Can’t I have some Peace

i am getting so sick of trying to sleep and being woke up no matter when I go to sleep it its not dad, then its the neighbor kids, or the caretaker or someone in the hallway. I think for the last 3 days I might have gotten 3 hours of sleep a night, and oh a 45 minute nap today not enough sleep and I am feeling the effects of it.
Its amazing how everyone thinks i aught not to be grumpy when I am not getting enough sleep. Gee ya think a person going to be happy when they are tired. I doubt it. I am getting tired of my hubby and his dad.
Oh we get to be cranky but heaven forbid the wife gets cranky when she hasn’t had enough sleep. I can act this or that way but heave forbid the wife act the same way as I do. What I will never understand is why is there always a different rule for the men but woman have to take everything and be happy about it. Just like when we was looking for life insurance online quote, or other things it always what he believes or feel but heaven forbid I have a different idea of how things work.

Wow this is taking forever

I got Window 7 yesterday in the mail. I was happy about it but I have to say it took me over seven hours to get it to upgrade my computer. I think Window7 on my laptop was harder to finish then putting together a elliptical machines. It took forever finally after deleting 2 programs it worked! I had to delete itunes out and some thing that the computer used in vista but that’s okay.
W7 tried telling me to upgrade my graphics card on the laptop but I am happy with my laptop graphics card so I will probably leave it be unless something comes up. The third time I tried to install Window7 which was at the point where I was wishing I would have gotten a clean copy of W7 and ready to throw it out the window. Heres what I found out. If you are running a 32 bit system then the upgrade has to be a 32bit system. So I will have to figure out how to get a 64bit system although I am not sure I really need it. I will write more of what I think on W7 on my opinion blog. I guess I better redownload Itunes so i can charge my ipod through the computer.

No you don’t

The cat and dog have been playing cat and mouse. The cat is Oh no you don’t the dog is Oh yes I do! I want to spend time here and you can’t stop me. So they chase each other around the house and if i am about to do something I have to make sure i do not have one or both of them right under my feet. Not like a auto insurance quote is going to help me if I break my neck at home because of the animals.
Lately the dog has this habit of stopping right under my feet one her walks I have almost fallen over her a few times, and step on her a lot. Today she played meet and greet with the post man, she did good. She has a habit of jumping up on people and I am trying to teach her better then that, but I let people know the worst she will do is kiss them to death. Now if its a cat or other dog I can’t say for sure that’s all she will do. She does good with a few dogs but on walks she not always the greatest behaved. She is pretty good with people, but i think dogs are a other subject she does good with the cat. Her and the cat are become friends, they have actually slept together in her kennel a few times which I was surprised.

I need sleep

I have to admit the last couple of days, I haven’t gotten much sleep. Dad been sundowning this week and its really messing me up. Last night he was up trying to recharge his shaver and talking to people who weren’t there. Then he was calling for one of us but when we came he didn’t know he did, man I am in need of some good best diet pills for women which help with sleeping.
Dad been pretty crabby the last couple of days, and he was grumpy on Saturday and kept bugging me to go home during lunch then got mad that hubby and I were going out for a little while. Then Sunday he didn’t even know who hubby was when we got back from the store, this was unpleasant to deal with and sad. It was sad because he is hubby dad. Last night dad was up again trying to charge his shaver to go out somewhere. I am so tired right now even after my nap.

A chair, the car, the tub

Man, I am surprise dad hasn’t broken anything in the last couple of days. Yesterday he fall in the tub trying to take a shower, I gotta figure out why the mat in there keeps slipping and sliding everywhere. I have almost fallen a couple of times. I will have to look for a better method of fixing this problem. Well the rest of the afternoon went with out trouble for dad.
Then We lift for dinner and dad decided he wanted to get close and personal with the car. He fall right into the car, almost landed in the bird pooh this year the birds seem to like my car a lot. Well, he skinned his knee but was okay, I think he pride was more hurt than anything, but he refuses to walk with his walker so there is not much we can do. So we made it to the restaurant and that went fine. Then we lift hubby car at the restaurant and left to run a couple of earns at least dad stayed in the car.
Shoot I keep for getting to get my little sis a present and her baby boy, well maybe I will do it after I get her photo birth announcements. He is a adorable baby by what I see on her facebook page. I miss them. Well back to dad fallings. So we got home and he went to bed.
Tonight we lift dad for a little while for our date night I get home and one of the kitchen chairs are broken. I asked him what happened and he told me he fall when he sat down and when the chair moved it broke on him. Well there go another chair.. He’s hard on chairs.

New dress code

Well the new dress code isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It a lot easier then getting disability insurance when you have preexisting conditions. Well the dress code at work is no printed t-shorts or sweets or designs that are questionable I guess would be the best way to explain it. I would say nothing on t-shift is okay, as long as it clean but the no sweat type of material bugs me. some of my comfortablest clothes are made from fabric like sweats.
Wow ever notice words like sweets and sweats are so easy to spell wrong. Some words are worst like where, were, there, their, they’re never know which one or than and then, yeah those words are a joy to figure out. I am sure there are more I just haven’t thought about to night.
Today I understood why we couldn’t wear cartoon characters which it now makes since. Some of the cartoons out there well have very adult type themes.

To much family stuff

Between my husbands family and my family there are a lot of things going on. Last weekend we were in Illinois helping my Uncles take care of my grandma. I am very concerned for her, and how she been doing. There are number of reason for her to have the problems she has. It could be as simple as needing her medicines closer monitored or she not taking them correctly. It could something alot worst like she got what dad got. So things have been a little hard, because I know it time for her to be in a home, and I feel guilty because I told my aunt and uncles the same thing. My aunt was already thinking it might be time but hadn’t realize how bad she really was.. My grandma hasn’t been a gentle person, but she hasn’t been a physical person. She hitting my uncle who lives with her which isn’t good and my uncle was at the end of his rope with everything.. He can’t leave for more then 15 minutes with out mom calling to find where he ate and tell him to come home.. Granny scared of falling so she trying to control everything.. The thing is when you can’t leave home for more then 15 minutes then its time to look at new options. My granny isn’t my uncle toys to play with, she a person and needs to be cared for better.
Part of me feels guilty because I am able to take care of hubby dad but not her. I want to be able to take care of everyone but there is only so much one person can do.. I am able to take care of dad because I have sacrificed working full-time to care for him. Grant it was a college student and will be hopefully going back once I figure out what I am going to do.
Granny health isn’t good, so hopefully we will be able to make many more trips down to Illinois saying the government doesn’t help raise the prices of gas, making it impossible for me to visit my family. Hubby says its forcasting the gas prices to hit 4 dollars a gallon if that happens i might as well not even work, I won’t be able to put gas in the car.. Even though I get great gas mileage.