Don’t worry

Dad is driving us nuts. Today he couldn’t stop telling us how we could only be gone for 4 hours. Yeah we know clearly that we can’t be gone that long because he can’t take care of himself. Even leaving him for a couple hours makes us nervous. He keeps asking question after question the only quest he hasn’t asked us is how to get longer eyelashes , but has asked how to clean his face. He asks about when his money will come at least 4 times a day. Asks if hubby and I will go for a walk at least 6 times a day and won’t leave me alone long enough to get my homework completed.
He fed the animals yet again, after tell him not to feed them so the dog is puking and the cat has the poohs.

Walk me

Today I took shadow out for her walk, she a good little girl. I think I have done great training her, she hasn’t tried to jump on any one for quiet awhile. She is a loving dog but when she first moved in she wasn’t potty trained, had no leash walking manners. Now she walks nicely for me on the leash, still barks at other dogs but she not out of control in it. She better at greeting fellow dogs, and behaves nicely. She still need some reminders. I have her even trainned to walk around the couch and wait for the command up on the couch. I have worked hard with her to teach her how to be a good dog. At least she never gone after my shoes, I couldn’t imagine the mess the zamberlan boots would make if she started chewing on my boots.
She is still playful and wants lots of love.

I sleep later now

I have to feel bad for my big sis, she called me today. I am normally a early raiser but lately I haven’t been sleeping good. When dad is up I am up, which means I don’t always sleep much. When i finally do get to sleep while he sleeping I am so tired I sleep till almost noon. Normally I used to be up no later then 9am, it has changed a lot for me it seems. My husband is up most nights working so he can’t make sure dad doesn’t wander about so it on me. I don’t mind at all. You do what you need to for family. Mom asked me today why hubby doesn’t stay with dad at night when he up and I need sleep. Hubby sleep through anything and if dad wander out the door I want him to be stopped so he does not get harmed.
Dad sleep last night but I was very tired today. Finally my face cleaner came in the mail yesterday from MN, I am so glad I won’t need to get some argan oil for skin and try it now. the stuff I had was drying me out and making me itchy.

MSG not gluten-free

I learned something new today. I have always been allergic to MSG I can’t eat it. It causes me respiratory troubles, stomach aches and other unpleasant things. I found out tonight that MSG has gluten in it which means I can not eat it at all. I have not know watch spices closer, and other things I tend to like. If it has any MSG in it I need to pass it up. We went out to eat tonight, needed to get a dad out of the house. He was a little grumpy, so I figured his grumpiness was more to do with needing to get out and do something then just wanting to be a jerk.
We stopped in at our little mexican place. I was talking to them about needing to be gluten free. He was able to tell me not to eat the sour cream there because it had MSG in it. Now this answers why I gotten a few blisters in my mouth after eating it. I am glad he told me about it. I never realized msg is a can’t have it at all. It hard to avoid it nearly impossible.

Not feeling sorry for you

Dad has been frustrating me. I understand he needs to get up and go pee, I understand he might have needs in the middle of the night. I don’t mind if he tells me he has a need, especially when he staring at me and I ask him What do you need. What’s wrong. I get annoyed when he tells me after I finally fedup with trying to get some sleep that he was in pain all night his legs hurt. Well why didn’t you ask me for something. I was on my computer till 3Am and then waiting for the stupid Cable box to turn off which it never did. I finally fall asleep and got 2 hours of sleep for him to wake me up. I hardly get a full night sleep, so I get grumpy becuase I can not take naps during the day. Only naps I get is when I am sick, other wise I simply don’t fall asleep well.
Today when he started complaining at me about his pain, I told him I didn’t want to hear it because he could have asked for meds. He often does not tell us what he wants or needs and then get mad at us when we are not mind readers. It not like I have a mobile cell booster in my brain that connects me to everyone needs. Yes I have empathy, sometimes I can tell if he not feeling the best. But how am I supposed to fix it if he don’t tell me what wrong when I ask or what he needs when I ask. He ask for donuts and popcorn but not meds for pain.
Today he told me, find him somewhere else to live. I told him fine you can go to a home, you ungrateful little grunt. He can’t take care of his self, I have to make sure he takes his meds, takes a bath, puts clean clothes on. It like dealing with a 2 year old child, except he mostly potty trained. He won’t even tell me if he gotta go potty while out then want to stay there when he has an accident and get mad at me and hubby when we tell him no we need to go home and change. I know he got Alzheimer but it still hard not to let some of the things that happen bug me. This weekend he ended up in the hospital for dehydration even though I been giving him water. Sometimes I feel like I have failed at my duty to protect him, but as I say you can lead a horse to water but if they aren’t gonna drink it nothing you can do.

How we handle emergencies

Last night dad became unresponsive. It was very stressful. I called 911 and I simply took charge of the situation until the EMT got here. My husband tried to open the screen door and it fall off, his way was to try to put the thing back on. It doesn’t work well anyways and well its to small for our patio window. My husband got more worried about the cat sneaking out, I worried more about the dog because she tends to take advantage of things. Otis hid under the coach. You know you can lead a horse to water but if it does not want to drink it won’t and dad is much the same way.
I mean we don’t need adult diapers yet but he complains about needing to drink three bottles of water a day. Then he ends up in the hospital for not drinking water then he acts like he doesn’t know what happened. Today he was talking about gee what happened to me last night. Well the hospital gave you a gallon of water and you were fine. I mean we make sure he gets his two bottle of waters a day, now we need to be stricter with him and make sure he gets at least 3 bottles of water.

We both got worried we might lose him. I responded to stress by telling my husband to leave the door alone, because it can’t be fixed right now. The hardest thing when this happened I knew I could not call my grandma who normally is there for me when I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed. So the lesson is drink enough water, eat right and try to be happy.

Need to bring down the cost

Eating gluten-free is very expensive. Some days I wish I could go back to eating wheat but I know that would be very bad. It is amazing the price different between wheat products and gluten free products. I wonder if it will ever changed, and gluten free becomes about the same. I will need to look at coupons by it seems they have many different option of coupons. They have things ranging from food to clothing to other items I use daily.
I guess I need to start planning my grocery shopping a little better and allow time to find the coupons I need or desire for different food products. Shoot I could even look for clothing this way. Next time I go to buy a DVD I might see if I can get a coupon to cut down the cost of it. Why pay full price when a coupon can take off some of the cost.

Have to go to bed early

The painters are working on my apartment building today. Oh my goodness can they be any louder in it. I do not mind some noisy but to much is to much. Its not like we have paper thin walls like arv repair would be but clearly the building is not well insulated. You can hear everything upstairs and next to us. I wonder if my upstairs neighbors are elephants they are so noisy. I told dad he could go to bed early tonight, if he didnt sleep during the day I gotta let him go to bed earlier. Hopefully he will sleep through the night tonight.

My windows and doors are covered with plastic so i can’t see outside, I will be glad when they are done painting this building. I have to admit I disagree with their color choices the owners made. This is Oregon, it rains and is gray a lot during the winter and they picked dark color, I think i would have picked a lighter color.

Don’t use my desk to balance

I do not know how many times I have to tell my father in law to stop using my desk as his stabilizer. We get him a cane and he refuses to use the dang thing, well what do we expect he do the same with the rings mom got him even if they was artcarved wedding bands. It is frustrating dealing with him always wanting to use the desk which isn’t that stable to begin with, my keyboard thing has already came off of the desk from to much wait on it. This desk can well break because it is not exactly the strongest piece of furniture in the house. If he leaned on the TV entertainment stand I would be less worried the thing ways 100pounds, and is stable. I am just waiting for my desk to break and the monitor to go down and break along with the new video cam, and dad being seriously injured. I am trying to figure out where to move the desk to where he can not use it as a balancing agent.

Pretty floral arrangements

Today I had to do a strong inventory test for school. I was surprised that landscaping was in there as an interest. I like planting and creating floral arrangements, I enjoy watching plants grow, or making simple designs. A floral arrangement can convey a lot to the person you give it to, it can tell them you care about them, you sympathize with them, you miss them. So many things a floral arrangement can do, it can even send them a gift of just thinking about you, or I love you.
I have bought many floral arrangements from different places. I guess maybe I should try my hand at the art of arranging floral things, and giving them as gifts maybe it would be something I end up doing very well. But as the saying goes you can’t take the helper out of a person, my career choice wouldn’t be in floral design but a hobby it could be. I like planting gardens and I miss being able to do that.

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