No sleeping all day

We have learned not to let dad sleep all day. Someday he good with needing to stay up other days he seems to need a led light bulbs to keep him awake. Today is a good day, he actually asked me to put his hearing aids in and remember who I am. He did ask for a nap and I told him he could have a hour nap. He came out before I went and got him up. Then we got him pizza, he complained about the crust but normally thick or hand toss he will complain about.

Finally got my grades

2 classes down and a about 9 more to go counting this current class. I am so far a straight A student. I can not believe it, don’t get me wrong I work my ass off. Oh Boy do i work to get my grades, but I never thought I go to graduate school and be a straight A students. I was sure I was mess up somewhere before now. So far so good. I will keep trying, soon I start my internship, and that makes me a little nervous.

Once a week

Dad wants to go out to eat once a week. This week he asked for pizza, okay no problem but if we order pizza then we can not go out to eat again during the week. This he doesn’t seem to understand he thinks we have a unlimited supply of rustic furniture, and can keep using it no matter how much is there. He doesn’t understand money, and as far as I have gathered he never really did understand it.
I will be so glad when school is done, then I can work a job and have more income in the family so if he wants a treat in the middle of the week we can do it. Right now its just not there, if it was I give it to him.

Its your pet

There is one thing that upsets me. I am so sick of people abandoning there cats here. They depend on their owners to feed, house, take care of them. We have one stay cat who’s tip of the tail is halfway off because some jerk decided to hurt it. Its a stray animal, he pretty much scared of people. I am surprise he has let me pet him, the other day.. He used to run away when i would bring him out food, and hide and not come back for a while. The other day he came back and I was able to see his wound better. It pretty much all healed up. I lured him with stack bites stuff the cheap stuff so I guess it worked for getting his friendship. Hopefully he won’t try to come in the first chance he gets. He sat on the balcony for a hour after he got meat and affections.