I don’t have any title for this post. It seems lately every time I listen to the news it very sad, today another explosion happened just a few miles from me. I wonder if they are going to find that the lines in this house were crossed with plumbing or if it was a leak of some kind. Recently about 20 miles from me there was an other explosion, I wonder who is responsible to pay it. The utility company or the home owner if they crossed lines with an other utility company I hope they will be held responsible.
I mean they hold pharmaceutical responsible for damages, that why reading diet supplement reviews is important when picking a diet pill. Well I guess the news just said it was crews hit a natural gas line. It is amazing how utility companies are allowed to be the only one in the area, and it to me seems there not a good way to watch over the companies, because accidents happen. Well I guess the utility company got 3 years to fix this problem here, yet I wonder how many more explosion there will be in this state.

Just thinking

The other day I was reading ingredients in bath stuff, and shaving stuff for woman. What I was shocked to discover is that some of the products have fake sugars in them, I wonder if it the same with wrinkle treatment. My shaving cream had a fake sugar in it, I wonder if I will react to it the same way I do when I ate it. I get very ill when I have fake sugar, my system will not tolerate the over process chemical of them. I can’t even do splenda.
What I would like to know is why do they need to put a sweetener in shaving cream, grant it it’s scented fruit but that still doesn’t mean it needed, it not like I am planning on eating the shaving cream. I can tell you it’s not edible.

Talks more then sis

My older sister and her hubby live on the west coast. I forgot the time difference over there, wasn’t thinking about it. I had a lot on my mind. My sister told her hubby what hubby and I were going through with dad, who right now having a lot of joint pain in his legs. His dad has the same thing, and I told him you and my sister are the only ones I know like me, that are the child experiencing it not just the spouse. This weekend I found out there was a couple of other people in the same situation as hubby and I and to be honest it made me feel less alone.
I was talking to sis hubby about needing to start thinking about making things more protective of dad, because I am worried in one of his state of confusion he going to walk out in the cold winter night and something bad might happen. He told me something, along the lines of if something happens to dad it’s not your fault if he leaves while your sleeping or your hubby sleeping. You have done your best to care for him. Pretty much told me what ever happens to dad isn’t my fault, it because of what he going through, when it time for dad to pass, I already know no matter how good I was to him I am going to find blame or at least look for it in myself. I worry about dad sometimes when I am gone because he doesn’t take care of himself well, and can only be gone for 5 hours at a time, no longer, because he can’t be lift alone. It was nice talking to him about it, because they understand the sacrifices made by hubby and I when others don’t get it in the same way.

Weight lose

It seems woman lose weight so much slower than men do. My husband been on diet for a few months now and is about to drive me crazy because everyday he telling me how much he lost. This bugs me because I been losing weight but don’t feel the need to talk about it daily, it not like I am some supper thermogenic fat burners queen but sometimes I feel he the king of losing weight.
Sometimes I worry about hubby because he seems to be so interested in his weight lose and so concerned when he doesn’t lose weight as quickly as he think he aught to lose it.

Car needs a bath

Man talk about some pot holes now since the snow is starting to melt and boy some of those potholes are bad. My car needs a bath badly I think once it gets drier outside I will probably take it in for a bath. So far I haven’t had any accident or anything happen to my car with the way people drive. Lets see the city I work in decided until April no parking on the even side of the road. I thought parking would be a lot worst but it actually been pretty good by work. I park in the garage at home, but my car is so dirty.
I am going to have to find a one a day vitamin because I been so tired lately for no reason. Well maybe I am staying up to late. One thing for sure with all the pot holes around it be hard to fall asleep while sleeping. It will be nice once these potholes are fixed because it can’t be good on the car to be hitting everything.

Just great

The next couple of months aught to be frustrating. My job decided no t-shirts with logos and we have to have a dress code. I work with children who are between the ages of 2 years to about 7 years old, and anyone who has kids knows; wearing business casual Friday type clothes isn’t going to be smart. It not like I work at some company like CLA, where a business dress code is needed, I almost bet the dress code is coming from upper management who don’t realize how dirty and sticky we get at work. Apple sauce will soon become a nightmare along with yogurt. Most of the art stuff is washable so that won’t matter.
Now I can understand t-shirt with no logos and no jeans with tears or what have you. I understand no tight fitting clothes, or flip flop shoes, but if we have to dress casual with children it a lot of clothes to be damaged. Oh well, Now I love my job. I will probably get a few pears of pants, and several t-shirt which have nothing on them. I understand dress codes are needed but I hate having them because normally I do not wear clothes that are bad and if I wear logos I try not to words.

Sick of Winter

We have had a pretty snowy winter this year, boy I love global warming. I do have to admit I was laughing this morning, we had about 2 inches of snow, and I was watching a 4 wheel drive truck having more troubles then my little Kia Reo Cinco was having on the roads. However I did get stuck in my parking space at work and that took some patience and rocking back and forth but I finally got out and decided I had better get some gas on my way home.
Today there weren’t many dumb drivers on the roads, and people where actually watching what they where doing which I am glad because it means they might have learned something. I was able to drive at least 35 miles an hour and no faster today everywhere including the highways. I lift work early because of the snow and over staffing issues. Which is to be expected in the winter time. I am almost tempted to look at Springfield homes for sale, I am so tired of snow and more snow. I have never liked winter not even as a kid. I think G-d just made me warm blooded and I like warmth better then the cold.

Crazy drivers

To night on our way home, we ran into a few crazy drivers, the most amazing one was the one who figured she could back up to lane change. She had no signal on and almost hit me, I wonder who fault that would have been, if she was backing up and I was unable to avoid hitting her. I was only going 35MPH so I was able to react and be wise. The others was someone trying to stop in front of me for no reason, one being followed by a police man, driving on the wrong side of the road on a 4 lane street. That one I moved over to the right side of the road and slowed down, because I wanted to be out of the way, for the police and boy I was hoping the guy wasn’t going to do something stupid.
It would be unpleasant to have been late home because of some crazy driver. To bad crazy drivers can be gotten rid of like getting rid of blackheads. On my way home hubby told me he appreciated my driving. We all know if I am driving we are safe because I have learned both offensive and defensive driving. The thing I have never been able to figure out when you try to allow people to merge in they don’t want to but know if you don’t want to let them and your going speed they try very hard to get into the same place your occupying.

Dog Vs. Cat

I will say one thing the animals will never need any fitness equipment, because they are always finding mischief. Poor dog walks been cut very short this week because of the weather and she really don’t want to be out there, very long neither do i but we have to go outside no matter what for pottying. The dog is not fond of the snow, and lately she been falling into some places of deeper snow then she looks at me like, why me. Today she was peeing like a boy dog or at least trying to and giving me the sad puppy eyes.

It’s our job

You know there are no circuit city here near me, they close the closes one, and I think I might have been able to find what dad wants but oh well. Well Dad wanted to take a 2 weeks vacation with people who in the pass took advantage of him. He does not seem to understand those people who have took advantage of him and had his checking accounts both in a huge mess that they will do it again, and thinks we are being to hard. I made a promise to mom I would protect dad, and I have done my best at it. Well I told dad we could arrange for him to go some where with hubby and I, as a vacation but not for 2 weeks and when I have time off from work. I get time off every 3 to 4 months no matter what, so it’s pretty easy for me to do this for him, but not for hubby. I do not think he allowed to take more then a day or 2 off at a time, which personally I think he worked there for well over 2 years now, and is faithful employee never mess a day for sickness except for once and that was this year when I brought home the flue to dad and he but didn’t catch it. Oh well, the money not there for us to miss to much work.
Things have been going okay with dad lately but I do not think he always understand things, or how things really are and wants to be everyone friend even if they take advantage.