Stop licking me

Oh my goodness if this dog licks me any more she will leak a whole in my shirt or pants. she loves to lick, she a sweety of a dog but the licking is getting annoying. Today I tired to take a nap with her on oneside and the cat on the other side. Yes they actually shared me. She decided to lick my top wet, yuck, come on dog, stop it. If my cat licked me that much i am sure my skin be gone.

Date nights are important

My husband and I still do our date nights, we need them because we need alone time. We do not get much married couple time where we can talk to each other openly. I honestly think when we finally can we each have so much to say to eachother that sometimes we are a little impatient with each other get to the point. We have a good relationship, just most of our energy is spent caring for his dad that lately it seems even our date night is around him, and when we have the nights where it not around dad sometimes we don’t communicate well. We have a tight relationship just like some nicekaufmann fabrics we are close but I think we need to work more on communicating with each other when it not involving dad.

Fall behind

It seems when dad gets sick I fall behind on everything. The kitchen is a disaster zone, okay maybe not that bad. I haven’t completed all of my homework. I have 6 question lift on a quize, and to edit my paper and to respond to only goodness knows how many post on the discussion boards. Yesterday we spend a couple hours at the doctors office I wish I would have done my treatment plan part of the homework on friday and quiz on thursday it would have at least been done and not to hard to complete the treatment plan.
When dad not healthy everyone suffers in this home. At least I can get school work caught up before the new week for classes begin. We will have to keep on dad so he drinks his water. I am tempted to record him next time on my cellphone and then some how play it on the TV when he wants to be a arse and fight me tooth and nail about not drinking water.

Control your animal

The other day I took shadow out for a walk. I walk here everyday around the same time. I don;t mind if other dog owners are walking there dogs at the same time. I mind if they do not control a large dog or even a small on at that. I had to bring Shadow back into the apartment and take her out the other way because this dog owner would not pull in her leash and was holding her arm out like to give her dog more leeway, okay seriously your dog gets away from you and attacks me or my dog, the outcome not gonna be nice. I care more about the dog we have because it extremely important for dads mental and physical health, and someone takes that dog away from him by their stupidity, they will have to pay for it. I would what it takes to get me and Shadow safe. I am just getting tired of people not using commonsense.
Now there are a few great pet owners here on the property maybe we need to get a funny tee shirts about good verse bad ownership of a dog.

Make a fast dinner

Tonight I am just not motivated, we spent a few hours yet again in the ER last night. Dad decided he was going to do the I am not drinking my water and I am gonna be a turd towards you just because I want to be difficult. My husband and I both told him he needed to drink water and well this latest scare is going to remind him for about 3 weeks then we end up arguing again about why he needs to drink his water.
I just hate calling 911 so often, I mean its been a lot since we moved in 4 times since living in Oregon. I know we are doing our best and probably catch things before a home would, but I still am stressing out about how often we called them. The doctor in the ER at least felt this was normal for someone with his conditions.

Ask for help

We have been getting after dad for a while to ask for help when he needs it. Lately he feels sick and doesn’t say anything for quiet a while. We ask him why he didn’t tell us sooner so we could have given him something. It is frustrating because dealing with dad and his age he can go from not serious to suddenly in the ER if we do not deal with minor things right away. It not like he can have life insurance he to old, my husband and i can but not him. We dont want anything to happen to him that takes him from us. I guess he getting older and there been a few scares that maybe I am worried about something bad happening that could have been prevented had he talked to us. Like in the bathroom he got dizzy and got sick on himself he was gonna keep on his shirt and not clean himself up. Which isn’t good my husband got him to clean up, and put clean close on.
The other night he came out to tell me his ears bugged him, and then almost fall, I was able to catch him thank goodness I kept him from falling and getting hurt. I guess these are things as a person get older it something that happens.

she might be trained

Lately the dog has been telling me that she needs to go potty. She normally doesn’t tell me but the last couple of nights she been saying so. This is a good thing it means I have finally for her potty trained fully. Now to deal with the cat who thinks going potty out of cat litter is a cool thing. Yeah not so happy with kitty, but the dog has been telling me when she needs to go potty and this is a good thing.

How do work this again

I will just have to draw your bath, I think I have been drawing dads bath water for the last 2 yrs. He likes bubble bathes but I have to watch what I get him. My asthma triggers off with most wholesale perfume because I am sensitive to scents. He seems to like the mild fruit smelling stuff. We are lucky we get him into the bathroom once a week, I try to get him in more often but sometimes it is hard to get him to take a bath. He’s always been this way I think. We try to make sure if we go out he baths, but if we are at home we try to get him in 2 times a week I would love to more but its a battle unless he knows he going somewhere.

Probably should clean the chimney

I think its time to clean the chimney, I doubt we will need it again this season. I will be getting a box of wood a month for the next couple of months and then when winter decides to come back I get some chopped wood to place in there after the logs are close to being out. Heating the apartment by the wood fire place works nicely. The apartment is small enough to do that with, at least we don’t have to cook with it. Maybe this summer I will get a medium small grill for us so we can BBQ with out having to worry about my food allergies I am always leary of using the BBQ on the property because people cook pork, beef, chicken, other meats and don’t clean after themselves, I have allergies to pork, so I don’t want to risk it.
I will need to figure out the best way to clean it because I am pretty sure the sot needs to be cleaned before the next time we use it and I guess I need to go to the dollar store and get a measuring cup and a brush for scrubbing the fireplace.
I am not sure those cleaning logs do anything and I am not sure if I want to waste money on yet another product that doesn’t work. I am figuring dawn dishsoap or some mild household cleaner and a scrub brush might work better.

Class out

I am so glad I finished this quarter but Monday classes start back up and its time to do more then play games. I have gamed a lot this week, and i am glad to have something for my brain to work on and not root. I have had some exciting things happen this week, and I will need to look up in my internship manual, I think I found my internship and with out looking. Yep with out looking so if this works out then I am gonna look at it as a blessing and it means I did a good job at being teachable which is a quality I need. My internship is going to be a lot harder then simply finding some nice Variety of Nike Elite Socks I will need to find the write place and the supervisor with the right licensure. I think I might have found it, or well they found me through me contacting them for Practicum and taking me. I learned so much, and appreciated all the learning I did.
I am almost done with my degree, I might not be able to take classes this summer because the class I need isn’t offered. I might be able to do my internship and that will at least keep me considered as a student and keep my Student loans at bay.

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