Not so bad

My husband and I finally got our Oregon license. They increased the number of question on the test, but i managed to pass it the first time. My husband managed to pas it too. We now what to do with crowd control barriers and what all the signs mean. There was a few question hard to answer that we missed more because of mixing up state information probably then anything. My hubby went and sat by dad, so i was so worried he didn’t pass it and was like oh no not good he gonna be angry and grumpy if i passed and he didn’t it would totally suck. Hubby was told he’d be called in a few minutes because the guy who helped me got busy with a lot of people in his line. Well I was so relieved we both got our license the same day. it wasn’t to bad.

divide and conquer

Divide and conquer does not work well in this family. I think when we have children my husband and I will be ready for that trick because his dad always tries to use it. He will try to whisper to my husband, or me about the other one. He will ask me or my hubby something and if one of us says no he will ask the other one hoeing for a different answer. Normally when we hear the other tell him now, we will follow through with what the other said.. Sometimes we have to ask each other when one of us have been out of the home. Or else we kind of defeat the No answer. When he mad at one of us he tries to get the other one of us against the other one. Sometimes he is more successful with that goal. He probably figures if the kids are fighting amongst themselves then they forget about my bad behaviors.

papa the stray

We have a stray who I call pappa, he looks like the mama tabby that’s around but he more brown, he beautiful and a sweety. When he first came by he was scared of people, and would hid. Eventually I guess he started associating me and my husband with dinner, and has started to not be so shy with us. A few weeks ago his tail got pretty badly injured and I been keeping a eye on him. His tail has healed and he now has tried coming into the apartment a couple of times. Through the screen he and Otis have been smelling each other and I guess he now trying to kiss so is Otis. Kind of interesting because papa is a male cat not fixed. He and 2 other cat I have caught spraying, thank goodness I do not have a breeches outside on the balcony I might want to ring some kittycat nick. It is amazing how a animal can start out scared and end up being very friendly, but boy he sure does run fast from others.

I rather walk then Drive

I enjoy walking, or being active. I do not mind driving and will drive but if I can be out walking in pretty areas I prefer that. Why drive everywhere to look at beautiful stuff when walking lets you enjoy it. Yesterday I would have loved walking a few of the paths we drove by, but my hubby probably will never want to. Getting frustrated with always watching movies, and doing other things like store browsing which he loves and I hate, and hardly ever getting to actually do something I enjoy, like hiking and doing outdoor active stuff.

Wedding and birthday

My husband and I will be married for 6 years in August, and dad birthday on the same day. I am not sure what to get Dad for his B-day or my husband, one thing for sure at this rate there will be no baby shower gifts needs for my family. I am not sure what to give him. I am hoping I will be done with this quarter for my anniversary. This way I can actually have that day for dad and hubby. It’s a blessing to have dad but sometimes it can be challenging to have him living with us, it really gives little to no time to my husband and I.

A little disappointment

This week was midterms in my assessment class. I did not do well on my exam, even though I spent several hours studying, and kindof feel like no matter how hard I study for classes I can’t seem to past those type of test. I can talk about the answer, I can answer question in essay but give me true false or multiple choice forget it. It like my brain just turns into pudding mush and does nothing to help me. I was getting 100% on everything and suddenly to receive a low D on a test was well dishearting.

What a Lovely day

It’s been warm outside the last couple of days and no rain. I have actually needed to use my ray bans glasses to help with the brightness outside.. Often any sun I tend to ware sunglasses. Not sure why but it just easier to have my eyes shaded. Yesterday we took dad on a trip we was supposed to go somewhere but when we got there we realized it wouldn’t be safe for dad. We felt he could make it down the ramp but not up the ramp it be to much work for him. Had we had a chair for him it would have been one thing because I could have pushed him up and down the hill but no chair he not gonna be able to walk. Eventually I will get him a chair so that he can go to some of the more phone events my hubby and i would love to do, and he would enjoy but we need a chair for him.

you can go to bed

Having a schedule for dad has helped a lot with the sundowning. I am not sure how long it will work, because eventually it will not work to keep him up. Sometimes it hard to keep him on a schedule, weekends are very hard because they are busy. Once i start my internship it will be my husband responsiblity to keep him on schedule but I wonder how things will go. He can’t even get up off the coach to see what dad talking about when he afraid to flush the toilet. What my husband doesn’t seem to understand is when dad says something sometimes having him do what u want then get up and check on it is a good way to make sure that the toilet might not need plunging.. Gosh I hope when i go on my woman retreat I come home and there won’t be a mess in there for me to clean up. I am getting really tired of being the one to make sure if the bathroom dad uses needs plunge it gets done.. It like my husband can’t clean up pooh from the pets or clean up after his dad if it bodily function.. So worries me about what the house gonna be like here since the plumbing here seems like a issue.

Time to upgrade

Dad has became more unstable, so we got him a walker this week. He seems to actually like his walker, I wish i would have known about walkers for seniors, they might have been able to help me determine which ones best. Last time we had a walker for him he pretty much refused to use it, maybe banging his head into the wall a couple of times has taught him he needs a little help with balancing and a walker will do it.. We are trying to keep him from using a wheelchair to much because once u become less mobile and do the easier thing, then you end up losing mobility a lot faster. I am not being mean but we need him as independent as possible. We do need to invest in a chair so that when we go to certain places that are not friendly for him to walk safely, then we can push him and keep him safe or take him on certain tours.