Update on dad

Thankfully dad hasn’t had any more episodes that we have caught. It is scary when he goes through that and I hope we can make it through this last week of classes with no problems. Dad has been tired lately not sure why, but he always wanting to sleep. He gets a nap then needs to stay up. He been grumpy about everything lately. He doesn’t tell us when he needs to go potty so he has accidents and then thinks he doesn’t need to come home and be cleaned up. We decided to get him depends, so he doesn’t have to come home after a accident but simple just changes those. This seems to be better.
Now we have to decide if a pacemaker is needed for him. The doctor doesn’t think his heart stopping is because of his brain deterioration, which means it’s his heart.
I am so glad I do not have to worry about taking the GRE because I am already in graduate school, and i am doing very well. Dad forgets often to leave me a lone while I am doing homework. I can tell on the assignments that he distracted me from. They tend to need a lot more editing.
Dad remembers nothing, he lately hasn’t know who his son or I am. this week its happened a few times. He thanks sometimes my hubby is someone else. The other day he told me he had to get something for mom in the basement. Mom been gone for 4yrs in August, and his house was torn down. Normally we can tell him to go to bed, sometimes this works well sometimes it doesn’t.

Leave a message

It makes no since to me. Dad doctor has been trying to get a hold of us for a while. They only call my husband number never mine. They can call either one of our numbers. Yet they insist on calling and then not leaving a call back numbers. So first if you call someone leave a number you can be reached at, especially if the patients has heart problems that you want a cardiologist to look at. Secondly, how many times does it need to be stated you can call my wife the primary care giver too. They have hubby number because I have him set up the appointments and often he takes dad to those so I can get homework done. Plus I do it so my husband can do more to help with dad care.
Yet his doctor office doesn’t really call unless hubby gives them my number andsays call first they have 2 numbers for a very good reason CALL both numbers.

I love it here

I love the weather in Oregon, its perfect. Grant it we get a good amount of rain, not to much. Flowers grow nicely here, I wish I could do some nice EZBloomers.com floral arrangement on my patio. We have some nice plants here, I wonder what kind they are they like bushes, but have huge flowers. My husband and I walk almost daily so it nice to be able to walk and not freeze to death. The amount of rain is good because I hardly ever have allergy problems. I do not think I have had many problems breathing here.


I would like to know who I was fighting last night in my sleep. Both my knees are tender. I fall off the bed last night. Woke me up straight away but I do not remember the stupid dream for nothing. Know I was fighting because of how my blankets was and the cat was near by looking at me like what the hell when I turned on the light. I had to laugh at finding myself on the floor being that it was my knees I hit… Thankfully my face didn’t find the floor first that probably would have been unpleasant. Not like my mouth or my face needs more troubles.

Open the screen door too

The other day I was making dinner, I decided to walk out onto the patio to check the fire in the BBQ, I was going in and out with what I needed to place there. I guess I didn’t see the screen door wasn’t open all the way and walk right into it. Well at least I was not hurt or nothing. I did have to call maintenance to put the door back on track. They are probably glad the href=”http://maisonbertet.com/”>bathroom vanity isn’t as easy to miss as the screen door. I can not wait for corn to be an item of choice.

The answer won’t change

I hate answering the same question over and over, simply put the answer isn’t gonna change. The other day I was I was cooking on the grill and some chips fall of the plate while I was making up the burgers. My husband asked me what happened, and I told him oh they fall of the plate I get them after dinner. two minutes later dad asking me what happened out there and said it was our neighbors. I told him no I drop them. A few minutes go by and he asks why our neighbor is throwing down stuff.

I need a break

I have 2 weeks lift of classes, and I really feel like I need a break. I have to order my books probably this week because classes for summer begin on the 4th of June. I need a break from studying and filling up my mind with info. I do not even have time for some of my favorite puzzle box like my color suduku now that is fun. bunch of marbles with spaces kind of like numbers but with out it. Lately I been trying to take the dog out for longer walks, which is nice because the weather is nice. but i still need to finish homework.

Leave the strays alone

The dog today decided she was gonna try to get after one of my very friendly stray cats today. He is the reverse of Otis. Very sweet little male cat and I am surprise he a stray kitty cat, but no collars or anything on him. I wish people wouldn’t abandon their pets, they rely on humans. We take them in our homes, feed, give water, and then dumping them out on the street is wrong. They do not have the survival skills they need to be on their own. This cat gets picked on by some of the neighborhood brats too.

Clean up

Maybe I am expecting to much from my father in law, but I think cleaning up after yourself isn’t to much. Why does he need to throw stuff on the floor, you now how painful stepping on or other sharp little things are. Then today he tries to throw his candy wrappers under the coach seriously I have a hard enough time cleaning up the apartment and don’t have much time for cleaning that it drives me nuts that I have to go after him and clean..
I think he does it just to annoy me. Oh I in a bad mood and if i am in a pissy mood then so must my caregiver be in the same mood. I am gonna yell or say hurtful things because missery loves companies. Today i went outside and did my homework it was a nice change of pace because dad couldn’t distract me from my homework. He seems to think when I am busy its the best time to want attention.

Shoot not good

So I was putting together my bbq that we just bought, and some how i managed to lose a couple of bolts ops. Oh well easy enough we can replace them with a quick trip. I had put everything on the little table that holds stuff and when i went to move it some of the stuff went for a trip. We got our bolts so now tomorrow i will put it all the way together and maybe we can grill out.