I still like my car

I remember when I started looking at getting a new car, and having to call my agent for a couple of auto insurance quote, even though I went with a different car then I got quoted I figured it wouldn’t be much different and was right.
My Kia Rio Cinco is big enough to carry a good amount of stuff in the back, but also small enough to park it in a smaller space. I don’t normally like green but I really like the color. Today I was very glad I had a small car, I was on the highway heading home, I wasn’t needed at work, and some idiot was in the middle line going about 30 miles an hour, so I decided I would speed up a little and move over, what I didn’t see is someone else had the same idea but was going closer to 90 miles an hour. I was able to get out of the way with out hitting the other person, and with out being hit myself, I hit the breaks and think goodness the car does what I command it and it wasn’t icy out side. After Mr or Ms I am driving way to fast past me up, I switch over and then the mr I am going to drive so slowly that I drive a sane person insane, was still going as slowly as they possibly could, it is fairly frustrating.

Can’t hold it any longer

Between the dog and the cat I don’t know who going to win the She mine war. The last couple of days the dog has decided, it would be good to not go number two, there nothing wrong with her, because if I were to leave her out and about she find a place to poop in, in a corner and then I would have to clean it up. The thing that bugs me is she pees on the bad and now Otis thinking oh I can pee there to.
Otis has been going into the dog kennel and sleeping when the dogs not in there, so sometimes I stick them both together but only while we are in the same room. Maybe they can have their pee context in the kennel and other places. My hubby has had to wash the sheets twice in one week and you know that gets a little expensive when animals can’t mind their manners, maybe I should see if I can get instant life insurance quote for the cat, and dog because I might need it. Hopefully I can get a 2nd cat litter box so I can keep the cat out of the bedroom when we are not in it.

We need to have married couple time

I am going to need to get some wrinkle remover, with all the stress dad has been putting me through. Last night hubby and I decided we would go out with a friend, and share with her some of our struggles as a married couple who took in dad. We had a great time and were able to share things, and well this meeting was a lot less tense and went smoother, probably because hubby and I are getting along pretty well.
I got home afterward and dad was just in a real fowl mood, he was made and accused me of lying to him about what hubby and I was doing, and that we was doing something to make him not involved with problems. Well nope we went out to have a good time, and not have dad baby sitting us. I just do not understand how he can be so angry because hubby and I take one night a week to us and we are not out late and sometimes we meet up with other friends.
To make things harder he is simply confused and getting dreams mixed up but goodness forget about telling him he was dreaming and it never happened because he will not listen to reason. It kind of frustrating to come home and be yelled at, and deal with his bad attitude and grumpy mood everyday. I try hard to make sure he gets what he needs and wants but some days it very hard to be around him.

Finally got my grade

Today I came home and had a email from my academic adviser, so I went to check the school site and see if I got my grade. I was worried about the final exam, but for no reason at all. The professor decided to grade it on a curve so it must be no one past the final. So I got a “A-” in the class, and I am not going to complain at all when I was expecting a B grade.
This morning I started the day off kindof rough, I got a spider bite on my nose and my goodness does it hurt, and it started to bliester so I got some stuff for it. I do not think any best acne treatment would help, so to wash my face I am not using my normal face was because I do not want to irritate it more. So I was honestly worried I wouldn’t have a good time. I did find a spider on the roof so I killed him, teach him for eating me.

Update on dog

Shadow is doing well today, no pain that I can tell and she back to being the active playful dog she normally is. She went for her walk today and did everything she needed to in record time, boy sometimes meds work like a old fashion colon cleanse reviews. Today I decided not to give her any pain meds unless she acted like she needed the pain meds. She didn’t seem like she needed it. She still tired and resting it seems more then normal but at least she playful too.
Right now she is sleeping in my chair, I am not sure how she can like tight spaces because I am not exactly small. But yet she wedges her self into where she wants to go.

Don’t take me out to dinner

Last night dad wanted to eat at Don Pablos, and we ordered our usual stuff. I order a few things there, and hubby only orders the chili it seems like, dad beef tacos. As always it was good. We had one of our waitress we like, and last night I requested for her. Normally I will not request for a specific person there but I just wanted someone who dealt with us before.
Well I was talking to hubby and dad and I was playing with the paper they had around the forks, and knives, and it flew and hit hubby. I laughed but honestly I didn’t know how I did it. So I got interested in figuring it out, and it flew across the restaurant, how embarrassing. We all just kind of laughed and I was like I didn’t mean for it to go that far I was aiming for you. I doubt it hit anyone or anyone really saw me at least if they did they spear me more embarrassment.
I can’t believe my hubby and I have been losing weight hubby has done better then me and he hasn’t even been using safe diet pills. I am trying to maintain or lose gradually so I am not to upset. I know I have oral surgery still to do this year which will make me on a liquid diet for a while. When I am on that again for 2 weeks at a time, I know I will lose about 10 to 20 pounds so the trick is keeping it all off for a time and eating healthy, while trying to get enough calories.

A little over 1 year

I have been with my company for just over a year, and it going well. I still love my job. I have hardly wrote about my job because I can’t do that, because of confidentiality laws. I work with Autistic children who are somewhere between the ages of 2 years and 6 years old. I have changed my schedule to work Monday through Friday from 830am until 12pm, because I take care of hubby dad. My other schedule he just couldn’t get used to, and it seemed I was missing a lot of work in the afternoon. I got tired of it because I want to go to work, so I figured if I lift earlier in the morning he would still be sleeping until I got home. This so far has worked well.
It is so nice not having to hear about my coworkers sex life like at the other jobs I had before this. The best thing about my coworkers I work with people who are similar to me, and some of them have some of the same goals I have. I love working with the children and watching them develop new skills, or listen to them talk.
Things have been going so well there, and I am glad, I really enjoy what I do and you know it don’t matter this is the lowest paying job I have had in like 10 years. But hey I’d rather be happy, now I wonder what my business management degree will help with maybe it’s like free seo software great for something and sometimes you don’t figure it out.


On Friday I brought Shadow in for her Rabbies vaccines, and another one. She had pain in her leg where they gave her the shot, that night but I thought nothing of it, it seemed normal enough. Yesterday when I went to take her out for her afternoon walk she did not want to put any weight down on that leg. She was acting a little more tireder then normal, so I called the vet right away. I am not going to wait till Monday or Tuesday when something seems wrong. They told me to get her in, so I did just that, it took a hr at the vet but that’s okay, not like I needed to close my blinds.
Shadow was running a low grade fever, which well is a sign she was having a mild reaction. I told the vet tech if this is what going to happen to her I will not get her vaccinated. I don’t get the cat vaccines because I have had troubles with him. I don’t take him to the vet because he never sick. Shadow pain was determined to be form the shot, and she was put on pain meds. I gave her some and within a couple hours she was acting like a dog in less pain, I gave her pain meds this morning and she been sleeping, pretty soon I will take her out for her walk.
All I know is I do not want to do anything which will bring her more harm and sometimes on small dogs vaccines are not good for them.

Growth of brain illness

I wonder if I am the only one who started to feel with out doing any research on the topic that there is a growth of brain illnesses like Alzheimer, Demisia, and other confusion type of illness like these. Today I was talking to one of my neighbors, who realizes what going on, and told me to day that she has the onset of demisia. I could cry for her because she a nice neighbor and well, has worked in giving type of jobs. I have helped her in the pass collecting her newspapers at her door when she goes on vaction. Today she found out she can no longer drive, because she gets lost. We went through this last year with dad but we never let him get lost, we took him around and told him, he couldn’t go on his own until he knew how to get back home, which he never learned.
I am starting to wonder what is causing this in these people. My grandma has been having troubles with forgetting things, and this worries me. My great grandma had something wrong with her but had her mind up until she was in her nineties. She couldn’t hear or walk but she had her mind. To bad we can’t fix it by doing something like a best colon cleanser to the brain.
Living with dad with something similar my heart goes out to her family because it will be difficult for family to deal with this, like it is for our family.
This week has been a bad week because dad has been clearly confused all work about where he is, and sometimes who I am. He confusing dreams with reality, and this is difficult to deal with and some days it’s tiring to have to remind him he no longer lives there or I am his sons wife.
Just lately feels like very which way I turn I find out there more people out there with the same thing.

Is it a peeing contest

I am not sure what is going on, or why. I know it’s been suggested that I get another cat litter and place it where Otis has been liking to go since we got the dog. The dog sometimes go into hubby and my room and pees in there or poops in there, depending on her mood that day. We have started looking the dog out of there and now the cat has started going pee. He’s been peeing on the bed, now just about every 2 weeks. He peed in my clean clothes, and the other day he jumped up on my coach with hubby and I both home and in the same room and decided to pee on my winter jacket. Okay I have to say the cat knows better then this. Now hubby before Otis peed there was laying on the coach on top of my jacket. Maybe Otis feels his master is being taken away form him by the dog and hubby I am not sure.
My hubby brought up it could be something wrong with him, but he eating, and drinking and is very playful he not acting like something wrong other then just peeing where he aught not. Maybe I should get another cat litter in the hall way, and see if that solves the problem then I will have to problem of the dog going into the cat litter so it simply a frustrating thing. How can I end the turf war with the animals with out giving either away. Otis has been with me for a very long time. and the Dog well she a mental health dog for dad, plus we are all attached to her know.
Maybe I should get one of those litters boxes which self cleans this way when Otis uses it, it will be cleaned right away an there will be nothing for the dumb dog to eat in there. Yep the dog pulls out the kitty litter if I let her.
So now I got one holding it potty until she can no longer and the other one going where we don’t want him. I think Otis might be marketing me as his territory. I guess we can never bring him to cheap hotels new orleans.

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