a person to become ill, some symptom are dizziness, nervousness, nausea, headache, and drowsiness. When methane gets to a serious level it can lead to death by suffocation. The Symptoms are very similar to those of CO2 poisoning. Methane gas from the sewer can leak up through your floor drainage pipe. You can wash the area and open windows to help with this problem, if the problem is persistent. If you have a rotten egg smell call your utilities company from a phone not in your house if you are suspecting a natural gas leak.
If you decide to dig to plant a garden it a good idea to call your local call center for digging.

Wow it working

I can’t believe Otis went over a week with out a hairball, I think Vaseline is actually working for him and his hairball problems. I am glad I have finally found something for him that works with out making him worst. I brushed Otis last night and he had less lose hair then he has had in a while. Maybe he was shedding his winter coat or something because he was having a bunch of hair coming out. I am so glad he has had less hairballs hopefully I can keep it like that.
Otis seems to have this habit of throwing up on stuff I would rather he just did not at least he can’t get to any of my important clothes, and well I don’t have any sexy costumes to worry about, but he does get my clothes sometimes.
Right now Otis is sleeping with my Netgear and a couple of his favorite teddy bears. Otis must be mad at me because for the last 2 days I been gone all day and my husband been beating me home..

A very long day

This morning I got up a quarter after 7, and got ready to leave. I lift a couple minutes late but that was okay, because roads weren’t to bad actually they were not bad at all just wet and the intersection a little hard to get through because those had a little ice. I made it to work 5 minutes early, and the person who should have let me in wasn’t there yet, oh well she was a few minutes late I guess I should have came in later.
I did my work, and ended up being there for 11 hr with a half hour lunch break. They had a crunch time, so I offered to stay and help. I think I see why jobs I don’t like want to keep me because I am nice and don’t wanna see people lift in stressful situation. I do have to say I feel sorry for their cleaner, poor guy is going to have a time getting up my little scraps off the floor.
I walked to my van and called my husband. Let him now I was on my way home.
You know I sometimes wish they made air cleaners like they do for the home for vans and cars, it would be great. I know sometimes when during the season changes and I haven’t cleaned my air filter I end up sneezing and getting stuffy.

Otis must of missed me

I lift the house at 930ish this morning after cuddling with him for a while. My husband was home so I know the cat had company and if he sought out attention he got it. My husband a pain in that way he bug ya even if you rather sleep when it comes to Otis. Otis is a momma cat he goes just about everywhere with me in the house unless he made at me.
Tonight I got in and decided I run to LUNDS for some lunches, that required no work for the next couple of days. I came back home and sat down and put my laptop on so I could check emails, and all my blogs. I like to check them a couple times a day. While I was waiting for the computer to start up Otis was meowing at me, I think he must of been cussing me out today because it was that annoying now that hurts my ears. His I am not happy with you sounds like a Meow that is on speakers which are placed on speaker mount very loud. Now Otis is glaring at me, like how dare you hold your laptop and not me. He has plenty of food and water.

Just pass me by not run me down

Today my husband let me use his car, it a little cold out and my heater in the van broke. Getting to my assignment was no problem other then finding where to park. Something nice did happen today, I had turned down the street on the side of the building thinking the parking lot would be near.
I had to turn back around by the time I got back to my road there were two school buss. I am a cautious driver, and wait normally for everyone. I stopped at the stop sign, and then I inched the car closer to the intersection. I was waiting for the buss to go who had the right away but she never went instead she flagged me to go ahead. This doesn’t happen often in the cities usually no one wants to let you go first expecially when they have the right away.
Tonight on my way home, I found out very quickly that the frontage road did not go all the way through. Oh well at least I was able to get on a hwy right away and back to where I needed to be. Well I got to my turn on my little parking lot inlet and some lady decided she had to try to be in the same place as me. It just amazes me how people can be so rude, and not wait their turn. I was there first, at least I was able to aviod her hitting me. I felt like screaming at her Just Pass Me By and Not run me Down.
Maybe she had a little to much to drink since it is a holiday, and if that the case since it was only 530ish maybe she needs some alcohol rehab

Missing calls

Ever have one of those morning that your Cellphone Voice message alarm wakes you up. That’s how my day started today, not sure why the phone did not ring this morning. It was my work, good thing I never bother to turn off the voice mall alarm because had I I would have missed a call from work.
To be honest I do not like what I am doing this week and would much rather be doing something else. The people in the office I worked were all pretty nice and the job was simple. I had to write 800 stupid authorization codes Thank goodness they where all the same because if they weren’t I would have went crazy. To begin with it wasn’t very organized when I got there but then again I am a organized person. The first thing I did was basically get an order together, one that worked quickly for me. I am glad I have had to do mass mail preparation experience because it help me figure out the best way to handle it. To be honest, when I was told what the job was I didn’t want to take it and told my supervisor that, and said if you can’t find someone then I will go and do it to help you out. I would rather be working with people so stuffing mail is hard.
The only reason I wasn’t strong on not taking it because I am responsible for our family insurance, and for a few other utilities. Last week I didn’t work so I really needed the hours even if it wasn’t something I wanted to do.

Oh no not me to Update

Yesterday I had posted about Otis my Cat. He had a hair ball that got stuck in his throat and I had to stick my fingers in his throat and pull it out. I think that was the second most scariest experiences with my cat. My finger which he bite during this time is a little tender today but not infected, I think he bruised it.

Otis is doing good today he pretty much back to his old self.  He was very interested in the Birds which where outside this morning and was doing his little bird meow. He ran around a little bit and ate a bunch of his food which is a good sign. I decided today I wouldn’t call work and see if they could get me an assignment because I want to be close to Otis just in case. Yesterday scared me and if he starts having trouble I don’t want him to be a lone. He like a kid to me, I know I am strange.

Today I had to run to Lunds a store next to us, and get something for the dishwasher. I feel like a idiot, my dish washer stop washing the dishes correctly and it was bone dry of raise aide.  Maintenance didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, well there probably isn’t it’s probably the water pressure that wrong, but I will give them it needed some Jetdry or something in the Raise aide stuff. I decided before running I run to LUNDS and get what I need. I got a few groceries and a couple of cleaning things for the Kitchen. I didn’t find anything other then jetdry for Raise Aid, okay I get a small bottle and hope that works. I found nothing for Otis problem. I decided I try the little drug store near Lunds on the way home.  I told the Ladies I have 2 questions, the first one is do you have any dishwasher stuff. They didn’t have what I needed. Then I told her my second question do you have any thing for Cats, like Hairball stuff.. The lady told me Vaseline was a good thing to use and her mom used it on her cats. Okay interesting never heard of that. I decided okay it wouldn’t hurt to buy it and then go home and look on line. I don’t want to accidentally kill the Cat .

I learned it was safe to use but not to over use it, because it can cause trouble with observing Fat soluble  Vitamins, which is important for Otis to get. Using it a couple times a week depending on how bad the Hairball trouble is. Otis is long haired, I am thinking maybe once a week or less if I need to increase to more twice a week, or if it needs to be that for a while, I think I will bring him to a vet and make sure that doing that will be safe for him, I do not want to do anything to hurt him. Otis seemed to like it, he licked some of it off my finger, and then I stuck the rest on his nose he didn’t really like that to much.

fall back, spring forward

Do you find daylight saving time frustrating to, normally I am the one that reminds people about it. How do I remember what to do when I have a little saying, “Fallback, Spring Forward, normally I am not one to use words to help me but for this time of year it helps me. I honestly do not see why we need to change our clocks still not like the farmers rely on it and does the military still use it, not so sure.
We had to change all of our watches ahead this morning. I still have one watch to change it a miniature grandfather clock that hangs on the wall. Watches are fun to change, I wonder if Vacheron are easier then some of my other clocks to change. I know that they used to change the time to help farmers and the military so they could have more daylight, but do we still really need that.

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