Review: Branson MO Vacations

It is almost summer time for vacation for many schools unless they are an all year around school, then I am not sure what their schedule is for vacations. I know many families during the summer like to take their children on educational trips well I have an idea. Branson, it’s right in the heart of the United States, they have seven packages price ranging from $423.00 to $925.00, the 925.00 is the family package. Don’t want to do a package because you don’t think it would give you enough freedom there are plenty of great lodging options.
Lodging options ranges from Hotels, condos and luxurious cabins. Many of these have the comforts of home including internet so you can send messages to work if you really needed to. There a few museums the museum which interested me most was the Titanic Museum.
The Titanic Museum is a half scale replica of the original ship, which was not supposed to sink but did sink. There is a memorial there of the people who lost their lives. This may be a good way to experience history, which are hands on learning in a sense. History for children and adults is fun when they can experience history and learn about the people who where affected by what happened. This would probably be better then reading a book or watching a movie if your like me and have a hard time watching movies that are longer then 2 ½ hours. I think this will probably be one of the stops my husband and I make if we go to Branson on a vacation. I think hubby and I would be very interested.
There are many attractions they have several caves and caverns around them, caves are always fun. I have been on a couple of cave tours and have learned things. One of the most interesting lesson was that sound in a cave doesn’t always come from where it seems to come from. My little nephew enjoyed the cave tour we brought him on last summer. There are also several theme parks in the area for white water and miniature golf.

It’s a baby boom

It seems there another baby boom or something. I will just put it this way out of all my woman friends who are married they are all pregnant or recently had their babies. What gets me it seems that more babies get born during times of not having enough.
Don’t get me wrong it’s a blessing to have children, and I do want them after hubby and I get more stable. I know are waiting for the prefect moment to have children it will never come, but right now I can’t see bring a child into the family when things aren’t going well. So we just have to balance is it the right time with we right now really can’t handle it. I want to be a good parent to my child and right now I don’t think neither one of us could be a good parent.
Often I get asked when we are going to have a baby and normally my answer is maybe in a couple of years. In a couple of years I should be done with college and hopefully we will be more stable. I have gotten many baby gifts for friends and have some lift over from a job I had a few months ago. I saw I might need some gifts soon because all my friends except for one was or trying to get pregnant.

You can’t come in

There’s a baby squirrel who keeps coming up on my balcony. Last night my husband and I was watching him and what appeared to be a pregnant squirrel, out by the tree. Squirrels really do have a personality all of their own. He was over by the bushes across our driveway area. They was chasing each other and playing they came over ran on to the tree.
I just wonder how they run around a tree the way they do. The pregnant squirrel jump down to the ground. The little one I am amusing he male but not sure, he sure is bold. He stared at my husband and I for a few seconds. I told my husband he is looking at us. They went running under the balcony so we stop watching them. I think the little should be named Delsey, he was cute. A few minutes past and then he was on the balcony, it’s normally the young one who decide they have to up root all my tender plants in the pots. So I was watching him more closely now since he was up there. Don’t worry I wouldn’t let Otis get him, Otis would probably try to mother it.
He came up to the patio door looking for a way in, you can’t come in. It was funny he seemed so intent on exploring the door. The little squirrel was running the width of the patio door, and I guess he didn’t see the balcony ledge go away because he fall of the window pane which isn’t very big out there. Finally Otis got interested but just a little to late.


Sometimes I get asked if I have a business card for my blogs. I am not sure why people would ask but okay, I know of a site where I can get a logo design very easily. is the easiest site I have found to create business cards. There are only five steps to the process.
Step one is selecting what kind of image you would like, do you want a High-Tech, Bold or Flair, each one of these has there own unique symbols. I chose the Bold image because I felt, I would like my image to stand out, plus for this page I felt bold would looked the best.
Step two and three are selecting what kind of business there are 30 different career options, the career I picked was animal & nature. I did this because I have been writing a lot about my cat, and I didn’t see many transportation ones I liked enough to pick over a cute cat. I decided to make the cat bigger because Otis is a large cat.
Step 4 is picking what your card should be called, and the font style you would like. This is one of the harder steps there are many options so finding the right font takes a little time to do.
Step 5 is creating the Lay out you would like. This will allow you to choice what colors you would like your image and your font to be. This is another step which may take a while if you’re not sure which colors you would like to use for your logo and words. I chose 2 different types of blue because I felt it would work well with my page and it’s one of my favorites color. I decided I would enlarge the cat as large as I could with out distorting the cat look, and then moved it to where it would be more in the middle of my words. I did this because I wanted the cat tail to look like it was going to hit end of “Me.” After I got the words and cat to the size I wanted them, I worked on the color. After the colors are picked then you move into the last step buying. There are 25 different designs to choose from, and each design is a little bit different.
It took me about 10 minutes to come up with a design I liked for my blog site. is very simple to use and it does not take much time to create a logo which would look great for any company.
The only problem I had which isn’t a problem is figuring out which one I liked the best of all the cards.

Can’t he leave my teddy bear alone

Otis is at it again. I have a chair in the living room with several teddy bears. I collect them, i have abotu a good dozen out here and about 100 or so in the office. Otis leaves the onces in the office alone for the most but the ones in the living room he gives them lots of attention.
My grandma gave me a big stuff loin, Otis likes him a lot. He sometimes tries to drag him and my big white bear with a heart on the floor. Sometimes he looks at me or my husband when he giving the bears a little to much attention, maybe I should put the bears on Orovo.
After he all done missing with my bears then he meows and runs around the house like someone put a quarter in him. This morning Otis he had to seat in front of my bears and meow at them, not sure why because they can’t hear him or play with him. It’s all him working. He has managed to take his clawing post and knock it down but that fairly simply with him, because he always knocking things down. He even manages to move his water dish into the middle of the walk way, so we have to watch where we are walking, or we might have a wet foot. I got Otis one of those big dog water dishes with the rubber on the bottom it not supposed to move but Otis has no probably moving it.


You know I miss Washington and Oregon state. I been living in Minnesota for now 12 years, and lived in Illinois for 2 years. The Midwest is so different then Washington, where the weather is more mild. I don’t ever recall having to deal with Tornadoes but have had to deal with a couple of them now. It’s funny, I joke with friends give me a Earth Quake I can handle that give me a serious thunderstorm I don’t like it. I can not sleep when it is storming out side nomrally.
Wow you aught to see how dark it is in Minneapolis, that’s a little worrisome listening to this guy on the news. Talking about it being circular over Minneapolis. Sounds like the storms moving to the North East so I should be good here. I guess maybe the weather needing a colon cleanse, because it being feisty lately. Growing up I don’t recall the news media ever breaking into local program for serious weather. Where I am at is 83 degrees and looks nice outside I can’t believe that there are serious storms just a few miles away. I am not to far from either St. Paul or Minneapolis.
Now my husband will say give me bad weather, he always seems calm in bad weather. I am probably not as calm when bad weather starts coming. I do know if a tornado comes our way what needs to be done. Either get into one of the bathrooms or get down to the basement and stay there. for a while. I know to avoid glass areas or outer walls, this is simple. Some of it is kind of similar to what needs to be done for a Earth quake but it’s still different. The nice thing about tornadoes it at least gives you a warning of some kind to get to a safe area. Earth quakes just happen and you just have to deal with it as it comes, personally I rather that then knowing it possible. What I don’t get is the warnings end but it seems like storms can suddenly decide to change it mind.

Oh no, not good

Ever have one of those days, when it starts out almost good. My husband and I on Saturday we go to church, both of us work with the children. My husband works with the preteen group, and I do children worship for the 3 to 7 year old. I enjoy doing this. We both normally have class in the afternoon. I have Hebrew he has advance study.
We came home for a little while, and decided later we go and get some grocery we needed and grab something to eat before bible study. I think my husband had one of those days he should have never got out of bed. We had a free coupon for a local restaurant, so we used that, Saturdays every other week is out date night but this Saturday wasn’t our date night. We got home, and we both noticed a lady. I thought she looked very worried or stressed, but really didn’t think much. My husband was parking and hit my van.
Oh no not good, well his car was the only one damaged. Well there is no need to report it, because fixing his back lights anyways needed to be done. Plus he my husband and lets face it, it’s not that important. The lady started walking toward my husband and I. My husband Spoke up because I started to work on getting our grocery on the balcony. My husband asked her if everything was okay. She said No.
I am trained in both First aid and CPR, so I have to respond to emergencies if no one there who can. My husband asked her what happened, she told us someone fall off the balcony on the 2nd floor. Oh No, Not good this is worst then him hitting my van. Maybe my husband need computer memory for his car so it stops when he going to hit someone.
She had told me the guys wife was trying to move him. Right away I said, I gotta go they can’t move him, I am trained in First aid anyone over there trained. She said no, and that they where waiting for the ambulance. Okay in my building it may be at least a 10 minute away, but it was quicker then that. I ran back there, and one of the ladies at the party down stairs was holding his hand telling him he couldn’t move, his wife was on standing on the side. They spoke limited English, and his wife was the one moving him. I decided to leave the woman stay with him holding his hand because she was having a calming effect. I stayed there till the Police got there. He had landed feet first.
Now I do wonder how in the world he managed that one but honest I have to say when they said he fall off the balcony from the 2nd floor I was worried about what I would be walking into. Normally when people fall from a higher height it can be very bad. I was a little worried things wouldn’t be this good. I told them, this is good because he hadn’t lost conscientiousness, and hadn’t hit his head. His worst injury seemed to be maybe he ankle was broken. I hope that he heals quickly and I am glad that the people at the party knew what to do even with out training.

Unorganized postman

You wanna know why sometimes dogs bite the postman. I think I understand why they don’t like postmen, well it because they just aren’t organized. Normally we do not have problems here and our postal worker is good at their job. I honestly have to say I am annoyed with them. Our apartment building for some reason had 2 different postman working today.
Today I got a noticed in my mail box saying there a package down in the office. The mail person was here at a little after 10am, I noticed this because he came while I was eating my breakfast. I decided to go and check the mail and there was a package slip in my box. Why did they not knock on my door, I was home all day and would have gladly open it. Well I decided I go down to management at around noon, I figured a little over a hour would be long enough to have a package there. No packaged, now we was expecting one. Management told me no postal worker was in yet.
Management told me there a new person today so I told them I come back in a couple hours, came back close to 2pm. Still the package was not there, so I told them I would come back later in the afternoon. I went back down at around 420, still no package and they told me the mail man was already there. Now I am worried.
I called my husband and let him know, his package hadn’t came and he needed to call the post office. My husband told the lady what I told him. I think the woman there had her exterior shutters closed, because she told my husband that the mailman didn’t come until the afternoon. Well I know for a fact what time they came because I never sleep until 1pm in the afternoon. She pretty much told my husband we where stupid and that she would call back when the mail person got back to the post office. My husband tried to defend me but she wanted nothing to do with that. I asked if he asked to speak to a supervisor and he said she was it. So know we are unhappy with the service provide and can’t really go to anyone and talk about the problem we are having with them. I will watch the mail and if problems get worst I will report it to someone else if I gotta become a pain I will.
They don’t know what their mail people are doing, I don’t care if he wasn’t supposed to be here till the afternoon. He came in the morning a little after 10am, I think I would know more of that then they would because I was home watching the cars go through the parking lot since I have nothing better to do. I really hope that this isn’t going to start being like my old apartment building. I really don’t wanna have to add the expenses of a postal box to my bills.
About 10 minutes later the Postal worker from the Post Office called him back and told us that all packages where just lift at the office at 430, I told my husband I would run over and see if it was there. So the slips in my box a little after 10 am and doesn’t show up to the office until after 430, whats wrong with that picture. I know it wouldn’t take the post man that long to do 2 buildings.

Man it’s loud

This morning they decided they had to start working on our play ground next to the building. They dumbed a bunch of sawdust. We have one play ground area in our apartment complex it seems as if it for younger children below the age of 11. I don’t even think there is a swing sets there, that was one of my favorite thing as a kid growing up.
The sawdust smells like pine or something similar to it. I am pretty sure it went into the play ground because of where they dumped it. There is sawdust around most of the plants to but they dumbed it right next to the play ground. I would prefer sand being used, I remember as a kid getting slivers from sawdust.
During the evening there are usually kids playing out there. I hardly see any of the older kids playing out there normally they are riding around parking lot.

Time for some fresh air

Something just bit me in my leg. I was sitting out with my cat, he all dirty now and needs a bath because I didn’t sweep the balcony which I probably should have done before letting him come outside to lounge for a few minutes. I think it’s good for him to get some fresh air also and I will let him as long as I can keep him safe.
The birds where talking out in the tree at him, none of them where gutsy enough to come onto the balcony with him on it. I am glad because I don’t want to have to stop him from what comes naturally to him. He is a cat and is very interested in birds, but he didn’t even try to get them in the tree which is good. Otis is well feed so he probably not worried about where his next meal comes from, because he knows he got plenty here. I was sitting on the balcony with him, figure it be good for me to get some fresh air.
I was sitting with my legs stretched out and watching the birds talking in the tree. I should have brought my camera outside. I did put it next to my lap top this way I can catch a couple of them, and maybe put them up on line. We have about 3 birds who seem interested in my balcony wonder if it because of the flowers I have, that haven’t even begin growing well. Who knows why they are attracted to my balcony maybe the last owner had a feeder up. I need to probably move something outside to sit on if instead of on the balcony. My legs stinging not sure what bit me but probably going to have to keep a eye on it. I can rule out bees those buggers normally you here. I wonder what would happen if I got ahammock chair for my balcony. Maybe it would keep me from being bit I bet it was a spider since I did disturb web. If it’s a spider bite it stop itching soon once I find some bug bite stuff around here. I love Spring, everything is coming a live but then you gotta worry about lovely little bugs who think that it needs to eat you.

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