Cant get no closer

My cat and dog both think they can live inside of me. Otis last night decided to get as close as he could he loves snuggling near my neck. The only problem is I can’t breath with him. So I find he will lay inside of my arms. Thank goodness I don’t need laser spine surgery the animals will never leave me be long enough. If I don’t let Otis cuddle with me he will meow the dog as long as I kennel her she good.   When Otis isn’t being cuddle he been in his little kennel but don’t you dare close it or he be mad.

bark three times

Shadow is the dog, and lately when I walk her I bring her home. She will bark at me till i give her a bone.  I give her 2 bones and break the second one in half.  Well I have trained her to talk, she doesn’t really count to three, but the last 2 days I been telling her count to three. She actually barks three times and stops, now I know she dont know how to do that. She has a polite bark and a rude bark her polite one is more of a higher pitch her rude one is low almost a growl. She such a sweet dog and its hard not to laugh at her.

If money was no object


Yep, I would get some stuff I have always wanted and replace a few things I left behind, that I gave away. One item is my keyboard, but I hardly played it back home and don’t miss it too much. I would buy an amp for my guitar since my old one got threw out. I am not sure who tossed it but someone did.
I was able to find a temporary replacement for my guitar that I have included in a picture. This is the thing that I miss the most that had to be left behind. What I should have done is told the person who packed the top of my car the guitar is a must go item, I can’t be without it. The first few months here was hard on me because I didn’t have my outlet and needed it.
So this would be the one sale it money was no object that I would like to be involved in. Just to get things I need for my guitar once I get it back and to replace for attachment to computer. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to give my friend money for postage and insurance.

Once a week

I have done 3 practicum site visit, so I am halfway done. I have managed to catch a cold, and haven’t been feeling good since the end of this week. I am wondering if maybe I caught something from them, because it was the end of the week I started feeling not so well. I love it there it has been a great experience for me. I get a long with almost everyone there, and enjoy the clients there. Since it downtown and parking is insane I take the train. Now the train okay that sometimes a unsettling experience.

I wonder why it is I worked with children all last year almost and now I work here get exposed to similar stuff and catch something. It could be allergies since things are growing, but this feels a little differently. To bad house cleaning services holly springs nc is now where near me I could use some house work done and don’t have the time or energy for it.

I worry about my internship because my practicum site was impossible to find.

What happened to free checking

So we moved and got a totally free checking account this past summer. This week we get a letter saying there is a $5.00 a month charge if we don’t keep the acount balance at 500$ a day. I have to stay this doesn’t sounds very free to me. I am doing good with what little money I have and don’t need no banks taking away more money. I am so tried of banks doing stuff like this. They get enough of people money through atm fees, overdraft fees, and other fees they don’t need a extra $5 a month from me. I haven’t over drawn any of the accounts yet, but still I know lots of people do that. Maybe its time to look at the local credit union.

No sleep no out for dinner

Dad has lately if he worried I am leaving for the day or for any amount of time. He will keep me up all night. He did this last week. I am trying to fulfill my practicum hrs. Once a week I am gone for 10 hrs. My husband is home to make sure dad needs are met. Dad seems to think I have to stay home and if I go out anywhere, he tries to keep me up all night, arguing with my husband and I the day before, and being a real turd. Last week he did this I decided no going out to eat even though this is something he likes to do once a week. I do not mind taking him out to eat but seriously I am so done rewarding his bad behavior because he thinks I have to stay home with him 24/7.
Today he behaving better he hasn’t tried to pick a argument today. He been pretty good. So maybe he be good overnight. I still need to get him a new shirt from when they cut his off him.

Almost at the end

I have been paying off US Bank not for 59 months and my last payment is the end of this month. I am so excited I will never have to deal with them again. Trust me this is a good thing. Next on my list is to start paying off my medical expenses from when I broke my foot. I need to try to find a part-time job after my practicum is over. But I am happy. I hope to never deal with US Bank again, and I will probably never bank with them again.