I must be hearing wrong

Today I had to run to best buy with my new laptop. The “e” was broken, and I decided it would be nice to have dad along with me. We got in the van, and were driving to best buy. A song came on the radio, and everytime I hear the song it really confused me! I do not listen to radio stations with bad language no cussing for me. Well the guys saying hey mama, and the girl I guess I was thinking she was singing hey ******. I was trying to figure out why the radio was playing this song everytime I hear it. They never cuss when talking, so I was trying to listen closer and suddenly towards the end of the song, I heard it clear enough to know she was saying hey papa.
Like a clogged faucets my ears seem to be lately, with some people way of talking. I have good hearing, and can hear people in a quite low voice. So it was really confusing. Dad was sitting next to me and I tell him Oh I get it now. It’s not hey ******** it’s hey papa, dad laughed when I told him what I was thinking she was singing.
So we went in to best buy laughing about it and talking about it. Dad is 86 so I doubt he heard the song because only the speaker by me works maybe that’s why it’s sometimes easier to miss hear words being sung by people.
We decided to stop at target to get some car oil, well I got everything I needed and was telling dad I feel like I forgot something. It was really bugging me but I hate walking around stores browsing. Not fun and dad is the same way so I was thinking. I asked him if he needed something, he said no. So I decided to go and check out. I tell him I am sure I forgot something here. We were well on our way home and I realized it was the oil for my van I needed, dad asked if I was going to stop I told him no. I did get Otis a new rat toy and now he is loving this one too. I think my cat forgot that he’s a cat and should be hunting rats. Well at least he likes the toy and is playing with it.

You want to pet her

Tonight I took the dog on a walk, I often do take her on her evening and mornign walks. Hubby takes her when I work early in the morning which is Tuesday and Thursday and then he usually takes her late at night. I started having him walk her after I had a scary thing happen walking her back on night, it scared me and well I ran.
Lately I been walking the dog pretty much around the block. It’s not a short block niether. Tonight I saw a couple of kids looking at the dog, and they were watching us. So I asked the little one if she wanted to pet the dog. I have never seen children wait before running up to shadow, it shows their parents are raising them right. 🙂
Normally I have treats on me for the dog but I forgot them, good thing there werr no other dogs because she be wanting attention. I decided after I had finished my there, I would run shadow for a little ways. I had figured I am out of the lilac area so I should be able to handle running for a bit. I am very out of shape or maybe it’s harder when Lilac bushes are causing me trouble breathing. I been having a hard season this year, but I think I know why our building has a lot of them bushes.
I have been losing weight, since the dog came to leave with us, it seems my weight loss has been a appetite suppressants. I put on my shorts from last year which fit me just right last year when I was smaller then my biggest size and those shorts are a wee to big, which makes me feel happy.

Getting close to being done

I only have 6 more classes to go, and then I am done with school. I am so happy. It looks like I might be graduating in September or at least walking down the isle, but don’t get the diploma until after I complete all my work. My next step is to figure out what I want my masters to be in do I want to go for counseling or Social work or something else, in a related field. I am not sure what I will be done yet as far as that goes or even where I will be going to school.
I am not sure if I will be doing a graduation party, I might do one after I am all done but I think it would be tacky if I did it myself. Oh well, I don’t expect much from hubby. I’ll be lucky if I get him to go with me for graduation. I know I would love to celebrate my finally being done with school and well maybe some people will give me more candle.

Not the same idea

Have you ever noticed that some people have a very different idea of things. Like camping my husband and I don’t think the same way at all. I believe camping isn’t with WI-Fi or other things like that, not even with Sat Tv why do we need that we aught to be spending time together exploring and having fun. But now to be fair to hubby he likes the indoors unless he fishing, good luck getting him to want to do anything outside. He blames it on his misqouto allergy, fine I am allegeric to Bees and Wasps but I do not let that stop me from going outside during the summer and having some fun.
We need a break from everything so does dad. There are a lot of things going on in his life and well frankly I want to see him have some type of enjoyment and fun. He hasn’t had much of that, and lets face it he is 86 and not in the greatest health. Yesterday we got some discouraging news for him, and us. The doctor thinks he may have a dormant cancer in his prostate. We have decided not to say anything to his sister just incase it’s really nothing. Dad talked to me some about it and asked some questions which I honestly do not have the answer for and probably will never really have the answer for it. Maybe Westgate would be away to simply hide from everything eventhough we can’t really hide from it because no matter what it won’t go away.
We recently last mom from cancer, and I lost my father and a few other from cancer, I honestly do not want to watch my hubby dad die from this too. My concern along with my husband is that cancer can spread very quickly and become like a wild fire if not handle correctly, the fear here is that if we do not respond to this we might wait to long like they did with mom and nothing was able to extend her days.
Right now they say it’s smoldering, and to not give it testostorone because not giving it that will strave the cancer, but at the same time they are doing low dose of testorone so how long before this low dose starts the wild fire. Maybe I should find some peace that the doctor said more unlikely this type of cancer is not going to be the thing to take dad’s like most men die from something totally unrelated to prostate cancer.
I guess I have to do some research and hope I gain some insight and understand. Between memory lost and my husband sister being a really crazy jerk, and yelling at me because I am protecting dad against her vulture friends who took advantage of dad. How nice, funny how when we do the right thing by dad hubby sis gets mad at us, because we stop standing for her friend taking money and using dad name to get bills. She better becareful because she will reap what she is sewing in her laugh. I feel bad on the other hand, because when we go for our vaction I would love to be able to invite her and her family but I will not put myself, dad or hubby through that type of stress. It amazing how on one hand I want hubby sister there and more involved with us but on the other hand I do not I would love to keep her from contacting us because everytime she does it always trouble. She one minute yelling at dad and yelling at hubby and I then later she acting as nice as can be. One minute she kind next minute she different, never know what her mood going to be. Hubby don’t want to tell his sister anythign because she always makes it about her, but there will come a time when we have to deal with telling her.

Down the sink

I think my bathroom sink has eaten more things than any sink I have ever had, I am surprised myMoen faucets don’t start pouring out buttons and other things that have fall down there through the faucets.
Today dad was saving, and was hitting his shaver on the sink and one of his little heads fall into it, and then it went all the way down the sink. Ops oh well nothing I can do about it, just hope the pipe don’t get clogged while we are workign on it.
looks like on Friday I will have to stop at the store and get dad a razer head again because he gotta be able to shave his face.

I haven’t posted about work in forever

I haven’t posted about work in forever, it’s a good thing, plus I can’t say much about it anyways. My job I have to hold a lot more confidentiality because of who I work for. I am still there after 4 months wow it’s amazing it’s the longest job I have had since temping and it’s not temping. I haven’t messed many days, other then when I first started and a couple of months ago, I actually want to be there and look forward to going into work.

So what am I doing know, I work with Autistic Children. Some of the kids are hard to deal with some of them are every easy and for the most it depends on the days. I like everyone kid I have worked with for the most I like all the staff I work with to, I have to admit there is one there who just simply rubs me the wrong way but I don’t care, there’s always someone like that at every job I have had. For the most everyone I work with is very nice.

I get to play outside, in the gym and get to play all day long at my job, even when we are teaching skills so my job always fun, and shoot I don’t need a Slimquick Cleanse plan now because I am doing good at losing weight or slimming down. I have remained the same after losing 10 pounds from my high, and now I am staying at the same weight but losing clothes sizes. It’s frustrating I want lose about 30 to maybe 40 pounds depends how I look after 30, now what I disagree with is the weight chart of our government. I have weighed that little and seriously look extremely thin, and my bones showed throw, which is never a good thing! I doubt they take into consideration people who are simply different shaped then a little tiny model who isn’t portraying the true people.

I will admit the pay at my new job sucks but shoot I wouldn’t quit it for nothing because I love it. I think a job that you enjoy and love sometimes makes up for the lack of being paid a living wage, and I am okay with that. The nicest thing I do not have to hear any of my surprivor asking about going out and getting drunk or doing other not so becoming things of themselves which is nice.

Simply amazing

It is simply amazing how gentle dad’s dog is, she always been very gentle since day one. It is clear this dog form a very young age was loved and treated with a bunch of compassion, sometimes to a determent of the dog, like potty training hasn’t been a very fun thing to do but she is still well behaved.
If she don’t like something instead of biting she will sit there and simply lick, when I brought this up to the vet, the vet said it a calming technically the dog been using. Instead of biting she try to calm, which is good means she great with kids.
I am just surprise she will let kids around her after where she lived for a short time and was mistreated. She hasn’t turned mean, or anything. This morning I had a couple kids run up to her with sticks, one had a long stick and asked to pet her. I said yes but first drop your stick. I didn’t want Shadow to get scared, because even though she never bite someone I still worry if she scared she just might. Not this dog she will take love from anyone who will give it to her, stick or no stick. It’s amazing after she got her eye shot out she would still be so nice to people and so trusting.
Now since she been living with us she get cared for very well, and not harmed, and never was as a small puppy harmed or abused. Maybe it not bad dogs, but bad owners for dogs who are naughty. I get frustrated when I hear they put down dogs because they are difficult to deal with, ask me I know training a dog out of bad habits is hard, and not easy but I believe it can be done.
Often children around here will ask me why can’t shadow open her eye, and I explain it to them. I tell them what she want through, some kids are to young to get into details because they wouldn’t understand it anyways, but some are old enough to understand. Today I spoke with a little girl who simply couldn’t understand why the dog could no longer open the eye, I finally just said that’s what happens when people shoot be-bee guns are dogs, they lose an eye.
Shadow has calmed down and been less clingy to me, which is good. I was starting to worry we might have a serious attachment issue with the dog, but now she cry not as much when I leave the house. Which is progress, she listening better on her walks and not attacking everything I don’t know about for hubby but for me it seems some of the training is working. I want to try one more thing that I saw yesterday on the dog trainnier on Aminal Planet, I been using a lot of ideas from that show on Shadow and it’s been working well for me.
Shadow was more attached to mom then dad, which is probably why she more attached me to I can’t believe it’s been 9 month since hubby’s mom passed away from cancer. I have experienced one to many deaths in the family from different forms of cancer. I think the worst was mesothelioma, because it progressed so quickly. Mom’s did too but we believe that she had signs of it when they x rayed her heart and found spot on her lung 2 years before she passed away. I asked the doctor if it was cancer he said he didn’t know, I guess they never followed up to that question. Well maybe they could not have done anything back then neither, because she wouldn’t have lasted longer and it might have shorten her life if she found out it was cancer.