Let me get the birds please

You should hear Otis meowing at the birds. Its like he does that broken meow he is less vocal with the stray cats here even the one I sometimes play with. I wouldn’t mind taking a vacation at with lots of birds to see, I could really use a break, but can’t leave the animals at home. Maybe after I graduate from school I will get a chance to take a trip somewhere.
The birds that like to come around and eat out of the ground are tiny little ones, I haven’t seen many large birds around here. At least not during the day.

Give me attention and lots of it

Lately Otis and shadow have been wanting nothing but lots of attention. Otis normally likes affection but usually he leaves me alone while I am on my computer not this week. He been in my lap more then not. Then gets mad when he almost falls because I tend to tuck my legs under me. We found out this week Otis has kidney troubles, and needs to have some test ran before they can figure out how serious they are. I am very worried about him.
We have a new little stray cat that the opposite of Otis who comes by everyday. I been feeding him. He’s was losing a lot of weight so I got worried and couldn’t refuse him food. He seems to be looking better when he comes by. He will actually spend time with me. Which makes me wonder if he is a stray or a poor abandoned cat. I do not understand why owners do that. They come to relay on their owners for food, water, and other things, they get bounded to us. If a person takes in a animal they ought to keep it or adopt it out to someone who will keep it.

Leave my desk alone

I don’t dare leave candy on my desk unless I am there. Dad always messy about my desk, so often things get moved and it makes it hard for me to find, at least my silver dollar is actually in my money container. If you can call a my container a money container because it was for food. I used to leave candies, even my nuts the other day which he cant chew he got into and complained about them being to hard to eat. Well yeah they not for you. We hide our candies if we want to have any of them here, or dad eats them all and saves nothing for no one.
I think as dad gets older he gets more unwise and makes bad choices.

You don’t get to sleep all day

Dad thinks I am gonna let him sleep all day then have me up all night and all day the next day. He been difficult for the last couple days, arguing about drinking his water. He even tried arguing about getting up for breakfast and am medicines. Normally he does this when he not feeling good but doesn’t want to say what is wrong with him. He been having dizzy spells but still he can only sleep so much during the day or he starts to sundown and that causes the family troubles. Especially me the one who sleep very lightly.

Don’t make me more work

Why would you keep flushing the toilet when it’s already over flooding. You don’t want to give it more water to go on the floor. Yep dad did it again uses close to a half roll of TP when he in there and then wonders why the toilets over flooding. I get back in and dad says I got a problem. I ask him what his problem is, he tells me it over flowing and has his shoes on so he can flush the toilet again. I told him get out of my way, because clearly flushing the toilet again is not gonna resolve the problem! Thank goodness I didn’t have my mat on the floor although a couple of other things got wet with toilet water and now are in the washier.
Maybe dad wanted a water fountains in the bathroom and is like a kid mesmerized by toilet water overflowing. It sure did look like a miss in the bathroom. At least I got home before he flushed it a couple more times. Had he did it again I would have had to call maintenance to come and clean the rug.

Being gluten free

Being gluten free is a lot better then it used to be. I remember the first time I tried, I gave up. Grant it I have no option for quitting. At least there are more options then there used to be. There are some products I tired a long time ago that where just not a go, now I have tired then again and they are pretty good. The products have improved some some of them have not.

Can’t recall the words

I have wrote some songs, and i was sharing one the other day with someone and I got to the 2nd verse and for the life of me couldn’t remember the words. I hate it when that happens, because if I don’t care if i recall them they all come back nicely. We used something similar to a Drums for the beat but i have no clue what we used. I love writing songs and hopefully once my masters is done I can do something with my hobby.

Turn it down

I do not know how or why people can stand having their radio in the car blasting so load. That it goes over my TV which is on loud so dad can here it and wake a baby who is further way then I am. It is amazing how people can simply be rude and inconsiderate. Just because you want to listen to your music doesn’t mean an entire block full of people want to listen to it too. At least when told to turn it off he apologized and kept it off so that’s a plus.

Weather is perfect

I am loving the weather today. It is about 80 outside and sunny. I actually walked the dog longer then normal. I knew hubby was at home and could attend to Dad if he needed something. My goodness it was beautiful outside. I will never need mobile spray tanning equipment, and I don’t tan neither I just rather leave my skin alone. The dog was a very good little dog. We meet 2 cats and 1 large dog that shadow actually didn’t bark out or try to go and visit. The cat I was more worried about because she was acting like she was gonna attack the dog. I told her no and stay there. she layed down on the sidewalk and watched us walk by.

Don’t want to be out long

I am thinking my husband and I will not get to wind down anytime soon with dad medical problems. We haven’t had a date night in a quiet a while where we were relaxed. Last night we didn’t even get our date because dad was not feeling so well. He was complaining of being dizzy. I know he doesn’t want us to miss out on our time, but we don’t want to leave and take the chance of something happening to him. We will have a daddy sitter coming for a date night in the near future so hubby and I can actually think about watching a movie and having dinner. There are 2 movies coming out we want to see. So hopefully we get to go to at least one movie.

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