Back to work

Today I went back to work, I am glad I was able to return but needed to go 15 minutes early. My knee, hip and upper arm started hurting. I guess my upper left arm muscle got bruised pretty badly. I took some Advil after I was there for a couple of hours, I started hurting. By the middle of my day the young lady I worked with asked me if I wanted the chair to rest my let on, I was glad to take it. I have a weight restriction so no lifting. I figured things that weighed a couple pounds I would be safe with. Now the Boxes or completed envelops I had someone help me with I knew those wouldn’t be wise. I am hoping I will be good for Monday so I can be independent.
Today everyone who knew I fall came up to me to make sure I was okay. That was very nice of them, I was fairly quiet all day because I was kind of not feeling social. I was thinking about my husband mom, I love her like my own mom. She had spots on her lungs and pancreas, I already knew what the diagnoses would be but I was hoping it wouldn’t be.
Today at work went well I will return tomorrow and try to stay there most of my shift if not the whole thing. When I picked my husband his car is broken, I wonder if Phentermine will help his car, it needs some spunking up. I had to meet my husband at the Mall near use and pick him up from the buss stop, no big deal.
My husband got into the van, and started telling me about his conversation with mom. I get frustrated with people who are trying to share bad news but they don’t get to the point it like lets drag this out. I know my husband wasn’t doing that. He told me that both places it was cancer, the cancer is the type which roams. I believe we have good support system between church and our few friends, right now we will probably need our support system.
Right now we are both in the trying to process it. Trying to figure out what this means, we know what it means, but I can’t think of a other way to explain it.

Can I just hide

This week has been very hard. Started off Sunday with getting a call from my husband dad dad saying mom was in the Hospital. They took her to their local clinic, emergency room and then she was transfered to Rochester. Mom was coughing up a lot of phlem she has Pneumonias, they thought it was that getting worst.
There hospital sent them to Rochester because a spot in her lung had seemed to grow, now we are worried, because things like that aught to not grow.
Monday went okay I guess, nothing real major happened other then waiting for the doctors and they still didn’t know what was happening. Yesterday I should have stayed home and hide. I work in a warehouse kind of mass mail place. I managed to step on some cardboard which slipped and then I tripped I landed on my Knee and jarred my hip. Ouch that hurt, bad enough to keep me down. I didn’t even realized my arm was totally bruised on the top it didn’t hurt until today. I guess that what I get a delayed response. I had to go to the Doctor make sure it wasn’t seriously damaged. We all know wait to long when injured at work you might not get help covering it. My supervisor was worried about my arm a lot more then I was, I didn’t worry, I figured no pain then I am okay.
Yesterday we got a update on mom telling us the spot in her lung had grown, they hadn’t known about the other things. I guess they did a full body scan on mom so know they know. Today my husband was informed that they found spots in the Pancrous. Now we know this is bad because spots in more then one place is not a good thing.
Tomorrow they will be doing a boispy of her lung. I am so stressed out by everything. Yesterday I was surprised when the Doctor told me my blood pressure was a healthy normal and was the lowest reading in 3 years. That is a good thing I guess, maybe my dietary changes have actually done me a lot of good and maybe not taking my asthma meds how I should has help. I know one of my meds causes that trouble, not a good side effect. I got home last night, and decided I would rest.
Today I woke up and i was so stiff that I couldn’t walk, it hurt to walk, or sit or just about anything. I decided to take the day off, workman comp will not pay for it but I rather take the day off today. I don’t need the rest of the week and honestly I am surprised I didn’t just go in today.
I did not have anything broken when is a good thing, not something my husband and I could handle right now.

Should I be furious

I am a little annoyed to be polite, and really don’t know what to do. I have talked about my temp job a few times and the temp company but not naming it. In away I hope they figure out this is my blog so they can fire me if they like, and feel like giving them a reason to fire me. I am very temped to just tell them to take their temp assignments and shove it.
The other day I was called about a different job and seemed like it was promised to me. I was happy because I felt I was a good fit, and they told me I was too. The next day another person calls me telling me they decided to place someone else in the position and not me. I was like oh, okay. I couldn’t help but feel frustrated because the night before I was thanked for how good of a job I been doing at a company that I am not fond of. I have continue the assignment even through I am not comfortable there and I have said nothing.
I am starting to think I might need to say some about why I am not comfortable but I am not sure I should. I don’t want them thinking I am making up something when I am not. They already know I don’t like it but yet they haven’t asked me why.
I am so tired of being yelled at there and having things said to me I would rather not hear. Like, gee it smells like a marker and then hearing that oh I farted. I said gee thanks for sharing and lift it at that. Then he said something like you should see my underwear. Comments are made like this often there, and I try to ignore it because honestly I need the income more then comfort. I am just at my I have had it with everything and being treated like a second rate citizen by my temp company. I am hoping my interview I have soon goes well because if it don’t I think I might do something premature and put my self with out a job.
How can they praise you one minute and then tell you in not so many words your personality is defective. Well if they could tell me what’s wrong with my personality maybe I could fix it, but they never give anything solid, so how can I change what is offensive to them. Maybe there nothing wrong with my personality.

Bad Kitty!

Just great, well I guess venting here is better then venting on the cat. Otis, has really been testing my patients the last couple of weeks. I have never had trouble with him my biggest trouble was Otis having a lot of hairballs and sometimes choking on them and me having to stick my figure down his throat and get it out for him. No big deal more scary then anything. I have had to deal with him getting sneeze attacks which looks like he not breathing good something he does that, it because he has allergies. Not to worry as long as I don’t expose him to anything
Otis was trained not to claw on things he aught not like the couch and the bed or the rug. He normally a good kitty. I got married 2 years ago in August and Otis was well starting to be difficult. Nothing real bad so I just figure he was trying his limits. Why not, now I have two owners, and I gotta see where my new pa will be. Is he going to let me get away with murder or will I get told No, or get down. Just the typical cat testing thing.
Last week I found some runny poop in my closet I figure okay cat got something and got sick. So I didn’t punish him, I was worried more then anything. We changed his cat litter, I used to change it ever 3 to 6 weeks before I got married now we are about ever 6 weeks. So maybe I shouldn’t feel annoyed. I had a pail of clothes in the closet where he had his accident and then a pail on the side wall that was dirty that I was able to wash the last time I did laundry. So I started going through the clothes so I could wash them, and get some clean close. Tomorrow we have a church picnic, so I won’t be able to do it tomorrow, so I figured today after church would be okay.
All the sudden I smelled some very bad stuff and poop fall onto my foot. I am not talking the runny of sorry I just couldn’t help myself, I am talking the solid stuff. Stuff he could have put into his cat litter very easily. Well, I reacted. At first I wasn’t going to do anything but then it was like. If I don’t take him over, and show him tell him No, Bad will he be there the next time he gets mad at me or my husband. Now I don’t believe rubbing his nose would have been right so I did not do that, I figure showing him is all that is needed. If he was a kid I think I would make him clean it up.
I just don’t get why Otis is being so difficult. He has woke me up through out the night and not because I was breathing bad, but because he felt like running away and playing. Okay I can handle that a couple of times but not every night. This morning he was wanting my attention fine, I can give attention that is easy enough. I like cuddling with him. I don’t mind he sometimes thinks my hair is a toy. Shoot I don’t mind he wanted his little rat with him next to me. I don’t mind he wants to clean it till it needs help or replacing. But I do mind being woke up several times a night, and I do mind finding poop in my stuff expecially since he never behaved like this before. I just don’t get it.
I love my cat and sometimes I do tend to spoil him and give him a lot of leeway but maybe I been giving him way to much and he saw it as a weakness. Maybe it’s his way of showing he’s not happy that he know has to share attention with me, but why almost 2 years of marriage would he seem to be getting worst. I have had him for over 10 years and never once until recently has he went potty where he out not to.
Otis is a good cat but right now he just testing limits, like a kid. Looks like I will have to do a good cleaning of the bedroom, so that I can find any other places he decided it be good idea.
Wouldn’t it be great if places would let you take your pets on vacation, grant it right now I want to leave Otis at home.

I need ear plugs

Today I worked, I really wished I didn’t go in. They sat us today by a couple of machines which are very loud. Loud enough to make me have a headache after sitting there for about 2 hours. I stayed there as long as I could, and finally had to go home because I just couldn’t handle the noise anymore. I am surprised they don’t provide us with ear plugs there when we are working there. I am close to 2 of the 3 machines, and they are all very load, by the end of the day I could not hear anything anyone was saying, I was trying to read lips, and trust me I can’t do read lips.
They moved us back where we normally seat at by end of the day, but by the time we moved, my head hurt and my hears were plugged or something. I have good hearing or maybe I should say had good hearing. When I got home I just wanted quite, and I wanted something to snack on and to just rest.
My car radio was one but it sounded very loud so I turned it off, then got home and the tv was frozen on the same picture so I just lift it there, and for a while. My ears feel better now, probably going to need to get some wipes to clean my ear from all the wax I build up from working at this place. I am sure this week will probably be the end of the assignment for know.

Go Figure

I was listening to the news this afternoon. I sometimes do this during the week when I work early in the morning and get home early, this way I don’t have to wait for the weather at night. They had a story on about a elderly couple who had their house broken into. This couple is pretty much the same age as my husband parents, and the criminal decided he had the right to beat them pretty badly. They are both in the hospital if I got the details right the wife is in better condition then her husband, but I think I may be reversing it.
The Wife went and got their son, son came home with a gun. Okay, hey your family under attack and you need to help them you will do what you have to do. He lived next door to his parents, thank the L-rd. He went to shoot the man who had broken into his parents house. The first time he missed and the second time he shoot the man in the leg, the robber is lucky the guy didn’t decide he was shooting to kill, because I think some of us might shoot to kill and not aim for the leg. Then again maybe the son wasn’t exactly a good shoot since he missed the guy the first time.
Listening to the news, I was happy this son was able to help protect his parents. I know they lived in a small town and I hate to say this but some small towns law officials take forever to get there and maybe by the time they got there his parents wouldn’t still be with him.
Well now, they are going to decide if this guy should have criminal charges, I can’t help but wonder why, charge someone for shooting someone who was more unlikely trying to kill your parents. Go figure, this makes no sense to me, I just can’t wrap my brain around someone being charge for defending his family. I can understand if the robber wasn’t inside the house but he was inside the house and harming the parents. So this being said, you have to take care of your family.
I honestly hope they don’t try to press charges on the son, what does that show us. If you have a problem let them kill ya, so they are the ones who go to jail.
Lately on the news there just so many reports of ill wills of people. This morning the DJ on the radio station I listen to, were having callers call in this morning with good news. I am glad they did that because sometimes it nice to hear when someone gets a Rolex President, or child who is disabled does something great that they haven’t accomplished before.

Otis is happy

Last night my husband and I had to go to Target and pick up cat litter along with a couple of things he needed. He wanted to go to the Super Target near us. Let me say I am shopping out for the rest of this month. I hope he don’t expect me to want to go to many places for shopping. Well the Super Target we went to had lost power. Well, because of that we got a 3 dollar off coupon, we still were a little annoyed, because it not exactly fun wanting to get a few things and not be able to.
My husband and I decided we go to the Target, we normally use. He got a few things in the front of the store and we needed cat litter so after he picked his scents he wanted we headed to the pet area. We got the cat litter my husband seems to love shopping. I happened to noticed on one of the end caps by the pet department some cat products, I stopped and looked and saw a deal I just couldn’t pass up. I been needing a new clawing post for Otis and wanted to get him a tree house, which I’ve mentioned in a earlier post. Well I found one, it’s a little under 3 feet tall, and has 2 little hiding places for him to hide grant it it thin felty type material, but it’s still good. I got it for 25.99 before the 3 dollars off, so it was only 23.99 so it was well worth it. Normally I don’t do a whole lot of impulse buying but sometimes you can’t just pass it up.
Otis now has a new hiding place and is happy with it. He actually been using that today to claw on then my furniture, he shouldn’t be using. Otis is not a very small cat but this seems to work well for him, he can’t seat up in the tiny tube on the bottom but he can pretty much seat up in the top and curl up and sleep in there, which he been doing.
I am so glad I found this at Target and I guess the inconvience of the Super Target being closed was maybe a blessing in disguise.

Conversations with the same theme

Last night I had a conversation with a online friend. She has 2 kids both who are special, she has been through a very rough time lately. My heart goes out to her because she is faced with so much being a single mom. She not working right now because she feels she needs to be with her children, which I think is great. Someone had the nerve to tell her she was lazy and aught to get a job. Okay we all know money is tight but I don’t even want to begin thinking what it be like for her. She has been looking for a part time job, which is good for her as long as she wants to do it.
Okay being a parent isn’t a lazy job, moms and dads who stay at home with their children are very busy and work very hard. I was a nanny for a while and worked in daycares and I will just put it this way, being a parent is not a paid job but if it was no one would be able to pay what they are worth. Lets see in a mother day she is probably doing a couple loads of laundry, cooking at least 3 meals a day not to mention making snacks. Teacher her children things like maybe their ABCs, counting and reading. The mom is probably working with the children to learn manners, and they are probably cleaning up after their child depending on the age. I can understand the person making their comments if my friend kids where already in school all day, but even then I wouldn’t think she was lazy.
Today on the radio station they read a email someone sent about her sister who lives at home. She also living at home to help take care of her dad who has cancer. Her sister isn’t helping out at all and pretty much leeching off of her parents, doesn’t help around the house neither. Okay now that being lazy, but know at the same time I wonder if this is the person way to deal with her father having cancer.
I lost my dad when I was 17 from cancer, it hard to deal with watching a parent go through that. I would say this sister messed up by emailing the radio station, and should have talked to her sister. If this family does not have any support system they need to get one. It sounds like her sister may be depressed or seriously struggling with everything and some people will aviod things, in the hopes it goes away. Yes the house work don’t go away, and the frustration and pain of your parent have cancer is hard to deal with. There are 5 stages that terminal patients go through, and I think the family also goes throw those stages. If this sister wasn’t lazy before finding out that her dad was sick, then maybe her sister should try being understanding and supportive, but at the same time don’t let her take advantage of the family.
Dealing with illness in the family is hard enough, and if her sister was listening this morning it probably would have made her feel even worst, and it already sounded in the email that this sister was closing off and locking herself in her bedroom. Well, locking herself away for a couple days would make me very concern about her mental health, and I would probably encourage her to go to some counsellings. Counselling can help, it allow the person to talk out their problems, I know it helped me to have someone other then my Grandma to go to about my dad illness.
Problems need to be dealt with, like if you have a bad case of acne then you want the best acne treatment. The problem this family has can’t be ignored it needs to be faced.

I’ll take it

Today at work it was fairly slow. One of their machines broke down which was needed for the mail I stuff. There are 2 of us there right now. I won’t be there very much longer, it’s the nature of being a temp. We had to seal the rest of them today. Good thing our supervisor had something for us to do.
I guess they printed everything out with out a bar code and then went and stuff them. We had to open each envelop and take out the paper. Not to hard to do but boy did it take a long time to do it.
When we was done with that it was a little before 1pm and the girl said there was nothing else to do, and lift. Our supervisor had it and told her I could have it. Heck I will take it right now I need as many hours as I can get just in case I am not there next week. It looked like a lot but it only kept me busy for just over a hour. Well at least I got most of a day of work in today.
This job I am working right now is going to cause muscle growth, which isn’t a bad thing. I do a lot of lifting and standing and repeative motion.

Don’t drive while tired

I did not sleep well last night, I tried but just couldn’t seem to get into a good sleep. I woke up just as tired, as when I went to bed last night. Otis over night got sick a couple of times, poor kitty. I still haven’t been able to figure out, why he has to puke in two places and not just one. Last night he decided he had to do it in my pail of dirty clothes. Just great, I cleaned up his miss and then try to get back to sleep.
It took me forever to finally fall asleep last night so the last thing I need was kitty waking me up to clean up his mess oh well I love him.
I should probably speak to management about batteries being lift in our parking lot. I almost hit one this morning, good thing I saw it . This morning on my way to work was interesting. When I started out my drive to work, I almost jump the stupid curb. Instead of reverse I had it in drive, gee maybe no one will miss the tree. Just kidding I didn’t hit anything but the curb.
It is light out at 630 in the morning but sometimes it good to have maxim lighting.
I finally got to the road for my work, and instead of hitting the break, you guessed it I hit the stupid gas peddle, boy my brain was very confused today at least it functioned at work and things there went better then my drive in. Good thing no one tried to cut me off or something stupid.

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