I need two of me

I wish I had two of me, I seriously could use another me. Today my husband and I were talking, and I kind of didn’t get everything done in school. My school sites been having issues, well on Monday night I am supposed to go to a service with Hubby, well if I don’t want to go I don’t have to. I told my husband I have to get all my home work done before Monday night because if I go to service Monday night then Tuesday morning, I won’t have time to finish up the lose ends.
We had to stop at one of the stores, and hubby wanted me to make chilli the way I make it with final exams and having to write one paper and a part of a learning team paper and help with the Powerpont presentation I just felt that would be to much on my plate. I love cooking but the prep sometimes just takes to much time and if I am going to do it I don’t want to feel rushed. I first told him it would cost us more money then we had to spend, which it would have, then I told him Plus I have a lot of homework and that just to much pressure on me. He didn’t get it, and expected me to explan it for him. How many times do I have to tell him when I am at the last night of class and I have a final Exam I don’t havea lot of time. It amazing how men will think okay I can seat in my room play on the computer or what ever, and my wife can do everything else. I know he don’t think that but sometimes it feels like it expecailly when I am feeling pressured because I didn’t get everything done and I forgot what this week was coming up.
It took me just a little over 2 hours to complete my paper, but by the time I got it done I realized oh he didn’t come out… He told me he would help me with time management so I could get everything done by helping, tonight would have been a great night to cook dinner for me, it would have helped me a lot expecailly getting us feed before 9pm.
I made him bean and chips me I had a Yogurt because I have to watch my weight, and didn’t want anything heavey. At least I have no dishes in the kitchen sinks that’s a plus. Tomorrow I will be able to complete my other 2 things.

Finally I can go swimming

Last night was the first time in a long time I been able to go swimming. On Monday and Friday Am they add more water into the pool so those are never days we want to go. Yesterday I waited until my husband came home so we could go together. We both need to drop a few pounds and I know I have put on some weight since I broke my ankle. Not a lot but enough for me to need to work out.
Grant it if I wanted to right now I could go and work out all day, I would diffently lose a lot of weight but that wouldn’t be the healthest way to go. My doctor told me not to start up where I lift off, grant it I was very active before and yet I am still putting on weight but since I got married I been less active. I think I need to stop worrying about does hubby want to join and just go by myself if he don’t want to, this way I can lose my wieght and not let him hold me back. I am sure I won’t need diet pills, if I exercise and eat right.
To bad I don’t have a dog, they make great walking compainions and you know you have to take them out wanting to or not or you’ll be sorry and have a mess to clean up. I think my husband needs some encouragement to drop to a health weight but he sensitive about it so I have to be careful how I approach things with him. Anything I say can be missunderstood, so sometimes it less of a headache to invite him to come with me. This way it encourages him with out making him feel bad. I am still wearing my brace part time, or when I am out of the house I am allowed to walk around with out it but not to much. At least until November I think that will be 2 months from the beginning of September. I hate being on restriction, but I know it’s probably for the best.

Come, Come here

Someone put a quarter in Otis over the last couple of days. He will come up, go to pet him and he runs as fast as he can into the next room, and then he mews. So I call him Come, and he mews some more and I say Come here Otis. He will run into the living room look right at me and mew. Come here, and then pat the chair so he comes sits by it or puts his 2 front paws on the chair. but don’t go to pet because he will be off to run and hide.
I try to watch his food dish sometimes he goes through it faster than his normal speed. Last night I caught it just about empty while he was eating, so I filled it up. Otis has been looking out the window a lot mewing I wonder if he trying to call his friend. It seems there another small squirrel who taken interest in the cat and the middle pot. Maybe I aught to put some nuts in the pot this way they have a reason to dig it up, but then they become to depedent on a human and that never a good thing in apartment building so I won’t do that. If I lived on my own land I think I would do that so they would leave alone my plants. I wonder if squirrels have territories if that why it was always the one squirrel that come over to visit me.
Speaking of pets I don’t know where Otis is, well I know he is somewhere around. I would love to get otis a playmate might help him but not sure if I want it to be another kitty or if I want it to be a pet rat or something like it. I wonder if orovo detox would be effective on female cats.

Time to clean

Lately everytime I load up the dishwasher and put in the detergent I start sneezing. I am not sure why I have always used Cascade and it what my mom used when I was little. I been using the lemon scented one. I like it because it just smells nice and clean.
My husband and I have 2 different vacuum cleaners. I told him use one in the bedroom where the cat litter gets dragged out, and one for the living and dining room areas. What is amazing I never had a problem with cat litter all over my rugs, until I loved with hubby, maybe it because I used to sweep my floor at least once a day if not ever other day, it made life a little easier when it came to cat litter.
Otis I don’t know how he does it but it’s like he try to bring half of it out with him. Maybe my husband and I should look into a Sebo vacuumsfor the next one we get for the living room. My vacuum is very old, and it’s about time to replace it, I would also love to get my hands on a steam cleaner, the living room and dining area especially could use it.

Bail out

We all know the government had to bail out a couple of financial institutions recently. This is concerning, and I am not sure President Bush gave us enough information, what I really wanted to hear from the President is what plans do we have to prevent having to bail them out again. I understand they feel that if these companies colapse this will cause an economic collaspe and I don’t doubt that. What worries me is why weren’t these companies more controlled, watch out for more. Why would they think it’s okay to loan money on other loans they have yet to recieve all the funds expecailly when the unemployment rate as increase over the years.

The other thing which is concerning is why were people allowed to take out loans which they didn’t make enough money to pay.  Shortly after the government bailed out a couple companies another bank went bully up, that one was Washington mutual if I understand correctly. I am glad thier is insurance on bank accounts and to be honest I would almost like to talk to my bank and find out, how this affects them. I know what little money I have in my accounts are safe and I am not going to get to worried about it. 

One thing which I was a little disappointed in our 2 canidates is that McCain stayed back to work on the budget or what ever it was, he didn’t want to do the debate until after their was a solution to the problem but Obama didn’t want to do this. Okay Democrats and Republicans better start working on finding solutions to our problems and get their head out of their backside. They need to work together and find a solution, they need to decide what is the best way to prevent this from happening again. Will their need to be stricter acconting rules and regulations for banks. I think their should be a stricter rules for them because they are holding our money, and them collapsing can seriously hurt us. It will not be the rich people who get the backlash, it will be those of us hard workers who are bearly making it as it is, this probably means our taxes will be raised. To be honest I don’t want the taxes to be raised but it a evil which probably going to happen becuase out politians don’t know how to handle money wise so it will be us tax payers who get the brunt of it.

I am hoping my student loans don’t get affected by this, I only have about 10 to 16 months to go, still waiting on my transfer credits could be a lot longer. Might be less because it seems like when I took time off I had 11 classes to do, I know I lost 1 class so that would give me 12 classes. I am almost to the home plate and I am hoping I can make it.
I wonder how many people, who had Lasik done, have loans out. The thing is we weren’t really explained the way this actually affects us or the solutions the government is working on. Maybe they just haven’t figured it out yet.

Spam Spam and more Spam

Not talking about the food spam, talking about those lovely emails which can fill up your inbox, or spam folder. The emails you wish they would stop sending you. Problem with spam folders is that sometimes if you do not have someone in your address book they will be sent to spam, than you have to go and look for them. Yesterday I had cleaned out about 125 emails from my spam folder, most of them are about sex, losing weight, getting out of debt, and probably the home grown scams.
I have one of my email account set up to were if your not on my list, you’ll go straight through to my spam folder, because I have had that email account since I been on line. It is also the email I like to sign up for things. I have one email for friends and family, my employment emails go to the oldest email that I have.
Today I was going through the junk, hoping to find a response for my resume which I been sending out to many different employers. I got a email for diet pills, their head line was ” Are you fat”. Well yeah a little bit but I am not going to try something because it’s emailed to me, if I want to try diet pills I will do some researching and find the best one.
The emails my husband and I find annoying are the one of “enlarge” your private parts, they are always sent to the oposite sex, never the right person. What am I supposed to slip a mickey to my husband, or is he supposed to slip one to me to make me larger. Gosh I would kill him if he tried that one!
The next one, I wonder what they are up to you’ve just one a large sum of money, okay we all know they just trying to get us to buy stuff or get our information to use it for identity theft.

Trust has to be earned

I have always believed that trust has to be earned. I have learned when I won’t hold to the “trust has to be earned” I get burned. My husband mom recently passed away and I have shared about it. Dad decided he would stay with a neighbor. I honestly had some unsettled feelings about it, but because dad wanted to I decided to try not to worry to much for dad.
Tonight we got a call about the woman he is living with from my husband sister there were concerns. So my husband called one our family members who lives right near, and found out. We have been a little annoyed because when we call dad there we never get an answer. We found out that the girl dad living with and him got into an arguement, and the girl family had pretty much fill the entire garage thing with their stuff and we are talking one of those extra large dumbster. They had their arguement because she didn’t want to let dad have his van on Sunday. On Sunday is his little newphew birthday, the baby grandchild. Well, our neighbor who apart of the family asked who owns the van title.
It seems this woman needs to stop taking advantage of dad… Even on the newspaper route she not helping enough which isn’t right.
They have taken almost all the funiture from the bottom floor of the house. Maybe they aught to look into some futures trading or something. I guess we will just have to pray nothing happens to dad, but it also at the same time seems like he on a self distruct mission.

Bye Squirrel

I can’t believe how some people just have no respect for life. Our little friendly squirrel was killed. I am not sure who did it, but I feel a little annoyed. He never both anyone but my plants and my cat, he used to talk to Otis. It was strange watching Otis reaction to it, I am pretty sure he was picking up on something not being right outside. Otis and him used to talk well, maybe more like I am going to eat you, and You just try it kitty because your owner won’t let you! 

He was a little trouble maker but not in anyways that would hurt anyone, and shoot plants and potted dirt well they are just there, the squirrel likes the roots of one of my plants, I figured it out today when a couple of them where up in my middle pot.  I got a couple of pictures on my cellphone I love watching wild life, and I don’t mind squirrels, I figure they are there for our amusement.

I got home yesterday form yet another interview and wasn’t feeling great about all the testing I had to take and seeing him gone just made me sad for him. He is mostly brown, even his tail is brown. I know the ones who where here today wheren’t the little guy who plays with Otis. Because 2 of them were smaller and the other one was very gray.  To bad I didn’t have any moving pods so I could move him out of the view of everyone and back into the bushes.

I will probably have a lot of wild life visiters, and I don’t even feed them at least not intentionally. I didn’t put nothing nice in that pot, at least I didn’t think I did. Next year I will have to be carefuller of what types of plants I grew out there. So I guess this is good bye to the little squirrel who used to love sitting up in the tree and talk to Otis. Guess we won’t have him to life at anymore when he tries to find his way into the apartment and falls of the balcony because he don’t realize he can’t walk on the patio window thingy.

dealing with the issues

I had election years. What I find to be amazing is a lot of mud slinging why can’t they just focus on the issues. Like lowering gas prices, medical health insurance issues, or the job market. There are many other issues. I will give MCcian and Phelan the thumbs up because they have done pretty good at this at least with them I know where they stand as far as the gas issue. We need to stop depending on foreign gas, expecially with all the unsettledness of the middle east. Our gas prices have been very high and yes I understand other countries are paying through their noses for it too.
I know the Mccain people would like to start drilling here, you know I don’t have a problem with it. All I have to say if you going to drill over here do it carefully and be mindfull of the wildlife. Hopefully there are some new technology that can make the area quieter and less of a area of requirement. I am not saying hey lets tear down the entire woodland area, I am saying do as little damage as possible.
Lets see the other guy Obama, seems to just well not deal with any issues and is happy to aviod everything. He’s group is also the one doing the most mud throwing so what I say is grow up poloticans and deal with the real thing. Don’t tell one set of people what you think they like to hear then another set of people something totally different because that what they would like to hear.
With Obama I worry about our Jewish bother and sister and even the Christains to some degree. He is know to have practiced the muslim faith and isn’t his dad a part of some overly religious group who’d liek to wipe us of the map. I don’t care he is black shoot I would vote him, if he wasn’t who he is… I am not saying I like MCcan any better because I honestly worry about him to, but less. I think Obama will probably bring a war here to the states, and Mccain might also but I think Mccain might try to take our people out of their in a more wiser manner.
We know that globalization has done some good but it has done some bad. Shoot look at the job market here part of it is globalization taking away job. Now you can get a
carports made somewhere for cheaper so that what happens. But globalization has also helped by creating jobs or allowing companies to work find better deals. I don’t think companies should get a huge break on thier taxes because of being global. I think we need to start giving those breaks to people who keep their employees here in the states.

To short

I had a interview on Friday morning and another one set up. I thought I lift enough time in between the 2 interviews. I guess I didn’t have enough time between them. It turns out I liked the first place I interviewed with but it wouldn’t work out because of how recently I broke my ankle. This could cause me a lot of problems, so it was decided that it right now wasn’t a good fit. Eventhough I was well liked by the interviewers.
Here’s what getting my husband and I, many who I have interviewed with have seen the administrative expereince I have and told me I should do, because I would be good at it. My husband said it surprising how people who interview you, understand this better then your temp company. Everytime I bring it up it’s always higher management excutive admin positions they have avialable. They want 5 years of expereince, well I got a good 3 to maybe a little over 4 years expereince depending how you count my call center expereince. I am so tired of working for temp companies and being treated disposable.
I have recieved a couple of emails in response to my posted resume on line, but most of those are commission jobs or car insurance or some other thing that I would have to get a certificate and spend money I don’t have. Now I know I am not a sales person I have tried and and trust me things do not sale themselves like some companies claim they do. I know sales wouldn’t be a good fit for me, but something where I am working with people and helping people would be great. This is why I was so happy with the temp company job being a receptionist. Well I guess it their lost maybe that how I should look at it. Not my lost, their lost becuase I am a good worker, and I will try my best to do the right thing.
My husband and I talked this weekend about a conversation he had with rabbi. He asked me a question of, if you where on a mountian and had a business thing you need to get to the top for. While going up the mountain, you saw someone who had fallen and needed help or they’d die. I said I would stop and help the person, I wouldn’t worry about getting to the top at that time becuase that person is maybe more important. Ethically this is the right answer but business wise companies would rather you just walk over everyone and leave that person their to die. Well I couldn’t be able to do that to someone, it against everything I am. I told my husband maybe I should start acting how other people act, but we all know I wouldn’t get away with it. It’s amazing how lazy workers can get away with being lazy but you get a worker like me and we get lazy suddenly it a sin.

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