Cats are easy

On Monday I had to make a call to the vet. Yep, Dog was acting sick, and had the runs it was coming out more reddish and it scared the tar out of me. I was worked she had gotten into something that broke, or ate something which was causing her trouble. Hubby had noticed she started getting loose after her vaccine like a couple of days after. I told their receptionist what was going on and he said we needed to get the dog in right away.
Hubby brought dad into the vet, and I was worried it be a big bill with xrays and everything else. The vet check Shadow and felt shadow had an infection in her intestines. Well that would answer why she was having a lot of accidents in the house, and not wanting to go outside to do anything I am sure it was painful. The vet put her on antibiotics, and some lowfat food for a couple of weeks.
Some of these pet food must have some real good sales training because it expensive to get food, or maybe they know when a pet has a special needs most owners will get it anyhow.
One of the things I asked can the cat catch this because frankly I need to know if it’s time to expect another vet bill soon. Cats are easy everything so far the dog caught Otis won’t get so this is good. We don’t know what caused Shadow her infection, I guess I will have to watch closely. Shadow has a lot of energy now and well driving the cats nuts again. I just hope shadow will not need to be permanently on the special diet and boy does she eat it up quickly.

How do you expect me

Okay, I’d like to know how dad expects me to potty train his dog, if he keeps breaking her training or for lack of better word punishment. I am not doing anything unreasonable, and when I am gone for a long time, and not close to home I don’t do it. So it’s not unreasonable. I have been told to kennel train the dog not to go potty in the house. When I first got her here she was doing good at not pottying in the house. It became concerning lately when she been very defiant and acting like she ruling the house. She been a lot better to the cat, but to my husband she showing no obeying. She will listen to me but when I am not insight she will pee or poop in the house.
The other night I put her in the kennel because she had refused to go outside all day and then I bring her inside and 10 to 30 minutes later she was pooping in the bedroom, sometimes less then 10 minutes. So I showed her and threatened her with the newspaper it seems to work for getting her attention. She don’t like the newspaper, not sure I blame her. I told dad she needs to be in the kennel tonight and not out until I get up in the morning to take her out. I got up and started getting ready and during that time dad let her out of her Kennel so she took a big dump in the bedroom by the door. Great! How do you expect me to train this dog, if your letting her out to poop in the house. He don’t even scolded her or tell her No, which is like encouraging her to be naughty. So I find it and got annoyed with him, then he wants to talk about getting raid of the dog because she not allowed to crap in the house when ever she wants to. Come on we live here, it’s not healthy to have dog pee and poop everywhere, and I am sorry she’s our responsibility. Dad wanted her, and him being away from his dog would be unhealthy emotionally for him. I had to take shadow out keep her out longer then I wanted because I just couldn’t deal with dad, being mad because I want the dog to be potty trained. I am not talking about being unreasonable about occasional accidents shoot Otis has them sometimes, and I don’t get to mad about that. When the dogs had accidents in the house, and hubby and I have seriously been held up because of emergency and we’ve had a few. I do not get on the dog, because I figure it’s not her fault if we were gone 12 hours.
After a while I talked to dad and explained to him, that the dog isn’t to much work for hubby or I and we wouldn’t have accepted her here if it was going to be to much work. I explained to him that she got to be trained, I know it’s hard having her in the kennel to be honest, I hate doing this but I can’t find anything else that will work for her. She been only going potty inside the apartment this week not once has she went outside. She went pee for me tonight and I reverted back to giving her a treat just for peeing outside and put her in the kennel. I know I was told to kennel train her all day but I can’t do that but at night I can and will with out feeling to bad. During the day I think I will need to find a way to keep a eye on her and get her in the act a few times, see if I can stop her and get her outside to go potty. She’s four years old so it’s might be a challenge but I know she can do it because when I first brought her home to be with dad she was doing good, but then again I was giving her treats maybe I need to give her treats longer this time. I have spoken to several trainers, and most have suggested this or keeping her on a leash all day, or looking her up in the kitchen or bedroom.

It’ll last a week

I got my van back today. Ugh maybe it will be good for at least a week. A couple weeks ago I had my van in for the alternator, this week it was for a thingy on the axial which connects to the shocks. I know i have to get my out tie rods fixed and bowl joint or something.
Since I have started my new job, I think my van is giving me the run for my money and then some.
Today when I was at my mechanics he told me the tie rods are at a point that if I wait 2 months, I could put myself in danger. Okay tie rods going out can be deadly so I will not play with that to long. In March I have a whole week off of work, and will be in Illinois for 3 or 4 days and then will have off two days. I sometimes help him in replacement for labor. The tie rods will cost me 200 with out me working for his office. Good thing I have office experience, because I am able to help him efficiently.
My new job is going great, so far but in the back of my mind I am worried I might not have a job come March or April, just because that how long the temp companies have lasted. Now I work with children with Autism, I love my job. I get to play a lot with them, I think my favorite thing is Gym I like playing in the Ball pit and being a giant monster. Not sure why one of the kids calls me Gaint but it’s funny. I am the same height as the other girls when I am not standing 100 percent straight and there one other girl who is taller then I.

Cat hiding

Honey Otis is playing on your laptop keyboard. Otis had his little brown and black mouse thingy with cat nip in it. He cleans it and loves on it most days, unless he feeling a bit frisky. He’s had this rat since I got him because I don’t recall ever replacing it and it’s still in nice shape. Better then those furry balls that I get him sometimes that only last a couple of months. I have few cat toys which have lasted me more then 2 years. This is one of them but Otis is a Lover not a eater of small little critters, now Shadow on the other hand will eat a rat with no second thoughts she a little hunter. Otis will hunt birds though and maybe squirrels.
Now I don’t know why but the animals when they know they aren’t supposed to be doing something they run from me. Not sure why but they seem to know better and want to hide. I am not sure where Otis is hiding out all I have to do with him is call his name. He looks at me and then runs away.
I wonder how Shadow will respond to the squirrels this year. It aught to be funny to watch, maybe I better look into Discount Blinds might need them with the dog. The blinds here are to be had I have had nothing but problems with getting them open and closed because the stupid hanging pole keeps coming off it’s a pain in the backside. The blinds I had in my last apartment were great because it had the strings to move the blinds.
Shadow and I are working on training. I am trying to teach her to walk in the hallways and to seat down when I place the lash on her, or give her food or treats. She seems to be getting it, now hopefully she will learn the potty thing of not going inside and outside is for pottying and makes us happy. She trying to lay on my hands while I type. I hope I can train her not to be so attached to me to the point of crying because I am not around her or hand her off to hubby for walking she gets so upset. Poor Otis, must be wondering if he lost me to the doggy.

Something not right

Today dad received a bill for a credit card which I know he doesn’t have, so now here we go again! It’s getting a little frustrating having to deal with all these problems from people taking advantage of dad and stealing his info, I wonder wherelexington personal injury lawyer are located.
Looks like Monday before work I get to spend a bunch of time on the phone arguing with some credit card person my hubby dad don’t even know who they are or for what. I will need to check his wallet and make sure it is not there.
I know 3 people have used his Social security number with out his permission and if this is that again, I will press criminal charges on behalf of dad. Enough is enough!!!! I am so tired of these leeches out here taking what is dad and ruining his good credit and good name. I just hope I don’t get crabby with the police if I have to file a report because if one more tells me that it’s dad fault and it’s not the first time someone taken advantage of him. Someone might have a ear full or words that aren’t very kind, grant it I won’t get to yucky but nothing holding me back for telling them how good of a job they doing at protecting their citizens from criminals.

Still going good

I have been at my new job for about a month and it still going good. I have found I am having a hard time connecting with people and wanting to make friendships with other coworkers. I am always worried that this might not last as long as I want to, or something dumb, I know I am always getting positive feed back, but it seems the last 2 years of switching jobs has really caused me trouble.
I really enjoy playing with the kids and interacting with them. It fun sometimes it is challenging, I got a new pair of shoes to help me with the kids in the gym and make things a little faster for me. Recently I have started offering someone a ride home, and that has helped me connect with at least someone who I work with. I think one of my personal goals is to be more out going and try to be friendlier or attempt to make friends here. I don’t want people thinking what they did at the last long job I had. Just because I am a little on the shier side and uneasy around people doesn’t make a snoop just makes me well maybe shy to a point. I am not overly shy but I can be fairly shy when I do not know people, good thing I do not sell insurance quote, I would never earn money. I love my job and it’s going great.

Not a good day

Let me say, I wish I would have stayed a sleep this morning and simply not got out of bed. Yeah I have had a very good day. I got up this morning on time, and started my van no problems there, other then the battery was a little low. I got dressed no problems there, feed the dog no problems there. I got dressed and out to the van and it looked liked the van charged up the battery some so I was hopeful to have a great day. Maybe when I had that stupid fish eating song up in my head I should have realized I was in trouble. I need a vacation at a extended stay hotels with padded walls My morning had a deceiving start off today.
I went on my way to work, and right away my battery power drop to less then half I wasn’t to worried about it because my van been doing that a lot lately. I knew the check engine light was on which was worrying me and I was planning on bring it in for a check up when I got paid and could pay my mechanic. I guess the van had other plans, I got about 5 1/2 miles and ding, with the lovely red check gags I checked and sure enough my battery was blinking at me. I got to a parking lot which was a park in ride. I called hubby had to wait close to an hour, it wasn’t even above 0 yet. So by the time hubby got there I was frozen.
Well I noticed my glove compartment was stuck and I decided I would try to get it unsticked. Not a good idea today, I ended up getting a stupid comb stuck in my middle finger. Yeah I think I just might lose my nail stupid thing been bleeding almost all day and boy it smarts. Ouch, Not a good day. It one of those combs which have the thick and thin teeth and I got the thick one stuck in my nail all the way up into it. Ouchie…. I called into work let them know I was going to be late yet again because my Alternator in the van crapped out, and was waiting for hubby to come and get me.
I get to work at the time I tell them I would be there, okay that is doing good for me, lately. The morning shift went okay I got my kid to do something he hadn’t done yet. He went into the ball pit with me, and played. Good I thought my day was getting better. The jokes on me.
During the lunch hour I did lunch hour with the kids. Don’t get me wrong I love kids and they are all sweet but Come on! Don’t kick me when I am already down. I had a little one who decided it would be good to aim at me and pee on me! Ugh Great!!! What am I the toilet, last time I looked I not white porcelain! Okay at least he only got my sweater and his paints and thank the good L-rd they have a washer and drier there.
I was both of our clothes, and needed up being in a T-shirt, why didn’t I think about keeping my coat on.
Okay no big deal had to walk outside with nothing but t-shirt on, not pleasant but I keep a good attitude to be honest I wanted to go home pretty badly after lunch. I didn’t know anything about my van because the tow truck never called me and it wasn’t there when I called during my lunch hour.
Great! Finally around 4ish my mechanic calls me and tells me the car just arrived, and he would get to it later tonight, never did but that’s okay. He can do it tomorrow.
So my day wasn’t pleasant but you know it’s better then my bad days when I worked in an office at least I can laugh at it.
I broke down, shoved a comb in my nail, froze halfway solid, got peed on. This has been quiet a day I am ready for it to be over!