Oh no, Watch out

My car has no dents and I don’t plan on getting any of them. We went to the casino friday for dad dinner. I wonder if someone like Dolan Designs does their decor, who knows. Well we finish or dinner, and was getting ready to leave the casino to stop at the gas station. I had pulled out of the space and was about to go forward when an idiot decided to take a turn way to fast in the conditions we had and lost some control of his car. He almost hit both my car and a car which was parked, I was sure he would end up hitting me. Luckly the good L-rd must of been listening because he missed us by a few feet.
So far those of you who don’t know how to drive in the winter stay off the road, and for those of you idiots intentionally driving stupidly stay off the roads. Now I do not know if the person was drunk and frankly I don’t care but I would have cared if he hit me.
Dad had asked what I would have done if he hit me and I said I would have sued him for lost time, and injuries and replacement/repair of the car he crashed in to. I would have went after him, for damages caused to the family. Probably not more then that, but shoot it would be tempting, because he would have hit my side of the car and probably hit me, which at his speed hard to say who would be doing the suing. At least the idiot didn’t hit neither cars and I didn’t go ahead and get into a accident.
Remember in snow and ice give enough time for stopping go slowly around turns and do not slam on the breaks.

The animals must have a thing for hubby

My hubby isn’t happy with the animals, twice now one of the animals have peed on his bedding. I am not sure why Otis would do it other then trying to mark his territory or to take revenge on hubby. The cat has never much liked hubby whole lot, but never really done anything against him. If it was him who peed on the bed, I think it might of been trying to tell him clean the litter out. If it was the dog well she likes peeing in the cats territory, I can not remember her being in there.
She might have sneaked into the room while i was going in and out looking for things. The cat normally uses his cat litter, he good at doing that a few times he hasn’t but for the most he does. Know if he can’t get to it, no amount of best term life insurance is going to make him go in his litter. So it was one of them, not sure which one but maybe we will figure it out some day.
Otis thing is puking on stuff he a long hair cat who gets hair balls.

You think I am going to walk in that

We have gotten a lot of snow enough to make walking the dog funny at times. The dog is a small dog, about maybe a little over a foot. The first night of snow, I decided I would try to go down the same path as normal but don’t think for a minute that you could see that path. The snow pretty much buried the dog right away. I decided she could find a place on the partially shoveled sidewalk, well she did but she wasn’t very happy with me.
She walked around with the attitude of, you think I am going to walk through that, well I got her out with the laser light. I got it for the cat but boy the dog likes it so much more then he. I got her out of the tall snow, and walked her along the sidewalk I was surprised that the wall of snow there was taller then her. Later that night I looked out the window and saw that the snow plowed had pilled snow pretty high there and it was almost as tall as the balcony rail. Well good thing we have cheap health insurance for the dog, and if we need to see the vet, we can use it. I do not for see any trouble unless she gets buried in snow and can’t find her right away. I will probably just keep her on the sidewalk, were the snow can not bury her.

I like my Kia

I will tell you what, I like my new kia it’s been cold the last few days, and boy that car warms up quickly and throws out hot air like you wouldn’t believe. Kia seems to be growing in popularity or maybe it’s because I have one now it seems like I see more Kias. At least I will not have to replace anything in the car except for oil anytime soon not even a water filters. Most of the stuff was worked on already by the mechanic who I bought it from. I am getting on average 27 miles per gallon, now this is simply amazing because 3 night this week I got trapped in very ugly traffic and didn’t run out of gas or go under 27 mile per gallon on gas. My biggest complaint is that the tank isn’t very big so the max city driving I gotten is 230, hwy will probably be max of 350 because it depends on traffic how well the car does on gas.
I have a CD player so I was able to play a sound track today that I got with my new Persona game, I like the sound track so having it in the car was nice.
Lets see the biggest problem is my yellow thing expired and I still don’t have tabs I guess if I don’t get them by tomorrow I will call the dealer again and tell him he needs to give me another yellow thingy for the window, or pay for parking tickets if I get any. I probably wouldn’t do that but it would be funny if I did. I am hoping the dealer ship is right that I won’t get ticketed because police know sometimes dealers take a while. We’ll see, probably worried about nothing. I do have to say I like a car which heats up within 4 city blocks or 5 to 10 minutes. It’s great having a heater. I still would recommend kia to friends and family. Yep I am know a Kia fan.

Talking in sleep

Dad talks in his sleep a lot, and lately it seems like he having some serious arguments. Last night he was pretty much screaming at the person and telling them how ugly they where acting. I believe his mind is doing this to help him process though his anger because he tries to keep it to him self, because he thinks it’s his own accessory and no one can have the same a href=”http://www.buy.com/cat/nintendo-wii-wireless-controllers-and-accessories/64517.html”>wii accessories. There has been a lot going on in the family, and it’s been stressful for him. We try not to let him know to much, because we don’t want him stressed our upset, and sometimes hubby will tell him we’ve kept it to ourselves sometimes I think it’s best to say nothing at all.
It’s hard to determine what should be shared or should not be shared with him, because if he finds out after the fact he gets mad, so I guess we need to simply figure out the best way to handle him.