Are you Kidding me, yuck

Well I figured out what Shadow sore was on her chest the other day after we left that one Hotel. The damn dog got freaking fleas. I am allergic to, I have started treating it. Shadow started getting other bad red spots and was chewing on herself and just really restless. It just took one flea to cause trouble for her. If she not clearing up with the red marks by this weekend I will call the local vet here and get her in.. So the hotel we stayed at that I broke out at and we thought might have bedbugs we found out it was Fleas. So far no bedbugs have shown up. They better not.
I might need to talk to the Pharmacist Jobs here about what I can use that will not cause my asthma issues. The last stuff gave me some issues. Now I have to make sure everything gets several cleans and shadow gets a few more baths. I have had Otis for 16 yrs or so and never got fleas. I have had shadow for 3 years never had fleas and now I stay at a hotel and the dog gets fleas. It was the hotel in SD I do not think we will go there again. Nope not worth it.

We must be pigs

Sunday we moved from our old apartment. We had thrown out a lot, some of it could have been donated or something but ran out of time. We had a couple of friends helping us clean the night before and Sunday Am they left at noon. When they left they told us we’d be working till midnight. We got it done by 330 or so in the afternoon. Then we started our trip.
I pulled the stove out, it was disgusting back there and I just cleaned it out 3 months ago. Seriously how messy can a area get. The refrigerator lets not even talk about that in the back, oh my goodness talk about dust.
We cleaned out the 2 ceiling vents in the bathrooms, I took one of those compressed air cans to that and got so much dust and gunk out of it. I scrubbed the window sells. Would you believe their was more dirt then anything. My vacuum broke so we didn’t vac out the apartment. I am not sure maybe we are piggies or after five years of living in the same place things collect up.

It all fit in my car

To day we had 13 boxes to take to the post office, one large box, and several medium box, and several smaller boxes. I managed to fit them all in my Kia Rio Cinco. I can’t believe it actually all fitted into it. I found out I can move the backseats down and only do one side or the other if I choose this will make our move a lot easier. Because Now I can put stuff on one side of the car, and put the tv and other stuff on the other side of the car. Pus I will be able to have the cat crate and dog still in the back with plenty of room. So much better then placing everything on the backseat next to dad because moving down one side will add more room or make it easier.
The post lady I told her would you believe I got this all in my kia, little car. She told me I would have through you had a truck. So I really have a lot of packing ability in that car. At least our new home will not require me to have a hd tv antennas because we can get Comcast for cheaper. Man I hope this experience goes better, them when I had them in St. Paul. At least this time they can’t try to kill my animals, eat my food, or break stuff, or steal stuff. Even though it was a contracted it still has lift a bad taste in my mouth with comcast as a company. I am hoping this will be a better experience because it lowers out internet, and TV by over 50 bucks. We will see. It seems like the guy in Portland from Comcast is very open to helping and working with us. I am hoping it a good experience.
Now lets see how much I can fit into my car on Sunday! I bet I might be able to fit in a lot more then I think possible.

Last day

Today was my last day at work. I am really going to miss everyone. I loved my job and enjoyed it, but sometimes things change and a new life starts. I am not sure what I will be doing, when I first started at my company I wish I would have found Marcus discount medical uniforms since I work with children. Maybe they would have had better things for wearing with messy ones. 🙂 I do not have a job yet, I am not sure where I am going to be working or how long it will take me to find a job I hope it goes quickly for me.
My favorite thing about my job was watching my kids grow, learn new things, and play nicely together especially when playing was a hard thing. I will miss all my kids. I feel so torn, happy and sad. Thank goodness this weekend ends my summer classes.

Going over mountains

Boy I hope this move does not require a auto refinance for me because of anything going wrong. Lets see I have no loan on my car and hopefully nothing will go bad enough to require me to take a loan out to fix it. My car is running great, and if it wasn’t paid off I would maybe look at my options with a large move across country. I have a small car, and I like it. Now grant it it will not hold everything we want it to but it will hold everything we need it to. Cars are great little things and hey it’s cheaper to travel with the car then fly out, or rent a uhaul. We will need to replace a lot of stuff but I am okay with that. I am used to starting over I have done it a few times, so I know everything we own can be replaced.

Starting over

In many ways my husband and I are starting over, we are moving across country. It will be a long ways. I am glad we have some stores which have a good Retail System that we are used too. We have to find a place like sam’s club to shop at now. But that okay I have a couple of ideas. I am excited about our new apartment, I have always liked fireplaces. I like fire. Yes I will say it fires are nice as long as they are controlled and contained. I love hearing the wood crackle and what have you. I also like watching the flame in the dark. I don’t know why. Maybe we can make Smores now anytime we want in the winter fall. I will need to find a good place to get firewood and find a place to store it.
We also get a washer and drier in our Unit. OH YES, no more sharing a bunch of laundry machines with people who want to take way your undergarments. Yeah, nice isn’t it. We will be giving away about 90% of our stuff but that okay, we have planned everything out and it will go better this way plus we will save more money then having a uhaul or something else.

17 days is not soon enough

No I am not packed all the way yet. I am working on getting my summer term completed I have 1 more week to go in school. 1 more week of work, this makes me want to cry. I love my job. I have enjoyed it. I hate my apartment building it’s horrible. The children here parents evidently haven’t decided to teach their children respect, no hanging on people car door handles, don’t scream in front of your neighbor balcony. Oh wait they scream down so yeah not gonna learn that lesson. Do not throw rocks at other people cares or apartment windows because their cat or dog might be hanging out on the window sell minding their own business. This does not even cover the maintenance issues how many times do I need to call in the same work order before it is actually fix. Maybe I should send a photo holiday cards of the sink backing up to them for Thanksgiving, with the caption to bad you can not smell this too.
Today I was talking to a friend about other people children. We were talking about how parents of younger children do not seem to teach children things like no yelling in the apartment hallway, no throwing rocks and ect. Just the common sense stuff.