Can’t wait for summer

Winter is getting old very quickly here. I am glad the kids where I work don’t go outside and play because I would be freezing cold. I have winter clothes but they don’t seem to keep me warm at all. At work there is no parking so most days I have to find a space to park in, lately I been able to park relatively close. About a 5 minute walk, when I first started I was walking 10 to 15 minutes, not fun.
My heater in the van doesn’t exactly throw out hot air it a little cool but I can handle the little bit of cool air because it warmer then outside but I am thinking I might need to fix my heater. Soon we have to get dad car towed to the mechanics place, and find out why it’s not staying started. I have it rounded down to 2 things 1. the fuel pump, 2 the fuel regulator. I have pretty much ruled out the alternator because it wouldn’t hold a charge to the battery and wouldn’t start up neither with no charge to the battery. I have 2 vans with problems, well actually one is dads van and the other is mine. I am debating since dad don’t drive much selling my van, and getting some money for the stupid thing and then sharing dad van with him. Would bring us back down to 2 vehicles and less charges on insurance. In June I will be looking at different insurance providers and hopefully be able to find one who does both home insurance and car insurance it a pain having them separate with 2 different companies be easier for balancing the books to have one charge for both.

Go get him

Shadow and Otis are starting some kind of play. I am not sure what it is but it’s funny. Either Otis will come and smack the dog or the dog will jump on the cat. Shadow thinks I am here property so she don’t like Otis around me who my cat in the first place, I ended up having to thump her in the nose for attacking the cat because Otis came up to me for attention. Better a little thump in the nose then kitty claw on the butt.
Shadow thinks the cat’s food is hers, and that her food isn’t good enough unless it’s fakes her out as to being good human food. I really hope dad isn’t feeding her table food because if Otis gets it then Otis get sick because of his system.
Recently I found some wet food Otis likes and hasn’t made him sick yet so I think I might get some more of it, since Otis thinks when the dog get feed special he has to too. It funny watching the dog and cat playing together but not happy about the dog chasing the cat away from her food. Normally when that happens I tell the cat to go get him. Dog gets away with murder when I am not home something tells me. the funny thing is I am the strict on in the family, and the one who normally follows through with punishment if needed and yet the animals want me over every one else. They are strange I must be their version of safety equipment. Speaking of Dogs I have her in my lap and she trying to make it hard for me to type. Dogs are so fun. I have to leave in 15 minutes for dance. I am tired I need a nap. At least today no poop accidents in the house.

What time is it

At my new job I can not keep my cellphone on me, so the only time I know the time is when I am on lunch break. Starting next week I will only get a half hour lunch break but that will be good, I been asked to pick up more hours. In some places with the children it’s harder to tell what time it is, like when we are not in the classroom doing activities.
I do not ware normal watches because I don’t handle medals or leather on my wrist and I am not sure I would handle the cloth ones that have recently came out. I wounder if TW Steel watches has any pocket watches which would hold up to little ones rough housing and being banged around.
Once a week I will need to leave 15 minutes early because of school, and having a hard time making it on time to class. I need to make sure I can get to school on time, and I am thinking I might need to get a watch so I don’t have to ask, “What time is it”? I hate asking other people and when your in the gym your not always where you can see the clock.

Simply not possible

Simply not possible is the best way to say it. I give my all at everything I do, and I am a perfectionist but at the same time I know when something is beyond my capabilities. Recently I ran into a situation which made me feel uncomfortable and maybe a little stress. To begin with I do not like reading out loud especially around my peers but with my kids I work with I will do it and not get to upset about doing so. I would just like to know how someone can expect another person to read a language they have no real experience with, and never took any lessons with, I speak English and sometimes that questionable.
I was reading to one of the children I work with, and they was pointing at the Spanish, so I said Oh I don’t read Spanish only English. Some one told me pretty much read it anyways. I was like well I don’t know Spanish, and got told well try. How do you try to read a language you clearly do not read!!! It’s not like it’s Hebrew or German where I have had more experience and might have a better changes BSing my way through it. How could any one expect me to read Spanish when I never took a class in Spanish, or well frankly don’t speak it, now I do know enough to understand certain letters do not have the same sounds as they do in English. That’s simply expecting to much, there is no way I could accomplish reading Spanish! I guess I am a perfectionist on things I know I can accomplish.
Today I decided to talk to one of my supervisor. Even though I talked to the lead person in the room I still felt stressed out something would show up on my eval in a few months. I was encouraged to day and don’t feel exactly stressed about it and I am starting to make friends at work. Normally I try not to talk to many people when I am new at a company, fear it won’t last long. Now I want this to last a long time, maybe until I move back out west when ever that happens. Its like office furniture once you find a piece that you feel comfortable with you don’t want to get raid of it. I am glad so far I am getting positive things said about me because that means I can keep doing what I am doing and learn how to improve and not feel so worried about losing a job I like.

Oh hush

Otis sure does like to talk in the morning, and when I am not around. Between the Dog and Otis looking for me during the day, I feel sorry for dad. I am the one all the pets seem to want around them. The dog maybe not so much because I will not let her get the rabbits or squirrels around here. She is a little hunter, and I am finding I have to be on for her little booties they fall off so often. I am thinking I might get a second set at PetSmart. Monday she goes in to the vet for the day. Boy she been active since they gave her dewormer for her and eye drops. I guess she no longer in pain but I wish she would go potty for me.
She was barking at the rabbit and crying because I was not going to let her get the Rabbit. I told her Oh hush, and took her away and put her back down, then she got her self tangled up in the tree and I had to go in after her. Hey I found out why I am claiming like a monkey at work, to get the dog out of the tree. She got under a very hard place to get, I could have shoot her, it’s not easy getting her, and I had to take the lash off and hold her until I got the lash back. Had I let her go she would have moved faster then water through a Grohe faucets.

I think Not

I think Not, Oh no I won’t in the words of Shadow the dog. Last time I went poop for you, you got a thermometer stuck up my rearend. You made me go to the vet, like I am going to take a poop again with you and have to experience that again. Poor Shadow now she will go for my husband poop and not for me. She go pee for me just fine, but not about to do number 2.
I guess she going to be holding her pooh in for a long time, unless she goes somewhere in the house. I know she hasn’t gone since last night. Shadow has gotten very hyper and active suddenly. More so then when she first came so she must be feeling better. She is a real hunter so different from Otis, I might have to rethink the idea of getting a pet rat because Shadow will probably eat it.
Otis today wanted to play but didn’t try anything with the dog, maybe Otis wants to beat the dog up and knows I won’t let him get to much, or maybe he scared of hurting her. Shadow is only 7.4 pounds I think she is tinier then granny dog.
Shadow just like Otis seems to like thebathroom faucets, and is interested in it. At least shadow can’t get up on to the sink or turn on the tubs water. Otis on the other hand has figured out how to turn on the bathtubs water. I have to watch him because sometimes he does succeed at turning it on. Shadow has been chasing the cat and the cats been casing her this is kind of funny to watch, it’s like Otis has a chair which is his little thorn, because the dog leaves him alone on that chair.

An eye for an eye

Okay, I know this is bad but I would love to pluck the eye out of the people who dad’s dog stayed with before us. I know I have to forgive them and leave them in G-ds hands and honestly hope they repent before meeting him. G-d has a heart for animals and he shows us that in Jonah. Yesterday we had to take Shadow to the vet, I saw worms in her poop no wonder she wasn’t gaining weight and was lucking thin and sleeping a lot. We had the vet look at her eye, and found out shadow eye was causing her pain, and that she was blinded and the eye could cause her cancer. My husband and I don’t make a whole lot of money so a surgery is to expensive for us and dad doesn’t have a load of money laying around. While at the Vet they had told us about some pet insurance, and we where talking about getting the pet insurance. It is important for the dog to have the treatment she needs and the insurance would cover a healthy pet which shadow pretty much is.
I was a little worried about taking Shadow to the vet because of the eye, it’s a sign of serious abuse. I know this and was worried humane society would be called in and try to take dad’s dog form him. It didn’t happen. I told the vet tech that dad was in a abusive situation he moved out of and didn’t think the dog would come to harm. When we went to pick her up they where using eye drops which we assumed where prescribed to the dog. A couple days ago I found out those eye drops were actually human eye drops and we decided we’d get her in as soon as possible but when I saw the worms I said time to go now!
The vet tech shared about the insurance and Craig told dad to help dad out he would pay the beginning charges for the insurance. After our appointment with the vet and her checking the eye and what kind of worms we had she had a idea of what to do. Dad vet is Banfield, they are good, most of them are located in Petsmart stores.
We was waiting in there a long time, and I was starting to get worried things would not end well for dad. Shadow instead of biting she will lick if she don’t like something. This is a calming thing and shows
she is none aggressive. Okay so now this really pisses me off because Shadow is a gentle animal and has been harmed because someone felt the need to be cruel and the damage done can not be reverse it will always be, the dog is losing her eye because someone felt the need to kick her. She is defenseless, she can not protect herself she a 8 pound dog! 8 pounds that like 12 pounds smaller then Otis. The more I think about what they did to this dog the madder I become and the more disturbed I feel.
At the end of our appointment, our vet and vet tech came in, I found out why it took so long. It was a blessing, we found out they where going to provide free office visit they put us on the insurance for basic. Which is great it one less cost that I have to figure out how to handle it. They have a newer doctor who needs to learn how to do surgery, so when the dog eye comes out we only have to pay for Anastasia for her. They will have her do it as a learning experience. They told us because of Dad situation, they would help. I told my husband I would just save up for it again and have dad help save up for the surgery. My husband told me there goes your laptop again, my response was no, what’s has to be done has to be done. I know I need a new laptop but you know if push coming to shove you know I won’t get the laptop I am going to take care of the dog first. If that where to happen them maybe I would be more welling to allow dad to help with getting the laptop but I am not welling to let him help!
The vet and staff understood it was hard for us. They also so we where going to do the best thing for the dog, and the dog was treated well by us. I am glad they didn’t assume we were harming that little dog. I am relieved they are welling to help, and glad they have programs to help animals with good owners who can’t always afford to pay for them, even though they do their best.
Since walking the dog and starting a new job I have lost weight to so Shadow done me good, now I won’t need to get some Leptorexin to help me lose my weight.

Adult attention

Saturday is always a long day for my husband and I. We got home and ran into my neighbor who next door. She wanted some adult attention because her kids and their friends wasn’t enough adult conversation with her. She asked if I want to go to chuckie cheese with her, I told her sure. Leave hubby and dad home for a while and we could run out together. Here car is different, I will have to make a mental note not to get that type of car.
It has some type of security lock, good thing her hubby knows how to fix it because I would have no clue. We ended up not going out, that’s okay. After a while hubby and I decided we’d have our date night. Date nights are important for us now since we have his dad living with us. Don’t get me wrong I love dad and want him here but sometimes you have to have couple time just for 2 not an other person added into the mix time to talk, share, and simply touches bases. We can’t always share with dad around because sometimes we want to talk about things that are bugging us relating to different people. Dad sometimes innocently repeats things not always in the same context as it was intended then we have the problem of explain what was meant or it wasn’t as bad as it was.
Tonight after I got back from my friends next door, hubby and I went to see a movie then went out to dinner. We had a good time together. We were able to share things which you know you just simply do not want to talk about with dad there. Kind of like you never see a toll free number for any juicy things. Maybe tomorrow after I am done with homework, if we don’t go to the casino with dad I will knock on my friends door.

Very cold

Boy it’s cold -20 this morning when I woke up. My care didn’t start at all. When I was out in my van I was thinking about Shadow and how cold it was. I didn’t want to take her out because I knew it was cold enough to cause trouble. So I decided to blog about pet safety in this weather. Otis is a indoor cat so he never had to go outside and won’t go outside, but Shadow is a dog and can’t have her going inside the house. About a week ago I saw a car with a dog who someone lift in it. I was concerned to say the least because this cold temperature is just as dangerous as hot weather in a car.
Shadow we have her on a max of 10 minutes out but try to keep it down to under 5 minutes. I have a little sweeter for her and some doggy booties so as far as that she fine. Still I know living her out can cause her troubles. She is a tiny dog and doesn’t have much hear so she can get cold quickly.
As a dog owner and cat owner some things I will never do is take Otis or Shadow with me, because I know the cold is dangerous, and potentially could kill them if I broke down somewhere. Animals should not be lift in a car which is going to get cold the car will not remain much warmer then the outside, it may feel warmer then outside because there is no wind.
Animals would be put safely in the car not running free, I put Shadow in her kennel when she goes somewhere with us and let her cry. She got a big kennel for being such a tiny little thing!
When taking the dog on a walk it’s good to have booties or a sweeter when they are dogs who do not have much hair on their body to insulate them. It doesn’t seem wise to keep them out more then 5 minutes because if we can get froze bitten on our expose skin so can the dog too. I am pretty sure frost bite for Shadow would feel just as bad as frost bite on me. In about 2 hours I have to talk her out and don’t much want to even though now above 0.
Shadow hasn’t went to her favorite tree in a couple of days, been to cold she walks maybe 20 feet away from the door and goes potty. Then she might decide to sit there and look at me like take me in I don’t wanna walk, or she will run back to the door. Let me in. As Owner of pets we need to remember they rely on us to keep them safe and warm. Shadow might know she needs to go in because it cold but as a owner I have to listen to that, and well maybe not get upset if she has a accident in the house. Yes she has had plenty of accidents in the house over the last couple of days. Well that what a carpet cleaner is for and I know Otis will not go potty he a good cat as far as that go. What I worry about is Shadow going into Otis room and going potty will otis start marking his territory.
So remember weather like this isn’t pleasant for us or our pets. I am ready to move to a warmer climate maybe I will get some Zero Halliburton when I run away to a warmer place.

She not loud

Okay maybe I should need to get a anti meow collar for my cat too, because if the dog needs one, so does the Cat! Otis makes far more nose then Shadow. Shadow may bark for a couple of minutes when we leave the apartment but by the time we get out to the main doors of the building Shadow is quiet. Otis when we lives screams for quiet awhile because I hear him crying all the time! So if the dog is to nosy when it just barking at me to say I gotta go potty, or I am hungry, or lets play! The dog is going to make a little bit of nose, of course she will. I am getting a little tired of my apartment manager, but oh well.

On Saturday we lift shadow at home by herself grant it for the whole day, I picked up dad at 945 and we got back at 4pm and then lift again around 5pm. We went to the casino, dad needs to get out too. Well Management claims the dog cried for a couple of hours on Saturday. I asked one of my neighbors who by religion wouldn’t like dogs normally, she told me the dog was quiet all day. So how are we getting nose complaints and what happens after we get the colar and then people complain about nose. Even dad is angry at everything that is going on.

The thing is I do not feel my apartment managers being honest that there have been complaints. Why can’t the apartment manager let them know yes there is a dog but it is a service dog. How hard is that. I do not care they want me to get a no barking collar, fine I can do that I guess. I think it’s cruel but I will do what I need to as long as it doesn’t harm shadow. Shadow already been harmed enough. What I think it is, is either management making up stories or one of our neighbors who is jealous that there is a dog her reporting us when we leave.  I know my neighbor next to me said they would be happy to say the dog is quiet and defend the dog. It’s sad that not every one has the same attitude as this woman, would make living in a apartment easier. Now I know that this manager other residents have had trouble with, so I guess when it’s time to renew my lease, I will need to make sure the increase isn’t over portionate. If I find out it is I will file a complaint so fast on management they won’t know what hit them. If I have to I will call my advocate. I am not going to play around with being discriminated against or having my father in law treated poorly because he needs the dog. One good thing is there is no pet deposit or pet rent, but what do you want to bet no matter how clean my apartment is when we move out that we won’t get our deposit back, for so called dog damages.

Shadow is a good dog she is so tiny, she don’t make hardly any nose and now I have to treat her like she a bad dog! I am unhappy with them, but I will do what I need to do.

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