Being mindful

Sometimes it hard to be mindful of things, and compassionate. Sometimes it simply easier to say what you want and not worry about the consequences. Tonight it was hard not to say something very unkind about my nephew mom, but I thought back how I felt when my granny would say unkind things about my mom and I felt I had to defend my mom.
It never mattered if it was the truth I wanted to take care of her and protect her. It was like if she needed acne treatments I didn’t see the problems from eyes could see it she was simply my mom.
Tonight I spoke up and said not to say nothing bad about her to my husband and dad. I did let our nephew now that hey you know we where down there every weekend, while mom was sick. I explain to him, I had laptop money saved aside and emergency fund money saved aside and we went through all of it to be there for mom and dad.
My husband sister didn’t even make it more then 2 times, when mom was first diagnosed with cancer. It’s very hard to say nothing. It very hard to keep silent because me and my husband just about put our selves on the street to take care of my husband dad. At the same time I don’t want to speak ill of his mom even though I would love to see her reap what she sowing. Her son ended up being a well mannered young man.

Watch out, I’m coming

Ever notice how pets like to be under your feet and always want your attention when it just simply not good. Lately it’s been both Otis and shadow under my feet. I can’t even go to the bathroom with out one of them in there.
I don’t dare leave my laptop open when I am gone because now both animal have taken a attraction to my laptop. I hope one of them don’t hit the wrong thing and erase my hard drive maybe I should look into online data backup. My husband should look into it too because the last year he had some very bad luck with hard drivers.
The other day Shadow manage to take off a couple of keys. I told her you Watch out I am coming for you. Now I don’t get to upset because I was able to put them all back on but talk about a lesson in closing the laptop to keep pets from getting into it.
Yesterday I was sitting at my disk because I had to print off some stuff. When I am sitting printing or eating I tend to kick my feet and I guess Shadow now thinks my foot is hers to attack, I guess she was coming to get me and I should have watch out. Thank goodness she don’t bite to hard and you can tell she playing because it never hard.

I’d rather be at work

Yet another day missed work, at least my supervisor understands. I had the weekend from **** this week. I am still tired, and it doesn’t help that a bill collected called and work me up well before they should be calling people, and the sad thing is they where from my state so they aught to know better. I’m already ready for the weekend. Dad has been living up here since Thanksgiving and we decided we had to leave dad house go. Hubby and I can’t afford it and and dad living up here there is no need for his house. At first we tired to rent it but that fall through.
For a long time hubby and I let dad live here for nothing at all, we refused to let him help. We brought it up to his mental health person who told us one of use would have to be at home more. I told her I already cut back hours at work and we can’t afford to have me cut down any more hours at work. I handle Utilities and grocery and the cost of dad moving in increased our grocery bill at least by half, because he’d refused to eat leftover. We didn’t want to take his money under no circumstances because so many people took advantage of him. Funny thing is money causes more arguments because I don’t want to take it from him.
That week we came up with the agreement dad would pay for the loss hours at work, and help cover utitities and grocery, and that he’d get entertainment money. This has helped but to be honest, I don’t take the money I am short falling normally I take the 300 towards getting the utilities meet, and grocery. I have missed two days of work which is going to make me short for meeting my credit card bill, and getting things I need a round the house.
I talked to my sister this weekend to share with her a little about hubby dad. Shared with her about what’s been happening with the other half of the family. My sister had good advice, don’t hold resentment towards his sister, just do what needs to be done. Take care of dad and know you are doing right by him. My sister and her hubby have went through what we have. I hate to say this but I think dad aging, has well brought me and sister a little closer together, because she don’t treat me like the little sister. Finally after 30 some odd years sis is starting to see me as a adult. Funny thing is she only 10 months older than me but tries to treat me like I am 5 yrs old sometimes.
Maybe my sis in law needs to look at best diet pills, so that she can get the energy she needs to help, and care for her children. It’s amazing how she will call and complain about her son’s brother father having him with him and refusing to send him home but yet she never does anything about it. It’s amazing how she calls and yells at us when finally we decide to defend dad against people who took advantage of him. You’d think she’d want to protect her father…. Not call and yell at us because we finally call the cops on someone who had several warnings to take all utilities out of dad’s name, or any credit cards with his name on it closed. You took my daddy away I was daddy’s little girl. More like daddies trouble maker who only cares about being able to take whatever can be taken for him for his son to have to turn around and clean it up.
Tonight is casino night because dad was ill over the weekend I guess I better get my homework started and a good start on it.


I was wandering on line and misspelt what I was looking for, for class. I am not sure why I stayed but I did. There are so many products out there for wieght lose or get good sleep, or get more engry. I landed on the Stemulite Website. It seems some well known sports players use this supplement and swear by it.
One good thing I found on there site is they have a nutrition specialist, you can contact with question. Now I am not saying don’t talk to your primary doctor but this seems to be responsible of them. It’s good they would have someone there to answer questions of prospective customers.
They have a meal replacement products, products which are supposed to help with getting into deep REM sleep and we all know what a lack of REM sleep can do. I like their product outline because it is all natural, and they do not using refined sugars according to their site. Unfortintely I wasn’t able to find ingredents for their products, but they claim all products are natural which meand they are probably not using fake sugars neither.
I think I might contact my doctor and talk to her about trying their daily vitiman. I started losing weight and probably don’t want to start taking something to help me lose it yet, but I don’t get enough nutrition lately with how busy I been.

Almost 24 hour seriously not in the mood

I am not in a pleasant mood today. Thankgoodness no one had to deal with me today. Well no one excet a cashier and the bagger, but that went good. I am so tired, even though I sleep about 6 hours. I didn’t want to sleep to long when we got back because I am worried I am going to mess up my sleep pattern. Last night we had to take dad to the Er the first 4 hours we where fine, and as patient as one can be. Dad was having dizzy spells and fall a couple of times, they where worried it might be a stroke or heart episode. We finally got out of the Er a little before 6am and were home by 6am. I decided I needed to take shadow for a walk. She didn’t get to go potty at night when we got home.
Almost 24 hours with out any sleep seriously I wasn’t in the mood for cars in the parking lot going close to 40 miles a hour. I bearly got the dog and me up on the curb before they came flying by. I felt just slightly more grouchy.
It’s not like it’s a main road where you get to drive 40 miles a hour. I felt like the last day or so has been like long distance moving companies, that never gets to stop. At least I was able to catch up on class and get my participation in for today eventhough I didn’t for yesterday. But then again normally I just skip Saturday, but I emailed the professor about it. I figured I would be a little late.
What really put me in a bad mood is feeling a car was a little to close to comfort. I was worried he might run me over and hubby and dad would be heading right back to ER to deal with another crisis. What I honestly worry about is how fast people are driving I would love to see a cop here to watch people drive and start giving out some tickets to these speeders before someone gets hurt or worst killed! What I realize today while talking to hubby is that there are no speed limit signs maybe management here needs to think seriously about setting up speed limit signs.

Almost have to be rude

I am normally not to rude with people, and always try to treat people in customer care nicely from my Internet/Direct Tv carrier. Lately I have to admit I haven’t been happy with their idea of customer care. I use multiband as my prodiver, they work with Direct Tv, so they are who I call when there are any problems with my Tv. Yet, I am paying Direct Tv directly for my services because they haven’t been recieving payment from my company nor were they charging me. So no big deal I can handle that, with out to much trouble.
The other day we got our Property taxes hubby been wanting a new Tv for a long time, so off we went looking for a nice Tv. The only thing we didn’t look at was wholesale electronics. I will be writing about the TV on my other blog, but at least this will help explain why I unplugged my satellite box for a couple of minutes. I needed to change out power supply to something that was safe for the new TV.
So I unplugged everything my power supply has a place for the TV, 2 accessories, DVD, Vedio, and CD and AMP, and even one for cable/Sat box. So I plugged everything into the new one, well the stupid thing was locked and needed to be open a certian way and the sat box went back to factory settings. I tried to set it up, but it kept getting stock on step 9 and it wasn’t recieving info from the satellite.
So I called Tech Support, I have lost power before and they’ve always been able to help me. I was told a tech would call me, and if they couldn’t help me they’d set me up an appointment. Okay I waited 2 hours and called them back, I felt I waited long enough to hear back from someone. The operator told me that they had me scheduled for someone to come out late afternoon on the Monday, I told him what happened to someone calling me. I told me very clearly monday was not acceptable because I had a 86 year old man living here and him telling me he going to walk a mile to watch TV. , waiting until late monday was not OKAY! It simple enough to walk me through this and it’s been done in the past. I had to get almost rude with him, more then a little assertive. I have had to do this several times now. Maybe they don’t think it’s rude because I don’t yell or cuss.
Today I was talking to a coworker who was having trouble with her AC and we where talking about Call centers, and how sometimes you have to get down right rude to get an out come. I think these companies sending their work over seas to deal with problems might need to rethink it, half the time those people do not understand and sometimes the problems is made worst. At least my Internet/TV provider has people from here to deal with figuring out our problems.