Help me

I have been very busy the last couple of class. Homework is taking me so long, and it’s statistics now. Yuck, that’s my first thought. I like math but I don’t care for this type of math. I have forgotten a lot of my math skills it’s been at least 3 yrs since I have had college math. The first night of class the professor kindly told us all homework would take about 30 hours a week. Ouch. Yep, some how I managed to get everything done I needed tonight, so I am not going to worry about doing more. I even worked on alex but hey I spend close to 4 hours. But then again that what been doing so I am close to 30 hours a week. Some days I work longer then the 4 hours. I wonder if seating would make homework more fun.
I think my husband isn’t getting it, neither is his dad. I made dinner, and clean the house. This is hard enough as it is with being in school where I don’t spend close to 30 hours, normally homework is about 20 hours a week. I decided I would cut back at work too after realizing dad is playing the helpless man role.
We can not leave dad at home for a full work day, he has pretty much refused to feed himself this is difficult on me because I love my job and I am the one who has to cut back at work. Before I found out about class I had to come to the difficult decision to cut hours. I hope I can work at least 20 hours a week, but with one of the meds dad was given today I am worried about that. The med they gave him is the same thing they give people with Alzheimer . It is to help maintain his memory. He has had memory troubles, which is hard for the family to deal with. I do not think my husband family realizes all the things I have done for dad or them.
Hopefully my husband will learn during the next 10 weeks that I will need help doing the house work, and putting away lift overs and other things. I have been telling him a lot I need help around the house, since before his dad moved in and I still don’t get any. He thinks taking out the garbage is a big accomplishment. Funny thing is both our homes were always cleaner then they are since we been married. Which is strange.

Finding pants

I have never realized how hard it can be to find pants, our whole date night last night was spent looking for pants for hubby, gooly a rubber stamp would have been easier to find with his name on it, than pants. I ended up getting him 2 nice pairs of paints at Kohls. The sales guy there was very helpful, so was the young lady we found. At Wal-mart we got a little frustriated with the lack of good chooses. Normally I will not suggest a store which I can find great clearance sales because Kohls I can always find good stuff for low prices if no where else. I also found a couple of skirts I like and will end up getting later.
The young man who help my husband was very helpful, made my day easier because I didn’t have to tell my husband a couple pair of pants made him look like a stuffed suassage. The guy was able to help hubby pick more colors in his paints then the 1 or two color he already had. I was only able to get him 2 pairs of paints, so know he has 3 good pairs of paints maybe next month, I can get him one more pair of paints this way he will have enough pants and they won’t get wholey in his butt. Hubby and I both have a habit of not getting what we need until it an important need, my paints for work I just bought in Jan are already to big on me and about to fall off. I think I might want to get a new pair of pants or two soon, but I felt hubby needs were a little more important so I took care of it.

I think Kohls in Eagan has some great staff by what I saw yesterday and I am glad hubby and I want to find him some clothes to ware. Thank goodness his shirts for summer were gotten at the end of summer last year. I hate shopping.

I had to make it right

On our way back from Illinois Dad had asked several times to stop at a cheese store in WI. When we were down by Illinois we didn’t feel it would be wise to buy cheese that far away from home, so we made him wait till we got closer to home. It was probably my fault because in Hudson I could have stopped and got him cheese if I was thinking but their wasn’t any real cheese stores that I saw and the one I saw when I guessed it my hubby or I just didn’t seem to stop. 

So Friday I took dad out to IHOP, I will right about that on an my other blog for reviews. It was good, and we really enjoyed it I asked the waitress if I could leave dad there for a about a half hour or so while I ran over to MOA. I don’t like the MOA but I found some things I liked there. Nothing like welder was in there but I found a place for dog treats I would like to take hubby too. While sitting for dinner Dad said I want cheese, and was talking about how we simply didn’t stop for his cheese even though he told us he wanted it.  I told him sorry and if he wanted me to I would run to the MOA to the cheese store in there. I almost decided not to but then I felt Dad wouldn’t be mentioning this to me if he didn’t want it. Anyone who knows me knows I will not go to the MOA unless there is a reason but I will go for cheese and a couple of other things. Dad got his cheese so he aught to be happy. I got him his curds which he likes and got us all cheese to share. We are a cheese eating family.

I want my pictures

I’ve been getting a little frustraited with my cellphone. I want to be able to download all my pictures I have taken from illinios and place them in my computer. But for some reason nothing working maybe I aught to try my Bluetooth headset and get it connected to my computer, I know I should be able to do that if I hook it up.
I am about read to run out of cellphone memory, can take maybe 10 more pictures, and I have a habbit of taking pictures of the dog and cat and family. We went down to illinios this week and had a good time. My cellphone works good as taking pictures. Now my cellphone wants me to spend an extra 40 bucks on getting software to download my photos into the computer. Maybe I will just see if I can print them on the printer and see what happens. Because I can always turn around and scan them in later, if I have to get the software I will not be happy unless I can get something that works for multiple types of phones. I only have a little over a year on the cellphone, and I will probably want to get a new cell phone in a year or so maybe even sooner. Although I haven’t seen any cell phones I like a lot. I found this one and liked it a lot, I seem to go after the phones brands so maybe it won’t be to bad.

Stop Grandma, Stop

Today we went to a few places with grandma here in Illinios.. We are on the Northern tip of the state. Grandma ran me over today, my backside hurts and my knee, but I laughed the whole time. Raindeer got ran over by granny, raindeer got ran over by granny… We decided to go to Sears to get hubby a pear of paints, and I saw a cart there so I thought it be good for granny she would be able to keep up. Oh no not smart, I paid with embarassment.
Here I thought I was being a good granddaugher getting granny a electric cart, so wouldn’t have to work so much, and my backside going to have a bruise… She was crashing into a lot of things, I explained to her a couple of times, and when I thought she had it I let her go faster, my husband turn in to a clothing isle, and she followed and then all heck broke loose. I will have to tell my Uncles to NEVER, Never let Granny in an electric cart. She dangerous!!!!!
So we are in the mens clothing department, and I tell her to go slow, but follow hubby. Well maybe I should have told her to stay out in the large isle but you know Granny she wants to be with us so she would have. Granny started loosing control of it, so I told her to stop and it just got worst, I finally tell her Granny let go of the handle this is after she just about took down a whole thing of pants.. LOL so I tell her to go forward and get her away from the shelf and put the shelf back right. Then she goes to follow hubby again and starts going to fast, and almost hits a shelf which was taller and I was worried she run into it and get hurt so I got between that and the cart. My uncles would kill me if granny got hurt, and I rather be the one hurt if it her or I. So I tell her Grandma Stop, she presses really hard on the go button, and runs into me, I am telling her stop Granny, finally I go….. Granny Let GOOOOO of the handle…. I am sure has better ways to travel.
So Granny gets to a stop, I tell her don’t hold on to tightly just very loosely… Well after we were out of sears we lift and I told her she was trying to kill me. I didn’t even let her attempt to get the cart through a check out isle, was worried she would hurt some poor innocent person, me I am not innocent she granny and I probably should know better. I love her but boy she shouldn’t be allowed in a cart. For now on I will make sure I get a wheelchair for her. It’s funny I was thinking Dad can do this, so Granny should… Dad is 86 granny is 82…
Now I got something to tease her about, and tell her sons about.. Well I guess if that the biggest problem down here it good.

Opinion: St. Joseph University Online Management Certificate Program

I was asked by someone to look at St. Joseph University online management certificate program, so because I am a good friend, off I went to look at another college site. So my opinions even though I will try to be fair might be a little bases because I love my current college. 🙂 St. Joseph University offers many programs which relate to different types of management including project management, they do have PMP exam preparation so this might be a good thing for students who need that. The nice thing about their site it shows you what you could how you could increase your income with their certificates. I don’t even think my college has that so that a unique strategy, trying to encourage people by showing them how their program might change their income. I have to say I am tempted to look at their mental health counseling. Since I am about to be done with my lower degree and haven’t decided where to complete my Master at but I am not sure they have that, but a certificate might help me.
On the website they have projected growth of several different career like construction, mental health, sales, computer information system managers. They show projected growth for the next 8 years on most of these fields and it seems like all the certificates they are offering will have some growth. It’s surprising they project teacher assistance only growing 7 to 13 %, I would have guess higher since so many babies are being born and their been like a huge growth in developmental problems.
I guess the next question I would ask is what is their accreditation if any, and how much does it cost, because I like their programs.

Time for a vacation

I can already tell this week is going to be tough. Have to admit I am sick of the learning team in school, and honest don’t appreciate any of them oh well. At least I don’t have to be there in class, to bad I can’t go on a Caribbean cruises. Work is at least still going good, so I can be happy about that, even though the kids where really entergitic today.
In less then 2 weeks we are going to Granny so that will be good. I am looking forward to it. I think granny is looking forward to it too, which is good. Dad will be going with us, so we do not have to worry about his well being while we are gone.
The Dog is starting to do well at understanding she has to go potty outside in order to be out of her kennel. Hopefully, she get trained and stays that way now. She gets to be out of the kennel when she goes outside, but if not then she goes back into the kennel, she still not allowed in dad’s room because that where she been pooping all over the place. Normally dogs will not go in their kennel because it there sleeping quarters, but in a room they will try what they can.