Shadow must think she big

Shadow is our tiny dog, she only weighs about 7 pounds if that. Today someone knocked on our door and before I could put my computer down had started to enter. Our dog was going to have nothing to do with that, and she did the growl thing. I got to her quickly and picked her up.
The guy at the door goes I thought you where moved out, I asked what do you mean. We aren’t planing on moving. I told him I would call management and find out what was going on. If they want to relocate us they had better give us a longer noticed then oh 30 seconds. I was ready to give a ear full to them, I know they are doing construction on the building but they still are required by our lease to communicate huge things like moving us to a new apartment. I wonder how hubby would have responded if they moved us. LOL Doesn’t sound fun.
In the back of my mind I am thinking he got a key so no way to keep him out, so not good if he not really who he claiming. Well Shadow will gladly go at him, and I am sure she got a good bite if needed and honestly if she protected the family I not going to get after her to much. Soon on of the guy coworkers came, and and looked at the apartment and told him your at the wrong Apartment. We need 103, welp this is not 103, so guess I don’t need to call management and find out why they expected us moved out with out saying anything.
I had to pick up shadow because she’d behave better in my arms then if I let her down during this time. She probably want to show them whose boss. Good thing her bark is louder then her bite.

Almost to the finish line

I wish fat burner was easier to do than college is, I been trying to lose weight and feeling a touch unsucessful. But the good news is I am very close to completing my BA in Business Management. I have spend about 2 1/2 years and took a year off because of family troubles. I will be graduating it looks like in September and then have to finish off 3 classes and then I will be done.

I have to decide where to go and what to do for my masters. Do I want to do Counseling or Social work is the question. I found out they are trying to change the laws for what I want to do. I am not sure if I want to do a doctorit to be honest, I am not sure I can make it through another stat class. Stats I have found next to impossible, honestly it one class I don’t care about.

I have to decide on one elective and have about three options to chose from, I am not sure which one I will pick. I feel like everything is so much up in the air and it’s a little frustrating to have things so up in the air. I know what I want to do but now with the change in law I might have to decide something else. I know Social work I would be good at, and I don’t necessarily have to work with children taking them out of the home. The thing is if I do social work and did Child protection services, I would be able to relate just a little to easily. Counseling would be good because I could help people process through things which are hard. Welll I got some time to pray and think about what would be good and time to talk maybe to my employeer. I love my job working specail need children.

How am I going to save this

Recently my neighbor little girl was trying to be helpful. Her helpfulness really wasn’t much help. She downed my tomato plant, the planters I have for the tomato do not have a hole in the bottom so the water in there was not able to drain off the exess. I decided to leave it be for a couple of days and see if it would dry up. It was hot and dry out so I figured maybe it would be able to use the water in the planter fairly easily. I guess I was wrong because it stopped growing and started to change colors. Thank goodness it was plastic because I was able to pop a few holes in it with a pair of sissors. Well it’s been almost a week and my tomato plant is growing nicely and getting taller.
I am glad I was able to save it, I wouldn’t have been happy if I had to replace the plant again. I want some tomatoes and this bush is about a month away from giving me some good tomatoes.

My other plants are in smaller pots and they have holes on the bottom, I can’t wait till they start blooming becuase I am sure they will look great on the balcony. Hopefully my little nieghbor girl won’t water them again and drowned them.

I got a gift for you says the dog

Yesterday I ran to the store with hubby for something, and when I came home I wasn’t happy with the dog. I went into the bathroom to find a real nasty mess. She lived her for close to 6 months now, so I don’t understand why she started this now. Hopefully she didn’t eat it, knowing her she did. Darn dog. I had cleaned up my bathroom trash all over the floor and this isn’t the time I want her to well be in my garbage.
After dinner dad told me she had a gift for me to, I guess she brought in the living room some of the bathroom trash.
Dad didn’t say anything until later which was nice because we brought home dinner and I wouldn’t have been to happy about it. It’s amazing what pets thinks good gifts are for their owners. Cats will bring dead rats, birds and other little things they torture to death. Dogs they might go into the cat litter and give you some cat poop or so woman garbage from the bathroom trash. Oh embarassing at least dad been married before and knows all about it and wasn’t embrassed. I think I was more embarassed. Now I have the garbage under the sink, I wonder if hubby will now forget to take it out.
On friday it’s time to go and get some books maybe if I was smart I would get one to help me with this dog that will explain why she thinks waste is a good gift for the family. I just got a book this weekend and I am very close to being done with it. It’s actually a good book. I was surprised when it was recommended to me. I wasn’t so sure about it but decided it seemed more interesting then a few other books I was tossing up in the air. Friday I will probably get one of the other books. :).
It will never cease to amaze me what all the animals will bring home or bring for their owner and think they are being good. So far neither one of them have found anything living.. Maybe I should be very happy Otis is a indoor cat.

I caught a bush

Today hubby, dad and I went fishing in Alma again. We have been having a lot of fun out there. I have to say I am a little bit frustraited at my lack of catching any fish. Lets see what did I catch today and I honestly will say I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry with all the fighting I did to pull it in. I was working so hard I thought my pool just might break on me. I let it go and reeled in some more, and boy was it hard, so hubby told dad I am not going to help her and got the stupid net because he was thinking I got something big and would need help because boy it was fighting like nothing else. My first catch of the day was a big fish lure, No not a fish but a lure and a bunch of zebra mussles and line that was broken. I have to admit it kindof ticked me off. I guess hubby didn’t need his net to help me out because the lure was a really tiny fish with no life signs. If it could speak it would have said “fooled ya.” Hubby said he wanted me to have the accomplishment of catching my first MN fish in a river.
So after a while of losing my worms or mino I decided to go and try the shallow water. Well I cast and waited all the sudden I felt a tug so I said finally I got something . So once again I am reeling and letting go, reeling and I finally get my catch that wasn’t as hard as the last fake catch. I pulled out a tiny bush type branch, So I brought it over to dad and my husband and said seee what I am catching. I caught a branch! and a Lure! The joke on me today.
Before this summers over we’d like to go to the beginning of the Mississippi River, here a few hours away maybe by then I will learn how to fish better. It’s about a 4 hour drive from us maybe. maybe I should see if Stratosphere hotel is a chain type hotel because we know casinos sometimes have great rates if your playing a little bit there.
Dad managed to catch 3 fish and 1 on hubby’s reel, and hubby got 1 baby fish. I got nothing, better not count on me for dinner

What is the end goal

Lately I been wondering what my end goal will be. I know I either want to do couselling or socail work of some type of program. Right now I am doing business mangagement. Lately I been debating what is the end goal. I could do drug rehab

at a few centers, but I know from expereince with my family it is very difficult. I watch my mom struggle with addition and my older sister, for some people they need the rehab for others like my mom they are able to quit on their own when they see just how bad things really are. Grant it, mom waited until she lost her rights to her children but that her mistake and well I forgave her a long time ago from and I am proud of her for being sober now my sister was another story is needed help. It is important if you have a problem with addition to get help expecailly if you can’t leave it behind. Lately my sister and I have been worried about mom because she starting to hang out with the wrong crowd but sis is moving near so she’ll helpfull be able to help mom stay on straight and narrow.

I have been going to the UOP for several months and close to be going with my

degree program, I need to determine if I want to do family counseling throw them or go somewhere else and get a degree in something else. I really like the UOP so I rather stay there, but the question is does their degrees in my State for masters fit my need.

Come on Seriously

Come on seriously you think it’s a good idea to block in a van. I think most drivers in Mn haven’t learned the art of parking behind or infront of another car. I have a mini van. It’s older, and in the last 2 weeks I have had someone kindly leave me a nice scratch in my back bumper and along the side of the car. Did I call my insurance agent No, no sense no one lift me a note. I hate parking by were I work. I got out to my car today and had 2 cars parked by my van made it next to impossible for me to get out. In the back of the van I was barely able to walk through to get to the driver side, and in the front of the van, no even enough to put my leg there.
So I walked around the van, and back it up, with out hitting the car behind me. Now that was tricky but I managed it. Then I pulled forward and started turning the wheele toward the street, got it as close as I could with out hitting the car. Maybe I should have been rude and bump the car out of my way, shoot would have took me a lot less time to get out of the space I was in. After about 5 minutes or so I was finally free with out hitting either of the car, so I felt very proud of myself. I wasn’t about to sit in my car until one of the owners came no telling when that would be.
I start on my way home, and happy to say nothing happened until I got on 35 and 62 and some dumb driver was going 25 in the middle lane, and I couldn’t pass by him. It was frustraiting finally I got to pass him by, and be on my merry way to Target. When I was done with Target it was time to head home and fix lunch and do some homework.
I really wish when people would drive or park they would be considerate of other people be side themselves.