Attitude makes it all

I have a head ache just about all day today. This week I had a final exam in week three and I feel just a little stressed, and at work we are also short staffed. I can have a good positive attitude or a grumpy attitude but I rather be positive because it seems things go better. Dad’s been bugging me everytime he comes out about going to the casino and the weather. Give me a break, let me get my stuff done so I can get dinner and other things done before we leave.

Lets see one of my professors I like a lot the other one I do not like at all. One of my classes is good but I wouldn’t want the professor to other student. He’s the professor that everyone complains about, I don’t much like him neither, he just seems standoffish. The only thing that irritated me was his email about not answering question in the cafe and to email him directly. Well I thought the cafee is used for question and getting help. Oh well. I still need to figure out APA evidently because I never get it right.. I wish I had a usb barcode scanner that would tell me if I was doing my APA stuff right..

Are you freaking kidding me!

Okay I am frustrated and rather unhappy with one of my classes! Okay last i looked a final exam was supposed to happen in the final week of class, but I get to do mine this week. It week three. Okay fine! I can do it, No big deal. Throw me a curve ball but it not going to keep me from complaining because your syllabus isn’t as good as a motorcycle gps garmin to let me know what to expect. UGH, I need a road map of sanity for this class! So we had to answer a question that seemed like an opinion, okay no problem I got it. Oh wait it not a opinion, good thing I touch on some things because I seem to be overly detailed or I would have failed it. Okay my perfectionist side of personality is coming out right now, maybe I am a perfectionist in general I expect a lot from myself. I am a straight A student and I worry this class gonna change that, because of the curve ball thrown to me. I knew this class was going to make me go a little crazy when I read the syllabus at the beginning and realizing it was a summer class. Well at least my final exam will be done early! But it just feels wrong to say that.
Okay I am in graduate school, so this is something I can handle. In the real world I will be faced with many challenges I know this, I don’t mind it. I just want things to work in away where I can schedule it with school and it hasn’t been working that way for me.

One little tooth

I can not believe one little tooth can cause so much trouble. The stupid thing abscessed last week, so I had to be put on antibiotics, and then it started giving me problems earlier this week. The dentist was able to pull it out, I have pain but a different kind of pain. It not shooting into my ear. I am hoping he is right remaining infection will go away with out help of antibiotics because my body will fight it. Last dentist that said that was wrong. I have three more teeth to go if wisdom teeth are counted as teeth. I hope I can do that end of June beginning of July get them out of there. I also need some fillings.
I want to do the unpleasant stuff of getting these teeth pulled before I moved to Oregon might make things go easier, would miss a lot less work once my mouth is dealt with and fixed. I will need to start looking or a job, I don’t know if I will not go for any management jobs, they are okay but I love working with Children or helping people.