My food, your food

I love my pets they are great animals. Shadow our dog, is a pig, she is like; I will eat my, and than yours and then beg for more food. she is a chunky little dog. I will beg for things that aren’t even food, or good for me. Last week she didn’t want to eat her food, and I am wondering if maybe Shadow just didn’t like the food being open for over a month. She tends to not want to eat towards the end of her bag of food but she will eat the cat food. I have caught her a couple of times getting into the cat food place. Poor kitty, lost some weight since Shadow moved in, Shadow would thinktea tree oil for acne is good to eat.
I will need to look at Wal-Mart or Target for container that will hold 8 pounds of dog food and 5 or 6 pounds of cat food maybe they would like there food more if it tasted fresher.
Shadow is a happy dog, and the cat is happy. They like talking when they want attention.

Your makeup isn’t that important

Okay ladies, seriously why do we need to drive and put on makeup. I am a woman, grant it, I hardly ever wear make up. Now when I wear makeup the last place I would want to do it is in the car. Now sometimes I admit I play with my hair but when the light changes color I am ready to go. Tonight we took dad out for dinner. At least today no one did anything dumb on the roads. One of the few times I did not see someone watching Tv while driving. Our favorite restaurant is in a shopping center, so when driving there I have to watch out for people who don’t bother looking before they cross. It’s amazing how people do not even bother watching both side of the road when they cross it.
We needed to stop at Boarders to pick my husband up a reading light. His light broke last night, and he found another one he likes. I am glad, he found one he likes and it has more features. I didn’t see anything I wanted or needed, but I did see baby thank you cards that were cute.
Then we went back and got dad from the restaurant and came home. The roads are now dry from our last snow, maybe snow on the road will keep people from diving and doing makeup or watching tv. Winter driving is not fun, but at least I know how to do it.

Snows back

I guess snow is back to stay, for now at least. The snow wouldn’t be so bad if it was simply just snow, but the cold that follows after is what I do not care for. I am a freeze baby. When I was a kid I liked snow for a little bit but didn’t much like playing in it. During the Summer, Spring, Fall I was happy but during Winter it was dark eye circles when I got older. Last night I was talking to a couple of friends, about winter driving and how unpleasant it is to drive in snow.
Driving in the snow does not bother me, and I am okay with driving in it. I much rather it be me then my husband who isn’t exactly a calm driver. In High School I took driver ed, during winter so I had to learn how to drive in the snow, that was unpleasant but I can drive in the snow. I sometimes think winter is the best time to learn how to drive, because when you learn with the worst conditions, driving in good conditions is a lot easier.

Give me Peace and quiet

Construction is getting old fast, my allergies have been miserable and some days I am lucky if they are not pounding on something. Dad been complaining about them coming early and being loud. They have been having lots of issues with my apartment building, more of it is just a pain in the neck more then a danger to anyone. This week many of our key pass for the doors did not work because they got deactivated, so hubby had to call me to let him in. There is no way to get into the apartment because the doors do not have dummy locks on them, sometimes I wish they did this way when we lose power we still could get into the building. There have been morning where getting out of the garage is a nightmare, like a long road trip with no gps to tell you where to go. At least the displaced residents will be able to move in soon and thats a good thing.

Privacy Vs. Safety

Recently on the news there been a lot of commotion about what the airports are doing with the full body scan. People are upset because they feel there rights are being over stepped or taken away. I have to agree with our airports. Have we not learned anything yet from 9/11 or have we as a nation simply forgot the aftermath of that happening. Have we forgotten recently a few packages where sent to Chicago to Jewish Congregations, had they made it we would have had another horrible experience. I have friends who are Jewish in Illinois, and I do not want any harm coming to them, or any congregation. We have had people after 9/11 bring explosives and other things on planes. So what I do not get is why is every so upset that they have to be inconvinced for a few minutes to make sure everyone is safe. By requiring everyone to do the same thing this keeps Muslim or other minorities form feeling like they are singled out. I feel sorry, for the innocent or none radical Muslims who are profiled because of what religion they are, just because a few bad people in the group have harmed so many. This is a easier way to find if anyone got weapons or other dangerous items that should not be brought on board.
Airport Security job is to keep the nation safe while they are traveling in the air. Their job is not easy, because people get mad them for simply doing their job. I agree with scanning people and I am sorry but if you don’t want to than I suggest not flying no where. I guess I would rather us error on the side of caution because we can’t trim fat on our safety like we can with weight loss diets. Plus I would rather be scanned then have some stranger tough me. So keep me safe, I don’t care if it might invade in my private life for a bit, however, I will say that if they release my information for the entire world to see, I might not be happy about that and would feel it was a invasion of my privacy.

Getting ready for my master program

I have applied and been accepted for my master program. My goodness, I do not recall it taking me this long to do stuff for my Undergraduate applying for Financial aid. They told me it would take me about 30 minutes to complete the process, nope more like a solid hour or better. At least I am able to do all my applying at home and don’t need to find internet connection at setai 5th ave, so I do not have to worry about any time limits.
I have decided to get my My Masters of Science in Counselling, it will take me 120 weeks. The only concern I have is the success rate for graduating the programs at the University is not that high. Now considering I am looking at master programs I am amusing if they had a high graduate rate it would be more concerning. I have to take 2 classes at a time and they last 4 months, which is a long time. I am a little concern because I am used to 1 class at a time, and my courses lasting 5 weeks. I decided to try to give me a advantage to get myself a monthly planner, so I can writedown all my assignments due dates, and maybe map out what I need to do when it needs to be completed so I can keep up with the classes. Last time I did this structure it did not go well. Then again I will probably not hear I am to stupid to get my masters because I graduated with a 3.44 GPA on a 4.0 scale, so why am I so nervous about succeeding. I have learned a lot since being in the College where i didn’t do well. I have learned how to use my learning style to benefit me, I have gained confident, and Counseling is something I always wanted to do. I will have real life applications unlike my Business management degree where I had to pull stuff from previous work place experience.
I was given a Grant to which is a big help. One reason I didn’t want to leave my last school was the financial cost of my education and the grants I was gonna get from them. Well I will need to figure out Scholarships and how to apply for those and what to apply for. I could really use some help doing things. Right now I work part-time and care for my husband dad. I love him like my own father, hopefully he will be around for my entire program so I don’t have to deal with extra during it. I am sure I am gonna have a full load.

Get off the Road

The other day I was heading home. Now I do not mind if people want to beg for money, sometimes they need to but it gets old when you see the same person. It get very old when that same person each time has a different sign which reveal they are not exactly honest with their situation in life. I have a aging parent, who lives with us and we have done everything for him. At least we did not need to apply for his Medicare plan, but if I needed to I would know who to go to.
There are companies our there that will help people receive benefits but you have to know this information. We pay for disability through our taxes so if the need arise you want to make sure you go to a company with a high success rate of helping provide these serves.
The person on the road was staying off of the sidewalk in the middle of a snow storm. I was tempted to call the cops on him, as a concern citizen for his wellbeing. What I would like to know is what happened to family caring for family. I understand times are rough, but seriously if my husband and I can do it on fixed incomes. I don’t see why others can’t.

Back to school

I found a school for my Master program. I was looking for a school which was on line but at the same time accredited in Minnesota and a couple of other states. Well I found one, their graduation rate is not very high but it’s master level so maybe I can’t expect a high rate of success. The school other then being done on line is traditional in class room sitting, which means I will have to download the lectures and do a bunch of reading my cost for just 2 classes is 200, and that with saving 100 for webcam which I already have in my computer. Thank goodness for that because the last thing I need is credit cards to pay for this. I need 4 books, one book I have already but its the last edition so I will have to email the person and ask him if I can use the 5th edition instead of the 6th edition. I am wondering in the back of my mind I got the 5th addition over 5 years ago, so wondering how much has changed with APA writing format. Thank goodness I do not need to relearn MLA or what ever it is called like another college.
I found out because of being a Graduate level school I do not get any grants, but can do loans and scholarships, time to start getting serious about scholarships apply.
The class I have will at least relate closer to my job then my business management degree did, so I am excited but nervous at the same time. I am bummed because I had to find a new school but sometimes you need a new beginning, and can’t wait for a program to get started, maybe one day I will be able to teach there after I get some experience and help other people with the same goal as me get there. I ended up Choosing Bellevue University, so I will write more about what I think after starting my program. I start classes the end of this month and will be full-time, good bye game time.