So smart but so stubborn

Wow, this dog is very stubborn they are one of the smartest breeds but they really know how to test patients. This dog if she had the choice would hold her poop a week just to go inside the house. She hasn’t figure out yet if she don’t go potty she gets to be locked in her kennel. I am not sure why she won’t go outside when she needs to go, but she holds it and it’s almost funny to watch her walk with her butt tucking down to the ground because she needs to do so badly. So smart but so stubborn this little dog is, well I guess this is what you get when you try to teach the dog to go potty outside. To bad motorhome insurance won’t cover the dog making a mess in the house. She knows what needed, she feed, she’d cared for and played with yet she still wants to poop where she knows it’s a no-no.
This weekend I got dad a book about his dog he liked it and told me today. He told me she one of the smartest breeds.

Just go

I had already ran to the store to pick up a couple of things. I knew we needed to get a couple of litters of pop to share for tomorrow, dad needed milk and been bugging me for french toast. I am not ready for that much chewing so I just got some of that premade stuff for him. They have a lot of good stuff premade, I need to clean the kitchen but I hate cleaning it to bad I can’t just do a web directories for cleaning it and have it self clean.
Tonight my hubby called and asked me if I wanted to go to Cubs with him. No I hate shopping with him he frustrates me because he takes for ever and walks slow. I am a fast walker and his slow walking is annoying especially when we know what we need. I rather him just go. If he goes then I do not have to worry about getting frustrated with him. I know he probably like me to drive because my care gets far less gas mileage then his I don’t mind driving but you know I just don’t want to go shopping I hate it and we did it last night.

Starting back on solids

I had 2 molars taken out, and been on a pretty much liquid diet for a little over a week or very soft foods. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks and I just started eating more solid foods. The liquid diet I been on has well been a goodappetite suppressants, I can’t even eat all my dinner, and if I do I get a upset stomach with another unfortunate problem. Last night we went out to our little favorite restaurant, and I hate to say it the food did not agree with me.
I think I should have been a little more careful increasing my solids, I am not going to try to force more food then I need if I feel full I will have to make sure I stop right away. I don’t want to gain weight. I have at least 3 molars to go and 4 wisdom teeth to go. I am hoping the wisdom teeth can be all done at the same time but probably not. Hopefully my recovery will be quicker then 2 weeks and then some.

Meeting hubby half sister

Last night my hubby half sister came into town. He hasn’t seen her in 14 years or so, I have to be honest I was a little worried about meeting her and her 2 children. I will say I was very impressed with her children, they were very sweet and respectful. I work with children and not often do you find children well behaved. I have to admit I am glad I met her and I hope that hubby and her can stay in contact it important to have family. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t. They brought use each something, which was unexpected I got a plaque with a scripture on it, and the funny thing is it was perfectly timed.
I had a couple minutes to talk to her children last night about their favorite and less favorite classes and they seemed to like school pretty much for the most. I was surprised the boy liked science but not math. Math and science are very much a like once you get in higher grades, hopefully he will continue liking science. I think the girl liked school in general which is good. Education is important, more important then any acne products.
Last night we went out to dinner at the Italian place and today I made a chicken dinner. My idea of candied sweet potatoes was different then her sons, I do mine with marshmallows, they do it with out. It was alot sweeter then they were used to. No one complained and they seemed to enjoy it and his sis said she liked it. I was even able to eat most of it because my chicken was so tender and moist that I could cut it tiny with my fork and not chew it up. I am still healing from my molars coming out. I will say his sister and her children have been a blessing and was nice to have them over to fellowship with.

Stop on the way home

Last night my husband texted me telling me to pick up some meds for dad. He’s lucky he was asking for dad and not himself because I don’t think I would have, I honestly wanted to simply go home. My face was so numb and I felt a little well strange and didn’t want to be out drawling blood all over the place, hubby must of never had teeth taken out of him as an adult because if he had he would have offered to make the run for me. Oh well.
I got dad his meds and me some pudding and someone decided to go into my pudding, but no one wants to admit to doing it which is kind of frustrating considering I don’t get to eat anything solid. Oh well no big deal I can get some more if I need to.
I will need to go to t-mobile soon and get a new cellphone because I pretty much damaged the phone, I might go and look see what they are offering but probably not get anything unless it’s pretty much free. I am not sure what I want anyways and I have found a couple things I like.
I am surprised I am in no pain so I don’t feel I need to runaway to get away from my family. I am going to have to figure out dinner for them because I know hubby won’t want to do it, so it falls on me. Well at least advil does a good job with what pain I have and since I got on it right away that probably helps.

Almost there

I have one more class to go and then I graduate from my Business Management degree. It has been a long few years and I have had to use plenty of web directories list, plenty of websites and I still can not seem to research simple subjects with any success. I entire words they suggest and get so many bad articles it frighting, I think things as far as good information was better when most of it had to be found in the library. The internet seems to be simple so full of useless stuff.
Oh well I am sure if I keep looking I will find something good at least this week it’s one article and studying for the stupid final exam. I hate taking test. I also have a presentation this week. My next step is getting my masters in community counseling or maybe social work depending on a few things and if I change schools.

I gotta remember

Man, I been promising my mom I would send her pictures and I keep forgetting to mail it to her, and granny and my sister. Speaking of that I need to get some pictures of my pets and sent it over to mom and my sister. Things at home are going pretty good. I am a little bummed that I can not work tomorrow. I love my job, it’s very rewarding, I bet making Anilox cleaner is too. Wouldn’t it be great to come up with an invention that works for people, and makes there life easier.
The dog is doing the stubborn pup act with me. Maybe if tomorrow nice and I am not in a ton of pain I will take her for a walk. I am going to go crazy if I am at home all day tomorrow but I can’t work, what a bummer.

follow the leader not good

This morning I was on my way to work. I got off at my exit and there was a Semi truck in front of me. I don’t know how I do it but when ever there is a semi truck in front of me at that intersection I play follow the leader. I wonder if they have video surveillance equipment there, hopefully I will not get a ticket. I haven’t yet, but I don’t often run that one. Good thing my insurance agent doesn’t know sometimes I just well follow the leader and at least I have never gotten into an accident, I have been blessed.
We got our insurance update from them and I guess it went down to under 200 for 6 months, which is great. Compared to some other companies. We are being rewarded for our clean and safe driving, but some days I wonder how I got it. Like this morning grant it the other light hadn’t changed yet, so I was okay, good thing no cops where around.

not the cat laser it’s mine

I think I found something better then anyfat burner pills I laugh so hard at the dog. The other day I decided to get a laser to try to play with the cat, but Otis wanted nothing to do with it. Now the dog on the other hand, she thinks it’s the greatest, she will run herself into circles. It’s funny, how she goes after it and then tries to attack the light and now she barks at it.
The other day I had her running in circles until she fall on her butt and then she wanted more. My husband had her running after it until she was panting and she is still wanting more.