Gee, Thanks

Lately I wonder if my husband is truly from Mars, because he clearly don’t get what not to say to a wife who cooks well, and cleans the house mostly on her own. He seems like a real jerk. Hey, honey I brought you a surprised maybe it will give you a creative idea of more types of bread to make. Okay you know what I hear, your baking isn’t creative enough, so here I am going to show you what I think you out to do, or here have more work to accomplish because you don’t have enough to do already. I am a little annoyed with my husband communication lately. I often feel he is telling me that, I am not good enough because of the things he says to me. It is not a gift when you say I brought something home maybe it will inspire you to be more creative. This does not make me feel happy. It would be like him giving me some
lotion for acne, that would tell me he thinks I am ugly. It would be like him buying me exercise equipment; it would tell me he thinks I am fat. When will he learn if he wants me to try something and not feel like he telling me I am not good enough. Bring me extra work isn’t something he ought to do.

Last day, and a new beginning

Today was my last day at my company, and when I get back, I start at the new place. I am a little excited but still nervous. I normally do not want to go to the potlucks at work but I decided I would go today to say good bye to some of my friends. I guess the main place is going to experience a lot of change because some of us long timers are leaving. It nice to know I do not have to worry about a job, and finding a new one. I love my job and I wouldn’t quiet it if I were paid too. I am always happy at work, even though I get nervous with new situations. I spoke to one of my coworkers who will be at my new location. I am glad I have a couple of friends there; I won’t know any of the kids but that okay. I am looking forward to learning more and growing more. As always, there wasn’t much I could eat but I ate a little bit then went home and had lunch with dad, because he wanted me to come home.
It was hard not to cry today, I don’t know why but it was hard. I know I will love my new location just as much and maybe more because it will be a shorter drive.
One thing I worry about any kid I am around is them getting cigarettes; it is so easy getting them now that you can buy stuff on line like
e-cigarettes. What I would like to know is how they know for sure that the purchasers are over 18. The other thing that concerns me is that I remember being a kid and thinking that it was cool to have the candy ones. We should probably think about not allowing it to be so easily accessed.

Get Off

Well it looks like the cat has figure out what I am going to do. I am leaving him for a week. We cannot take him on a long road trip because he would be more stressed out then it would be worth taking him. Otis is easily stressed by car trips, moving him here wasn’t pleasant at all for the person who did it, I probably should have moved him, but I didn’t have enough room in the cab of the u haul so a friend did the job for me. Not like Otis needs a horse tack to be happy once he home he content taking him to the vet is not fun. He screams the whole time, so we figured it was kinder to have our neighbor take care of him. She a sweet and very kind person, so it’s nice to have her as a neighbor. I do not have to worry about my cat. Last time she cared for Otis she gave him a new cat dish, I am surprised he hasn’t picked it up like he did he’s big bowl and bring it to me when it empty. Otis is a large cat and after the dog moved in lost a little weight. The dog keeps him busy and if she can, she steals the cat food. The cat lately has been picking on the dog just as meanly as the dog does him. I try not to let them fight too much but I do let Otis smack the dog around a little bit and sometimes will let the dog do the same thing to the cat.
The dog loves to travel, and prefers to be in my lap while I drive but I prefer her to be in the backseat or passenger seat in her seat belt. I am glad someone created something like that for little dogs, to keep them safer when they cannot be in a kennel on a trip.
What I do not get is why I need to tell both animals get off when I am packing or getting ready to go somewhere then it’s like the cat sheds on command.

Changes are good

Changes are good. I do not often write about work, because I have to be careful with confidential information of my clients. I have worked for the same company for a year and six months, and I am moving up the way I aught too. I love my job, recently they open a new center in my town, and I told my supervisor I was willing to work over there. There were a few people ahead of me on the list. I wasn’t too worried about this because I love my job and I do not care about the drive, it’s not a bad drive. The winters it unpleasant but I still can handle it.
The other day I was sent home early my little one wasn’t feeling good, and wanted only someone who knew him well, which sometimes happens, I floated into the room. He had a meltdown which I couldn’t track normally I can track why a child had a meltdown. This time I wasn’t able to track, why he had his meltdown. Since I wasn’t needed in the room anymore I went to my supervisor to find out if I was needed in another room but I wasn’t so I got to go home early.
Before I lift I was asked if was still interested in the other location, I said yes. It’s a new center and I guess I am one of the highest-level d.t. there, which means I have to be a good role model and kind of be a coach and mentor to them. At least this is what they told me is expected of me. No problem I can do that. Today was my last day working with one of my kids, and tomorrow is my last day with my other kid and I am honestly a little sad. I got a card from my room today, I wonder where they get their brochure printing done because I have seen the same card to a few people. I am not complaining the card is designed nicely. So tomorrow is my last day at the main center that I am used to going to everyday. Something I have been thinking about is making new friends. I do not make friends easily at work, I talked to people in my room and in training groups, but I never really talked to other until the last few months. I know this is a good thing for me. It will be nice for me to be closer to home and use less gas. It will also be nice because my supervisor trusts me to go over there and be a leader of sorts. Plus it’s a new center and I know how it ought to look according to them, so we will see if this change is as good as it seems.

2 weeks lift

Lets see work is going great and I still love my job, grant it I wish at times I did not have so much time off. Oh well, time off is a good thing when you can swing renting a cabin and getting out of the city for a week. So I am looking forward to it. I know the cabin will not have any walk in bathtubs but neither do we other then hubby’s and its a tiny shower, here at home. It will be nice to see how the dog handles here self this summer on our vacation I know hubby doesn’t trust her, I do but I don’t at the same time. I also know if we never give her a chance to be well behaved she will never learn what is expected of her.
This quarter my absences have improved a lot and I think it has a lot to do with working in the morning. Last quarter I got very ill at the end. I could have had 2 strong quarter but that didn’t happen. It seems dad doesn’t keep me home to much if I am not at home at noon for him to complain to. He will sometimes try but I ask him if something wrong or tell him to talk to Craig. Not that I want hubby to miss work, but shoot at least if he gets stopped its only for a couple hours and he don’t miss the entire day. For some reason dad never tries the same things he does with me.
We are going to one of the places hubby took mom and dad, I doubt after this time we will ever get to take dad back. Hubby and I might get to go back sometime but maybe not never know what going to happen.
All I know is I need a vacation one away from the city, it might do dad good but his Alzhiemers is progress and it seems faster now.

I can’t see you

I would like to know if my cat is trying to kill me. To bad my cat doesn’t understand the I can’t see you, so I am stepping on you and going to bang my head in the wall. I managed to twist my ankle and almost hit the corner of the wall with my had thank goodness I didn’t do that, I wonder what phentermine is used for.
The cat was mad at me, but came for his loving when I got him, from out from under the couch. He moewed at me and ran away. Well what he expect he under my feet and expects me not to step on him. I know he doing it because he loves me, but some days I think he trying to kill me.

Get any closer you will be riding in the tailpipe

This morning on my way to work I this person driving so closely behind me I think she was trying to see if her car could fit into my tail pipe. Good thing I did not need to do any sudden stopping or my car would have been good for outdoor décor . What bugs me is how close people drive, I drive the speed limit or better. I made my lane change and they went speeding by me, at least it wasn’t slippery out, because they probably would have caused a mess.
We have had a lot of rain the last couple of days, at least this morning the roads where not as wet as they have been. I made it safely to work but goodness give your self enough time to get to work or where ever so you don’t have to try to drive into someones tailpipe.
People have gotten ruder it seems and less caring about others.

Lets go, come

I was taking the dog on a walk, which I do every day around the same time. There where a bunch of police cars out, probably looking to pull speeders over. But normally they are not there, I have never seen the dog get so scared of cars which are parked. It was alarming and concerning. I know when mom passed away they brought a bunch of cop cars and ambulance i wonder if the dog see them and gets scared that she going to lose someone else.
The dog has had a pretty calm life here, but for months she couldn’t be away from me. If I left the house the dog would cry for hours until i got home. We finally got through that, and she better as far as that but how scared she was really pissed me off at the law enforcement people down where dad lived. They have caused dad and the dog both stress, and the dog has been damage like dad. It likes they have tight mmf drawer in there mind to recall what happened. The dog was scared for a while after we got home.

I don’t want my car banged up to

Ever notice that drivers who car are all crashed up and looking like a mess with all the dents and dings seem to drive like they want to make everyone car look like theirs. My husband and I went to a few places and by the time we was heading to the last place of the night, I started wondering if we would make it home in on piece. I wasn’t so sure because it seemed everyone wanted to drive into my car. I have a 2002 car so we know that not going to be fun to deal with if they crash it up, and I am betting their insurance isn’t going to cover the damages they cause to us. They might have to go out and do a job search for a better paying job.
At one place I was in the parking lot heading to my car and there was this guy blocking me and 2 other cars in. I am not going to say anything then he tried to get into the space next to me and almost hit the car one space over, I didn’t want to move because at least if I am parked and he hits my car, it’s going to be clearly his fault and not my fault because I would be parked going no where.
Thankfully he didn’t hit neither one of us and I got out of the parking lot relatively safely. We did make it home safely, even with the last dumb person not wanting to let me lane change into her lane.