Sensory integration and Alzheimer’s

I have learned something recently, and I am glad I learned it. I have to say I wish my father in law doctor had shared this information with me. He knows I work with Autistic children so it is not too far of a jump to figure I would understand the term Sensory integration, and that it would do dad some good. Sensory integration is doing activity which deal with the different senses. This can help them feel better, and happier and involved. The problem is if you just leave them sit at home and do nothing this allows them to become depressed, but if you get them playing with something like ball that lights up, play doh, puzzles, or art type projects, soft balls and other things like it will help. Now the thing is with some people you can’t give them things that normally children would enjoy because they might not want to do it. The way I handle this problem is by doing some of the activities with dad, and this makes him happy.
I will say I was shocked how happy he was just by simply throwing a ball back and forth did it for a half hour the other day. Yesterday we got him a bowling ball set, and we played that together and he enjoyed that too.
The thing is with Alzheimer’s yes it is horrible to deal with but when they are in their right mind it is hard for them not to be involved in our lives especially when they live in the same home. Dad likes to go to casino, I guess he gets plenty of sensory input there with all the lights and sounds.
Today we got some paint and color by number which he seemed interested in doing so it will be nice to see how well he likes it once he gets started. I wish the doctor would have told us about doing something like this sooner, and not find out through someone who not a doctor. So keeping them involved in simple tasks they are able to do is the key to keeping them happy.

Don’t get it

Have you ever noticed people sometimes mean well but they do not understand what you are going through. I have received advice on how to deal with dad from people who have no clue what it is to live with my Father in Law. I find myself sometimes frustrated with people thinking oh you can work full time and leave dad alone. The greatest one is well maybe your dad could go and work at McDonalds, give me a break he 88 almost and can barely hold his balance it would be like him trying to sale door to door. Dad wouldn’t remember his task.
Dad has been retired, I get dad needs to do something during the day. I get I need a break but this isn’t a safe break. I know people mean well but you know if they haven’t dealt with it they don’t know. They don’t know what it like to wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning with dad trying to leave the house and go somewhere. They have no clue about the fear of what if he gets out of the house and I don’t wake up. He might get ran over because we have a main road. These fear haven’t happened yet and they may never happen but there are always there. The other fear is we can leave Dad with a friend but what if he cusses at them or makes a pass at their wife or girl friend. How do you explain something like this to people without experience.

What to do

I have now been out of school for 6 months, and I want to go back for my Master in Counseling or Social work. I wish I could get some of my counseling degree completed partly with a online degree would make it easier for me to complete my education. I completed my bachelors using Online, flexnet and campus at a extension campus at the UOP so I want to stay there I had a great experience there and do not want to leave it. I guess my options are to wait a long time for them to start their program or to find another school.
I stay in touch with one of the Alumni people from the school, and we talk sometimes but I just want to get it start and done. I want to start doing what I feel I ought to be doing for a career.

How many more good days

Sometimes dad doesn’t know who we are or he gets confused. Last night dad was trying to be funny but I do not think he understands what funny and what is not funny. It hard to watch him decline then be normal. I sometimes wonder how many more visits the grand kids will have before dad is bad and will no longer be fun to see. It hard some days watching dad at night or in the morning thinking he has to be somewhere that happened 20 to 50 years ago in the past.
We have been keeping dad up during the day so he doesn’t sleep all night. I am hoping that we will never need to have a home pulse oximeter or anything like that. So in the back of our mind when the kids visit is how many good days will there be, because these young ones will not want to be around grandpa when he doesn’t know them or is confused about reality.


Well I guess today is not a day for fishing for us. Oh well that will be fine, I going to need some kind of allergy relief. I hate the Air conditioner because every time it on I get my allergies in a bunch and hubby don’t understand why I don’t like it. He complains about it humid well it doesn’t feel humid to me or even warm now when I cook dinner I will probably put it on to keep the apartment form getting to hot. Drives me nuts how much he uses the AC it warm but not horribly warm like he doesn’t get that if we increase our usage of AC then our payment on electric will increase even if we are on the program which takes our payment over 12months and adds it together and then divide it and make the payments lower. Hubby doesn’t seem to get that if that goes up there less money to use on other things.
I do not like running it because I want my monthly payment to say the same.. So he can suffer, or get a fan on.
To bad we can’t get together with our nephew and do fishing today like we had wanted then hubby would not be complaining about the weather. Maybe we can do it next weekend, if the weather is nice enough.