language from work

I have notice I am doing something which might drive people up the words. I have started using language at work in my daily life. I work with autistic children, I love my job. I was talking to a few friends and I had made the statement all done and found a few times when I said very simple sentences to a couple of kids I was talking to this weekend. It funny how sometimes with out thinking you will use frequent language at work when the requirement might be a lot more than the simple All done.
I do it with dad a lot at home, he doesn’t seem to notice it but I don’t think he’d notice if something was a diet pills or a pain pill.

We will see who right

My husband says we will get only about 3 inches of snow, dad says 10 inches of snow and I say well the news man said between 6 and 10 but never can tell. I think we might get about 5 inches maybe, hopefully nothing at all. Its not like snow is a oily skin treatments its just cold and uncomfortable. Oh well at least on Monday, I do not work so it will not matter how much snow we will get to me. My entire family will be home and hopefully cozy warm in the apartment.

Hidden in everything

I have never noticed how many things hide wheat gluten or wheat as a filler. Since my gluten flare up I have learned more about how much has it in it. What I would like to know is why does Rye bread need wheat, or better yet why does Tomato soup need wheat in it. I wanted to get some corn shell chicken things the other day it said it was made with Corn flour. So why did they need to put the wheat in it. It supposed to be corn not flour. Does it not defeat the purpose of it being corn if your adding flour to it. Blue Cross NC wouldn’t add red cross to its ingredients.

Drug rehab Treatment center

Lately a lot of artist and famous people have needed somedrug rehab treatment centers. It is amazing what money can do to a person. To say the least, sometimes I wonder if they would have been better off giving it away to charity or maybe to drug research programs for addiction. I know we can not tell people how to spend there money but boy it be fun with some people who are going down the wrong path.
My sister and mom both stopped drugs with out needing any services to do so. I think its a miracle that they did because it is hard to walk away from it.

2 classes down and so many more to go

I have 2 weeks lift of classes, and I am doing pretty good in both of my classes. I am proud of myself. I have pretty good document management on my computer and my flash drive, and when I print them off. I honestly have to say I hate research, but like my professor. Right now I am working on a assignment and I am beyond lost, i don’t even know how to get it done. Its due Sunday, hopefully she will call me. I sent a email in to her. If not I do my best on it Saturday after the Sabbath and then just take what ever grade I get. I can always make changes she suggested. If I do that I can get a good grade on the final project.
So 2 classes down and so many more to go. I am hoping I can keep my “A” grades, or not get anything below a “B”. I have no clue how I am getting the grades I do. I am horrible at writing out my thoughts on assignments but I always have my hubby check it over. He good at helping me make it clear.

Pick up

Recently our building decided to allow dogs. This is a good thing I am happy, Shadow goes potty faster for me now outside. Once it gets warmer depending on my homework load I will take Shadow out for longer walks. I would love to go to sanibel island, right now anywhere but MN would be good if its warmer. Lately some owners have lift there dog waste laying there for others to clean it up. Okay maybe its me but I really don’t want to pick up my dogs mess so I diffidently do not want to pick up someone else dog. I believe its the dogs owner responsibility to pick up after there dogs not management or maintenance in the building.
Even when I am taking shadow for a long walk, not on the property I pick it up. I figure it better the owner doing it then someone poor soul who don’t even know the dog

When will you come

I have to say, I wish when maintenance leaves and say they come back. They ask me to clean up something, no problem. Yesterday it was my hubby to do clean well they never came and did there work. I know its not like they are putting horse tack up, and that it takes a while to do repairs. I just wish they would get the work done, and not make me wonder when it finally be completed. My husband will probably complain that nothing been done and I am gonna get rather cranky with him and his complaining. I spent several hours on homework today.


I have recently started to walk with my friend. I got the greatest gifts for valentines day, I have lost a lot of weight. Close to 16 pounds now, since being gluten free. Mondays are very busy. I get home at noon, practice guitar then go at 1240 for guitar lesson then come home by 2pm. After I get home either I do reading for the week, or spend time with my hubby. I had told my friend we could walk on Monday at first then realized wait its just to busy for me. We can walk Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and this would be easier.
Sundays normally I finish up my homework and submit my assignments. I do everything by a schedule, I divide up all my assignments to keep things manageable. This week I didn’t plan the way I should have I have 2 papers wrote and another 2 to write, which I need done by Friday before I take dad.

Put it away

Lately a lot of children at my congregation have been bring their cell phone or hand held games. Now don’t get me wrong I love playing games, I am a gamer but there is a time and place for these games and during service it is not the time. My husband and I put our phone on silent or vibrate if there is a need to be gotten a hold of by someone close to us. Grant it I do not have a blackberry smartphone I don’t need one I have a good phone. Today during one part of the service, I saw a kid playing his game, and trying to hear it over what was going on. I walked over to him and told him Put it away. I was tempted to take the thing away and tell him he could have it after service.
This has been a problem in our congregation with our teens. Today during lunch a couple of us where talking about the importance of leading by example. I was talking to a parent. I am not a parent yet, but I know my kids would not be allowed to have anything in service like gaming systems or phones, there a time and place for it and its not while Rabbi is talking, or while the Torah is about to go around. The time to play is at home, or after lunch. Honestly I think we need to get our people more active and less in the game room.

Finding time for friends

Since I have started my masters its been hard for me to find time. I had even forgotten to call a good friend to get together and hang out with her and my hubby. She sat us up, and I like spending time with her, but I simple forgot all about it. The further into my classes I get the more I forget about calling people. This year for hubby and my father in law b-day I might need to order their birthday cake delivered online> to cut out some time consuming activities. Normally we go out to dinner, I haven’t done a b-day dinner yet. I not even sure if we will be able to do a passover dinner.

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