Hey what’s this

Hey what’s this honey, is how it started. I think I would be better off just shutting down my computers and telling him to turn of the TV before anything else can happen. I opened one of my pages, and it was highlighting things with out me having a url or directional to it. I don’t know why but it was rather weird, I don’t know what Nespresso but that’s pretty simple to figure out.
I feel like the dog today, hey what’s this, the skies falling the skies falling, when it simply a chestnut falling down. I think the squirrel she chased up that tree wanted to teach her a lesson and drop a few chestnut on her heads and now seems to be looking for her. The dog always looks up into the tree like what’s that and now she been trying to run past it, it’s always the same tree in the morning and afternoons. Tonight it been like that for me, it took me a good 4 hours to get my internet connection back working thank goodness I got done my discussion question for school because I would be really mad tonight, if I still had homework to do. Hopefully tomorrow will go better for me, at least I get to go to a job I love.

Long day

It’s been a long day, Saturday always is, and probably always will be. Today on our way home from service we got a call, that one of our nephews was here to visit. I am so happy he finally got to come up and see grandpa. Tomorrow will be another long day, because we have a picnic tomorrow, and we will be going and watching our nephew race tomorrow afternoon.
I am looking forward to tomorrow but starting to wonder how I will complete all my homework done. To bad I can’t use a seo service to get all my homework completed quickly. I have a paper to write, and some discussion questions to answer or follow up on.
It was nice to be able to talk tonight about things which are going on at home, with out dad their or the children, just us adult. We have been dealing with dad losing his memory and some other things. We got something cleared up to. I have noticed something which surprises me, I seem to have a hard time tell my nephews no, when I need to tell them no because I do not want to hurt their feelings. It’s actually kind of funny that I have a hard time keeping my boundaries because normally, I am very direct with children, and most now my expectation of them. So if funny I am having a hard time, telling my nephews no, or well having a stronger we need to go.

You had better not

Do parents parent their children any more or are they just allowing their children to run wild. Last night my nephew and I where walking shadow. I needed to go to the store, and shadow needed a walk, so my nephew offered to walk the dog and wait for me to come back. He walk me done to the local store here where I got what was need. We headed back home and there was a group of children playing. One of them had a long sword, and was shooting kill the dog. Kill the dog.
We got worried because he was looking right at the dog, I picked her up there is no way in heck I will let some brat hurt that dog. I figured carrying her kept her safe, she wouldn’t do anything to anyone. She a gentle dog, and doesn’t bite, she will lick you to try to stop you from hurting her. I don’t have a problem with children who are behaving well if their parents aren’t around but when they are threatening a small dog I really do have a problems. When we walked by the kid was still saying kill the dog. I told him don’t you dare or you will be sorry. Grant it I wouldn’t hurt him but I will stop him, and call the cops on him if I can’t track his parents down. Any child who 10 years old better know better then hurt a animal.
This morning I took out shadow for her am walk and a kid came up asking me to help him find his friend. He was on a back, and shadow felt threaten. She growled at the kid, I don’t blame her after last night, I would too if i was her. Not like you can find a fix for a scared dog at a pet supplies store, the best thing is to expose her to good children who love animals.

The thanks I get

Sometimes I feel like my husband and I are alone in dealing with everything. My husband and I had our wedding anniversary last night but didn’t get to celebrate because we got married on dad’s b-day. We choose to throw dad a little get together with his grand son and the grandchild father. Dad has a habit of lying he is the biggest liar I have ever met, and right now I am feeling a little angry. My husband and I are scarifying a lot so dad can live with us, if he wasn’t here he’d need to be in a home.
Dad been telling his daughter who has been very uneasy to deal with for quite a while that we have refused to take him down, even though He himself does not want to go down. He says we won’t give him a ride down there, after we told him if he wanted to go he can go. Then he says well then I can’t see this grandchild. Yes if we go down then we can’t see the other one for the day. Instead of owing his feelings he blames it all on hubby and I. Great.
My husband and I get one night a week together, and even those night have been cut short because of dad wanting our attention 100 % of the time. If we go out he lies to people at our congregation and tells them we are out all hours of the night and don’t feed him or other things. This is concerning because we are not out all hours of the night except for maybe once in while when hubby wants to go singing and then we leave later. Oh well, when we try to talk to dad about him telling people untruths he gets angry about it. He doesn’t realize if he lying people are going to maybe believe him.
Now he lying to the grand children about hubby and I and we aren’t even doing what he claims. We are listening to him say I do not want to go down, what are we supposed to do make him go down anyways this way the grandchildren now we are not the horned devil him and their mom has made us out to be.
I am a full-time student once in a while I am out late because of class but then hubby is home. I think I need to start taking diet pills to lose weight faster, but hey I broke my wisdom tooth this week, and every dentist I been to say it don’t look well and my jaw going to be broke that will make me lose weight.
Today dad talked to his daughter to tell her, he didn’t have a ride down because the kids won’t let him go. This is after I threw him a surprised B-day party, because I knew it was important to him. I have put him before my husband in many ways, because I feel dad needs more care, and time then hubby. I am just tired of not being able to talk to my husband about things with out dad worrying we are going to separate, or something. We don’t even have to be arguing for dad to assume the worst of us.

If I hug you, do I get my way

If I hug you, do I get my way. I am fairly sure this is what one of my little kids thinks who I work with. I expect a lot from the children I work with, but I am also sometimes a little to helpful and I’ve been working on not being so helpful. I hate it but lets face it when they leave this program they won’t have someone there to do everything for them so I aught not.
One of my kids will smile at me then kick me, ouch my legs are starting to feel just a little tender. Oh well. Lately when some of them don’t want to do something challenging they start hugging me. I almost wonder if they think, maybe if I hug her she’ll feel bad for making work hard. I hate to say it I don’t feel bad, sometimes I want to help them and have to fight the urge to do so.
The best thing is seeing a child face lite up when they did something for the first time, or when it gets easier for them to do the activity. I love watching their faces when they finally make a connection. Sometimes it hard when they don’t wanna try.
Some times it helps to have the cardboard display for different activities, to show them what it aught to look like. I love my job and so glad I am doing it. Wow I been there for over 6 months and still love it!