To small for a keyboard

Our apartment is very small, I like keyboard but I like guitars a little more. I can play both, and enjoy both. I ended up finally getting something to play this week after months of nothing. I am so glad. I didn’t need a 6 because mine is acoustic. However I seen them before and now how to work them if needed. I like acoustic guitars for some reason. Old fashion is nice.

Two ER visits in 48 Hours

Man, I am tired. This weekend wasn’t good. Lets see I blogged about what happened on Friday night. Dad took a fall, he was okay. Sunday dad fall asleep on the couch and his heart rate had dropped seriously low. He started aspirating and not responding to me. I was very concerned about him, normally I can rouse Dad from his sleep but couldn’t and he was puking. I was able to get him in a position that he could puke up with out coking on it or worst. The EMT came right away! I will say Clackamas County EMTS and Fire department I am impressed with they got here very fast. They had to shock dad heart to get it beating at a pace that was good. So Now I am once again behind in my practicum class, and have fallen behind in my social cultural class, and I am exhausted and have no concentration.
I responded to Dad issues in probably under a minute, within a minute from that my husband was calling 911 and very quickly they came. I am starting to wonder how much more stress I can take in this set of classes before i simply break down.
I normally do not cry but Sunday I just couldn’t stop from crying. I was scared for dad. By the time we got to the ER and was let in Dad was off the machine and heart rate was normal. They kept him for 2 nights because he had a similar episode overnight the first night. They took him off the beta blockers and told us low fat/low sodium diet. Okay I can do that no problem, because I already do that at home. This weekend I really realized how many things I gave up since moving her. Now I would still do this again, but if I could go back I would have brought my guitar with me. It my outlet that I really need.
Dad came home today from the hospital you know, I didn’t sleep good while he was at the hospital, but I felt a lot better that they had a thing on his bed to indicate he gotten up. I was worried he might fall there at the hospital. I have to say I am impressed with the hospital too.

Good thing I know how to fix things

Last night we had to call 911 for dad. He fall in the bathroom and we couldn’t get him up. He was trying to sleep on the floor and was just not very responsive. The nice thing the dispatcher lift me go right away probably figuring we had everything under control and he was breathing. This is a good thing, and she left me get off my cellphone. Yeah I don’t want to see my cell phone bill oh well. The fire department removed my door in the bathroom. My husband told me to call maint and have them do it. Why do it, I mean I know how to fix it. Just like my guitar teacher is able to teach cords as long as the person has hands to learn with, and it kindof similar. I just had to align the door.

Lots of rain

Wow it’s raining and you know it bad when a small dog sinks into the mud. Yep the dog is sinking in the mud. I know I do not want to venture far into any of the yards around here. I did the other day and almost slipped thank goodness I had one foot on concrete. It’s amazing how slippery the grassy areas are, almost as bad as snow but not quiet.

Don’t know me today continued

I don’t even bother asking him who I am when my husband talking to him and he’s confused as to who I am. He sometimes thinks I am one of his wives either x or mom. I love dad and it painful to watch my husband dad go through this. I call his dad, dad, his parents accepted me from day one. It didn’t matter anything about my past or where I had came from they showed me love, and respect as their daughter inlaw. The first night I met them they told me my husband misses up they would adopt me then he couldn’t have me at all. It made me feel wanted and the L-rd knows I needed that kind of acceptance. Now with dad Alzhiemers I don’t think he is who I used to know. He not as friendly any more, and he seems more angry. He gets confused as to where he is at and who he is with, or where he is living. The other night he told me he had to go home, so I had to tell him he was at home and go back to bed.
This is a horrible desease dad has and it not like you can put a teflon hose in the brain and cure it. There is no real known reason for Alzhiemers, we do know the brain shrinks with age, but it similar according to the doctor last night. What I would like to understand is why do some people get it and why do some people just lose some of there faculties. I really think I need my guitar soon I need a outlet to relieve stress. I am glad I had a friend to go out with this week and get out of the house.

Don’t know me today

Living with someone with Alzheimer is hard. Tonight dad doesn’t know who I am, he was confused when my husband was talking to him a little bit about me. Last night he was in the hospital, so I can’t feel to bad because he couldn’t even tell us how he met mom when we was trying to keep him talking. He told us he met her in a willborrow, don’t ask I am still trying to understand what he was trying to answer. He been seeming to get confused more and there are more days he doesn’t know me. I am not sure, how I feel. Part of me is sad, another part of me is wondering how much longer are we going to be able to care for him. Last night he fall in the bathroom and we needed to call 911 to get him out. The reason why I was worried he had sustained head injuries. I was able to figure out what he did in the bathroom to fall down. He seemed to know his son tonight.

Time to try heat by fire

Oh My goodness!!! My electric bill is crazy. 215$ for 1 months yes you are reading right. We decided to try to heat the apartment by wood fire I think this will be a lot less saying I can find reasonable wood. Well I do not celebrate it but maybe I should have got fire wood as gifts for christmas or at least asked for it. I am shocked with the price of my electric bill. It not to cold here and only have turned the heat to 60F so I just do not see how the heater could be using that much electrical power. About to tell everyone in this little apartment were sweets and stop the complaints don’t want to give the electric company my left arm here.