What a day

I think I started my day off badly, and I am sure nature agrees with me. First, I wake up and noticed dad checkbook was not in my wallet, where it was for the casino. I looked everywhere and was about to be late for work. So I lift, after looking in all my normal places. I called the casino and lift a message; next I called my bank and made sure nothing was happening on his account. That was in the clear but I ended up starting work a little late. I got off work and still no call from the casino, so I called them back, and finally got to the right security guard to help me find out. They did not have the checkbook. Then I started warning that maybe I got pick pocket and didn’t realized it because I had moved dad checkbook out of my wallet at one point because it was pinching me. I was worried. My kids today decided to try to booger me, what a lovely day I had, don’t get me wrong work went great. My kids were happy just happens when kids get boogers and stuff and it not they met too.
After work, I called the Casino and was transferred to the correct extension. They did not have my checkbook there which is not good. I was pretty upset because I had 3 options the banker told me this morning and none of them I liked very much. I called my husband to see if he saw it and he hadn’t seen it. I came home and started looking, to make sure maybe I laid it down somewhere without realizing it I often do put the checkbook away. I couldn’t find it in any of my normal places, and I was starting to get upset. I went to the bathroom, and just happen to look in the bathtub. The checkbook was right there. Okay, how did that happen I need a custom mugs that says will lose things in the weirdest places.
Well I found it and felt a lot better so I decided I would walk the dog. Maybe I should have stayed home today. It was a beautiful day, but the birds decided it was poop bomb the girl with the dog. Okay people with long thin hair, this is not a fun thing to get out of your hair. By the time I had gotten home it mostly dried up and I had bird pooh all over my hair, and on my clothes.

New Dishwasher

I am not sure what I think about my new dishwasher. I have filed it up a couple of times, it black so it goes well with the living room but not so well with the all white kitchen other then the stove. Maybe I should have asked for new sinks in there so washing pots and pans would be easier. The new dishwasher doesn’t seem to be designed the same way. It holds more plate and does not work well for my soup bowls. There are a few things different in the dishwasher I just have to get use too it. It works a lot better than the old one did, and it looks nice so I am happy with it.

It’s not broken

Dad thinks things are broken because he does not know how to use things. Like the cell phone it’s broken, I can’t call my sister or brother or it tells me to dial a 1. He thinks if he must do a little bit of work, it does not work. Dad asked for a new wallet, and tried telling me it was broken because he felt he might not be able to put it in his pocket. What does he need invitations on how to use things correctly. I am tempted to get him nothing for a very long time because lately all he does is complain about what not working and it’s because of user error. I mean every time he asks for something he wants we try to get it for him then he just complains about everything, no thank you or anything.


I hate it when people stare at me or watch me for a long period. It makes me nervous, and I will admit I might get a little on the defensive side when family does it. It like what do I have some big bug on my face or something. I just don’t like it. I don’t know why I hate it so much but it drives me nuts. What bugs me most is when people stare at me and then ask are you pregnant, No I am just fat leave me alone, I don’t have any need for prenatal vitamins. It bugs me most when dad asks these questions. Normally when dad staring he going to be asking me something about why I am so fat.
So I ask him or my hubby what, and they don’t get why I might sound a little annoyed.

Don’t you dare put one more thing on this desk

I need to find my dad plaque that said, “ Don’t you dare put one more thing on this desk. My desk is looking like a tornado got to it. We recently got the desk in the office furniture section of Wal-mart. The desk is wonderful I am very happy with it, it matches the book shelf, entertainment center, and little cabinet for holding cds. I finally have my printer on the desk and a space for the computer, and my monitor fits on it nicely. Since I have a drawer for the keyboard and mouse I can have it set up for left hand. My last desk I couldn’t fit nothing on it other than my monitor and had my keyboard and mouse on top of it.

Oh so itchy

Oh my goodness, I think I am going to scratch my leg off and need some medical assistance program. I didn’t realize at the cabin I got something. I had a little red patch on my leg, and it still here and it just getting itchier and itchier. Well I looked up on line, I knew it was a bug bite or something.. I never had chiggers or anything like it. It looks like they infected me with their young. They are little vampire all over my leg in that patch of skin and it itches. I am telling I have never itched so bad in my life and I have had chicken pox with measles. I remember that as being unpleasant but this is just not cool. I guess tomorrow I better go to the drug store and get something for me to put on my poor leg before I itch my leg off. If that don’t help in a few days I better go to the doctor and make sure I didn’t get a infection of some type. I been doing nothing but itching. I figured it was a spider bite because I tend to react badly to spiders, so I figure it was that but normally by now I feel better and no itchy.

Meow, meow, meow

Otis is trying to talk to me. He has five different meows the meow he gives the dog, which means I am going to sit on you. The meow he gives the dog, which means hahahahaha watch out. The meow I need water or food, which is annoying. The meow watch out mom or her hubby and going to claw you pant leg or attack you. The meow of I want love and attention, this one is like his broken meow that more low pitch then anything. Otis has been playing games on the dog, almost feel sorry for the dog when Otis is in the chair and Shadow is just walking by the cat. Smack on the bottom, so the dog turns around and gets another smack on the bottom.
It funny watching them interact together when they are playing and chasing each other. They both like to create mischief, thank goodness, they can’t conspire against us, or we’d need
security cameras to see who started what.
Otis has put on weight again and been able to get all his of food. If he eating he will not let shadow near him. If he is drinking, the dog won’t come near him. I love watching my pets its fun.
This morning Otis was doing his meow that’s says give me love.

Let me feel your leg

One of these days dads is going to get himself into trouble. I got home today early we was over staff. I saw dad was awake while I was parking the car, or maybe I woke him up after laying on my horn by accident. I went into let him know I was home and we could spend a little time together but I would need a nap after walking the dog. Last night was kind of an odd night. Well, I walked away and dad said let me feel your leg, I told him no! I know he sometimes thinking he being funny making passes at younger girls or me but this isn’t good. He in his right mind or at least appears to be he always tries to get a reaction out of me, one of these days he get a reaction one he don’t want at all.
When I got home, he was worried I was fired for not feeling well. I had told him yesterday if you keep me up all night and then I don’t sleep during the day. I am going to have troubles because I won’t be able to make it into work and could lose my job; this is why I need you up during the day. Last night dad sleep all night but I didn’t sleep well. A power surge woke me up out of a good sound sleep. I am sensitive to that stuff; sometimes I turn things off or throw the switches on the panel. I don’t mean to but it happens. Electric and I don’t always like each other. My laptop didn’t want to start today when I powered it up. I am not sure why but it just got stuck, maybe it got something to do with the memory. At least the memory if I need it for this might be cheaper than memory It could also be I still have too much in the startup menu but since I put in Window7, it’s been running better.
Dad hates computers and other things like it because he doesn’t understand it.

McDonalds Happy Meals and parents.

I have to admit I am a little dismayed here. This morning I was listening to the radio, once again I found myself wanting to yell at parents and listeners. We are so quick to throw lawsuits at companies this is not good. So the problem is that parents or some stupid advocate feels that Mc Donald’s happy meals lure children in and make their parents bring them in for unhealthy food. So they do not want the toys in the happy meal. Okay even as a child, when we went to Mc Donald they had happy meals with toys and my sister and I loved them. We wanted happy meals but my mom would sometimes say “NO” and if we threw a stink, we were not going to be eating there. We could go home and simply eat something not as nice, or get a spanking.
We need to stop placing blame on Mc Donald’s and start taking responsibility for our own action as individuals and parents, and stop looking for a way to make other be responsible for us. I am so sick of hearing on the news or radio about lawsuits against companies for childish crap. If a parent does not want it child eating a happy meal how hard is it to say no, or not today or anything. Plus the happy meal compared to when I was a child is healthy now you get choice of apples or fries, or milk or soda. This does not sound unhealthy to me, it gives healthy choices with not so healthy choices and frankly it the parents responsibility to make the child pick the healthy choice, or not to allow their child to eat only unhealthy food. This is not Mc Donald’s, Burger King, or Taco Bells job to ensure we make healthy choices on their menu; it is our responsibility. These restaurants are all fast foods so when we order we ought to be responsible and ask for calories not sue them because they might offer a child a toy with their meal. I think it great that a child can get a little toy to play with and have fond memories of their time out to dinner with their parents, or whomever they are with. The problem here is not Mc Donald’s it is the parents, who do not want to look like the bad guy because gee we can’t tell our kid no.
Kids need to learn the word no, they need to understand it okay that they do not always get what they want. They need to learn that material does not equal the amount of love their parent have for them. It like when kids get old enough to get zits and a parent makes them take
acne vitamins in hope it will help them, they might hate doing it but the parent is trying to do right by their child.
Do I agree with swatting a child on the bottom when he is being naughty and making a scene yes I do. I think parents now days are so scared to punish their child, which they simply do not. We need to teach our children and some kids need the swat on the backside and some kids simply need to be talked too. Before my mom got into drugs and alcohol, she never abused us kids. However when we were bad we got it. I can think of two times my mom spanked us kids, once when I lied to protect my sister after she got caught stealing. I was spanked because I had lied and mom found out I always took the blame for my big sister to try to keep her out of trouble. I learned something that day. I tell you what I never lied to protect my sister or anyone again. After I was spanked and mom lift us in our room after restricting both us girl. She came back a few hours later and asked me do u know why I spanked you, and you’re on restriction. She explained very clearly that lying to protect anyone was wrong, lying was not okay, and she wasn’t going to have it in the home. The other time I got spank is when I called her a bad name, as a small kid.
I earned what she did, I can think of one time she smacked me before her stupidness. Where she should have explained and spoke to me. I was an innocent child and asked a question, but looking back at it. I understand why she reacted the way she did, but it took me until I took history and learned about what happened in Germany that I understood why my mom got so angry with me. I will say I never learned the lesson that day, but my actions stuck in my mind as something that hurt and upset my mom that day.
When discipline is used correctly it will not permanently damage the child it could teach them respect. Now I am not saying spanking the kid first and then talking is the way to go. I think it best to speak and then to use something else. My mom would first, speak, than restriction and then spanking if we did not improve our behavior. It is up to the parents to shape their child not up to others. The school is there to help and educate the child but it the parent’s responsibility to teach morals and ethics.

Thinking and speaking together

Now my job is a little different then it is at the other center a little bit, where we speak with the parents a little. I have found for I speak I am thinking a lot harder about what I want to say. I do not want to upset a person because I phrase something wrong, even if I am innocent in doing it. Now I will say when I slowdown and think it tends to make me sound stupid, or slow. I am a very direct person so it very hard for me to think of what I wanting to say and then putting it in a less direct way. Now I am not saying I go totally from where I would naturally be.
I wish I was like my husband in some regard to knowing how to say things, like good
fat burner goes after the fat. He seems to be able to beat around a bush and people get it and I try I get asked a lot of question, so then a simple conversation for me ends up being a very long one. I do not mind talking to parents, but I do not want to make them upset because a lot of them are just know finding out whats going on, and I do not want to make it worst.

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