Date nights

Not date night the show, but date nights. Hubby and I go out at least once a week. We believe it is important to spend special time with each other. Plus it gets us together with out dad hearing us, talk so we can be more open. He acts like a little kid and listens in to everything we say. Last night we went to Don Pablo’s and had dinner. We talked about hubby book he working on and I gave him a little input, I will not share the idea here because of something I learned. What I learned is don’t let the alligator bit you in your ass meaning don’t give away your best idea. Plus lets face it I don’t want to do something which hurts him. But I will say I told him cause more suspense and make your main character look a little vulnerable.
After dinner we went to the book store, and we found a book we both look but got turned off on very quickly because of their acknowledgements. We found a couple of authors we found interesting and picked one. Hubby handed me the book and told me I would get to it before he does, so have fun. I started one book last night and I have to admit I like it okay. When we came back home hubby walked the dog and then we just watched tv and had a nice quiet time at home.
I hope after the time we spent together last night talking about his book he feels more encouraged about it and doesn’t feel so frustrated that when his computer crashed he lost most of his work on the book. It’s like taking a diet pills that work hopefully the weight stays off.

What’s going on

My husband and I are living with his aging parent. Mom recently died and now he’s with us. We do not mind it but many days it is a challenge. lately he been very difficult to deal with and I am starting to wonder if his problem is Alzheimer’s because he don’t remember things and sometimes he says things have happened which never did or at least not since he lived with my hubby and me. I am scared that my husband and I are going to have to watch him become a shell of himself and that’s the hardest thing to deal with.
This weekend we got into a argument because he was being rude and very hard to handle. Accusing us of taking his stuff from him. He doesn’t have his van any longer because it broken, he thinks he can get a new motor and install for 500 bucks, that would be like going to a historic hotels and thinking it would cost you 10 bucks to stay the night. Which wouldn’t happen. He falls mom been taken from him and I don’t think he was blaming us for that but it felt like it. He was blaming us for taking the house from him, well we didn’t he just can’t handle the house and hubby and I have jobs here in the cities so we couldn’t up root ourselves for that.
He told me the other day my hubby threw him in the water on the boat, well we have been no where near water, other then driving over a bridge and taking baths. I honestly don’t know how to deal with all this stuff. There are days he’s easy to deal with and days he accuses my hubby or I of stealing his money, or something else. But since he lived with us he’s gotten more things then he ever got before and has money to go to casino everyweek. The only thing we have asked for since I had to cut back hours is help paying utilities and a little money for me so I can make ends meet. I am losing 600 a month and only ask him for about 200 to 300 depending on the month. Some times I don’t even take that much. This is something his psycratist told us to do to keep financially afloat, but if this is going t cause him to be upset I will not do it. I would rather suffer and not have what we need then hear him when he gets mad.
It was very hard for hubby not to tell dad, if it wasn’t for us dad would be in a home because he can’t live on his own. He can’t manage his money, and he don’t feed himself.

Grumpy is about to get really grumpy

Yep I am grumpy, been very busy and not feeling like i ma learning anything in my Stat class. I don’t like the professor at all he like a dirtylaundry hamper. Sorry I have nothing nice to say about him. I am very frustraited because I just don’t feel i am learning in this class, and I feel he hasn’t exactly responded very quickly to question.
I am just struck on the math program, and it doesn’t show me where I am going wrong with my work, so I am not learning that way. I have a friend tutoring me in the class. I have 3 things to work on before wendesday and one thing I do not think I will be able to complete. I have 23 problems and all of which i can’t seem to get my mind to work with. Maybe tomorrow I will spend another 4 hours on that part, after I complete the simulation. I know prof said don’t get stuck on it but here’s the thing it’s due now and if I can’t finish it it will bring my grade down. It’s already a C and I can’t offord not to pass this class. Frankly I think it would have been wise to take it on campus this way I could ask question and get answer quicker.

Update on the doggy

Dad little dog seems just about normal again. Boy she likes barking a lot at other dogs on her walk. I just about tripped over her tonight. She has lots of energy again and wants to run for part of her walk. Tonight I walked her almost a half mile, which is good. She seems to be learning that potty is very important but she likes to hold it for a long time. I swear she trying to go for largest pooh ever. The little dog will never need weight loss pills not like they make them for dogs. One thing I do with children is explain to them they can not come up to the dog on that side of her face, because she might get frightened. Sometimes I have had to tell adults, but not to often.
Her eye is healing nicely, many people ask questions while walking her outside. I just simply give them the truth that some jackass shot beebees and kicked the dog in the head, and that now she and dad are both living with hubby and I where they are safe. I also share with them often what our vets done for us. I will say she did a great job for her first eye surgery. It’s not perfect but it looks very nicely done. So she did a good job. I am thankful we where able to get the help we needed for shadow.

A quick dinner

I have a meal I can make in less then 30 minutes shoot actually about 12 minutes depends if you count warming the stove then maybe a little under a half hour. My family is observing Passover, and it’s always seems to be a little time consuming to prepare meals. Because things just need to be done fresher then any other time of the year and no yeast in it. I don’t mind it at all, but last night I wanted something quick to make for dinner because we got back from dads old place late.
We got home after 8pm and I decided to make Matazah Pizza. It’s quit simple, I make my sauce from scratch which doesn’t take long. It tastes good and only takes 10 minutes in the oven. I put 2 different cheese on them, but the sauce takes the longest. It works well, it depends what you want, for a crisper crust it seems best to put it on a pan for a softer crust just on the oven rack works well. Just need a very light layer of sauce or it will get soggy. Depends what you want you can make it spicy like real pizza sauce or mild like a tomato sauce.
Tonight I got home and had a surprise learning team meeting with my class mate, and got home just wasn’t in the mood to cook chicken, because it would take at least 45, and I still have a lot of homework to do and other things. I almost need a alarm to help me keep track of how much time has past.

Bugged, and wishing I could get revenge for the dog

Today the dog had surgery. Don’t get me wrong it really upset me she had to lose the eye, it pissed me off someone had hurt her to the point of needing surgery. But right now it is hitting me very hard, her poor eye is swollen which is what the vet said would likely happen. My vet is wonderful, well more like the dog vet. They have been a great help. My family is pretty much on a fix income, and it’s extremely tight. Honestly I do not know how we would have gotten the dog cared for which dad needs for emotional reason. The dog was the last pet him and mom got together. When mom was in the hospital she wanted to give the dog to someone else because she didn’t want dad to be burdened with the dog. Mom didn’t realize how attached dad was to the dog. Dad told me first my wife is getting taken from me and now the dog. I felt bad because dad shouldn’t lose everything, and he was feeling that way. Dad is 86 and was married for 55 yrs. Shadow their dog is a small dog she ways 7.2 pounds and vet said her losing wait would not be bad for her. She a little over weight, which is okay she healthy overweight. 🙂

Shadow was hurt before she moved in with my husband and I and it was at a place where we had to rescue dad from, unfortunately dad and his friends didn’t realize the people he lived with would harm a small animal. I haven’t contacted the cops in the area because hey they already told me dad been taken advantage of and it’s clear they don’t enforce laws about animal cruelty. Since this isn’t the first animal to be harm at the hand of stupid teens who think it’s okay to hurt animals with parents who probably doing the same thing. Hey lets pick on a 7 pound dog because it will make us so big, and strong because we can hurt it. We can blind it and guess what we will get away Scott-free with out no consequences!!!
Dad story had changed I am figuring both things have happened to the dog. What I do not understand is when I called about someone taking advantage of dad they told me because it happen 3 times they weren’t going to do anything. It was around this time we went and got the dog back, and saw how bad her eyes where, and found out that oh yeah she was never taken to the vet.
My husband and I ended up having to help dad with getting the dog to the vet. Banfields been a great help to us with Shadow, they have helped by doing the surgery for us. It amazing this is now bugging me bad enough that looking at the poor dog tonight makes me want to cry.
She is scared, or maybe it’s just pain coming out like fear does. The thing that pissed me off big time, is after I took the dog out for her evening potty break. She came back in Otis was on the top of the couch and Shadow wanted to ly on my pillows near where the cat was, and she came with her tail low just about tucked waging, with her face down. Otis my cat is pretty nice and gentle, good thing for the dog that Otis don’t think this would be a great time to get revenge for all the times the dog bite him.
Shadow has whimpered a few times, and I know the vet said she would be in pain, and everything else. I was prepared for this, but yet it pissing me off. There is nothing I can do to take away the pain for this dog other then tell her it’s okay and pet and love her. Even outside she was acting a little unsure of herself. I guess having one eye and surgery is hard to deal with for her. She tiny, and didn’t deserve what those jack*** done to her.
Shadow naturally tends to want to be with me. I will say she did a very good job at the vet because she went back no arguments at all which was good. She sleeping on my couch, I know soon she won’t be in pain and she’ll be back to herself happy and active. I still wish I could pluck out those guys eyes, so they can feel the same pain… If we were allowed to do the same things to people as they do to animals I wonder how many would hurt an animal to the point of losing a part of them. Would people still be willing to shoot a dog with a beebee gun or kick them in the head so hard they lose a eye. I wonder they had a beebee gun shot in their eye if that would make them think twice. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t witness it!!
I was talking to my mom the other day, and I told her, I just do not understand how some people are like my sister and I. We will jump in a river in winter to pull out some puppies thrown in the river, then you have these people who do great harm to animals and it doesn’t even matter to them. I just do not understand it.
I am thankful for our vet, out of all the hard things to deal with I will say she has made it a lot easier on us. The surgery could have cost us over 1300 but we only ended up paying 88 because they felt that dad and our financial situation warranted some help. This has been a stress reducer for me, because of being a college student, and taking care of dad who memory isn’t the best.

Shadow after surgery

Shadow after surgery