Way to go

My husband just released his second book. I am very proud of him. He has worked pretty hard on completing it. I wish I had half of his writing talent but I guess that does not always happen. I have math as my strong point. He has his book available on paper or through amazon. I can’t wait for his next project, because I know it be good. We have been married for over 5 yrs now. I am glad he finally doing what he likes to do so much better then him coming home from the typical job and not feeling fulfilled. At least we do not need to buy a bunch of laserjet ink cartridges to print his book.

He not here, your home

This post will deal more with Alzheimer of a love one. Dad was napping on the coach and woke up thinking one of his grandchildren were here. He thought we was still in Minnesota and my hubby had bought the kid a bike. He was wanting to know if the bike would be wrapped in plastic or how my husband would wrap it up. We had to tell dad a few times he was dreaming and go to bed. He thought we was with the kids.

He Not here, your home dad, go to bed. He has a cold or allergies not sure which one. Some days dad thinks we are in a different period of time. He been stubborn about drinking water, and caught him tonight drinking caffeinated pop while looking dry. Then he says I can’t drink water I am full. No your not to full to drink water, if your drinking caffeinated soda. Some days it like he needs some gold plated invitations to drink enough water, it like pulling teeth.

Last night in the middle of the night he asked me if he could go to the bathroom, well Yes you can go potty. Leave me sleep.. He went potty and then back to bed.At least he gets up to go potty and I do not have to clean that up yet. Would be be great if he could leave me be while doing homework. Seems like that when he wants to talk is when I have a bunch of reading homework to do.

Do what will help you

Dad is driving me nuts. He does not want to use his cane even through he has a hard time walking. He can’t hear but does not want to wear his hearing aides. Yet he wants to have the TV at about 80 volume which is painfully loud. I hardly can handle it above 30. He gets a attitude when we tell him put his hearing aides in.. Shoot if he worried about batteries we can get batteries online it is not hard at all. I have done it in the past. Shoot they even have it at Walgreens and other places.
Sometimes I think dad would rather us yell at him so people think we are murdering him. When I have to yell it not pleasant sounding it kind of unpleasant.
Well hubby wants to go for a walk. Maybe I feel better after our walk..

Walking daily

My husband was told he has to lose weight by a doctor here. He had to see one after we moved in, and no we are working on a problem he has. He been doing good walking daily. I am proud of him. We will maybe need to look at getting him some good shoes for his feet. I will have to look at what famous footwear coupons have in store. Some shoes are just to tight and do not fit good. No fun walking in shoes that make your feet hurt, or feel to tight.
The last week we have done a lot of walking together. It nice to be able to do this activity together and normally we do what needs to be done while we walk.