No snow

Wow I can’t believe it there has been no snow down here, I love it. I don’t have to worry about slipping and falling and boy it’s to warm for a down jackets. Even my nice jacket has been to warm… It is so nice not to bundle up to the point of almost not being able to walk. It kind of strange to, to be able to walk where ever I want and see no snow. Even in the part of Washington I lived there was snow around now. I love this 🙂

The guest that don’t want to die

Don’t be alarmed but some guest you want to die and quickly. Well I finally called my vet for help. We got Fleas in SD at a hotel, I thought I had those buggers killed and gone. So they are the unwanted guest who don’t want to die. I have given the cat and dog a bath almost weekly, put flea repelent stuff that supposed to kill them. My cat is a walking flea bag, I give him a bath and his water turns brownish from them. If what the vet recommend dont work I am not sure what I will do next. Maybe shave the animals bold.. lol All I know is I am becoming allergic to my pets dander, and my asthma starting to flare more often, I am not to worried I got my allergy meds, which I won’t like taking.
So if bathing the animals, flea crap that goes on their back dont work how likely is the vet stuff gonna work… Well it cost enough, so it better work, or I will ask for a refund!

This seems harder then it should be

I have been looking to fulfill my practicum hours, 6 out of 6 places rejected me. Oh well I got a few more places I can go to.. I just have to remember to keep my head up. I haven’t looked for a job yet because I need to find my practicum site, first so I know what my schedule is, but at the rate I am going I might fail the stupid class because I can not find one. Which would totally ruin my gpa and my academics. Oh well hopefully I can find it soon. It is a little on the cool side maybe I should look into getting my hubby a carhartt sweatshirts for men, so that he not to cold. We still haven’t gotten our winter time jackets and wearing wind breakers.

I know I shouldn’t let this discourage me but it amazing how many people say no and how many say it’s because of my school which meets all the same requirements. Oh well I will keep looking and hopefully I will find something within the week.