Lets go walking

My neighbor and I go on walks during the week sometimes we don’t get to. Today was one of the good days I got to go out with her and not worry about being behind. I do not need leucine to gain muscles because I am active. I been putting on muscles which is kind of a pain because my weight has stayed the same so I can not use that as a measuring guide. I know my clothes sizes have went down, but sometimes I wonder if it just the store I purchase at.
We walked in the mall today because it was to cold then we went to the store because we had things to do other places. It was nice to just run around with her and find out what we needed and not have my husband there to drive me mad.

I will worry about it when it happens

So, they seem to be back on the kick of California gonna be in the ocean again. It’s amazing how they always claim something horrible gonna happen worst then a earth quake. Now I am not saying it not possible for a monster storm to happen, it is. It is possible to happen anywhere to be honest. Just like when the news says we gonna have a big storm here, lately I take the approach of I will worry about it when it happens. I can not tell you how many times they have gotten the weather wrong, or right for that matter but not much can be done until the event is on us. So I don’t know I think worrying about something that could happen anywhere from today or 100 years from now is kind of silly. Grant it I like reading the little articles like this, they are interesting but I don’t know I am not gonna put to much stock in it.
I really do miss the west coast and the milder winters, shoot there I didn’t need to take appetite suppressant, I loved walking and being outside here for about 6 month is all snow and cold. This is not my idea of fun, and boy did I get chunky. I know some of it has to do with Wheat but a good percent has to do with me being lazy during the winter months.

No, we can’t do that

We take Dad out once a week. We try to let him choose but it getting hard to do that. I honestly shouldn’t be eating out at all with my allergies. Now with the wheat gluten added on my can not eat list, it makes eating out more challenging. I can tell when a waiter gets it and when they do not. I normally let them now right away about the pork allergy because its a bad one, the wheat is a new one. I hate telling them this. Dad wants pizza, which unless I make it is off limits I will have to try to make a nice pizza crust for us here. Dad does not seem to understand that I can’t just eat any old thing and be fine. I understand he got memory problems and I will need to tell him no, but I hate saying no. This bugs me, because his eating out is special to him. Now I have noticed that my break outs have gotten better maybe the best way to treat acne for me was getting the stuff out of my diet which was causing me problems. Tonight we are having BBQ beef burgers. I am homemaking the buns and I am really hoping they work well I found them from a site. I might post them here if they are as good as they claim if they like a oversized hockey puck I won’t waste my time with it again.
Last night Hubby and dad both had bread where we went, and I like there bread its good. Just I can’t eat it, I really wanted to cry but crying wouldn’t have resolved it. Just would make them feel bad, and I don’t want them to feel bad because my system is being a pain in the nick. Well I guess with my allergy when the time comes I would have had to give it up them because gluten allergies don’t mix well with pregnancies. I am not pregnant and we are waiting for me to complete my schooling, and his dad no longer living here.
So how am I coping with no wheat, I feel better I just want a cake or cookies or something I am not allowed to eat no more. I am sad but I will get over it. Its better to do what right for my system then stuff it full of bad stuff. I now this on a logical level, just the emotional level is the thing to overcome.

Well thats a pain

I got a Kindle a few months ago, I have been pretty happy with it up until the last couple of weeks. I am hoping the helpful person from Kindle was right and my problem is solved last night I was able to read it for more then 30minutes without any issues. Actually last night I didn’t even have one issue with it. I am hoping tonight will be the same, I enjoy reading before I go to bed. I do it almost every night, it seems that the cover I got is causing issues with it. On friday I will talk to them again and hopefully I can tell them it solved. Last night I stayed up way past my bed time reading. The problem with my kindle was it keep restarting on its own and it wasn’t saving my place. I guess they have this problem with the amazon kindle cover sometimes.
Today I spoke to my insurance company, and maybe I should have looked at cheap auto insurance quote, and seen if there are any better deals then what I have, I doubt it.

more diet restrictions

Well, I am not having fun with my diet restrictions, I am now having to cut the wheat gluten out of my diet. I have had some problems when I added it back into my diet. I feel better now but you know when you have restrictions and you know their there thats when you want them the most. I have found a few things I like as snack and dinner, so I am hoping I can find a few more things I like. I am glad I can eat rice, oats, soy. I might try splet and see if that is okay. Rice noodles I like and some crackers. I also discovered a meat company where I can eat all there meat, so that’s exciting the guy from the company called me back and answered all my question, he also emailed my husband. I really appreciate him answering my question and reassuring me.
I really need to find my Bluetooth headset for my cellphone, I am not sure where I put it but it would make my life a little easier when I am shopping or doing other things.

You had better stop

Last night I was driving home from Shabbat service. It was good, Dad and I left to go home. Well I was driving and I got to a intersection. I am used to a few intersection where when the on coming traffic makes a left turn its time to go after. Well I almost ran a red light and realize just in time, so that I didn’t cause a big issue.
At least I did not make it into the intersection and cause a big mess to have to deal with last night. Dad tried telling me he shouldn’t be talking, I said not you me I was thinking I was at a different intersection.

Couldn’t we have stop this

I am disappointed in our government, and I am sadden this nation is face with another sad event. I realize it not the government fault some people are well rock solid stupid. My heart goes out to the family in Az affected by this mad man. My husband found his blog, and it does not make any sense at all. What I do not get is why was the security was not better, and why the congress woman was not more protected. I guess by what my husband reading its a mess and maybe there was no way to prevent this from happening.
This is just so sad, the first thing I hear on the news this afternoon was a news break. My heart goes out to the child family no parent should be forced to do what now they must.
I watch my granny bury my Father, I watch what that did to her and how it broke her heart. It was the worst thing for her to go though, it was worst for her then for me. Now don’t me wrong I loved my father, it was hard for me to say good bye to him too, but I had a different bond one I hope I never have to understand from my grandma perspective. The best we can do is pray for the people who have been wounded, and pray for the congress woman that G-d would bring her to full recovery. Why am I posted about this, simply because it bothers me.
I simply do not understand how anyone can do something like this, I just don’t get it. To have such a low value on life, those people he shoot, didn’t do anything to deserve this, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wow, my husband giving me a headache, reading this garbage. It makes no sense and my mind just simply don’t like it. At least some citizens got him down and he is a live and will get to have justice.