Graduation, wedding and so much more

The season for wedding and graduation is coming. I have many graduation gift ideas but none for a wedding. I have a couple of good friends getting married next weekend and I will need to find a good gift. A personalize gift wouldn’t work for me because I am not family but a friend. At least this year no kids I know well are graduating so that make things pretty easy. My nephew and niece are both to young to graduate.
We will really miss our nephew and niece in southern MN, maybe we will get them a special gift just for them that personalize to them. I am not sure what we will do..

So much homework

Graduate school is a lot of hard work, so I been lax on my posting on my blogs. I am glad I found my school. I am doing well there, and feel so much better about my program and hey its established so it makes it easier for me to find a job I hope. I am happy with the move and all I do not have to change schools because that would be hard. I was happy to find out in Oregon my degree is also licensed. I have some hard classes coming up, maybe I learn how to blackhead remover of people lives, the spots they need to heal from. I am well on my way to succeeding. I am almost halfway through my program. Within the next year or so I will start my internship. My parctacum is coming up soon was supposed to be during the full.

Don’t squish me

Lately it seems like people with big trucks think my car is a squish toy or something. Maybe I need to put a farm stool on both sides of my car. Tonight some truck driver decided he needed to be in my line too at the same time. I was able to get close to the curb thankfully I did not hit the curb.
Then someone decided to stop at the train tracts when the lights where not on. Barely had enough time to stop if I didn’t follow behind people with enough distance I am sure I would have hit her. It seems bad drivers drive me batty but at least I stay calm.

Planning a big move

Well looks like we have a big move, at least I found out today the stretch of road my sister was talking about between Minnesota and Oregon is no longer that stretch of road, there are supposed to be gas stations within 100miles of each other. This probably will be good for us because I will not need to have a gas can in the car unless I want one just for the in case.
I am lookign forward to this move but a little worried about dad benefits he doesn’t have Medicare part D plans because he employer who he worked for covers it so I am wondering if he cover in Oregon.

Getting ready for a move

We have decided not to renew our lease this year we are not happy. We will be moving pretty far away from where we live, and have realized that maybe it would be best to well sale our stuff and then replace it once we arrive to our new place. We need to decrease our cost of living, and can’t do it where we currently reside. We will be keeping all of our electronics, and maybe a few pieces of furniture, and our clothes. I will need to find a good roadside assistance plan just encase we need it for where we are going. Between my car being broken into 3 times in less then 2 weeks, and management response to what has happened. We are not happy, not to mention the water fluctuation. My husband and I have decided what we will do now hopefully our road trip goes well.

I want my stuff back

I am not sure if I should cry right now or be really pissed off. Maybe both options work good. Tonight my hubby and I went down to my car, and it was ransacked. My first comment was what the hell happened, my husband comment was it looks like your care exploded. I park my car in the garage and normally I haven’t had trouble but the time I make sure I lock my doors, someone robs me. Man I could cuss right now, I guess I am angry. At least they did not get the radio all the way out, that would have been sucky. They got my stupid Ipod adapter, I guess I do not get to play my music in the car when I want till I can replace it. The problem is I can’t simply replace it. My husband with out a job and all my earned money needs to support my family.
The damage to the car isn’t to bad, they spilled something in the front seat but that’s okay because I had already spilled something there.
I have to say I don’t feel as bad as I would, because while I was talking to the police another resident came up. He told us, I am glad your here with the police because I been broken into too, and asked to speak to the police man next. While we was talking the policemen evidently got another call about a car break in. Okay 2 cars in the same garage, are you kidding me, maybe even three cars. I feel bad for my neighbor because he lost stuff with more value, I only lost about 60 to 100 bucks worth of value, unless they use the check book that was in the car or the account number then potentially I could have serious issues. I am also worried about them stealing my insurance card that was in the car, hopefully they do not try to commit insurance fraud, which could be a real pain. I guess I have to worry about identity thief I am glad I did not leave my wallet down there like I tend to do.
A week ago, I went downstairs and my light was on in the car, I was surprised it was on for 18 hours because it should have drained my battery, maybe my car got marked a that day and I was to freaking stupid to know, my car was broke into. I am very trusting but the longer I live in Minnesota the more my trust gets broken, I know this is simply life stuff. I miss living in places where I could trust everyone and everyone knew eachother.
Tonight my husband said moving to Happy Valley Oregon, sounds like a good idea. I have to agree with him. I am so sick of winters and our apartment management. If we moved to Oregon this would like never before. I know people can break into my car there too, but Minnesota have a lot of unpleasant things about it.
What really pissed me off is tonight one of our neighbors pulled into her slot and said nothing no concern, no nothing. She just hung her head and went. People in this building do not care about each other, and hey if it not me then who cares.
So a reminder to everyone keep your car locked up tight and if you can get a car alarm. Maybe I can rig my car with electric to send a nice shock but something tells me this could be illegal.