Be a size 0

Well I don’t know why but it seems theres a big push for people to be size 0 or something. According to the national weight thing, I should weigh 125 at one 125 I was in a size zero. I did not look healthy, I am still a little over weight for what I feel I look best at. I am working my way down to 155 which is a size 6-8. I do not look to thin, I looked good. I have 20 pounds to go to my target weight, my gluten free diet has helped me. I do not think wheat made me fat, but I do not think it helped me lose weight because if you have allergies sometimes your body will store up fat to deal with the poisons in the body. I get this but i do not think it the fault of wheat, I have a allergy and I should have eliminated it sooner. I will say the new diet has helped some but also walking and being active helps to.
I worry that we are so dependent on things that sayDiet pills that work fast because we want a fast easy solution. I don’t have a problem with taking diet pills, as long as it being done with wisdom. If it replacing a meal then I worry about that because we need a certain amount of calories each day to survive. So here is what I am gonna say, call me fat once I get down to my target weight, tell me I am overweight, I am not gonna care. Frankly me in a size zero does not look pretty, I need a little meat to hold my muscles.

Shed on command

I am sure my dog and cat on Friday will shed on command. They have a vet appointment, for shots and to make sure the dog is healthy. On Monday the dog has teeth cleaning and other stuff to be done. Otis really seems to be shedding a lot lately, my bedding is horrible, so is the chair he likes to lay in. What I don’t get is I clean it off and it seems like 5 minutes later its just as hairy, I wonder if peacock alley bedding would be better for the cat hair troubles. Everything I been getting for bedding just seems to attract his hair. I guess I better clip the dogs nails along with the cats tomorrow. They need their nails trimmed.
I have to say the last conversation I had with the person at the vets did not make me happy. Oh well, I get what I paid for done and go from there.

I don’t want to

Recently my apartment building owners have decided to allow dogs. I am glad they decided to do this, my husband and I have worked hard to make a good impression and we still do. Our dog is a mental health dog, so no matter what she can be with us. Our dog is a good dog and is okay at interacting with other pets, better with people but we working on the animal thing. I should look for some skin care reviews for dogs and cat they both need a bath or something.
Lately the issue with people leaving there dog wast has gotten to be annoying. I really don’t want to pick up another person dogs pooh, sorry pick it up on your own. For a while I was picking up dog waste around the building because I didn’t want shadow blamed. I mean come on the apartment even put cans with dog waste bags up, in a few areas. Is it really that hard to walk over to the waste basket and get a bag and pick up your dogs mess. I know before they put up these handy things, I would come back in and get a bag for cleaning up shadow mess.
I am annoyed with this dog owner because they are pretty much taking my husband and my hard work and flushing it down a toilet in a matter of a short time. It took us 2 years to see them accepting dogs in the apartment complex. I wonder how long before we are all punish because of one lazy resident that does not want to pick up their dog pooh. I should offer the apartment management to pick up the mess if they take off money for rent.

Is it connected right

My sweet neighbor lady should not have electronics. Our power outage caused her some troubles with her dvr box. She got a new one brought it home, and connected it. All she had was a fuzzy screen which means she didn’t connect it right. When she told me what was happening I asked her if she connected it right and told her I could come up and look. Thank goodness she did not have flat screen lcd tvs with bunches of places to hook up in the wrong area. I put it in correctly, I am hoping I explained it good enough to her because I doubt I did.

Today was good

Normally I do not write about work, but I kind of wanted to now just not to break confidentiality which I think I can keep from doing, it not like I sale prom dresses, so I have to be careful on what I say. I get excited when the kids I work with accomplish things, and when they make headway. I work with children who are autistic, it is sometimes hard but my little one been growing and learning very fast. Today he played with another little one, peek-a-boo which is something I have never seen him do before. This is a positive thing. Now if I can find something to motivate him to say sounds.

The center of the universe is not you

I have to say to the biker this morning he is lucky, 1 that i do not feel i am the center of the universe, 2 that I am a law following citizen, 3 that I did not open my car door on him, because I don’t let my road rage get the better. This morning my family and I was on our way to church. On the street we take, a police officer was on the on coming traffic side of the road, he had his lights and sirens on, I pulled over to the right side of the road. I am staying out of his way. This biker on coming traffic line decides he does not have to stop or anything but come into the line I was in. He was going pretty fast and looking down, coming right at me so I honked on my car horn at him several times, trying to get him to look up and see me. I didn’t want him hitting my car, even if I was at a complete stop. I don’t want to see him hurt for being stupid. So he finally response and thinks I am gonna go while the I still got lights and sirens and him clearly in my way. I am not gonna move on until he safely out of my way, because I don’t want nothing to happen to him the roads where a little bit icy. So instead of being a reasonable respectable person, he decides it good to pound on my car and then smack my driver side mirror inwards. At that point I have to admit i was like your lucky I do not open my door.
First off, bikers have the same laws as motorist but yet they don’t have to follow and no consequences.
So bikers if you want me to see you, you better start seeing me too. If I am at a dead stop and you hit me its your fault not mine. So if you being rock solid stupid, I might laugh at you.

Giving kitty meds

Oh boy, this is not a fun task to have to do. My cat went to the vet a little over a week ago. He was put on antibiotics and pain meds. So far the only hard thing has been getting him to take his meds and the smell of his potty times. He deserves a nice jungle gym, just for him to run and climb on. Otis has another vet appointment for his teeth Tuesday gonna be a very long day on Tuesday. Otis has sticky stuff on his fur, so I might decide to give him a bath soon, so his hair doesn’t get to clumpy. He a long hair cat, so when his hair gets messy and gets mats in it its hard to brush it of him