There’s more

My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, we understand that some of our family does and that okay. This weekend the grand kids called, I do not mind them wanting to see grandpa for Christmas, it important to them. I have a problem with the way they treat grandpa. To be honest I do not know how many more good days dad will have, and the kids only want to come when its their birthday or some holiday where they get something. The thing that bugged me is the first words out of the kids mouth was “what did you get me?” Then when the other one got on the phone the first thing he did was curse his brother, and want to know what Grandpa got him. I don’t know buy this would have never been acceptable with my mom or my grandma. The kids have a home with no real consequences, and think if they tell grandpa to get each of them a iphonethat he must. Grandpa told he hadn’t had a chance to go out and get anything this year but he would after the first of the year. Simply put I was not able to make it to target or anywhere and get them anything from Dad because my car was in the shop.
There is more to life then what someone will give you. What really matters is spending time with that person and a relationship. There will come a time dad won’t know them, and yesterday he wasn’t sure who they where. He was talking to them like they was a brother or something to dad. They didn’t even seem to realize dad was confused because when dad does this he some how manages to cover it up once he realize he got confused. There will be a time he won’t be able to do this, and those kids have not even bother seeing dad more then 3 times in the last year. I am simply disappointed in their parent, for not teaching them manners.

So many repairs

My car broke down, not good. Since I picked a car that needs special repairs everything I need has to come from KIA. Okay Considering I have had the car for over a year and I have had trouble other then 3 things grant it expensive but nothing I can’t handle. Well I decided to go searching on line, and boy I wish briggs stratton had car parts. They have everything from vacuum cleaners, to Snow blower parts. The vacuum parts are pretty reasonable, I might be able to find my filter there because I need to change it and can’t find it at the store, so prefect website for finding something that might be harder to find.
You can return the parts for any reasons, most places don’t allow the any reason at all. This could make turning something in easier if the wrong part is gotten. For some repairs they even have videos of how to do the work. This might be a useful site for me. I will need to look more in depth later.

To busy

The other day my husband told me maintenance was coming to fix his and my shower water issues. Well, I didn’t have enough time to clean up because i had just had my teeth removed, so stupid me said oh I’ll just stick this in the stove. Well today I went to heat the oven, and decided I had better take a look inside to make sure nothing was in there. Bunches of bugs flew out out on me, and I realized oh I have a few pots and no amount of soap will clean that mess. I just have to throw it away and get new stuff. Ops, I been so busy doing homework, I spend anywhere from 4 to 6 hours of just homework. I simply forgot all about it, i am lucky if i get to wash my face twice aday, I should look at see if they got something there I can use for dry skin.
Well i guess once I finish my homework tonight I better fix that problem. So it doesn’t get to far out of control. Thank goodness the stove is self cleaning.

Let me know when you get there

Yesterday I was very worried about my neighbor lady upstairs. I told her when you get to work please call me, so I won’t worry abotu you. She a sweet lady and I knew everything was being closed because of the news. Well she made it safely driving 15 miles an hour to work which at that point might want to get a horse and buggy because that about how fast those go. I would love to once go on a horse and buggy ride with my husband could be interesting. Shoot if we could live 100 year in the past with less internet and tv to distract us might even be better but then again he get sick of me fast. She was telling me her work eventhough they are none existential employees required her to go to work any ways, I told her if you leave and can not get there safely you need to call them and tell them No way no how. It would do her or her company no good if she in a accident and has to miss more then just a day because of snow. I am surprised I have cheap auto insurance quotes because of the weather you’d think winter time driving would increase the premium, but then again I have not had a accident in 10 years and 4 months and that accident was not my fault.

Dogs Now Allowed

Okay I think I wrote about the struggles of getting dads dog in the apartment a couple of years ago. We fought to close to 2 months until we finally contacted our corporate offices. I did a little threaten, because dad had a doctor note for the dog and management had the nerve to tell me had they knew that they wouldn’t have accepted him on the lease. At the time dad moved in we knew he would need his dog, but wasn’t sure if placing it in long term foster care would be best. After dad lived with us for 2 weeks we saw, there was a great need for his companion animal. Dad became suicidal on me, and was telling my husband and I often that we took his wife away, his car, his house and now his dog and he pretty much felt life was over for him. When dad first moved in I was up all night often, thank G-d I was not working at the time, I was unemployed for a few months. Finally we got Shadow in, the apartment as a mental health dog.
This week my friend upstairs showed me a newsletter she got over the week. I couldn’t help but feel annoyed that I had to fight so hard for a mental health dog to live with us, who should have been no trouble at all. Well I guess management decided to let dogs be allowed as pets. There are a few breeds not allowed and a couple breads I do not understand why not. Okay, Pitbulls or a dog in that family I understand, they have a history of being aggressive, even though, I feel this is more the fault of the owner and not dog I give them that one. The dog I can not see as needing to be on the not allowed list is a German Shepperd, I grew up with one. They are great dogs, he was a police dog for the railroads but he was loyal and gentle. He never was aggressive with anyone until we got broken into while mom and us two girls where at home. Mom brought us all to the back room and my older sister let the dog for and told Blackie, get him. Black got the guy in the butt when he tried jumping over the fence. I do not remember what happened after that but blackie never hurt anyone after that.. The worst he do is sniff a person and then slobber them. I was mean to that poor dog, and if he was gonna be a naughty dog he would have taken my face of a few times at the age of five. My uncle had a one too when I moved in with Granny. That dog was a good girl to susieque i want to say was her name. That dog was always gentle never aggressive with anyone or animal. She was a great dog, so I don’t get why this breed, and I honestly disagree with it. Susie never attack anyone, except for getting between my x husband and grandma who he was threaten she didn’t growl or anything she got between the two. I seriously think these two dogs where raised by great owners, owners that loved them and cared for them. Did not teach them how to fight unless it was to save the family. Yes they are protective dogs, but any dog with its master is gonna be protective of them. Shadow is even protective of me, if she feel threaten or that this family is threaten I am not sure what she will do. I have seen the calmest best breeds act aggressively when they feel their owners or families are threaten. I would expect this even my cat would and has acted to protect me, when a creep tried to get into my apartment over 10 years ago.
I believe my husband and I made the way for other dogs to be allowed in the building, or maybe its because when people ask me the steps to get allowed I tell them. How I went about it, so maybe management is being forced to do so but I doubt it. I am so glad they are allowing it. A couple weeks ago I had a developmentally delayed kid cry, when he saw shadow, because he had to lose his dog. I felt annoyed with this and told him to tell his mom his medical doctor or someone could help with that. I don’t know pets become a important part of a family structure, Shadow is important to me and my family. I am glad she allowed now with out a fight, and that other residence do not have to lose there beloved pets because their lease says no dog. I wonder how many people will need the fitness equipment if they have dogs to walk. I guess I better start socialization training with Shadow. She likes to bark at other dogs, and doesn’t exactly have the best manners with dogs. I guess my little Muslim scream neighbors are going to be very happy to have more dogs to yell at, for nothing. I get it dogs are not clean but hey I am not eating them. My husband felt a size restriction would have been better, than a breed restriction. I wonder if anyone gonna get a big dog that not on the Oh no list that maybe should be.

I want back in

Well the snow is now deeper then the dog, and she is not to happy about the idea of going outside in the snow. I can not blame here, she seems to go very fast potty. Wow I just tuned on the tv, and they’ve closed church activities, so I guess we do not have to feel bad about our Rabbi deciding to cancel services yesterday. I went outside this morning to put money on the laundry card and well we got a good amount of snow out there, had maintenance not made a path to the community room, I am sure I wouldn’t have gotten in there, the snow comes well above my knees now. Be fun to take the dog out later today, she’ll just go on the sidewalk where its been shoveled, it seems during the winter time the only place she’ll go.
Yesterday when I took shadow out she took one look outside and tried turning around with tucking her tail. She tucks her tail when ever she doesn’t want to do something, or is simply a unhappy pup. Maybe I should wrap her up in some plus size lingerie with her coat, might keep her warmer. I have to say she been doing very good at going outside, and not having accidents in the house.

Ouch, my mouth

Okay I think I would rather crawl back in bed and sleep. I had my wisdom tooth and molar out next to it and my molar decided it did not want to leave me, so it buckled. The pulled teeth don’t hurt, its the jaw bone that hurts. My face is pretty puffy on that side, and i don’t dear to eat nothing today. At this rate I will not need to find me best weight loss pills, because my diet will help me lose weight.
Yesterday before guitar lessons they called me and got me in right away and scheduled a appointment for filling my front molar which can be saved thank goodness because I could not imagine them having to pull that one out too. Plus it better to keep teeth then lose them all. I got 4 more teeth on the bottom and 2 of those are wisdom teeth and 1 more on the top and that one a wisdom tooth. Hopefully the last 4 go out easier then my stubborn top molar. My teeth are all long rooted and some of the roots wrap the jaw.

Dad’s right

Yes I am saying Dad’s right, I do not know how he does it but he better then the weather man. This week he had told me that we would get some snow in a couple of days, the moon tells him. Don’t ask me, what the moon telling him because I can not tell you, but he always able to predict weather more accurately then the weather man. I wish I would have listen to him when he said we’d get snow, because I needed to change my rear tires, but I didn’t trust the weather man.
We have some where between 4 and six inches of snow. In our apartment we have rugs and I wish management would put wood flooring in. It would be easier to clean laminated floors then a rug, and there’d be less change of mold growth. Plus with having a cat and dog it would make cleaning up there accidents or sickness on the floor. I can not tell you how many stains we have I would love to make it easier to clean. When ever dad says its gonna rain or snow my first thought is the rugs and getting everyone to take off their shoes.
Maybe I will have to start asking dad for the weather forecast, instead of relying on the news.