midnight play time

Otis last night was funny. I wasn’t able to sleep, and figured if I kept reading my book it be over before I had a chance to get another book. Library books don’t work for me because I only have them for 2 weeks and for some reason the pressure of a time line cause me trouble.
Otis was a weak and doing his little play with me routine. So I took some time and played. Cats are so funny. I wonder why they like attacking string, or anything that moving. Maybe it the hunter in him. Otis last night did something he normally don’t do when we are playing. His little perch has a bottom tube, when we got it I wasn’t sure he fit through the thing because he a big kitty, and I think he actually put some weight on him in the last couple of week. He’s not fat but I will have to watch it. Otis was hidding in there and watching the string I had and then he come running out barely miss it run and hid behind the big bucket seat we have and attack again.
After he got bored he came to me just purring and as happy as could be. He let me sleep last night, so maybe I wore him out. This morning he woke me up with the meow of oh I gotta a hair ball. I had to jump over the coach to get to him in time for him not to puke in my hubby shoes. *laughing* Hubby lucky I wasn’t annoyed or mad at him because I might have just let otis and said Hubby can deal with clean it up because I don’t feel like moving.
Morning in the winter is very hard to get up, I wish I had a espresso machines, I love espressos but they are just so expensive.

Wanna come

Last night I told my hubby we needed a couple of things. When he called back to ask if I wanted to join him to Target, or just go there. I told him I don’t care either way, because I just realized them buns I thought was good are actually bad so now I need you to pick up buns and cheese. Hey simple isn’t it, he waited a couple of seconds and said I better just come and get you. Okay fine no big deal not like I am doing very much and I could use getting out of the house.
Why is it that when he says he be here shortly by the time it take me to walk to the door, he not there eventhough I had to put on socks and shoes and change my pants, since they had a whole in them. Yep it been one of those days, got a whole in my bottom. I told him, by the time I got everything on that he’d be here. He must of got stop behind the buss because I got to the door and had to wait. I wonder if he make me wait that long for a Disney vacations, if he drag his feet to do it.
Okay everyone who knows me knows I hate shopping with a passion I will do it but I simply do not shopping. I don’t mind doing it for things which are needed but I get irriated very quickly with him. I am happy to say tonight I didn’t get irrated with him until he started talking politics. We where saying the same thing but I got annoyed with him, because I started to feel he was talking down to me and argueing with me.
We where able to get everything we need and I got more yogurt which I was needing anyways.

Almost done

I didn’t everything I wanted done in the apartment done today. I would have loved to finish vacuming the dining, hallway and the mopping of the kitchen floor. I did get all the dish finish and got the counter top nice and clean, but between school and house keeping I had to decide to do the rest of my kitchen tomorrow.
I will probably have to sweep the dining and hallway rug before I can vacuman because Otis has managed to spread his cat food all over the place. I will probably start putting away my summer shoes, because who wants to wear english saddles after it starts snowing. I figure before getting a job it be good to clean the house very well. I have my office lift to do but not sure if I want to try to tackle that one. It horrible, bunch of boxes and books which needs to be put away.
I am happy to see my house looking clean now I probably should start cleaning the kitchen and living room daily so it doesn’t need to be done so well.

Vista how many problems have I had

I have been using Window Vista on my desk top for a while now. It took me a while to decide if I loved or hated Vista. I have to say I am getting sick of that commercial with Mac and Vista. It’s the one where the maker of Vista is sticking piles of money on marketing and repairing problems and the mac says that they’d need more more to fix Vista so the guy puts it all on marketing or something.
Okay let me start by saying this Vista took me a bit to get used to it, but it works well. I have the Home business addition. Personally I like it a lot. It’s not that much different from XP other then it’s newer and there are a few changes. My laptop is still a XP and I can use files from either computer and put them on flash drive and still read it by which ever computer I am on.
There are times I wonder if Mac is part taking in False advertising against microsoft which I think is low and crudy of them. I am not saying that I dislike Mac computers they are good to, but shoot they don’t exactly price them where a everyday Joe can get to their products. This is why I stick with computers who use Microsoft because I can afford the product, and the computer that comes along.
It seems like there are many new brands coming up in the computer type industry. I wonder if KVM has computer, might be good to look at if they do. I know I love my Toshiba for laptops and I think I will get another if I ever find a job could use an upgrade I have had this thing since going back to school. I will say it looks and feels like vista has fixed a lot of problems, I don’t have as large of update downloads as I used to.

Poor kitty

My best friend has one of the sweetest cats I have met. His been sick since day one, and many of her other friends told her to put the cat down. He got kidney problems, and now he got problems with his stomach and he has cat asthma, so he always on steriods of some type. I feel bad for her because there are months she bring in her cat at least 2 if not 3 times.
On some levels I agree with her friends, but I also put another clause in it, which is if the cat is eating drinking and playing, then he okay. I don’t see the point of putting down a cat unless its in to much pain or stops playing and eating or drinking because it clear he not having a good life.
Lately my friend has been a little bit holier then thou coming across on messenger I know that not her intention, so I over look it. This week I got a little annoyed with her because on my birthday she was texting me about her cats problem and never once asking how I was doing. I not made at the no happy birthday no big deal but lately she been doing a lot of the tell me all her problems but never bother to ask how I am doing. I am not mad but it’s annoying sometimes.
To bad getting pet insurance isn’t as easy as finding good cheap auto insurance. What they need is a medical plan for her cat, and for their new baby kitty. I think the hardest thing for her will be when the time comes to do the right thing, I just hope she doesn’t leave him suffer when it time for him to be let go off. I know it sounds cruel but it’s not. I believe our pets should be given a lot of care and compassion and to let them live with horrible pain is wrong. Now Otis my cat if he ever so sick that it’s more pain for him I know it be hard for me to make that call but I have already decided if he ever got cancer I would probably end up needing to put him down. I would leave him live as comfortable as possible but when he got uncomfortable I would say that was enough.
My friend feels like a bad mommy to her cat, but honestly it nothing she done because he always been a sick cat and that not something she caused.

Visiting dad

Before my husband and I went down to see dad we had talked about some of hubby’s concerns for his dad. Over the last couple of years we noticed dad has some growth on his face to me they look like moles, moles aren’t necessarily bad unless they start changing cheaps or colors sometimes they are bad even with out changing.
I have had a mole on my side of my face for a long time since I was a early teen, it’s level with my eye but can be hid with my hair, I would love to get it removed but not sure if the scar is worth the not having it there. I told my husband I have had this for a while and if dad got what I have or similar he aught to be fine.
We talked to dad about getting it checked to make sure it nothing bad. Dad said he would next time he went to the doctor. We worry about him because of losing mom to cancer. I am not saying because mom had it he’ll have it in some other form. But because he smokes and does other things which aren’t healthy we worry he has increased his risk. Dad has a health plans through the company he retired from. I know the people he living with now are safer I just hope they are making sure he taking his meds, and that he is seeing his doctor when he aught to. I thinking for my husband and I cancer will always be our greatest fear for our loved ones.

One more week left

Economics is almost done for me. Tomorrow will start quite week which means get yourself ready for the presentation. I love classes with no final exams, to be honest finals stress me out, and I tend to not do very well on them. There will be a final presentation which I prefer because those are easier.
So far every week I gotten all possible points. This is good. I have to finish my assignment before midnight tonight it’s a similulation on prefect competition, monopoly and extra. I think I aught to be just fine with it. I did it yesterday and took a couple of notes and then I will do it again to day and write up my paper. I have learned a lot in this class but honestly eventhough it was a lot easier then I thought it be, I wouldn’t want to be a economist.
I still don’t know where I stand on my credits, and I should have known by now I am going to wait until after I complete this class and get my final grade and then call my academic advisor. Find out why I don’t know where I am standing with them, because if I am still on schedule, I will be graduating within 8 classes now, and should have started looking seriously at graduate schools.
Taking classes like these will just help me increase what job descriptions I will be able to fulfill. I am glad I am doing well in school, and that I have learned most of my assignments and done it with understanding of what needed accomplish in each week.
What I do with school work is try to break it up into how many days of the week I have. So most of the time I will read most of my stuff and give myself a day or 2 to complete my personal assignment this helps because it allows me to like today redo the simulation and maybe do better at it. I hate simulations I always seem to do the opposite of what they want me to do, at least this class I am not doing the opposite of what they want but I not giving them what they want exactly.

Being careful

I have been looking for a job for months, and I thought I finally found one until I talked to both the BBB and FTC. I decided to call them because the job I found wanted me to take money from their clients and pay their partners, this concerned me becuase I was unable to find any information on anyone.
When I did search for who owns this email I found no information. Hmm a little odd, I noticed it was to 5 different countries and that some of my question where not being answered. When I asked for an address and telephone number so I could check them out with the BBB, I was sent a email with a website. Well I got what appeared to be an address, but no telephone number and any more information I wanted I’d have to pay for it. Okay I didn’t call the FTC to report anything but to find out if any reports had been filed.
While talking to both companies they both said it a scam, but nothing been reported yet. I also found out from the BBB that for the most it’s illigal to send money to other foreign countries. I asked a few question and got more information. They told me not to take the job because probably what would happen is that I would cash the first check for a large amount of money and then be stuck footing the bill. Considering I haven’t gotten some of my question answered, I figuring there right because I would have information that I have asked for. I am starting to feel like I might never find a legitament job. I know Primerica has contacted me and wants me talents but I am wondering if I am even talented enough of a sales person to be able to educate and then sale their product to a customer. I haven’t never done well in selling things even if it something which sales itself. So I guess I wil have to figure out what to do now, because I can’t be unemployeed. I know I can call all of my temp companies. I am just looking for a part time job, which is flexible enough to not force me to work Friday night and Saturdays, but hey I will gladly work on Sunday.
When looking to start work with any work at home i suggest checking them out first with the BBB and FTC, because it keeps the consumer safe and well we need to be safe now days. I am glad I learned something form school.

Oh, No it’s gonna get me

You know those people who walk around with those blowers, they work great on leaves and fallen small branches. Otis why at his clawing post perch thing, they came walking by the building he got into a small little coarch type of stance and started walking toward me, with his ears back.
He wanted nothing to do with that loud noise but hey I can’t blame him niether because I don’t like it niether. Now I will have to go out and clean off my balcony.
Otis went and hid behind my coach after a couple minutes he did something I have not seen him do when he gets scared. I have my sewing machine between the coach and the wall in the living room, Otis went to the sewing machine and put his 2 front paws up and look from his little hidding place he made for him self and watched what they were doing.
Grant it when Otis is scared or alarmed I will tell him it’s okay, it can’t get you. Otis I wouldn’t call him a shy cat but I wouldn’t call him out going, I will say he improved a lot since I first got him. It used to be when something scared him he would hide in somewhere for the entire day. So this is a improvement for Otis considering he is back in here, sneefing my toes.

Otis has another hiding place

There are 3 places I do not want Otis to get behind, well maybe more places if we count into. Those places are, my husband computer area, behind the tv furniture the peice I recently got, and behind my computer disk area. I worry about him getting into trouble with all those electric cords so I am good at chasing him away from there.
Our new TV Stand is nothing like the old one where there was no space for Otis to be underneath it. Right now I have put some notebooks, and on of my school writting manuels and a phonebook and a box for my laptop fan. I decided to do this to try to discourage Otis from hiding underneath there. Otis is a strong cat and you’d think as big as he is he wouldn’t want to be under the TV Stand I guess Otis like the tight little places. He seems to have all his hiding places in tight corners of the house. One place is in my closet behind my wedding dress there is where if he steals stuff from us he will move it there or in his cat litter. He been hanging out in my clean clothes basket all day today. I should put them clean clothes away to discourage him from living in my basket and go back to his favorite chair at least I think it is since that’s where all his hair is. I can’t tell you how often I clean the chair and still looks like a missing cat is there. I think all of Otis weight is in hair not in body weight, when I give him a bath he looks like a drawned rat, but yet he 20 pounds. Like to know where he been hiding his weight. Today he hasn’t done a lot of meowing guess yesterday he got enough attention to last him awhile. Cats need attention but they just don’t want us to believe that, they like us owner thinking there independent. Now I will have to start looking for him unders the TV Stand since that where I found him when I got up the first time.

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