Meeting Hubby family

My hubby was adopted, and this weekend I have to meet his mom. I already met his half sister. I really liked her when we first met her; she is very kind and giving. We meet her husband too, and her dad. I was very impressed with her family, because they are all a great group of people. Don’t ask me if they had any door chimes I have no clue, the door was pretty much open before we could even try anything. We went down for the oldest baptism. Even though the hotel stay was not good the visit was great. I was able to relate to his mom, and thank her for having him. It was a hard thing she did and took a lot of courage for a woman her age, so it shows the strength she had and has.
So over all this weekend was fun and it was nice meeting everyone in his family. I am even proud of shadow, she got along great with her dog.

She aint doin’ nothing wrong

Today one of the brats was yelling at the dog again. She was calling the dog bad dog, so I turned around and told her, “That dog isn’t doing anything wrong, so leave her be.” The dog was simply going potty and well she would be a bad dog if she did it indoor. I do not understand why parents can’t teach other kids to leave people alone and mind their own business.
Then again what do I expect they are always yelling in the hallway and if it keeps up I might need to report it to management because enough is enough. I mind my own business and try to be nice to people who I leave around and I clean up the dogs miss no complaints at all. I also clean up after other people animals, so being yelled frustrates me. I was never allowed to yell at anyone that was an adult as a child. My mom would not have put up with that behavior for two minutes.
The only time I was allowed to yell was in I was wearing kids costumesfor Halloween or when I was in danger and there was a need for me to get help.

Not staying again

So where I am I staying that I will not stay at again, the Day’s Inn in Worthington Minnesota, on Hwy 59.
I am a little disappointed, I honestly have to say that I have never enjoyed my stay at a Day’s INN. Don’t get me wrong the rooms where clean, and housekeeping did a great job at it. But Customer service I would rate a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. I am not happy at all with their call center or hotel customer service. This was the case the last time I stayed at a days inn. I will never stay here again. So why am I annoyed, okay I have a degree in Busines management and you’d think these people would have my text book knowledge down pat. They do not.
First it started with customer service to get a room, for my husband and dad and a room for me. Well I explained to the guy that dad was 88 years old and had a mental health dog that would be staying in a room. This was fine. No problem. The problem came when it was time to finalize the reservation, they deducted the money out of my account right away and did not tell me it would be withdrawn immediately. Fine I have the money in my account it would have been nice to know this so I could have transferred money over form saving to cover, checks if any came through which I had one outstanding. It didn’t go through so I was fine, plus I asked a question about when it would go through my account. I am glad I did this had I not I would have overdrafted my account. Okay fine we got the rooms 2 weeks in advance.
Now we get to the hotel last night, we find out there a 10$ pet fee, okay no big deal. I forgot Dad’s papers for the dog, and Shadow stayed with me. My husband and my rooms where spread far apart. Okay I have the dog I am fine, if someone miss with me she will make nose.
The problem with my room is I asked for non-smoking and expressed to the call center that I have a smoke allergy and it’s important I not be in smoking or near it. Well they placed me right next to a chain smoker, so my breathing has gotten worst. I came here with a start of a allergy attack and now I am in a full blown allergy attack. I can barely talk.
They have deactivated my card, just about every time I leave the room. I am frustrated and stressed by this because I fight to get back in my room and have to go to the office. The same happened to my husband today they deactivated his card to his and dad room. So I am just simply disappointed in the quality of service here. I am actually looking forward to go back home, even though i really enjoy my husband sister and his bio mom who i meet today.
On a positive note, I will say again the room was clean, and I have no troubles with the room

Not ready to upgrade

Now since we got a tv my husband and I seem to really like, they are coming out with
projector reviewsfor the same thing. Well I think it’s great they have this technology started but I think I would rather stick with my tv. In school and at my congration they use projectors and I always see on most of them time to change the
Projector filters, and those are probably pretty easy to replace but they seem to need replacing often. Maybe people just don’t change them at all until it stops working which isn’t good because projectors are expensive. I do like that most of them come with
Projector remotes which makes it a lot easier to use and quicker to turn them on. Most places put them on the ceiling so you have to have a remote. Question is where would it go in the apartment and what kind of projector cleanerwould I need to use we got one. I am sorry the lens needs to be cleaned too.

Allergies go away

Well my allergies are so bad this year, I have had to take at least 3 different allergy meds, and right now, I am on more than that for simple relief. My throats been bugging me, I know this is allergies because all my pain is by the sinuses in where the nose and throat met. I also know because every time I seen the doctor when I thought I caught something from the kids, I get told allergy flare up. I do not want to be on Prednisone, which they like to put me on when I start breaking out from my allergies. I know how to deal with it, and the frustrating thing is I have more troubles with my allergies when I have the A/C on. My hubby doesn’t seem to get I do not like A/C because it seems to help irritate me more.
So today, I had to run to target to get some more allergy meds and throat drops to help soothe the irritation. The nice thing about everything I got I didn’t have to look to make sure a
barcode scanner was available for me to use to find the prices. Some places you have to hunt down the prices and it nice that the target I go to I normally do not have to look. After target, I had to run to the grocery store and then back home and I am already tired out. I worked today and setting up before our children was hard for me because when allergies get this bad breathing is harder, even my coworker said something. Normally I do not get out of breath to much when moving stuff around, but today I did. Guess I might want to find where my rescue inhaler is I might need it.

What am I invisible

The last couple of days on my way to work I am starting to wonder if my car is invisible. I do not get it, everyday I go to my job in the cities I get cut off or just about ran over by someone running the same stop sign. Same one that’s been there for a long time since I have moved in the area. I am sure it’s been there since before this because it a stop sign for a highway off ramp. At least no one was in the other lane and I was able to move over quickly. I wonder what the spirometers would have ranked my breathing as, because I held my breath for a few minutes.
It is amazing, how people in big cars feel the need to run lights or stop signs when they have a smaller car, I am sorry I do not feel like having any accidents or being killed by someone who being a idiot.

What to get a old man

Dad birthday is this week, and I am not sure what to get him, maybe I can look for something cool on a
online auction, or I go to one of our art stores. Dad really likes coloring or watching me paint by numbers so I could do that, the end of the month we are going down south so maybe we can tell him that his present. I have no clue what to get him or what he will enjoy. He seems to be happy with his coloring, I got him coloring that has the black soft stuff on it a couple weeks ago and he does that a lot so maybe that will be the best thing. He will be 88 years old. So this is good. If he lives to 90 we will have to throw him a big bash. I know some of my friends feel birthday are not important or ought not to be celebrated but I just disagree with this. I think it important to celebrate our birth to some extent because G-d gave us a other year and because I lost my father at 17 years old and will never get to celebrate another year with him.
So dad birthday is important, so is my hubby birthday.

Why bother at all

On my way home for my hubby and my date night I was shocked at what I saw. Seeing the lady walk her dogs wasn’t the shocking thing at all, but it was what the dogs where wearing that shocked me. They had Diapers on the dogs, so why even bother walking them outside, not like they need to be outside with diapers on. They will make a mess in there and well guess it going to have to be cleaned up one way or another.
Now had I seen this person walking with a shovel for cleaning up the mess or poop bags or other stuff similar to it, that would not have been shocking it would be like using
yakima racks but not using it for what it was meant to be use for then wondering why it not working correctly.
I had to look twice to make sure my eyes were not playing any tricks on me.

Lets scream at the dog going potty

Let me start by saying sorry if this offends anyone who Muslin, but I am getting frustrated with some things that are happening when I walk my dog. I live in a building where dogs are not allowed without special circumstances. We have a mental health dog for dad, we had to fight to get her here. Now what I would like to know from the Muslims is what is best having a dog that your father in law, whose 88 in a few days to help him be mentally stable. This is the last dog him and mom got together, so taking the dog away is like taking something his wife gave him and one of the only things he was able to keep. So should I seriously take away his dog! Because someone religion tells them it bad to have a dog. Sorry G-d created Dogs too, and I bet G-d loves his creation even if they are unclean! I get it I know dogs are not considered a clean animal at least not to eat. I am not eating her, and she is not going to last in the wild so it would be wrong to abandon her. I am sorry if you moved to this country you have to expect some of our beliefs are going to be different and you cannot make someone else follow your rules.
What gives you the right to scream at me or my dog who have not done anything to you. I keep her on a short leash when I know someone out who Muslim because I do not want the dog jumping on the person. When asked by a child who I know is Muslim I tell the child you need to have your parents tell me it is okay. I am considerate of your beliefs, to a point where I can meet my dad needs yet you’re not considerate to my dog or me.
So I ask what is best take away my hubby father’s dog because someone religious belief. I might as well hand dad a box cutter and tell him here play with this, I mean taking his dog would be the same results. I wouldn’t give him a box cutter to play with, so why would I take away his dog. It his last thing he has from his wife of 55 years. How would it feel if you lost something your wife or husband gave you that was the last thing they gave you and someone from a other culture came to you and told you, you can’t have it or always screamed when you had out your dog. How would it feel if you was in my shoes. It takes forever for me to calm the dog, once she scared because someone screamed at her. When that happens and hubby has her the dog doesn’t calm she just wants to come back in to me and dad.
Yes I have grown attached to the dog, it hard not to grow attached to something when you feed it, groom it and take care of it’s needs.
Now I do want to say thank you to a few Muslim who have actually took the time to ask me. Why I am breaking the rules, and understanding when I explain to them it for my father in law. I am not mad when I get asked question and explain why. This doesn’t bother me it’s the scream and rudeness that bugs me.
When dad did not have his dog at first when living here, he often talked of killing himself. Since the dog been here he hasn’t spoke about killing himself and giving up, unless he trying to piss us kids off. We got to the point of hiding things where he could hurt himself, so I don’t know maybe I am frustrated with people being rude and not taking the time to find out why.

Your turn to cook dinner

Last night my knee hurt bad enough where I didn’t want to cook dinner, so I asked hubby to cook it for me. I think it’s only fair he can cook a few meals. I hate that he leaves the stove while browning the meat but oh well as long as he don’t burn down the apartment and make himself look like plastic knobs. He did pretty good at making dinner but you cannot mess up a box dinner, or at least you have to try to do it.
Normally when I make them I add seasoning to the meat, he didn’t yet his tasted very salty last night, I wonder why. Maybe he wasn’t honest that he added a ton of salt or what have you, he tends to over season or salt things. But sometimes those box dinners are very salty, and maybe that was what it was. At least he cooked dinner, to bad he didn’t walk the dog this morning.

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