The search is over

I have found a school to do my master in counseling. It just as great as finding a
Grohe faucet for the bathroom. The school is all-online but I have to find my internships. I am not too worried about finding one but a little worried about losing my job. I will find out if I can get my internship through my current employer because I need either clinical hours or hospital type hours. I do not want to lose my job because I love my job but at the same time I want to do something more with my life.
It took me a month to find a new school, after deciding not to wait for my other school to get their program started. I will be starting school in about a month or so.

What’s that sound

The other day I was pulling out of my space and my care made a horrible noise, I know it was not the brake rotors, but I do know the front ball joint needs to be replaced soon. I am wondering if that what the horrible noise was, when I bring it in for an oil change I have them look at it. I also know I need to get the rear tires replaced before the first snow flies. For a minute there I thought I might have hit something but I didn’t I was far enough away from the other cars not to have that as an issue. So I know it time to think about fixing it, before it becomes the kind of thing I wish I would have fixed.
At least my car is not breaking down once a month like the van. Tires and ball joint is easy to fix, and is pretty much just maintenance.

I will talk to anyone

Dad and I have a lot in common, and my husband isn’t like us. Dad when he goes out with my husband sometimes will complain to me because he wants to talk to people, but Hubby wants to go and acts impatient. Dad always thinks my husband is impatient when my husband is not, so I do not know what going on but I have seen some interaction which helps me understand dad view point. I wonder if I drive my husband nuts because I will talk to people while waiting in line. Yesterday I spoke to a couple of teachers, who like me weren’t working because of MEA or something. Shoot I just work with the children I don’t care about what Minnesota does to help advance the teachers. What I would like to know is why is there no training for most teachers. I am happy to see many teacher out getting what they needed for their class room. I talked to another teacher who worked with special needs kids, and another one who did it before he retired and didn’t like it at all. I got along well with the teacher who loved her job and talked to her for a while. It was so slow at target yesterday I think everyone must of decided to go shopping.
Sometimes when we are in a rush I will not talk and this seems to be when dad wants to talk with people. I think my husband needs to learn to communicate with dad other then come on lets go or what ever. Maybe telling dad hey I need to use the Restroom, or I need to do something would be less rushing dad, then lets go or come on.
Oh man when I was at target I forgot to get some gentle face wash for me. I have started breaking out again, maybe I should try its hard finding things I am not allergic to for washing my face. If I break out I just have to wait till it passes because most peroxide products cause me to break out worse. I can’t even use it on my ears for cleaning ear rings because peroxide cause them to get infection. I wonder if maybe this is a allergy of sort.
The only time I do not talk to people is in the bathroom very seldomly do i speak to people there. If someone talks to me I speak back to them. I have always been this way, and it was a hard thing when I took the city bus because of the creepers.

Take Vitamins

At work they have been telling some of us to take some vitamins, my problem is I have to be very careful. I am allergic to fake sugars and pork products. Many vitamins coming with those in them somewhere, gelatin unless it’s kosher or plant based normally comes from pig. When I had oral surgery I had a friend who a doctor of sorts suggest I use a gelatin product which was known to help promote healing. I found it but didn’t trust it to be safe for me, I don’t even want to think about what would happen if I put something with pork on a open wound. Probably would end very badly. I think I might need to see about finding some good vitamins for me during cold and flu season, to help me fight off stuff. All I know is I need to make sure it’s natural and doesn’t have things which will make me ill. So if anyone out there know of good vitamins that are kosher feel free to leave me a comment.
I hate taking medicines I have never been good at it, I get weight lose pills or something like
hgh pills and they will sit there for months not being used until finally I have to throw them away. To be honest I gotta do something so I do not get ill, I need to stay healthy out of everyone in my family I am the one not allowed to break down.

Not before

I am not happy, I wanted to sleep in more today because I caught the workplace bug. My ear has started bugging, my throat itchy and I got a cough. I need to be able to sleep so I can fight this bug off. We have construction in our building and have pretty much had it all summer long. Shortly after they finished the first construction project we had a fire. I understand the people affected by the fire need their home fix. I am just tired of being waken up between 5:45 am and 7am, I do not think in a apartment building or mostly residential area construction should start before 9am. At 9am many people unless they work 3rd shift are up and about, I feel bad for my upstairs neighbor who gets home early in the morning.
I realize that people would still complain even if they started later because you cannot make everyone happy. One good thing is these construction men haven’t woke me up by their potty mouths, I do not think I have heard them use harsh language. Bad language for thing in the morning makes me in a bad mood, this is just waking me up earlier and I don’t have to be in a bad mood, except I do not feel good. I guess until they are done working on the apartments we might not go on our walks weekly together, and I miss walking with my friend. I do not need weight loss supplements any more between walking with her and my job, so I am happy about that but I need the walks to get out of the house with friends. Dad has been having a hard time sleeping too but when I peeked in on him he was sleeping.


I think I caught the bug going around at work. The last week my stomach has been not pleasant to deal with, feel ran down and simply like I have no energy. I am very active for the most, this week I have barely been able to get out of bed in the morning. I am not depressed or sad, just tried. Most people at my work have been out with something not sure what, but I am starting to wonder if I am losing the fight against it. Thank goodness I have a four day weekend. I am so glad I have the 4 day weekend because I can rest up. Now hopefully the construction workers won’t wake me at 7am in the morning because that wouldn’t be sleeping in. I am thinking I need a couple of good days of sleep. I doubt I have the flue, even though i have been running a low grade fever. Nope I do not get the flue.


Normally I do not write about work because of confidentiality issues, and I not want to lose my job for saying something that should not be said. I love my job and simply do not want to do anything that would jeopardize it. So why am I frustrated and how could I be with a job, I love. Everyone who reads my blogs knows by now I only work part-time, I do not earn a lot of money. I will not talk about my wages or my title. I will just say I am barely making ends met as it is. Today I found out that I will be losing anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes worth of time each day. Oh I am not happy, I mean that can be close to 3 hours every paycheck and those 3 hours of pay I do use. Now here’s my problem even though I have the option of doing something called noon-hour which would be great. The problem is this is not a option because of dad living with us and me only being allowed out of the home for 4 hours a day. So why am I frustrated it feels like I am making a lot of sacrifices. Having my wages cut because of my time at work being cut means I have less money to get things I want, and my budget is already tight.
I guess I am just frustrated with coming to work everyday, doing my job to the best of my ability and then being told by the way you don’t get the hours you started with in the beginning. So now I will have to figure out how to save up money for a new pair of womens boots, because my winter boots have a whole in them. Well I guess my book reading and gaming allowance gets cut down.
I still love my job and I am not happy with what they decided to do. I would have been happier if I was told that I was losing a close to a half our a day. This would have made me feel better, because then I could have choose this for myself and you know because I love my job I would have simply done it. Now I love my job and frustrated because I feel like it wasn’t my decision to cut down my pay. Considering when they send home people because they are overstaffed I will go home. Oh well I guess there’s nothing I can do. I might need to actually start taking the money Dad supposed to pay me monthly, or at least some of it. Well I much rather then than being laid off.

Can’t you let me sleep

My cat lately has been waking me up at 4am in the morning wanting attention. I love my cat, but I would rather be sleeping then having him head butt me. He has food and water down so he should be happy. When I finally pull him down and hold him for a bet he eventually goes away then five minutes later he meows. Otis is a good cat, but since the fire he been very clingy to me, and up half the night wanting my attention. This is not normal behavior he does it sometimes but not for several days in a row, and I need all the energy I can get on work days. I work with young children and I guess I have some

weight loss stories because I been losing it. I have been very busy at work. I love my job. Maybe Otis needs to feel more secure or something.

What to do

Tonight was my hubby and my date night, it hard to pick things to do. I enjoy spending time with hubby but staying close to home is hard. Today we just did not have enough energy for the Mall, we been busy today and I got up a lot earlier than normal. I haven’t even played one of my video games yet which I will in time. This morning I got up and was in a good mood, I got a shower in and had enough time to leave early. Dad was even in a happy mood now if I could figure out how to
get rid of blackheads on nose he be even happier, he been complaining about it. I am glad he came with us today, even though it was a long day. He went to bed early tonight which I do not mind considering he got up early and was up all day. He was in a pleasant mood and chatted with a few people today. I need some good ideas for dates for my husband and I.

To do or not to do

Well, I need to think about doing a inventory of all the stuff my husband and I own. After the fire here I realized we’d have a hard time knowing what was lost and how much of a value it would be. We have a bunch of video games, and a couple of computers. We have a lot of stuff and maybe knowing what we own of value would help if we ever lost everything. It will take a lot of time to make a list but in the long run it might be worth it. My husband thinks it would be good to give it to our insurance agent. What I think we should have it and the serial numbers for everything we own and then update it. We do not have a lot of stuff the things which will take the longest is all the games, and dvds, the other stuff will not take longer.
I should look for something on
Cyber Monday this year for dad and my hubby since our holidays are coming up right after it.
I think i will need to start my list of what we own soon, and maybe just do it in sections.

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