Feelings and dealing with Alzheimer

I’ve wrote about my struggles in the past of caring for my husband dad, who has Alzheimer’s and dementia. Dad does things which is hard not to let it upset me, and sometimes worries me. Lately dad been a lot of the playing the victim card on people. My husband and I do not hurt him or harm him. He been refusing to wear his hearing aids so he doesn’t understand what being told to him, and then gets mad when we tell him put them in. I went to grab his hearing aids to put them in and he acted as if I was gonna inflict pain on him. I have never hit him or came close to it. Neither has my husband, yet dad acts like we do horrible things. This concerns me because we would never do anything to him.
The worst we do is make him drink 3 bottles of water a day, and eat healthy, put his hearing aids in and walk with his cane. I am studying to be a counselor and taking practicum and have to have liability insurance. which is amazing. I am not working with clients yet. Oh well back to the topic.
Dad has lived with us for a few years now. Dealing with him becomes more and more like dealing with a child. He takes the couch pillow and puts them over the dog to keep her from getting cold. He use far to much toilet paper and feeds the animals. Everything he does to cause a mess I am the benefactor of it. I have to clean it up. When he lies to people my husband and I have to explain the issues. He been doing a lot of sundowning or trying too but we keep him on a sleep schedule. I love my husband dad but somedays it is hard to deal with, I love him but his ploy for sympathy is frustrating. Can’t he understand people will like him and care about him even if he in a good home, with people who love and care and simply want the best for him.
Lately he been doing the I am not gonna use my cane, and i am gonna full all over the place and get a bruise on my forehead because I refuse to walk with my cane. Then he get angry at me when I tell him to use his cane.
Recently we have started to have to tell him when to go to the bathroom because his brain isn’t receiving the message of I have to go to the bathroom. So he have accidents on the couch or his bed but he won’t tell us when it happens. He tries to hid it from us then when I find it I have to deal with it. This is a ugly thing for anyone to have and I hate watching my husband dad go through this, it heart breaking. I don’t know how to keep from feeling angry, sad and a bunch of other feelings when dad in a episode.

Not again

I am so tried of dad plugging the toilet this time it was bad enough for maintenance to come and pull up the rug in the hallway. I wonder how much toilet paper one man needs, geesh I am a woman and use less. They had came right away when I called well within a hour. I don’t have a problem with it taking some time. I am proud of my apartment manager they have done good. They came in fix the toilet so dad could use the one he needed. The next day they sent in the carpet cleaners and they cleaned my carpet up. They also sent someone to replace the mat under the carpet. Now I have a nice clean floor.. 🙂
I am impressed with how quickly things are responded to in my old apartment it would not have happened that quickly. You’d think everyday is Boxing Day a national holiday for some.
I am glad maintenance doesn’t charge to come and help.

Time to unoccupied

Okay, I am now sick of Occupy Portland and the whole movement. Okay you want to complain about no jobs, guess what find work, create your own income. Another thing the police here have been tolerate and kind, and haven’t done anything yet that have been aggressive. However watching the news I see how a peaceful group isn’t exactly peaceful. I am annoyed. I have been with out work for a while now, however I do not blame the banks. It not the cooperate worlds fault I am not working, or that its not easy for me to find a job. I am so sick of able bodied adult crying over no work but being to lazy to actually try to earn money and would rather do protest and riots to get what they want! What has pissed me off, is them taking the US flag and hanging it upside down, shoot they lucky to live in this country others would kill them and be done with it! Not that I think death is the right way to go.

So lets see its the middle of the months and these guys have caused banks to need to close down. I wonder if they realize many people get paid around now, who actually work for their money and living. Banks are people at least those who work there are and they don’t deserved to be threatened because they are better off then us. You want to have money go find a way to earn and stop causing trouble for people already in their career. Seriously we need the occupy movement almost as badly as a whole in our head. They are like mold black & mild and need to be cleaned up!

I guess I am annoyed because this movement has been allowed to cause damage to several of our parks in Portland, push around police officers, and show general disrespect for people and our country. I get it there are people making money who are far better off then us poor people but do they realize how many of these banks they have closed for the day actually donate to different causes or at least their employees do. So hey how about we all stop working and force the rich to take care of us sounds like a good plan NOT!

We want to make money I suggest we find a job, and work our way up the cooperate later. That not for me though. I will continue working on my education so I can meet my end goal. You know to me the only thing that matters is having a rough over my head, enough food to eat and the rest who cares. There are plenty of services in Portland for homeless people, just like many other states. At least Portland has more temperate weather to deal with.

So I say we get these Occupy people of the streets and allow the banks and cooperate businesses in the area to go back to work. And my suggestion is that Occupy Portland find some job or work. I am sure they have many talents in the group, and maybe if they focused on that it be better then making other suffer because life is not fair. Yep Life is not fair, but we have to deal with the hand we are dealt!