A week break but not a break

I am off work for a week but its finals week for my quarter in school. The sad thing is I do not get any time off between classes, and I still have organization to do in the apartment to get ready for moving. I might want to look on Wholesale insurance see if they got any traveling insurance for our stuff that won’t be covered by our insurance. I am not to worried about the move just being able to get everything done. I have a 2 week break between classes, so maybe that will be enough time to pack up and organize I doubt it though. We are hoping to be able to move in Mid-August to allow me a chance to get set up for my classes.

Stop being so stuborn

Oh my goodness I am about to shoot my father in law, if you know the saying you can lead a horse to water but nothing you can do if they not gonna drink. He needs to stop being so stubborn when it comes to drinking water, today he got sick again because of his insistence on not drinking water. Don’t worry I will not shoot him, just frustrated with him not drinking water. Maybe I should get him a few medical carts with bottled waters and he get that water is very important for him so he does not get sick. He gets mad because us kids insist on him drinking water and he thinks its to be mean to him and deprive him of what he thinks he aught to get. The honest truth is we do not want him to get sick and then die because he was dehydrated. So I guess I am leading a donkey to water and the donkey being stubborn.

Not feeling good

Well I can say I feel better then a couple of days ago, but I still don’t feel that great. On Thursday I had a few teeth pulled, never had complications before. Well dentist found some puss in a tooth that we wanted to save. He cleaned it and felt that it would be fine to cover over it. Well, I guess my body decided to fight it and kill it. The stupid tooth abscessed on me. I should have known when Saturday came around and I did not feel up to go anywhere, that something was seriously wrong, I never want to miss church. Well I called the dental clinic that did the work they got me in right away on Monday, and put me on antibotics and told me had to come back next week. I can’t eat solid food or food that require a lot of chewing okay I can handle that. Last night I started leaking puss from one of the extraction sites, which I knew the infection spread but wasn’t expecting this to happen. It concerned me, I have heard a lot about abscessed teeth and how they kill people. I do not want to miss with this. The dentist felt I needed to be on a week worth of antibiotics, before taking out the tooth.
Okay so today I called them a little concerned about the leakage, but not in pain, feeling pretty good compared to the other day, able to move my jaw wide enough to eat from a spoon. The nurse told me I can not go back to solid foods until a week after they pull this stupid abscessed tooth. So this is going to be 3 weeks with no real food. I brought this up to her, I been on a diet and losing weight, and I worry I might lose weight to rapidly, I only need to lose 20 pounds now, and I tend to lose close to 10 pounds on the no solid food diet. So unless something goes wrong I should be fine but I am wondering if I need to be looking for the best supplements I am sure i am not getting all I need in my diet. So I got 1 week down of no good food and 2 more to go and I have to admit I want a no bun burger from fuddruckers, or my homemade stew. Why is it when we not allowed to have something this is when we really want it. Oh well.
I have fallen behind in school to this past week, hopefully by Saturday I am caught up with everything.
So to my friends out their who do not like dentist I understand totally. I don’t like them neither but had I taken care of my problems with my wisdom teeth, I might not be here today typing about a abscessed ugly tooth. I am glad I have dealt with my dentist at this clinic they have been great, and have made sure things get done properly and with as little damage as possible, grant it my face is a little bruised. I have 4 more teeth to be pulled 2 wisdom teeth and 1 molar which is damaged beyond repair because of my refusal to see a dentist for many years.

Gonna meow until

My cat lately has been doing the I am gonna meow until you get up and catch me. It must be some kind of game he plays grant it I been pretty busy with school work. I am doing my graduate program through a online university. I am glad I choose to do my schooling this away. It makes it easier for me to be honest, and allows me to complete everything when I want to not when I am expected to be there. One of the hard thing withonline universityis having the motivation to complete all the homework assignments, reading and other things in a timely manner. I do well at this because I like classes like this, and it perfect for the student who doesn’t always do well in the class.

Training the cat

Yep you read right I am going to train my cat. My family is moving, and the pets are coming along. Shadow the dog I have no concerns about, she enjoys car rides. Otis is scared to leave the apartment even the balcony is scary. He is finally calming down with the balcony so my next step is to take him out on to the grassy. I am trying to gradually allow him to get used to the outside and things in his surroundings. He a good cat, but he strictly in doors. We are going to be in the car for 3 to 5 days, so it will be unpleasant if I can not get Otis to realize car is not a bad place. I am thinking about using the dogs kennel for Otis because it is bigger, and Otis kennel is tiny and I think he would get cramped in there.
I have no clue how to handle the hotel rooms yet, because Otis does not like being in a Kennel maybe he be okay with the dog. In the car at the last vet appointment Otis seemed to calm with the dog in the back seat with him.
Maybe I should get a casio camera with gps just in case we get lost. Maybe that could find us and get us on the right track. I guess the best thing to do is gradually teach Otis he is okay no matter where we are at.

Lets outlaw everything

This morning on the radio they where talking about stupid teens being stupid. Kids have now started sniffing bath salts, I use bath salts and sometimes will by more 2 bottles at a time. I like the different scents and hey if I want to take a bath with one scent on day and another the next day that should be my choice. I can’t even get allergy medicines with out having to give my id to someone. So because kids are so out of control we have to outlaw everything, or make it more difficult to get. Lets face it kids will find new things to sniff to get high on. When I was a teen, most dumb teens would use cleaning chemicals to get their high or glue. Some used paint, we can’t keep making good decisions for people who clearly want to make bad decisions. Pretty soon the only thing that will not be difficult to by are going to be polaris rzr accessories, or things that can not be ate, breathed or mouthed.
I wonder what happened to drug education in school system, were I grow up we had DARE, I believe they still have that program. Something better needs to happen them limiting people who have no intentions of using things as a drug. I understand people do things like that, but not everyone does it.