Just because you in a big truck

Either I got a big red and white bulls eye on my car or people are simply jerks. Lately I have had big trucks try to turn into my car, or push me off the road. I am going the speed or a little over, so it not like I am driving like a granny. Today some guy decided he had to take a right turn to fast and almost run into the side of my car, and then he did the lets try the intimidate the girl in the little car. When I slowed down it seemed like he didn’t want to come over but boy he acted like he did before I slowed down.
This morning on my way to work some lady was driving her truck putting skin care products on and trying to fix her hair. What I do not get is why would someone want to put skin products on like makeup while driving. Seriously, at least it wasn’t eye liner, I could just see an idiot stabbing out their eyes.

Finally a deal

I have to say I am not impressed with Minnesota State government. At least they finally came up with a deal, and the shutdown hasn’t lasted that long. I was wondering if it would be resolved by the time my husband and I moved. I am so glad we are moving maybe the grass on the other side of the fence is actually greener. I might want to look at Wholesale Insurance Services for renters and see if there any better deals. I doubt anyone can beat my current insurance. Now hopefully the President and his people can find an agreement so he doesn’t shutdown the whole country. All I know is retired people like dad do not need the government with holding his living money. He is not making any money so he kind of counts on it. I think politicians are not very bright and the colleges they came out of should be ashamed of them.
A lot of people in MN are all complaining about not being able to get their liquor license because of the shutdown. I think it funny that people are more worried about getting drunk then actually the other things which have been affected more. Well at least if MN raises taxes again I will not be living her to give the state some more of my income when I barely have enough for myself.


I think my cellphone provider is insane. Now don’t get me wrong I have not had problems with them in a long time. To be honest I can’t recall the last time I had an issue. Today I got a email telling me the price for 411 was going to be 2 dollars. I do not mind the increase for 911 I expect that to happen sometimes. Well my husband and I have internet so we will just look it up that way which we have been doing unless we are in a area with no internet access. I have a Samsung phone I am happy with it and the samsung cell phone batteries last a long time unless I use the internet a lot. I charge my phone maybe twice a week, if that I tend to let it die. It last a long time as long as I do not play a lot of games or talk on it a lot.
I just do not understand why they need to raise the prices of everything. I think when my husband cell phone contract expires we will look into other providers, and see if we can get a better deal.

Stop feeding the animals

I am about to ring someone neck, Don’t worry I wont. I do not know how many times I have to tell my father in law to not feed the dog or cat. Both of these animals are on special diets, meaning they can not have any table foods or any old pet food. I do not mind keeping them on their special foods, but I mind having to pick up poo or vomit because they been feed. I also don’t much like being woke up at 3am or 5am and needing to take the dog out because she crying and then goes outside and poos in 5 different spots. Yeah not fun, like dad thinking table food is diet pills that work on pets because he keeps doing it. My husband keeps defending dad and it driving me nuts. Just leave the animals along, don’t give them anything let me or my hubby do and they be okay. My hubby doesn’t even feed the animals.

Dad otherwise is doing well. He been drinking his water like he ought to. It still like pulling teeth but at least he drinking his water and I do not have to worry so much. I love dad and our pets and I don’t like seeing either of them hurt or not feeling well.