You don’t own the road

This morning I was driving to work. It was a little rainy out and I was running on time. So I wasn’t rushing but boy I wish I would have picked a different route. I got off the highway where I normally do for am shifts. I had no trouble on any roads and the garage door actually open on the first try. Normally in the garage I am tempted to drive right throw it after about the 5th time of driving over the tubby thing which tells it to open. I think people in MN haven’t learned polite road manners, which means winter driving will be a nightmare, seems people are getting ruder and ruder. Normally I try not to lay on the horn but this morning I felt I needed to. I drive a van and well there’s not much room for me to go right or left before I eat up the space. I think maybe during the winter instead of staying home, I should do a orlando vacations.
This morning I made my left turn on the road which will eventually get me close to work, and was behind a guy going 20 miles an hour. I decided to pass him it was on a 4 lane street. Well when I went to pass the person they started speeding up and coming into my lane. I honked tried to warn him he was getting a little to close, they honked back and kept trying to get close to me. I was actually worried the guy was going to run me onto the median and into the tree coming up. I finally hit the gas and speed up I figured if he was dumb enough to keep at it I would call for help. Being a woman, that feeling threatened by someone with a big truck would get me help pretty quickly.

I don’t want short walk

It’s getting cold outside so we have had to get Shadow on shorter walks. She is about 8 pounds give or take about a pound. She seems to think she needs very long walks to go potty. Normally during the summer I take her out for at least 30 minutes, but know with the winter coming she needs to be back in within 10 to 15 minutes and even that is to long to be outside. This week I have had to give her shorter walks because of rain and cold temperatures, today because I needed to get back home and deal with my office supplies. I needed to reinstall the printer, and print up my reading for the learning team assignments I have. This class is getting hard to stay caught up with since I fall behind I still haven’t completed my week 2 reading and tomorrow starts week 3. I still have to do my weekly summery but back to the dog.
Yesterday it was fairly cold in the morning, and we went for a short walk. If that dog could talk she would say, I don’t want a short walk. I won’t go Pee or Pooh for you, because I need my long walk. I took her a good distance, in the afternoon. I gave her almost her entire summer time walk and she didn’t go neither. I decided it would be good to put her in the kennel because I knew she had to go pooh, and I have no intentions on teaching her it’s okay to go potty inside the house. So I guess this winter if she don’t go within her time period she be in the kennel, maybe this will teach her. I need to go out when I am brought out.
Grant it I put a coat on her, and booties on her, but I still worry her being a tiny dog she could get cold to quickly and it could be harmful for her.

Watch out

I am starting to wonder if my van has a red bulls eye or a sign which says hit me. Lately it seems like drivers have gotten dumber. On friday I was driving home form work and had 2 people decide to make a right turn from the left lane right in front of me, and then when I finally got home, some idiot almost hit me head on, in the driveway. Had I not been just about on the grass she would have hit me. This is the 2nd or 3rd time they have almost hit me. I think they see my van and they like to get as close as possible to me. Not sure why.
Winter coming and with people driving this stupidly, I not sure i want to see them on the road once the snow starts flying. Seriously vehicles can kill a person, and some people don’t drive with the responsibility they should, they drive like they are the center of the world. oh well, so far I been able to keep my self out of trouble.
That’s the important thing I tend to anticipate what people will do. I drive assertively, and try hard to keep my eyes on the road and what’s around me. It’s important with anything you do to know what you getting into and what where your going. Driving isn’t like writing alli reviews it takes concentration and doesn’t end until your off the road and parked safely.

That makes no sense

The other day I was listening to the Radio on my way into work. It was a day where I go in early, so it was the morning show. The hosts where talking about something that happened in California. I will say I don’t think I will ever want to live there for many reason. I guess I will never need a cargo liner to move me there. They had shared about a man in his kitchen making coffee. Grant it he was well nude but he’s in his house, and frankly I can’t think of any kitchens which are in the front of the house where they can be seen from the street. So this makes no sense to me. Most kitchens I am familiar with on the side which are between the 2 houses or in the back alley in the back of the house.
The lady had no business looking into his home, it’s not her business what he’s doing in there. I could understand it he was out on his porch and nude or showing himself freely but making coffee in his kitchen, and getting ticket or arrested. I can’t remember if he was arrested I almost think he was.
Grant it the lady had her child with her but still I don’t see how she had the right to look into his house, and well frankly she shouldn’t be teaching her child to look inside the house. It’s her fault she got the eye full, not the guys fault. Grant it I wouldn’t want to be wondering around my home in the nude especially in the kitchen but some people simply don’t mind. Maybe the guy needs to get some blinds in the kitchen.

I can’t breath

Normally we do not go to the little casino during the weekend, but dad wanted to go and I didn’t think anything would be wrong with it. During the week the cigerette smoke never gets to me and I still can breath okay, so I thought it would be well enough ventillated tonight. I have asthma which I have talked about before and cigerette smoke always gets gives me troubles with breathing. If we continue to go to the little casino then we will need to go during the week when the smoke isn’t to bad or I might need to find the Blue Advantage face look and that not fun. My lungs still hurt and bugging me when I take a deep breath, or when I walk fast which isn’t a good sign. Means tomorrow I might have trouble if I can’t sleep well. I don’t go to the doctor unless I am really bad and can’t breath at all this is a allergy type of problem and will go away in a day or two with taking my meds.

I will be happy when school is done

I have to admit that I am starting this class off to a bad start. I am already behind on my assignments for weekone, and can’t get my paper started until I get everything solved on my computer. I don’t want to stat this process and then have nothing but troubles later. Last week I got a call from school, almost wish I wouldn’t have gotten it because now I feel like I have a case of senioritiz. I am so close to being doing with my business management degree and almost will hopefully start my masters right away and get it done with, I might want to take a little while off but I don’t really want to. I have taken a lot of business classes, I wonder how insurance marketing would be for me with my degree, actaully I wouldn’t leave my job if someone gave me a million dollars right now. My masters will be in Family counseling I want to help people, and my job right now I help Autistic children learn daily life skills. So I feel good about what I do.

Look at me in the Mirror I’m Fat

Tonight we went out to a couple from our congregation house. I love that family, and I always feel good when I am around them. We had some chili dinner, boy was it good I had the vegetarian chili. I tried a couple of new things. It was a good night tonight, I wish I didn’t come home but I was hoping to get a good start on homework, and get half of my written assignments done then finish it in the morning, but now I am working on fixing the desktop because it just crashed on me. Lovely…. I rather fellowship with my congregants then being frustrated to tears with my computer. I need to get homework done….
When it was time to leave, they offered to give us back our dessert that we brought. Hubby on a diet, I wonder how long it will last. 🙂 It seems hard only 500 calories during the day, may goodness on that amount of calories in the day I would collapse after working with the kids. I know during the night I need a lot less calories then I do during the days that I am working. Shoot stress is the best fat burners I know, I trend not to want to eat. But anyways, when he offered us back the dessert I told him. Look at me in a mirror I am fat. No one knew what to say, I think I might of shocked them. Well it the truth I am fat, maybe not to them, but I do look it in the mirror. LOL I am sometimes a little to honest for my own good and sometimes people don’t know how to respond to that.

Not her fault

I was listening to the news, and I was a little upset at what someone said in relations to a young lady being raped. According to the news she was heading home from her boyfriends house but before going home she wanted to stop for something to eat. There are just something you don’t want to say after someone been raped by gun point, it a horrible thing to live with and placing blame on the victim is not okay. What really ticked me off is someone saying that they would have never walked outside at night and it not the place to be. First off news flash women get raped in broad daylight so should they have not been out then too. It’s not her fault that she was raped, she did NOT ask for it because she was out late walking to a restaurant, she didn’t do anything wrong.
Now maybe her boyfriend should have walked her home or his parents if they where younger teens should have given her a ride but still it’s not their fault neither, it wasn’t them holding the gun to her. The one to blame isn’t this young lady but her attacker. I hope the police find this guy because clearly someone this dangerous needs to be off our streets, he shouldn’t be walking around for more victims to get so maybe instead of focusing so darn much on the victim shouldn’t have been out that late maybe we should focus on this jackass not having a right to what he done to her.
I know from experience of being a victim when I was in my early 20, how easy it was to blame myself and think because I had been somewhere or lift with them it was my fault, and it was easy to believe people who told me it was my fault. I can’t tell you how many of my friends, I found where not my friends. I was dumped by my so called boyfriend because he felt I should have never put myself in that situation. It took me a long time to understand what had happen to me wasn’t my fault, I said NO and it wasn’t listen to. It wasn’t my choice, it was his. Rape is a thing of control, and making the person feel like they lose all control. It a horrible feeling, and no one should blame this young lady for surviving a horrible thing. If anything they need to tell her it will be okay, and it will be hard but she will survive it and in time things will be better.
I hope her family will get her some help dealing with the after math of what happened, and that they will be there for her. So what she was out late at night, who cares, doesn’t give anyone the right to bring harm to her. Yes she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I am sorry she had to survive something this horrible, but there nothing that can be done to change the past, now she will need to go forward even though, it is hard she will need to overcome it. I know right after it happens the feeling of lose and the fear which is the most intense thing I have ever felt, but that passes.

Personally I think rapist male or female should be hidden under floor tiles and forgotten about. I used to not be for capital punishment but you know surviving horrible things tends to change a person view point. Now I know people think carrying pepper spray or mace is a good thing to do, it can be ask long as it doesn’t backfire and blow back into your face. Now learning self defense I think is the best approach because it gives you more then a can which can backfire. Now I wouldn’t mind having a tazier but I don’t think I could stop myself from using it after they are down. So it’s probably good I don’t have one. I have to admit for a long time I didn’t even recognize myself because I had changed so much, and my outlook on what was okay had changed for a long time.